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Fire & Ice Chapter 12 & Pics

Chapter 12
Small, strong fingers gripped my back, and I gazed down, locking with the deep, dark brown I loved so fucking much. I knew I’d scared the absolute shit out of my girl. I slipped inside her as deep as I could, pausing just long enough to brush a kiss across her lips.
“I’m sorry, love.” I kissed her again and dropped my forehead to hers. “I’m right here. I’m okay.”
She nodded against me, her body shaking just a little. “I love you,” she whispered, wrapping her legs around me.
“Oh, sweetness,” I sighed, my eyes closing at the feel of her surrounding me everywhere. “I love you, too, baby…so much.”
Bracing my arms on either side of her head, I started a slow pace. I wanted to take my time with her, as much time as I could at the moment, because I knew we’d be called into the hangar soon enough. We’d teased each other before I’d left for MCC, but this was different. I needed to soothe her, calm her. I’d lost my head, gave into my temper when that asshole was pointing his weapon my way, and she’d seen it all, giving Jasper the go-ahead to take his shot. It was probably the first time she’d ever had to make a call like that. I should’ve been more in control.

My cock slid slowly into her, and I couldn’t help but moan at just how good she felt, but even more at how stunning she was as her body arched up. Leaning down to her exposed neck, I drank in the scent of her, the taste of her, even the touch of sweat that was making her deliciously salty. Kissing down her collarbone to her nipple, I captured it in my mouth just to hear her gasp.
Grinning, I scraped my teeth over the sensitive peak again, and she gripped me harder, her hips bucking against mine.
“Edward, more…harder…”
The floor of the chopper’s cargo bay was hard and cold, and the sleeping bag that I’d pulled out wasn’t all that thick. I didn’t want to scrape the shit of her back.
“Bella, I’ll hurt you,” I warned her. “Roll with me, sweetness.”
She nodded, and I rolled us until she was on top, but we both groaned when I slipped out of her. Bella braced herself with one hand on my stomach as she guided my cock back inside.
Gripping her hips, I grinned up at her. “Now, baby…take what you need.”
Goddamn, she was so fucking gorgeous when she took control. A small smug smile curled her lips, because she could read me better than anyone. She knew she was driving me crazy, that my cock was harder when she was on top. I didn’t give a fuck that we’d been together for eight years. She was still the sexiest fucking thing I’d ever laid eyes on. My fingers ghosted over her scars and up to cup her breasts, just to roll the tight peaks between my thumb and forefinger. I never saw her scars the way she did. I just couldn’t. She saw them as flaws still to this day, though she hardly gave them much thought. To me, they represented just how motherfucking strong my girl truly was. She was beauty and strength and perseverance all rolled into a body that brought me to my knees most days.
Her hips moved over me, swiveling, in and out, up and down, and I could go so much deeper that way. I could feel and see that she was close, so I cupped her ass to guide her, to hold her as I moved with her. The warm, wet heat constricted around my dick as we pushed her closer and closer to the edge.
“C’mon, Bella…make yourself come. Use me, sweetness,” I urged her, pulling at her until she was bracing her hands on the side of the chopper, which also brought those sweet nipples right over my face. “Oh yeah,” I sighed, taking one into my mouth while I continued to guide her hips.
I bent my knees, driving into her and smiling when her breathing stopped, her eyes rolled back, and her mouth fell open. She was so damn close, so I sat up a bit, leaning against the side of the chopper. Threading my fingers into her hair, I tugged a little to bend her head back.
“Feels good, doesn’t it, love? You feel good when you’re fucking me? When you’re riding my cock this hard?” I whispered against her throat, knowing that despite how much trouble I’d been in, Bella loved my dirty mouth.
“God, fuck…yes…”
I smirked at her, nipping at her earlobe. “Which turns you on more? Riding my dick, or riding my dick in this chopper, sweetness?” I asked, knowing my Bella had a naughty streak in her about a mile wide. When she didn’t – or couldn’t – answer, I bit down on her earlobe. “Tell me!”
“Both, Edward,” she panted, her brow sweaty as she grasped at my face to kiss me to oblivion and back.
“Good girl,” I praised against her mouth. Slipping my lips down her neck, I nibbled and sucked, whispering, “You’re close… Let me have it. Give it to me. I wanna come with you.”
Her movements became erratic, but the tightening of her pussy was pushing me closer and closer to coming so fucking hard. Just when I was about to beg her to let go, she felt apart in my arms.
My name was a chanting mantra whispered against my jaw. Holding her hips, I thrust up once, twice, and the third time caused me to explode inside her. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and I held her firm to me, my moans buried in her neck.
“Fuck me,” I grunted, my head falling back with a dull thunk against the metal cargo bay door.
She giggled softly against my cheek. “I just did, Edward.”
“Shut it, sweetness,” I panted with a light laugh, but settled us down into the sleeping bag. She was still on top of me, and I wrapped my arms all the way around her, dropping a kiss to her forehead. “I’m sorry I scared you.”
“Just…hold me, okay?” she asked softly, her fingers tracing the ink on my bicep.
“’Kay,” I agreed, feeling her finally relax a bit and then start to drift off. I’d let her sleep for a bit, at least until the crew needed us or there was some change. It wasn’t like they didn’t know where to find us. Shaking my head, I inhaled the scent of her hair, all flowers and fruit, closing my eyes. “Yeah, sweetness…that was the last time we separate during this bullshit,” I promised in a whisper against her skin, but I simply smiled when she sighed deeply.
My eyes snapped open at the sound of hushed voices and arguing. I rolled my eyes, rubbing my face, but glanced down to see my girl still wrapped around me like a limpet. A look at my watch told me we’d only been asleep for a few hours, but at this point, I’d take any sleep I could fucking get. Bella shifted, her brow furrowing in her sleep as she wrapped her leg around me tighter, her hand practically clawing at my shoulder to hold on.
“Damn, baby,” I sighed to myself, feeling like a complete and utter shit for scaring her. “Sweetness,” I whispered, shaking her a little.
She snapped awake with a gasp. “Edward?”
“Easy, easy,” I soothed her, brushing her hair from her face. I smiled down at her. “I think we’re needed, but they’re afraid to come anywhere near this chopper.”
She snorted adorably, but nodded as she pushed herself up into a sitting position. She held the sleeping bag up around her breasts, but looked over her shoulder at me.
“I’m sorry I lost my mind, Edward,” she murmured, her sweet eyes pleading for me to understand.
“Don’t,” I said, sitting up to drop a kiss to her bare shoulder and wrap my arms around her. “That was all on me, Bella. I should’ve just went with it, but I… I-I w-was p-pissed a-and n-nervous, y-you kn-know?”
She nodded, cupping my face. “No, I get it, but we really should get back in. I hear Mickey threatening testicles out there.”
I snickered. “She’d do it, too. I taught her everything she knows.”
Bella giggled. “I’m sure.”
It was a touch of chaos with the two of us getting redressed. Though, I couldn’t help but stop her when all she had on were those sexy as all hell camo panties, even more when she stowed her gun at the small of her back for a second while we sorted our clothes. As she knelt on the cargo bay floor in just those underwear, long, dark locks spilling down her bare back, I pulled her to me.
“Bella, listen to me,” I whispered into her neck. “I’m sorry. I fucking promise you, we won’t separate again. That was a mistake on my part. Okay?”
She stayed quiet, quickly putting her bra and shirt on, only to spin to face me. “No, this was how it needed to work, Edward. Had I been there, you might have really lost your temper. You know? I just…you really can’t taunt these assholes. They don’t care; they’ll kill you and keep going. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if something happened and I couldn’t get to you, understand?”
Something about the tone of her voice reminded me of a warning Esme had given me ages ago, back when we’d been hunting down that bitch Lilith for taking Bethy and we’d just found out Bella was pregnant with Sammy. Esme had said I needed to focus, that if something happened to me, Bella would go on for our kids, but she’d never truly live again. Putting myself in her place, I was pretty sure I’d die inside if something happened to Bella.
“I love you,” I said simply, unable to explain my actions or my temper. “I’m too close to this, I think,” I admitted in a whisper, pulling up my pants and sitting down in one of the seats to tug on my boots. Once they were tied, I braced my elbows on my knees. “I can’t seem to separate myself from making this personal.”
Bella finished getting dressed on the sleeping bag, kneeling between my legs and tilting my face so that I’d look her in the eyes. “Edward, no one’s asking you to. This is very personal. It’s your dad, baby. We all understand. And while we all love him and respect him…he’s your father. That makes it a thousand times worse for you. No one’s judging. In fact, I think we’ve all made this personal. You aren’t alone in this.”
My wife loved my dad, so for her to say that meant a shit-ton to me.
“Thanks, sweetness,” I barely said aloud.
She kissed me, smiling against my lips. She held up the roll of fucking duct tape. “I love you, Edward, but I’ll use this, I swear.”
Grinning, I grabbed her and hugged her fiercely. “No, you won’t,” I growled into her neck. “If you did, your poor pussy would go all neglected and shit.”
She groaned into a soft laugh, smacking at me. “Shut it, baby. Let’s go back in.”
She reached for the bay doors as I pulled my shirt back on, and the sound of a hissing argument met our ears.
“I’m telling you, I’ll junk-punch the shit out of you if you even go near that chopper,” Mickey warned Emmett and Alec, folding her arms across her chest. “Give them a fucking break, yeah? Eddie hasn’t slept, Bellsy had to call in a sniper shot…” She pointed toward Jasper. “And we still have no fucking clue where Carlisle is. Just slow the fuck down. Okay?”
Smiling at her protectiveness, I shook my head. “At ease, wild child,” I ordered, gripping her shoulder when Bella and I joined them.
“I’m just sayin’,” she huffed, rolling her eyes to the guys, who looked anxious. “Now look. You fucking woke them.”
Bella giggled, kissing Mickey’s cheek. “We’ll live. What’s all this, anyway? Felix?”
Mickey shoved Emmett when he opened his mouth to speak. “Shut up!” she snapped exasperatedly before turning back to us. “The only change is that Felix is still following the package. He thought they’d stop somewhere, fly the uranium to wherever, but he sent us a message when they exchanged vehicles. So it’s still on the road, and funnily enough, it’s heading north just like we thought it would.”
“Damn,” I said, gripping my hair before pulling my baseball cap back on. “That’s a good eleven hundred miles. He’ll be on the road for too long with no sleep. That’s dangerous as fuck, especially if they catch sight of him. Pull him out, El.” I looked to Eleazar, who was shaking his head slowly. “We can monitor the crate’s progress with the GPS trackers. There’s no need to keep him out in the open.”
“He can handle himself just fine, Ed,” he countered, but he was rubbing his chin in thought. “I can pull him, but I think having him tail them could work in our favor. If they stop along the way or meet up with someone else…you see what I’m saying? It’ll mean we’ll already have someone in place, someone that can give us intel before we fly his way.”
“Show me where they are,” I demanded, and Mickey led us all back into the hangar to the far back portion, where the table was set up.
Kurt was monitoring a map of the Central Siberian Plateau, where the uranium’s tracker was showing about almost a hundred miles south of us. A glance at the clock told me they’d traveled through the night already after leaving MCC. Having more than one man in the transport was beneficial to them, as they could switch drivers, but it didn’t make me worry any less for Felix being out there as a lone fucking wolf. But El knew him better than I did, so I had no choice but to take his word for it.
I shook my head slowly, rubbing my face. “Okay, leave him, but get a message to him that I don’t want him exposed and he needs to mind his fucking surroundings.”
“Will do, kid,” El agreed, pulling out his phone and sending a text. “Though, Felix is like Jasper here,” he added, jerking his chin toward the man in question, who was sitting at the table working on his rifle. “He can go days without sleep and still do his job.”
“Fair enough,” I said, walking to the wall of weapons that were hanging.
“What’cha thinkin’, Ed?” Emmett asked softly coming to stand beside me.
I turned, leaning against the long workbench. “I’m thinking we’re right, that Stefan’s men will head straight to Norilsk.” I locked eyes with Bella as she joined us. “If that’s the case, we need a plan, and I’m not so sure we shouldn’t beat them up there. What do you think, sweetness?”
My girl rubbed her temple and nodded, but turned back to the table. She unrolled a large map of our area. “MCC was here,” she started, pointing a finger to the lower portion. “Norilsk is up here. We’re kinda in the middle. I don’t think there’s much between here and Norilsk, to be honest.”
“There isn’t.”
We all looked up when Irina’s voice met our ears, and I hid my grin when poor Kurt just about tripped over his own two feet to get to her. She was carrying a tray and a basket, and he took both from her.
Emmett snorted next to me, smacking my shoulder, but I shook my head. Now wasn’t the fucking time to rag the guy about his apparent crush on our hostess. Though, with a grin a raised eyebrow Emmett’s way, I knew we’d revisit that topic later.
“Thank you,” I told her, pointing to the large amount of food Kurt and Mickey were unpacking.
“You’re welcome,” she said with a smile. She tapped the map Bella had been studying. “You’re right, though. There’s not much between here and Norilsk – few farms and small villages, but nothing that would do them any good.” She tapped the map a little south of Norilsk, but glanced at the screen with the GPS location on it. “If they continue using that road and they reach this mountain range, then you could almost be sure that Norilsk is their end goal.”
I looked over Bella’s shoulder and nodded. “That’s a gamble,” I murmured, mainly to myself, but Bella nodded in agreement. “If we take that risk, fly north, and beat them there, then we’ll be in Norilsk when those bastards call for a trade. It’ll be cutting time short.”
“Well, kid,” Alec sighed, gripping my shoulder. “That’s when you’ll have the most power. Check this out.” He held up a tablet with a grin. “So I had the girls tap into a satellite feed of Norilsk. Check out the Mayak mine. See the activity?” When I nodded, he went on. “Now, check out what El’s pal Shelly can do.”
I felt the wicked grin curl up on my face as the feed zoomed in closer to the mine, specifically the building outside the mine, which looked to be the offices. Alec was able to drag the picture around to show the area where there were apartments after apartments. The entire area was fenced in and guarded, the details so fucking clear that I could tell the bastards were using automatic weapons.
“Fuck, can you get me a count with locations?”
“Done, Ed,” Alec told me with a grin. “You’ve got about twenty men. They seem to change shifts every ten hours or so. Two to three men at the main gate at all times, two at the main front door to the office building. There’s a constant moving guard in and around the processing plant, and finally, there’s four…count ’em four bastards at the entrance of the mine itself. And that’s outside. I’ve seen three more go in and not come out for hours.”
“Well, what’dya know?” Bella asked softly, asking for the tablet. Her finger moved the picture all around, but she kept going back to the mine’s opening. “So the actual mine itself is important enough to need over seven guards?” she asked, but I knew my wife was really thinking out loud. “And Carlisle hinted at twenty or more men…”
She stepped away and started to pace slowly, her eyes studying that satellite image. She sat down quickly in front of the laptop. “Igor, engage.”
Yes, Miss Bella…”
“I need a map of the Mayak mine tunnels. The most current you can locate. Then I want to know the difference between Mayak and the other mines. I don’t mean product or size. I mean what facilities are underground.”
As you wish…”
She looked to me. “What if…baby, what if Carlisle is there?” she asked quietly, but her eyes narrowed a little. “I know it’s a stab in the dark, but seriously…”
“Yeah,” I agreed, dropping a kiss to the top of her head. “The thought had crossed my mind.”
The laptop bleeped, and we smiled at Alice’s face popping up in the corner. “The tunnels? Really?”
“I know you’re kinda pissed at Igor, but you gotta trust him sometime, pixie,” Bella teased her. “Chernobyl was a glitch, but lately, he’s been most helpful.”
“I know,” she answered with a grin. “He’s learning, but I’m not calling about what you’re doing. I’m calling about that last ransom call you got in Kiev.”
That shit got everyone’s attention. We all gathered around the laptop, waiting for her to explain.
“Okay, okay, okay,” she chanted, nodding to herself. “I told you they used the internet and a ghost IP…cloning it and routing it through several cities…”
“Alice…” we all groaned.
“I love you, girl, but don’t bother to explain all that shit. Just tell us what has you calling,” Bella said with a sweet, patience smirk on her face.
Alice grinned. “Fine, fine, fine. So…I’ve been tracking that IP address. They’ve used it again, and remember how Eleazar’s people were able to listen in on that conversation? Well, I followed their lead. They thought they were smart by changing from phone to computer, but not so much!” She held up a finger. “The person that used it? Yury Spektor. Know where it was?”
“Norilsk,” I answered her.
She smiled and nodded, pointing to me. “Yup, yup, yup. And wanna know something else?” she asked, but didn’t bother to wait for an answer. “I ran a voice comparison on him and your ransom caller. Edward, you were right. It’s Yury that’s calling you, but guess who else he’s calling…”
“George Stefan,” Boris finally piped up.
“Right in one,” Alice chirped. “Which was the absolute dumbest thing he could’ve done, because now I have a lock on Stefan, and he’s not with the transport that the uranium is on. He was, however, near MCC when you guys were.”
“I’ll let Felix know to keep a look out. Stefan is most likely following them, if he doesn’t catch a flight up there,” Eleazar noted, texting out another message, but he huffed a light laugh. “So the bastard doesn’t actually go near the weapons he’s moving.” He shook his head. “Interesting. That will have to change. I want his ass fair and square for stealing from me.”
Nodding, I looked back to Alice. “I want your honest opinion, Alice… Do you think it’s possible that my dad’s in Norilsk? That he’s been there the whole time?”
She took a deep breath. “Maybe, yeah. It would make sense. Carlisle going missing has gone global now, so it’s not like they can move him around. If what we’re seeing on those satellite images is true, then they’d have enough security to keep anyone from seeing him. You know, keep him hidden, but close to when they’d need him.”
“What do you wanna do, kid?” Alec asked.
I stood up, walking closer back to the wall of weapons. I yanked my cap off, scrubbed my head, only to pull it back on. I faced everyone in the room.
“We have to face the fact that my dad may or may not be there,” I started, getting a few nods. “We also owe Maslov…” I grimaced a little. “The asshole tried to get the message across, but it was too late. However, his family and innocent workers are still under threat at Norilsk. So…that being said… We focus on following the uranium, simply to kill two birds with one pissed off fucking stone.”
Bella grinned, shaking her head, but shot me a wink. “You want to cut Stefan off at the mine. You want to go in guns blazing? Or silent and dark?”
“Silent and dark, sweetness. If my dad isn’t there, then at least they’ll be calling soon enough, and we can set up for a trade…or one of those fucking armed assholes will know where he is,” I told her.
“Maybe even Stefan himself,” Eleazar added with a gleam in his eye while rubbing his hands together.
I turned to Jasper and Emmett. “This’ll be a full-out assault – a black-op,” I told them. “I want us to plan for it. Go in fully armed. Maybe even cover from the air.” I pointed toward the weapons hanging on the wall. “Emmett, is there something we could mount in the chopper, something Eleazar could man?”
“Oh, yeah,” Emmett sang with a big ass grin. “We can definitely get you hooked up.”
“Okay, good. Start that first.” I spun to Bella. “I want you to get with Mickey…familiarize yourself with an automatic weapon. I’ve shown you before; just get a touch of practice in.”
“Yeah, okay.” She nodded.
“Jasper, Alec, you’re with me and Alice. I want to see this mine from every angle, especially with the tunnel layouts Igor finds. We’ll need to be smart. There’s more of them than there are of us, but if we go in silent, we can reduce that number at the same time we free those people, and we’ll not only stop Stefan, but we’ll be able to make a deal for my dad. We only have today to plan. That asshole will call tomorrow, and when he does, I want to already be inside Norilsk and in fucking control. Got me?” I asked.
Lastly, I turned to Boris. “This is where you’ll be needed. Sit down…tell me about this fucking mine.”
He grinned, nodding a little. “Thought you’d never ask…”
“Concentrate, Bells,” Mickey instructed. “The kickback is what you’re not used to. Try it again.”
Emmett and I lifted our heads from the work we were doing inside the chopper to watch Bella engage the Sig and pull the trigger. I smiled when the targets of tin cans, bottles, and old fruit exploded off the fence posts one by fucking one. She turned quickly, snapped off a few more shots at a target Eleazar had set up for her. And fuck me, if the silhouette didn’t have holes in the heart and the head, despite the fact that she was given limited lighting.
“She’s a fucking sharp shot, I swear,” Emmett said with a grin. “She’d be deadly behind a sniper.”
Laughing, I nodded. “We’ve tried it. You’re right; she’s scary behind the scope, but she can’t be still for that long. She’s like us that way. She’d rather be doing something.”
Emmett chuckled. “Fair enough.” He looked down at the bracket we’d mounted in the floor of my chopper, shook it a little. “That should do it, Ed. Let’s hook her up.”
We set the belt-fed machine gun on its mount, and Emmett swiveled it just a little, making sure that it had decent range out the open cargo door. I lifted a couple boxes of ammo next to it.
“It’s Israeli, but it’s fucking strong and the aim is damn near perfect,” Emmett noted with a nod of approval. “El should kick some ass with it. Ready to load up that Humvee?”
“Yeah, go ahead and pull it out of the hangar,” I told him, pointing to the area beside the chopper. “Make sure to send them with most of the heavier equipment. If they take off in the next hour, they may be able to catch up to Felix.”
“Hooah,” he replied, double-timing it back into the hangar.
I took a deep breath and let it out. The plan was down to the wire. We needed too much equipment and had too many fucking people to all fly. I was sending Alec with a team ahead of us before the sun could even come up. I wanted them to scope out the ground around the Mayak mine in Norilsk, find Jasper a decent sniper position, and look for weaknesses that we couldn’t quite get from the satellite images. I was sending Kurt so they’d be connected to not only us and Felix, but Alice and Igor as well. He’d be their main source for info.
I walked past the hangar, shaking my head when I heard Jasper and Emmett arguing about which weapons they wanted. They knew what we needed; that shit was now a preference debate. I stepped up behind the girls, studying my Bella as she took aim and popped off another few rounds. She was still adjusting to the feel of it. With her nine mil in her hand, she was spot-on, but with what we might be facing, I wanted all of us heavily armed.
Mickey stepped back, offering me the Sig she’d been using and jerking a chin to Eleazar to change the targets.
“Sweetness,” I said, checking the clip in my weapon. Bella turned to face me, looking worried, but I smiled. “Awesome job, baby, but now…do what you’ve been doing...but do it while moving. Got me?” When she didn’t answer, I asked, “Want me to show you?”
“Please,” she said softly.
When the Humvee pulled out of the hangar, I turned to Mickey. “Make sure they load up the RPG, plenty of clips and ammo, and the vests. And I believe El said he had NVGs. Those would be most helpful, wild child.”
Mickey laughed, slapped my shoulder, and pointed to Bella. “She’s a kickass shot. She should do well while moving.”
“I’m sure she will,” I said with a chuckle, giving Bella a wink.
“What’s NVG?” my girl asked.
“Night vision goggles. We may need them,” I told her, engaging the Sig in my hands. “Sweetness, focus. We’re going in quiet…up to a point. I’m sure once we’ve cleared the perimeter, then the entrance to the actual mine will be hell on earth. So make sure you use anything you can to hide behind, for cover. Got me?”
She nodded. “Okay. Show me what you want. I’ll copy.”
Giving my surroundings a glance, I made a small obstacle course – behind El’s SUV, the corner of the hangar, the edge of the fence, and finally flat on my stomach underneath Peter’s plane. I took my shots at the four targets Eleazar had mounted. Two were paper, and two were glass bottles. One of the bottles shattered, and my paper targets were kill shots – both through the heart.
Bella grinned. “You missed one.”
“Beat me, then, sweetness.” I popped her on the behind before backing away as El replaced the targets one more time.
Bella’s small stature – like Mickey – was going to make her impossible to target. She could stay low, crawl in smaller spaces, and move quicker than most men. It was why I was teaming them together again. I grinned when she mimicked my moves, my shots, and finally the dive under the plane.
“Ha!” She beamed with pride, pointing my way. “Both bottles and both headshots!”
Laughing, I wrapped her in a hug, taking the weapon from her. “You’re badass, Bella. We all know it. But I need you to stay sharp, stay as covered as you can. Am I clear?”
“Yes, sir,” she mumbled against my jaw. “I know the plan, baby. I’m good.”
“Speaking of plans,” I sighed, pulling back and shooting a glance over to the Humvee. “We need to get them on the road. Like now.” I waved El in from the field, taking Bella’s hand and joining them. “Alec, Jasper, Kurt, Boris…it’s time!”
Alec walked to me, gripping my shoulder. He was already mostly dressed for this mission, but he smiled. “I got this, kid. If that path Irina showed us is clear, we’ll be there way before sunset. We’ll stay on the com link the whole time.”
“Ten-four,” I replied, nodding once. “Jasper, I want you and Boris high, hidden, and silent.”
“Gotcha, Ed,” Jasper answered, setting his equipment into the back of the vehicle before walking to me. “It’s better that way.” He jerked a thumb behind him at Boris. “He’s no good on the ground with that limp, and he’s already proven he’s a dead shot back in Chernobyl. If he fucks up, I’ll just shoot him from my position.”
Laughing, I nodded. “Roger that.”
It wasn’t that we didn’t trust Boris. My dad had sworn he was trustworthy, Esme believed he was okay, and he’d been nothing but forthcoming since he’d saved our asses back in Chernobyl. He simply wasn’t someone we’d worked with before, so that made us wary. Jasper was right; Boris’s age and his old injured leg made him a poor choice for ground assault, but perfect for an eye in the sky.
“Everyone on me,” I yelled, giving a shrill whistle to get their attention before snatching the map that was in the driver’s side door. I walked to the hood of the Humvee, spreading out the map out. “One last time,” I stated, pointing to a spot on the map. “You guys are going to meet Felix just over this ridge. He’s still tailing the uranium, and from what we can tell, it’s dead set for Norilsk. My team will be behind you. We’ll rendezvous at this point,” I told them, pointing to a hill that would give me plenty of space to set down without alerting the assholes guarding the mine. “At that point, Mickey, Emmett, and Bella will take to the ground and gear up. El’s with me in the air. I want everyone to keep their com links on and connected. I want you at the ready. Clear?”
Nodding, I rolled the map up and handed it to Kurt. “Load up. Get of here. And for fuck’s sake…stay safe.”


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