Friday, February 14, 2014 | By: Drotuno

New Story! Masen Manor

Summary: Masen Manor, home to a prestigious boarding school, Masen Academy. An immortal hiding from the world has his faith tested by a hundred-year-old fortune and a broken, silent girl. AU…E/B…Slightly OOC…Rated M
This is supernatural/AU/romance/hurt and comfort/mystery. O_o I know…that’s a big label, but it’s all those things, I suppose. When asked, I couldn’t remember or narrow down where this plot bunny came from, but it came with a force I couldn’t ignore. Some thngs are OOC, some things will be pretty canon, and some are completely out of my head. You’ll get my drift with just the first chapter.
I kept this fic pretty quiet, and I have to thank Jenny and my pre-readers for that, because I wasn’t quite sure this would work. Parts of it are so different that I worried it wouldn’t mesh out. That, and the bunny came at me full force right at the end of Fire & Ice, which was inconvenient and unexpected. And I know I’ve teased everyone on FB and Twitter until they were about to riot, but it wasn’t until I reached a certain point that I finally felt comfortable to let it out into the world.
FYI: The U.S. does have castles, though they are few and far between – the biggest and most popular being The Biltmore in Ashville, NC – but this one is completely fictional. The picture I use in the banners are of an abandoned castle in Belgium.
This – for now – will update once a week on Sundays. I find that two times a week is too much for me and in order for you to get a better story, I need to drop down to one time a week. That being said, chapter 2 will go live this coming Sunday as a bonus. ;)
I need to thank my usual cast of characters for coming along for this ride. Beffers87 for her beautiful banners and manips. My pre-readers inkedupmom, DrivingEdward, and GooberLou. And as always, my beautiful beta and sounding board, JenRar.
Now…you must check out JenRar’s new fic A Light in the Darkness. It’s amazing, and I promise you’ll fall in love with that Edward like I did. It’s AU…vamp/human. You’ll love it! I promise.
Please make sure to check out for recs and the spotlight on MM.


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