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Masen Manor Chapter 3 & Pics

Chapter 3
August 2001
As I leaned against an old, crooked oak tree, I caught sight of the thin tendrils of smoke curling up out of Leah and Jacob’s little cottage just on the other side of my property wall. With my keen sense of smell, I could tell she was cooking, something that Jacob raved about on many occasion. To me, it simply smelled like a wood-burning stove. My attraction to human food was long gone, and I wasn’t sure I missed it. Or maybe I just couldn’t remember that far back to when I’d liked it.
Glancing down at myself, I made sure my hunt had stayed a clean one. I remembered a time when clothes had been destroyed, I’d been covered in blood, and I could go nowhere near a human. But it had been so long that I could get it done without much fuss. Tonight, it was a moose and a black bear. And as far as humans were concerned, the draw was there, just not the desire. Their blood was sweet, taunting, but their thoughts were complex, filled with memories of family, friends, and lovers. Ending that would drive me insane, and at one point, it almost did.
Sweet Jesus, Edward…you’re killing me tonight. All this morose nostalgia. What the hell?

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Masen Manor Chapter 2 & Pics

Chapter 2
August 2001
“Bella,” Chelsea called from the other side of my bedroom door.
I got up from my bed, tossing my journal aside, and opened the door that I always kept locked.
Chelsea smiled sweetly, taking in my appearance. She was in her mid-forties and had lived with us for as long as I could remember. She was the only one in the house that didn’t force me to talk if I didn’t want to.
“You look very pretty, sweetheart,” she crooned, straightening the collar of my shirt before tucking my hair behind my ear. “I was just wondering if you wanted something to eat before this interview thing you’ve got going on today.”
Nodding, I followed her downstairs, but I pulled her to a stop, pointing to the library.
“Oh, okay. Go ahead. I’ll bring it in there,” she said cheerfully.
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Masen Manor Chapter 1 & Pics

Chapter 1
August 2001
My steps were silent through the main entrance of Masen Manor. I shook my head as the name hit me full force.
Masen. I hadn’t been a Masen in a very long time.
I passed through the main hall, the trophy room, and the dining hall. I barely gave a glance at the large portrait that hung over the tables. It was such a farce, a pile of lies all wrapped up in an oil painting of a man I could barely stand when he was alive, but he was merely a symbol. He represented the founder of Masen Academy, a perfect historical figure made to quiet the questions.
He was the face that held steadfast over the years while we changed roles like actors in a play. The truth was, my father would never have given up his own personal living space to educate young minds. No, he’d been way too selfish for such an act, which made using him as a symbol all the more satisfying in the long run. A part of me hoped he saw it, that he watched this castle as hundreds of students had moved on from here to Ivy League schools, prosperous careers, and fulfilling lives. It had been eighty years since I’d reopened the doors of my childhood home as a boarding school. I hoped he saw each one of them…and hated it. Nothing I’d ever done had been good enough before; I could almost be willing to bet that anything I did now would be met with just as much, if not more, vitriol.

New Story! Masen Manor

Summary: Masen Manor, home to a prestigious boarding school, Masen Academy. An immortal hiding from the world has his faith tested by a hundred-year-old fortune and a broken, silent girl. AU…E/B…Slightly OOC…Rated M
This is supernatural/AU/romance/hurt and comfort/mystery. O_o I know…that’s a big label, but it’s all those things, I suppose. When asked, I couldn’t remember or narrow down where this plot bunny came from, but it came with a force I couldn’t ignore. Some thngs are OOC, some things will be pretty canon, and some are completely out of my head. You’ll get my drift with just the first chapter.
I kept this fic pretty quiet, and I have to thank Jenny and my pre-readers for that, because I wasn’t quite sure this would work. Parts of it are so different that I worried it wouldn’t mesh out. That, and the bunny came at me full force right at the end of Fire & Ice, which was inconvenient and unexpected. And I know I’ve teased everyone on FB and Twitter until they were about to riot, but it wasn’t until I reached a certain point that I finally felt comfortable to let it out into the world.
FYI: The U.S. does have castles, though they are few and far between – the biggest and most popular being The Biltmore in Ashville, NC – but this one is completely fictional. The picture I use in the banners are of an abandoned castle in Belgium.
This – for now – will update once a week on Sundays. I find that two times a week is too much for me and in order for you to get a better story, I need to drop down to one time a week. That being said, chapter 2 will go live this coming Sunday as a bonus. ;)
I need to thank my usual cast of characters for coming along for this ride. Beffers87 for her beautiful banners and manips. My pre-readers inkedupmom, DrivingEdward, and GooberLou. And as always, my beautiful beta and sounding board, JenRar.
Now…you must check out JenRar’s new fic A Light in the Darkness. It’s amazing, and I promise you’ll fall in love with that Edward like I did. It’s AU…vamp/human. You’ll love it! I promise.
Please make sure to check out for recs and the spotlight on MM.

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