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Fire & Ice Chapter 22 - Epilogue & Pics

Chapter 22 – Epilogue
“Sweet baby Jesus… Sweetness, what are you doing?” I rasped, slapping a hand against the tile in the shower.
Bella’s giggle was naughty and dirty and all things sexy when I glanced down at her having snuck into the shower with me. She raised an eyebrow at me while on her knees at my feet at the same time her hand wrapped around my cock. I’d let her sleep in, considering it was the first day back to work, but I could see that she was taking advantage of having the house empty. I’d gotten up early, gone for a run, dressed the kids for their first day back at school, and taken them in, giving her an extra hour of sleep, but it seemed my girl was wide awake now.
I huffed a laugh. “I know what you’re doing…I just… Oh, fuck…”
She hummed around my dick, causing my eyes to roll back in my head at the feel of her mouth on me. I knew what she was doing. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, Bella was staking her claim. We were about to start a new case – a cheating wife case – and I’d drawn the short straw. Or rather, I’d lost an epic tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors between Jasper, Emmett, and me, but what-the-fuck-ever.

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Fire & Ice Chapter 21 & Pics

Chapter 21
There was a benefit of flying my dad’s plane. He personally knew the pilot, so there were no real security procedures, which meant all our equipment could be loaded on without an issue. The hangar at the small Svalbard airport was busy, filled with chatter from the crew and the flight staff checking in with my dad.
Leaning against the hangar door, I gave the crew a quick head count. Mickey and Bella were helping Irina with her bags, Kurt was still nursing his leg as he hobbled around, and Alec, Jasper, and Emmett were giving each other shit about who knew what. I found my dad with the pilot, but I was missing someone: Eleazar.
A glance outside showed me he was on the phone, but he hung up, walking to me.
“Everything okay?” I asked him.
“Yeah, yeah,” he sighed wearily with a nod. “I’ve arranged a medical transport for Boris as soon as he’s able to travel. I’m surprised he’s letting your dad help him.”
Grimacing, I looked over at him. “He’s got no one else. I had Alice do a quick check on him. His wife died years ago, and he never remarried. No kids, no siblings, nothin’.”
“Damn,” he groaned, but nodded again. “Well, okay, then maybe it’s good he’ll be in Seattle. Anyway, the hospital just confirmed all the orders. They’ll contact your dad when Boris is stable enough to be moved, which, according to his doctors, won’t be too long. I guess they like to get heart patients up and about.”
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Fire & Ice Chapter 20 & Pics

Chapter 20
“Edward, we’ve still got movement on that island,” Rose stated just as we reached Finn’s ship.
“Aw, fuck,” Edward hissed, shaking his head. “Copy that, Rose. Gimme a sec.”
We tied off next to Jasper’s dinghy, and Edward immediately went into action.
“Dad! Get up top, toss down some rope. We gotta help Nicholas to the deck. There’s no way he’ll be able to climb,” he ordered. “Then I’m gonna go back…take care of whoever’s left.”
Carlisle was up and out of his seat quickly, clambering up the side.
Nicholas flinched when I applied more pressure to his shoulder, but looked to Edward. “Don’t,” he grunted, shaking his head profusely. “You don’t need to go back. There’s only one boat. You just have to destroy it. It’s docked on the upper west side of the island.”