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Hard to Love Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Present Day
There wasn’t a more beautiful sight on the damn planet than Bella’s confused eyes staring up at me as I cried like a little kid, but I couldn’t help it. I’d missed her voice, those sweet eyes, her touch. And it was coming at me all at once.
I see I just made it in time,” my dad said, ripping back the curtain and patting my shoulder. “It’s okay, son.”
She’s waking up,” I said needlessly, but my heart was about to crush my chest, it was pounding so hard.
Dad gazed down at Bella, smiling a little. “There she is,” he crooned to her, checking her eyes and then her pulse. “You gave us quite the scare, Bella, but don’t try to talk if you’re not ready...”
She huffed, frowned, and shifted a bit, but when her gaze finally cleared just a little, those sweet brown eyes that I’d missed so damn much locked onto my face again.
Edward?” she rasped, trying to swallow.
Hey, baby,” I sighed in so much relief that I practically felt dizzy. “Just relax, okay? Let Dad check on you.”
She gazed up at my dad, and he smiled again, saying, “Bella, there was an accident and you hit your head pretty hard. I just want you to relax for me, all right?”
She nodded, whispering, “’Kay.”
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Hard to Love Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Present Day
The sun wasn’t even up when I walked back into the hospital with two cups of coffee from the little place across the street. The hallways were calm, except for the occasional footsteps and the beeping of medical equipment here and there. I expected my dad to arrive any minute; he always worked early.
The ICU was quiet, but they’d had a pretty rough night. There was another patient across from Bella that had flatlined a few hours ago, and they’d busted their asses to get the little old lady back. She was scheduled for open heart surgery later that day.
When I made it to the nurse’s station, Tanya looked the worse for wear. Her usually tamed strawberry blond locks were wrapped up in a haphazard ponytail.
Here,” I said, setting down the extra cup of coffee, along with some creams and sugars. “You looked like you could use it.”
Tanya laughed wearily. “I look that bad, huh?”
Grinning, I shrugged. “It’s been a long night.”
That it has,” she agreed with a deep sigh, stirring the coffee. “Thanks, Edward.”
Mmhm,” I hummed, peeking over into Bella’s room, but she was just as I’d left her.
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In Pursuit Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Bella POV
Yawning, I made my way downstairs to the kitchen, following the smell of coffee. I could hear Edward and Jasper talking as I passed the second floor landing, and Alice’s door popped open before I’d gotten any farther down the steps.
“Morning,” she chirped, looking way too chipper for seven a.m.
“G’morning,” I mumbled, covering my yawn with my hand.
Alice linked her arm through mine and chattered about what she planned to do all day as we walked, and I half listened as my mind tried to finish waking up. We had gone to bed early the night before after Al had left, since it had been a crazy twenty-four hours and we’d had such a long drive that none of us had gotten much sleep – if any at all. I knew that Alice and I had both dozed in the car for a few hours, unable to keep our eyes open, but if I wasn’t mistaken, neither Edward nor Jasper had even attempted to close their eyes on the trip from the East Coast, in the plane or in the car. By the time we’d all made the beds with the sheets Alice and Jasper had bought and then crawled into bed, we’d been almost like zombies. It had been a unanimous decision to wait until morning to unpack and explore everything Al had brought with him.

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Hard to Love Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Present Day
The air was wet and chilly when I stepped outside the hospital doors. It was the middle of the afternoon, but the sun was covered by a thick, gray layer of clouds, so it felt much later. Pulling the hood up on my sweatshirt to avoid the slight rain, I checked my messages.
Dad was in with Bella. He wanted to make sure she could breathe on her own, which she could. So now, it was on her. The medicine keeping her asleep would wear off in the next several hours. My dad was sure we’d see some changes by morning. Most of the swelling had diminished to a point that made everyone working on her very happy. I was afraid to hope, but I couldn’t help but wish.
The only message I had was from Alice. It seemed Chicago’s weather had finally let up and cleared them for take-off, so they were probably already in the air. I needed to brace myself for their arrival. Not so much Jasper, but Alice could be...emotional.
I started to turn around to go back inside, when I heard, “Yo! Mr. Cullen!”
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Hard to Love Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Present Day
I pulled into the diner on Sunday night, my brow wrinkling at the sight in the window. It was my parents and Bella’s, sitting together. Just before Rose had finished her shift, she’d told me that my dad had called, that I was to meet him somewhere outside the hospital. In other words, he was forcing me to take a break, so the diner was the closest place to meet.
Walking inside, I was greeted by the waitress, but I took my seat between Charlie and Esme. I kissed Mom’s cheek, then turned to Charlie.
Hiya, Chief,” I sighed wearily.
Damn, buddy... Have you even slept?” he asked, gripping my shoulder.
I’ll sleep when she’s home,” I mumbled, looking to Carlisle. “What’d you find out?”
Eat something, son,” Dad said with a commanding tone. “Then we’ll talk.”
I raised an eyebrow at Renee. “Intervention?”
No, sweet boy,” she said with a soft laugh. “We’re just worried about you, too.”
Nodding, I gave in. There wasn’t much I could do about it when those four people were working against me. I ordered a burger and fries, while they drank coffee, and when I’d eaten a little over half of it, my dad started to talk.
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Hard to Love Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Present Day
Sunday started rough. I was woken up by Rose to get out of the room for a bit. They needed to run more tests. I went in search of a decent cup of coffee, which was across the street from the hospital, and to check my messages. The air was chilly when I stepped outside, so it didn’t surprise me when Alice’s message to me was that they’d gotten as far as Chicago before the weather snowed them in. Winter had come hard and fast this year for some places. Her message was that she and Jasper would head this way as soon as they were able.
I sipped my coffee, making my way slowly back to the room, figuring I’d hang out in the waiting room if they weren’t done with Bella yet. I didn’t care. So far, with every test they’d run, she’d shown improvement. I was willing to wait.
My eyes narrowed at the crowd down by her room, my father standing in front of them. Renee, Charlie, and two people I hadn’t seen in some time were listening to Dad speak. I came to stand beside Renee, who hugged my waist.
Edward,” she greeted. “You remember—”
Mr. Black and...Jacob,” I stated smoothly, nodding once their way.

In Pursuit Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Bella POV
I had great timing, because just after I walked out from the bedroom to the cabin of the plane, the pilot announced we were five minutes from landing and needed to buckle our seat belts. Covering a yawn with the back of my hand, I slid down beside Edward, since Alice was sitting beside Jasper.
“Sleep okay?” he murmured, handing me the belt to strap on.
“Yeah, thanks.” I smiled and then looked away shyly.
It was hard to look at him and not remember that just hours before, I’d been in his lap, and he’d been kissing me – no, that wasn’t quite right. We’d been kissing each other. I’d been just as much a participant as Edward. His lips had been firm against mine as he’d used his tongue to draw out my pleasure. His hands had been commanding, holding me to him and moving me just where he wanted me. And fuck... I’d never be able to forget the part of him pressed up against where I’d been suddenly aching the most. It had been the first time since that Friday night that I’d felt anything more than a simple spark of attraction. My sex drive had been almost non-existent since Eleazar’s murder, and with one simple kiss, it had come roaring back in an instant.
But now wasn’t the time – and unfortunately, I wasn’t sure it would ever be the time for Edward and me.
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Hard to Love Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Present Day
The ache in my heart ripped wide open when I stepped through my front door. Our house wasn’t much, but it was ours. We’d bought it when we both decided coming home to Forks after college was for the best. It was close to the school and close to Bella and Emmett’s bakery, Sweet Treats.
Everything was exactly the same as when we’d left for work Friday morning, including Bella’s laptop open on the dining room table where she’d been working on payroll and managing the bills for the shop. The blanket we’d snuggled under to watch TV was still crumpled up on the end of the couch, the remote control tossed on top. In the bedroom, the covers were a twisted mess because we’d been unable to stop ourselves when the alarm had gone off that morning, but that wasn’t unusual. Once we’d opened that part of our relationship up, we became insatiable, and it had never slowed down.
Now?!” Felix hollered from the bed.
Hey, big guy. You hangin’ in there?” I sighed, sitting down next to him, and he immediately waddled over.
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In Pursuit Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Bella POV
“Okay, so first things first,” Edward said, “we need to chop the onion and green pepper.”
I must have looked skeptical because he laughed and handed me the smaller of the two knives in front of him.
“Here. You take the green pepper. It’ll be easier to do than the onion.”
He showed me how to cut off the top and bottom, then said, “Now cut it into strips—” holding his fingers about a quarter inch apart “—and then cut those into small pieces. Any questions?”
“Nope. I can do this.” I began cutting it into strips like he’d shown me, careful not to cut myself. “So this is your mom’s recipe?”
He smiled and nodded. “Yeah. She tweaked it some, but it’s the one she learned from her mom, and it’s the first thing besides breakfast she taught me to cook.” Laughing, he sniffled back tears that were forming from cutting the onion. “It’s one of the only things I can do well in the kitchen.”
I snorted. “Like I said before, it’s more than I can do.”
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Hard to Love Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Present Day
So you’ve been telling her your whole story?” Rose asked before taking a sip of her water.
I laughed and shrugged, looking down at the sandwich in front of me. “Yeah. I didn’t know what else to say to her, and I don’t know... We’ve never really talked about it. It always was just...there.”
Well, you’ve been together since you were kids,” she stated the obvious. “Maybe you needed to talk about it.”
Sighing, I took a sip of my soda. “Maybe.”
Rose lightly poked my hand with her fork. “C’mon, Edward. You’re the school counselor, so you of all people should know how healing talking something out can be.”
That’s true, but I’ve got...what? A couple of promiscuous teens, a few harmless troublemakers, and one kid whose father died in Iraq. And while that last one is tragic, he’s handling it pretty well, but there’s no one that I’ve found that was like me.”
Then, that’s a good thing,” she reminded me, raising her eyebrows at me.
Smiling, I nodded. “Yeah.”
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In Pursuit Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Bella POV
I was alone in a strange bedroom when I woke. Sunlight was streaming through the soft curtain, diffusing the light so it wasn’t blinding me as it fell across the bed. Alice’s pillow was gone, so I wasn’t sure where she was, but I knew she was in the house somewhere.
I was still dressed in the jeans and T-shirt I’d thrown on before we fled the house in Southampton the night before, so when I stepped out of the room, I made a pit stop in the bathroom I found across the hall and then hurried down the hall to find the kitchen.
“Morning, sunshine,” Jasper said quietly. He was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping from a steaming mug. “There’s more coffee if you’d like some.”
Shaking my head, I looked around. “No, thanks. Have you seen Alice?” I’d expected her to be in the kitchen when I got in there.
He nodded, frowning slightly. “She had a nightmare last night and came out to the living room. Said she didn’t want to wake you. I let her crash on the couch.”
“Oh! Um, okay...”

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Hard to Love Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Present Day
Blinking blearily at the sunlight coming into the room, I winced when my back gave a twinge from sleeping all twisted in the chair. The room still smelled like antiseptic and sick people, but added into it was the smell of flowers. The biggest arrangement had been delivered first thing, and it was from Alice and Jasper, who couldn’t get a flight out until later today.
Rubbing my face, I sat up. I had to touch her. It was impossible to stop. Linking our fingers together, I brought the back of her hand to my lips.
Morning, Princess,” I whispered against her skin. “Fuck, I miss your voice. Bet you never thought I’d say that, huh?” I snorted, rolling my eyes and standing up. I pressed a long kiss to her forehead. “I’ll be right back, Bella. I swear.” I crossed my heart and then left the room to find the bathroom...and coffee.
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Hard to Love Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Present Day
Glancing up at the clock, I saw that it was nearing almost ten. Bella had been brought in around seven thirty. In that time, she’d had a few more tests run and the nurse, Tanya, had changed the IV bags hanging up by her bed, but there’d been no changes in her condition. Charlie had stayed with Bella just long enough for me to get a couple of phone calls in, use the bathroom, and grab a really shitty cup of coffee.
I leaned my elbows on the edge of her bed, my fingers gripping my hair as my forehead fell onto her thigh. Fuck, I’d have given anything to hear her voice at this point. Anything. She could yell at me for leaving the wet towel on the bathroom floor, or my dirty cereal bowl in the sink, or even for coming home late from work. I didn’t care. I just wanted to hear her.
A warm hand on my shoulder startled me, and I glanced up to see both our mothers standing just inside the curtain.
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In Pursuit Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Bella POV
Pull your legs up and hold it for a count of
I listened to the perky, disgustingly fit woman on the TV count down as we held the pose that was supposed to work our core and strengthen our abs. I was sitting on my tailbone, and my hands were holding my legs up at a ninety-degree angle.
Now straighten, and up. Straighten, and up.
The woman’s voice chirped on as I tried to remain in time with her movements.
“Why the hell are we doing this again today?” I asked Mar—Alice through gritted teeth. It was Thursday, and we’d been doing yoga every other day for the last couple of weeks...but we’d done it yesterday, so today was an off day.
Alice groaned after the woman on the TV told us to relax. “Because—”
“Never mind. I know why,” I interrupted with a sigh. We wouldn’t have time tomorrow because of our meeting with the attorney from the DOJ and we’d both needed to do something today to take our minds off it. Jasper had quickly suggested yoga, saying that an extra-long session of it should do wonders.
Why we chose to do it first thing in the morning, I didn’t know, but that had become routine. It wasn’t like we needed to do it early to keep our schedules free for the rest of the day. Being stuck here in the house had gotten quite...monotonous – even for my sister, whose personality seemed stuck on bright and cheerful.

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Hard to Love Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Forks, Washington
Present Day
The tires on my car squealed as I turned in to the closest parking space at the emergency room. Yanking up on the handbrake, I stopped, ran a shaky hand through my hair, and tried my damnedest to breathe. Lightning flickered across the sky as rain pelted my windshield, and all it did was reinforce the reason I was at the hospital in the first place. Getting out of the car, I bolted across the parking lot, hardly finding it in me to give a shit about locking the car.
Rushing up to the reception desk, I blurted out, “Bella Swan... Umm, Isabella Swan.” I wanted to strangle the old bitch behind the computer when she practically used one fucking finger to type. Instead, I rambled. “She was just brought accident...Carlisle Cullen is her—”
Edward!” I heard from the side door, and I left the woman still pecking away. My father pulled me into the hallway, grabbed my shoulders, and looked me square in the eye. “I need you to stay calm, son. Okay?”
I shook my head in denial, because he wouldn’t start shit like that on a normal basis, but he’d never, ever lied to me. My chest hurt, my eyes burned, and my breathing picked up. “No, Dad... Please.”

New Story! Hard to Love by Drotuno

Summary: I didn't know how to ask him if I was going to lose the one person that had loved me unconditionally my entire life. Bella Swan had been in every moment of my life since I was seven years old. Eighteen years. She was there for it all, and it wasn't supposed to end like this. AH/Canon couples. EPOV Rated M

Author's notes for the story/chapter 1:

Hey guys! :D There are a few things to go over before starting this fic. First, it'll be a short story – shorter chapters than you're used to from me and only 11 chapters total. According to my amazing pre-readers – GooberLou, inkedupmom, and Beffers87 – not to mention my beautiful beta, JenRar...this fic comes with a huge TISSUE WARNING. It's also rated M for many, many things.
I've classified this as Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Friendship, but it's more than that. I will warn you this isn't the usual type of fic from me, so if you're expecting action or lots of lemons, this isn't it. There will be tough topics of physical abuse as well as drug and alcohol abuse. There is a touch of the fantastical to this fic, as well, especially when it comes to the medical part of the story. I need you to suspend a touch of reality for a bit.
Those of you that know my rules of writing, you need to have faith that those haven't changed, but this is a rough ride. Okay?
Finally, I don't, no matter how badly I wish it was different, own these characters. I just own my plot and my original characters. SM owns the rest.

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