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Masen Manor Chapter 29 & Pics

Chapter 29
June 2002
I stared unseeingly at the wall across from my bed. It was a dull off-white color, sterile, just like everything else surrounding me. I could hear the mutterings of other patients in the hallways, the mumbled sound of the TV in the main room, and the squeak of the breakfast cart that was slowly making the rounds.
I rubbed my face, trying to get the dream out of my head. Smirking, I sighed deeply. Edward had to be inside the hospital somewhere, because my nightmares weren’t as extreme as I was expecting. In fact, only the first night in observation had been the worst, which made me assume Edward had returned, if only to give me calm.
Something about that, something about knowing that, gave me peace. Edward had explained to me once that I could have faith in our love, in the fact that we were mated, but it was more than just knowing he’d never cheat, that he’d always love me. It was the comfort of being able to sense when he was near, of feeling completely and utterly protected.
That last thought caused me to shudder, simply because I knew that had he been near when Phil and Alec had drugged me, there would’ve been nothing left of them. He would’ve annihilated them. And as much as I understood it, it would’ve been bad.

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Masen Manor Chapter 28 & Pics

Chapter 28
October 1997
“Isabella Marie, you’ll sit back down and eat your breakfast,” Mom huffed, rolling her eyes, but her smile gave away her amusement.
“But Dad—” I started with a mouthful of eggs.
“Charlie won’t leave you, silly girl. Just eat. He was on the phone in the library, anyway, so you have time,” Chelsea added with a laugh. “And chew, Bella!”
Grinning, I took another big bite…and another, practically shoveling my food into my mouth, regardless of my mother’s protestations. I washed it all down with orange juice, staring at my mother until she finally laughed and waved me away.
“Go grab a jacket, Bella,” she called after me as I flew upstairs and into my room.
After pulling on a Boston PD hoodie, I rolled my eyes at the sixth step that creaked under my sneaker. Dad kept promising he’d fix it, but he never got around to it. My mother was convinced that the board was simply loose.

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Masen Manor Chapter 27 & Pics

Chapter 27
June 2002
My eyes drank in Edward as he paced back and forth in the living room of his house. He was tense, I could see that much. It sat on his shoulders heavily, and it was in every grip of his hair, every hissed word into the phone, and every sharp gaze he shot my way. Even the occasional glint off his skin from the sun shining into the room made him look dangerous – beautiful, but deadly all the same.
The month of May was over, but more importantly, my weekend was almost up. It was Saturday, and come Monday morning, I was needed at the downtown police station for questioning. Without Edward sneaking into my room at night, I knew my nightmares would’ve been at an all-time high. As it was, my daydreams were now a problem. More than once had he forced me to look at him, to see him, because I was letting my imagination run away with me.
“You can do this, you know,” Jacob murmured from the other side of the kitchen table. “Tell the detectives what you saw, I mean.”
I nodded, taking a deep breath and letting it out. “I know. I’m just… Something feels off.”

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Masen Manor Chapter 26 & Pics

Chapter 26
May 2002
Glancing out toward the window, I smiled that Alice’s prediction had been spot-on. She’d said that it would rain the first few days we were back in Boston. Bella’s house was quiet. Chelsea was doing laundry down in the basement, along with her usual chores. Her mind was on several topics, a checklist of things to do. Renee was sipping coffee in the kitchen while reading the paper. She’d apparently told her daughter that she could sleep as late as she wished, and she was happy that there had been no nightmares.
Phil was already up and out of the house, though he’d drunk himself almost into a stupor the night before. His thoughts had been blurred with the alcohol, but he’d been almost frantic at the fact that not only was Bella willing to see the detectives working on the cold case, but that she’d looked him straight in the eye with no fear, no hesitation in order to stop him from using the nickname. He was truly an ass. He’d used the name just to spite her, knowing that her father had called her that. Through the fog of whiskey, his panic was palpable. He didn’t know what to do next, or who to call. Though, the Browns were the top of his list, and I now knew what he owed and why.
What I found most interesting was that even though he had no idea why, Phil had felt fear just by walking by Bella’s bedroom door. And he should feel fear…because that man’s days were numbered.

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Masen Manor Chapter 25 & Pics

Chapter 25
April 2002
Frowning, I flipped through the small sketchbook that I’d dragged onto the plane. I’d drawn my Bella’s face more times since we’d taken off than I ever had in one sitting: Bella playing in her recital, her sweet tears of happiness at the first sight of me; the beautiful vision of her sleeping in peace next to me, her gloriously smooth bare shoulders; and finally, the vision of her in my bed while hugging a pillow.
It was that last one that killed me. It was the last sight of her I had. She’d watched me dress, gather my things, and barely let me leave. While it had been the single most sensational weekend of my entire existence, it had torn me to pieces to have to walk away from her. Again. It had taken several kisses, more tears than I could catch, and a plethora of promises to pry myself from her grasp. By the time I’d fallen into Jacob’s car, I’d wanted to vomit with the emotions coursing through me.

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Masen Manor Chapter 24 & Pics

Chapter 24
April 2002
I stepped out of my bathroom fresher, cleaner, though feeling a touch guilty from how I’d basically manhandled Bella against my door. I glanced toward the door, shaking my head at her spilled sheet music and the journal that had been dropped to the rug in surprise.
The scent of Bella still called to me; it was everywhere around me, clinging to my skin, and I smiled at the sight of her petite frame sitting in the middle of my old bed, hugging a pillow.
Crawling up the bed to lie beside her, I sighed when her fingers instantly raked through my hair, pushing it off my forehead. “I’m sorry about before. I shouldn’t have…”
Her giggle was sweet, like a music box. “Do I look – how’d you put it? – mauled to you?”
Grinning, I nodded as I reached up to brush her hair from her face. “Deliciously so, but I—”
She cut me off with a kiss. “Hush, Edward. I wouldn’t change a thing. Didn’t you miss me?”

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Masen Manor Chapter 23 & Pics

Chapter 23
April 2002
I gripped my hair to the point of pain, glaring at the door to my bedroom in Denali. Flashes of lips, tongues, and skin assaulted me from three different couples as I squeezed my eyes closed. It was sensory overload, because the lust I was feeling wasn’t my own. It was invasive and all-consuming, and it was a slap in the face that I was surrounded by three mated couples and my own mate was thousands of miles away.
They were all feeding on Jasper’s talent. He couldn’t control it. It was all new for him, and it only amplified his emotions…all over the house. It had caused Carmen and Eleazar and Kate and Garrett to tumble over the edge with him. It was even affecting Irina and Tanya separately, which was something I really, really didn’t want to witness.
When glimpses of women in situations I should never see infiltrated my mind, I finally caved, forgoing the door and launching myself out the window. I ran hard, fast, and as far as my legs could carry me. Once I was miles away and in the mountains, I finally slowed to a walk, taking a deep breath and letting it out. No minds. None. At least for the moment.

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Masen Manor Chapter 22 & Pics

Chapter 22
March 2002
“Oh my God…Alice!”
As I stared up at her, a part of me was elated. The other part was wary. At this point, she was stronger than all of us. I could smell the venom that was blended with her own blood, but it was the low, feral growl that caught my attention.
Her mind was something I’d never encountered before in all my long years. It was a confusing mix of thoughts, blurry memories, and fast visions. Some were so rapid that I couldn’t make head or tails of them.
But above all of that, I could smell my brother on her. They were completely and totally whole and mated. I could well imagine he’d been unable to resist her.
“Alice,” I finally spoke cautiously. “You’ve got to focus.”
“Where is she?” she snarled, glaring at me with pure, unadulterated hate.