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Masen Manor Chapter 15 & Pics

Chapter 15
December 2001
Stepping into my room from the bathroom, I rubbed my wet hair. It had been a long damn day. I’d heard from Edward off and on all day, but it seemed tomorrow would never get here. I was ready to be out of my house and anywhere with him. I didn’t care what we were doing, and I’d texted him as much.
I brushed the tangles out of my hair, frowning at the sound of a light knock on my door. Ever since Edward had left the night before, my mother had tried repeatedly to talk about what I’d found, about my dad, about Phil. She’d even gone as far as telling me that Phil didn’t know that I knew. Like I cared what he knew.
I set the brush down, but relaxed at the sight of Chelsea’s sweet, worried face when she peeked in. I waved her in, and she closed the door behind her before setting a basket of clean clothes on my bed. She reached over and picked up the brush, continuing to smooth my hair out. She smiled at me in the mirror.
“We should curl it…tomorrow night, I mean,” she suggested when she was finished, giving me a wink. “Just the ends, I think.”
I grinned, simply because I couldn’t help it.
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Masen Manor Chapter 14 & Pics

Chapter 14
December 2001
“Bella?” I whispered against the side of her head. When she hummed, I smiled into her hair. “Not that I’m complaining, but how long can I keep you?”
She snickered a little, pulling her head away from my shoulder and looking around the hotel room. “I can stay out until my curfew,” she stated.
Smirking, I tilted my head. “And that is?”
“Eleven,” she sighed, looking down at her hands. “I don’t want to go yet.”
“Okay, well…unfortunately, I’m stuck inside until the sun goes down, love,” I told her, pointing toward the window.
“I figured,” she murmured, smirking a little. “I’m kinda glad. At least you were here.”
I kissed her nose. “Had you called me, I would’ve come to you from anywhere…even if I hadn’t been here.”
She nodded and smiled, slipping off my lap and wandering around the room. She finally took off her coat and draped it across the bed before turning to me.
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Masen Manor Chapter 13 & Pics

Chapter 13
December 2001
The rumble of the train was soothing. A glance outside the window made me smile. It was snowing. A light dusting of white was all over everything, though the sky was a pale gray.
My fingers toyed with the crystal heart on my bracelet as I watched the forest fly by, only to glance at Alice across the table. We’d separate at Penn Station. She’d be catching a different train home to Mississippi, and I’d continue on to Boston, where Chelsea would be picking me up. She’d already messaged me.
I hadn’t told Alice a thing that had transpired in the east wing. I felt a touch guilty about that, but she simply seemed satisfied that I was okay.
I was more than okay. I was practically flying.

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Masen Manor Chapter 12 & Pics

Chapter 12
December 2001
“I want to tell you now…before I lose my courage.” Bella’s voice – always a whisper – sounded stronger than normal.
Not for the first time did I wish I could read her mind, but her face was a rock. Her little chin jutted out in defiance, though her dark eyes were wide with fear as her fingers traced the scar across her beautiful skin. I wanted to know anything she’d tell me, but I worried as to what this would do to her. Carlisle had said that when Bella finally pushed past the wall she’d built around her, she’d shatter, and as much as that prospect frightened me, I knew I’d do anything she asked of me, even if it meant I had to help her rip this emotional wound open. If it allowed her to heal, then I couldn’t argue.
I stood up from in front of her, unable to stop myself from leaning in and kissing her temple. “You have my undivided attention, my love. The floor is yours,” I told her.

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Masen Manor Chapter 11 & Pics

Chapter 11
December 2001
“Bella, get up,” Alice commanded, but I pulled my covers tighter over my head, making her laugh. “No, not gonna work, sweet cheeks.”
The covers were yanked away, and I grimaced at the smell of food in our dorm room. Glaring at her didn’t scare her away, either; she merely grinned and set the plate of food on my nightstand.
“You didn’t eat a thing all damn day yesterday, and your nightmares kept me up most of the night. You’re gonna sit up, eat this, and shower. Then you’re gonna go to the east wing.”
I shook my head at her, practically growling in protest.
“You are,” she argued, tugging me up into a sitting position. “You are, because I’ve already seen it. And when you come out, you’re a billion times happier. So do what I tell you, and no one gets fucking hurt.”

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Masen Manor Chapter 10 & Pics

Chapter 10
November 2001
“What’cha havin’, honey?” the waitress at the diner in Hunter’s Lake asked me. Her smile was genuine toward me as I pointed to what I wanted to eat. “BLT, got it. Fries?”
I nodded vehemently, and she smiled again before walking away from the table. By now, I knew her name to be Meg. I supposed that she’d gotten used to me since I’d been coming into the diner. She’d been a little standoffish at first, but she barely reacted to me anymore.
Looking across the table at Alice, who was happily flipping through a magazine and humming to herself, my brow furrowed. With all the people I’d met since being accepted into Masen, I still couldn’t help but think about my mother and stepfather. Aside from Mike and Jessica, my inability to speak didn’t bother anyone here. I’d been an oddity at first, but no one even looked my way now. They were most likely still curious, but with a heavy workload and much more appealing topics floating around, my scar was forgotten.
However, at home, I’d felt like an outcast. I’d felt discarded. At Masen, I was completely welcomed and accepted. At home, my own mother could barely stay in the same room with me. Suddenly, I was rather happy that I hadn’t gone home for Thanksgiving this week.