Sunday, February 3, 2013 | By: Jenny

Haunted Angel Chapter 41 - Epilogue

Chapter 41 – Epilogue
A month later...
The craggy tops of the Rocky Mountains loomed in the distant background as I ran through the trees. Carlisle and Esme had closed on the property as of that morning. Montana was just...stunning and so very remote. It was trees, small lakes and creeks, and plenty of hunting. As fall got closer and closer, fat grizzlies could be seen catching fish in rivers, deer were plentiful, and the best news – cougars roamed the trees and rocks. And we hadn't even reached the end of our newly acquired property yet.
Edward and I had left the main cabin to not only hunt, but to run off the extra energy we had from the flight from Rio and sitting still through the closing. After a large cat and a few deer each, we'd just started running, weaving through large clumps of trees, leaping over creeks and lakes, and finally just giving into the chase.