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In Pursuit Chapter 1 & Pics

Chapter 1
Marie POV
“Oh, my God,” Mary gasped, her hand over her heart as she laughed. “That guy was hot! How could you stand leaving him sitting there like you did?”
I laughed, looping my arm through hers. “You know me, sweetie. He was only interested in what I was looking for – a quick romp in the storeroom in the back of the bar and a wave goodbye.”
My sister smiled, although it had dimmed somewhat from a moment before.
I hated disappointing Mary, hated to see her upset, but it was what it was. I’d had a fantastic thirty minutes with Jacob – “Call me Jake,” he’d said with a sexy smirk – back at the bar. He was a friend of the owner, a guy named Sam, both of them obviously Native American. Jacob was sexy, in a blue-collar sort of way – muscles and callouses from real work, not just the gym, straight dark hair that fell around his shoulders, and dark eyes. He’d been behind the bar when we got there and flirted as he served our drinks. Sam had finally told him to take a break, and Jacob had jumped at the chance to get me out on the dance floor. When he’d asked me to dance, I’d taken him up on the offer immediately.
By the time he pulled me into the back room, I’d been ready for anything he could give me – starting with his dick, which I’d promptly dropped to my knees to take into my mouth. He’d finally pulled me up before he came then and there, only to take me right up against the door, pounding into me hard until I came, screaming his name. He’d followed right behind, grunting out his orgasm with a weird noise that would have made me giggle if I hadn’t just had the shit fucked out of me.
I wasn’t necessarily any happier than I had been, but for another night, I’d kept my mind off Mike and phrases like boring, staid, uptight, and my personal favorite: frigid.

New Story! In Pursuit by Sarge's Girls

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Jenny & I have started a new story called In Pursuit. Here's the summary:

A normal night out changes everything for two innocent sisters, who stumble upon something that will change their lives forever. Two brave U.S. marshals have to keep them hidden and keep them safe. How far are they willing to go to do what's right? Are the consequences worth it all? AH/Canon Couples/Rated M

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