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Masen Manor Chapter 36 – Epilogue & Pics

Chapter 36 – Epilogue
June 1918
Emerging out of the woods, I smiled at the squealing laughter. When I made it to Giselle’s yard, I shook my head. I wasn’t sure who was happier about that living situation: Carlisle, Esme, or me. Having the three gypsy women move back with us a little over seven years prior had been fantastic. They knew what we were – had predicted it, actually – and they needed our help. Carlisle and I had thought about renovating the small cottage at the far northern point of my property for them, but Giselle and Sue insisted they were happy and comfortable where they were. However, we checked on them just about daily.
Everyone was outside, tending Giselle’s small garden. She preferred to grow most of her own vegetables and herbs. Her daughter, Sue, liked growing flowers. But it was the youngest member of the Black family who brought the most joy to all of us.
“Edward!” she squealed, jumping up from the outdoor table where it looked like Esme had been doing school work with her.

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Masen Manor Chapter 35 & Pics

Chapter 35
January 2003
The train pulled out of Penn Station, and my eyes drifted to the window to watch the city fade away. My fingers toyed with my charm bracelet, specifically Leah’s charm. I’d doubted Leah’s claim when she first gave it to me, but after everything, I was glad to have it on my wrist.
Christmas break had been mostly calm, normal, almost too quiet, but I liked it. It had been fun and full of snowy enough days that not only could Edward spend a lot of time at my house, but Carlisle and Esme had visited, as well. There had been duels between Edward and me on the piano using Christmas carols, snuggles in front of his fireplace, and a tall, lean form pulling himself through my window every night.

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Masen Manor Chapter 34 & Pics

Chapter 34
September 2002
My feet touched the fluffy rug in the bathroom, but my legs were still shaky. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Edward. He snatched up two towels, quickly wrapping one around his waist, only to step to me and secure the other one around me. With a soft kiss, he set me atop the vanity.
“I’m gonna run you a bath, okay?” he asked, looking slightly contrite, but sweetly determined all at the same time. When I nodded, he kissed me again, only to turn to the tub.
Steam rose up, fogging the mirror as Edward busied himself with bubbles, and then he left the room for a moment, but I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the stereo come on from the living room, especially when the first song was the one that I’d played so long ago on the piano in one of our lessons. I’d figured out I was completely in love with Edward, and it was a song about being drawn to someone with the inability to stop it.

Masen Manor Chapter 33 & Pics

Chapter 33
September 2002
“Happy birthday, Bella.”
I could barely see her through my tears, but I could feel her arms around me. She felt different. She felt…like Edward. For a brief second or two, I was jealous, but I let it go. After hearing all about Alice’s struggles, I knew I wasn’t ready for that, but still… She could be with her mate without worries, she was indestructible, and she was…squeezing too hard.
“Alice,” I wheezed.
“Oh, fuck,” she hissed, letting me go almost too quickly, and I stumbled back, only to be caught in my favorite set of arms.
“You okay?” Edward asked, worry lacing his velvet voice.
“No, no…I’m okay,” I told him, turning back to Alice, who looked heartbroken. “Alice, really, I’m fine.”

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Masen Manor Chapter 32 & Pics

Chapter 32
August 2002
Esme and I found a couple of empty seats toward the middle of the train. Taking my seat, I had to smile at the familiarity that washed over me. It had been with Esme that I’d ridden to Masen Manor the first time. I’d been scared, nervous, and completely silent then. A lot had happened in a year.
Opening my backpack as Esme checked in with Carlisle on her cell phone, I couldn’t help but smile. Right next to the now completely full blue journal Edward and I had written in was a brand new one. I pulled out the pristine red notebook, fighting a laugh and my blush when I saw that Edward had already started it.
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Masen Manor Chapter 31 & Pics

Chapter 31
July 2002
“Edward, sweetie,” Chelsea called from the upstairs landing. “I think you’ll find what you need in the garage.”
“Yes, ma’am,” I said with a nod, turning to Carlisle, who was staring at the sixth step with the calculating eye of a surgeon.
“It’s not a heart transplant,” I chortled, shaking my head at his glare before I stepped into the garage.
Along the back wall was a long counter. On top was what looked like Charlie’s old toolbox. I lifted the lid, nodding that he had everything in there that I thought we’d need, including a small pry-bar.

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Masen Manor Chapter 30 & Pics

Chapter 30
June 2002
“Love…you do exactly as Alice tells you, and nothing else, no matter what you hear. Bulletproof, remember? It’s almost over…”
I stared up at him for a second, watching as my sweet, cuddly Edward who had been teasing me and kissing me suddenly lost every bit of his humanity. He was rigid and angry and black-eyed. His movements went from graceful and smooth, to calculating and alien. He was all immortal, every inch the vampire he truly was, and he wasn’t hiding any of it from me. Nothing could stop him; I could see it in the clench of his jaw, the flare of his nostrils, and even in the vein that popped out on his forehead. He was a killing machine, and Phil had no idea what was coming.
I nodded at him at the same time I put his phone to my ear. “Alice?”
Alice’s voice was sharp, commanding. “Bella, you’re gonna run to the hallway to the electrical box and shut off the power. Next, you’re gonna kill the alarm. When you’re done, you go straight to your mom’s room and pull down the attic ladder. Go!”