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A Few Tables Away Chapter 18 & Pics

Chapter 18
“Favorite Christmas movie?” I asked Bella over the phone as I flipped through the channels on the TV in my room.
The bank statement was still in my pocket, but Dad had left not long after Alice and I had gotten off the phone with Emmett in the car to come on inside. He was working overnight, which meant he’d be back in the morning, sleep through the day, and go in again on Christmas Eve. It was that latter part that made me happy. That he’d be gone for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Gifts were not an important part of the Cullen household. They hadn’t been since Alice had turned eleven and figured out that Santa was just a great big ruse. After that, no one bothered with any of it.
“Um, A Christmas Story,” she answered. “You?”
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” I said, grinning when she laughed.
“Okay, then.”
“What’d you expect? A Christmas Carol? Dickens and Scrooge?”
“Actually, yes!” She cracked the hell up, and God, I missed that sound, but more, I missed seeing her when she laughed like that. Her body would curl in on itself, her nose would wrinkle, and those dark eyes were just gorgeous when she laughed. Sometimes, she curled up on me when she did it, and we’d end up kissing like crazy, like we couldn’t breathe without our lips touching.
“Yours fits you, pretty girl,” I said with a chuckle. “I can see you and Jasper just…up to no good as kids.”
“Oh hell yes. I always wanted to get his tongue stuck to a metal pole, if only to shut him up.”
Laughing, I shook my head. “You mean, you didn’t?” I gasped in false shock.
“No, but that wasn’t without trying. Yours fits, too, baby. The different kid picked on by his peers.”
“Huh, yeah. I guess. Though, really, it’s Rudolph’s parents that fascinated me as a kid. The mom was cool, but the dad was all embarrassed of him, tried to change him, but in the end accepted him and corrected how he treated him.” I huffed a humorless laugh. “And there’s how you know it’s fiction. It never turns out like that.”
“Baby,” Bella breathed over the line. “You said he was leaving you alone. Are you okay?”
Her voice softened, wrapping around me like her hugs. I dropped the TV remote onto the bed and raked a hand through my hair. One thing to come out of being back in Forks was I’d gone to my old barber for a haircut. It had been needed.
“I…I guess.” I sighed deeply. “You know, I never paid attention to some stuff as a kid. I accepted what I was told, because I trusted my mother, and my dad…he didn’t really tell us anything, but…”
I started talking, telling her everything I’d done and seen since coming back to Washington. I’d been keeping her posted of some things, but the bank situation was bugging the shit out of me. It wasn’t even about the money, and I expressed that to Bella, too. It was about the fact that the money in that account belonged to my mother, and it was most likely that same money that my dad had held over our heads for years. I told her about every word Dad and I had exchanged and how he’d pretty much left Alice and me alone, except for the occasional run-in.
“I’m so very proud of you, Edward,” she said softly over the phone.
I felt my cheeks heat with how firmly she’d said those words. “For what?”
“For not putting up with his shit but doing it in a way that makes you the better person, baby,” she explained. “He’s the one yelling and throwing shit like a fucking child, and you’ve stayed calm and honest. It’s the honesty that’s keeping him away. He doesn’t want to hear it, and he’s probably starting to see he can’t get to you. I love you, and you’re doing the right thing.”
“I love you, too, pretty girl.” I uttered those words back so easily, and they still felt inadequate as to how she made me feel, but she seemed to cherish it every time I said them.
“The trust-fund thing is a different story. If it’s been changed from her savings to a trust fund, then your mom probably did have a will, Edward. You know, Aunt Jane and Dad had a trust fund from Grandpa Swan. I could…maybe ask them how it works.”
“Do you mind? I’m a little lost here, Bella.”
“Anything for you, baby. Aunt Jane’s here. I’ll go ask her. Hold on, handsome.”
I could hear Bella shift on the other end of the line. Doors opened, thumps echoed down stairs, and I could envision the whole house. And I missed it like the air I breathed.
“Hey, punkin’,” I heard Aunt Jane sing over the line. “What’s up?”
Bella explained everything I’d told her as best she could, but Aunt Jane interrupted her.
“Let me talk to him, Bella,” she said, and her voice was clear over the line. “Hey, sweet boy! We miss you.”
My grin spread over my face as I answered her back. “I miss you guys, too. Um, Merry early Christmas.”
She laughed. “Back at ya, kiddo. Now…let’s talk about this trust-fund thing.” She took a deep breath and then started to talk. “Charlie and I were given a trust fund when our father died. He did have a will, and he had specific instructions on how things were to be distributed. Charlie was of age, but I was a minor when Dad passed away. So that made Charlie the executor of the estate…and my guardian. We didn’t have any issues, though. I mean, it was just the two of us, so the house, the accounts, and everything my dad left behind was simply…split. Charlie and I were amicable about the whole business, like we always are.
“However, Edward, until I was of age, Charlie had to treat my portion of the funds delicately. Sometimes, he had to show proof of what he’d spent, like a car or repairs on the house…whatever. That was just in case I decided to call foul play. Not that I would, you see. But you guys… Christ, buddy…this is a sticky situation. You’re already on iffy terms with your dad, but you’re all of age. All three of you. And your older brother…”
“Emmett. How old is he?”
“He’s about to turn twenty-one in January.”
“Is he now?” she said slowly. “Some trusts are set up that the age of the recipient isn’t eighteen but twenty-one.”
“Yes, sir. It all depends on how your mother set it up.”
“But…but… Aunt Jane, wouldn’t have someone told us?” I asked, swallowing nervously because this was starting to fall into place a bit – the money, Dad’s sudden change in hostility, his desperate actions, even his leaving us alone the last few days.
“Yeah, your dad.”
I laughed harshly, humorlessly. “Right.”
My phone beeped, and I pulled it away to see that Emmett was calling me just as Alice poked her head in the door.
“Aunt Jane, I gotta go. My brother’s calling. Please tell Bella I love her and that I’ll call her later. Okay?”
“Absolutely, Edward. And son?” she called urgently over the line. “Be safe, okay?”
“Okay.” My chest filled with a warmth of her calling me son, because that’s what she’d treated me as the whole time I’d known her.
I answered Emmett’s call. “Hey, Em.”
“Okay, the midget should be banging down your door any second,” he replied, and as hard as he was trying to keep his voice light, he was failing. “Put me on speaker. Daddy Dearest isn’t home, so I want to talk to both of you.”
I did as he asked, and Alice and I sat on my bed with my phone between us. “Okay, we’re here,” I told him.
“Okay, so… Here’s what I know, guys,” he started and then let out a harsh laugh. “We…all of us…are so fucking stupid. That’s first. Second, not one of us thought to look into public records.”
Alice and I locked wide-eyed gazes for a second but didn’t say anything.
“Look, before I tell you this, we need to talk about Dad,” Emmett went on. “That asshole kept us in the dark. He banked on his…discipline to keep us scared or blind. But it’s time to face facts. I’m not one for spewing psychological bullshit, but he’s an abusive bastard. He always was, and he always will be. The fucked-up part is…there wasn’t much we could’ve done after Mom died. I’m pretty sure no one would’ve believed us, because he’s got that whole community snowed that he’s this…miracle-working doctor, never mind that nothing he ever said or did to us was illegal, just simply asinine.”
“Em…just tell us. We know all of this,” Alice stated nervously. “Just tell us what you found out.”
Emmett sighed on the other side of the line. “Mom had a will, which left everything to us. All three of us. However, she wasn’t banking on dying before we were of age, so therefore, Carlisle Cullen became our guardian and the executor of said will. Mom’s inheritance from Grandpa and Grandma Platt was supposed to be for us – for school, for our lives, but not for our father.”
“Oh, damn,” I breathed. “She left him nothing?”
“She left him nothing because she was leaving his ass, Edward. She’d fucking filed for divorce!” he practically growled. “Wanna know when he was served?”
Alice and I groaned, and my hand gripped my hair as I sputtered out, “Yes…no… Do we?”
“The day after the accident.”
“Fuck,” I breathed, squeezing my eyes closed.
“Yup! While you and I were in the damn hospital recovering from the wreck, while they were performing an autopsy on our mother, they brought him divorce papers.” He laughed again, but it wasn’t funny, just a nervous reaction. “I’d be willing to bet that the officers who were talking to him about the accident were the same ones who served him. From what I can piece together with Rosie’s dad’s help, it looked like she was about to haul ass on Dad. She’d started with changing her will, then she filed for divorce, stating irreconcilable differences, and then she filed for sole custody of us.”
I rubbed my face, chasing away the sting in my eyes. She knew. My mother knew what Dad was capable of, and not only was she trying to save us, she was trying to do it quickly and quietly.
“Let me guess,” I mumbled behind my hands, finally pulling them away. “She would’ve picked us up from school the next day, and we wouldn’t have gone home. She’d…she… Jesus, Emmett, she was acting like nothing was going on in the car!”
“I know, which makes her the most badass, the strongest person I’ve ever known,” he said firmly, but there was a sadness laced in his tone. “Wonder what she saw or heard to make her do it…” he mused, but he trailed off.
“Okay, so…if she left everything to us, then…why is Dad still in control?” Alice asked.
“Because the trust is set up for us to be given our share after we turn twenty-one,” Emmett answered. “Knowing Mom, it was for school. Period. End of story. She would’ve wanted us to take it for college and to help us get started with our lives after.”
“Oh, God…and you’re turning twenty-one next month,” Alice whispered, her gaze breaking from the phone to my face. “No wonder he’s been acting desperate. He’s been keeping this shit secret the whole fucking time!”
“And it’s about to come to a crashing end,” I muttered, frowning down at the phone. “Dad has to know that as soon as Emmett was contacted, that he’d tell us.”
“I don’t give a fuck about the money,” Emmett stated, and Alice and I added our agreement. “But if Mom wanted something and he didn’t fucking follow it, then I’m gonna be one pissed off motherfucker. His ass has blamed Edward and me for her this whole goddamn time, punished us, threatened us, denied us, and now I find out that she was trying to save us from the asshole?! Guys, it’s all I can do not to fly home and punch his fucking face.”
“It won’t change anything,” I countered.
“What?” Alice asked, and Emmett sighed deeply.
“Edward, come on!”
“I’m serious,” I said firmly, shaking my head. “Punching him won’t do anything but give him a reason to have you arrested, Emmett. It’s the reason he hasn’t touched us all these years. I see it. He’d like nothing more than to beat the shit out of me, especially since I’ve been home, but he doesn’t come near me, because he doesn’t know what I’ll do, what I’ll say and to whom.” I glanced up to Alice and went on. “With Alice, it’s a completely different situation, with her being a girl. That alone has kept him away from her. She’s already fearless, so to touch her or overly punish her would cause questions at school, in town, that sort of thing, because I’m willing to bet he’s pretty sure she’d get loud.”
Alice giggled, shrugging a shoulder. “Maybe.”
I sighed deeply. “He didn’t want us. Mom did. And I wonder if he was only with her for the money, which pisses me the fuck off for her, but knowing she was trying to get us away from him… That’s…” I groaned, my chest hurting a bit. “That’s a question answered for me that I’ve been wondering for years. I wish I’d known that sooner. All those rumors, all that bullshit everyone spewed our way… It was true. Well, some of it…”
I kept going. “All I want – all I’ve ever wanted – is for him to leave me…us…alone. That’s it. Honestly, that’s still all I want.” I met my sister’s gaze and shrugged, but I was talking to both of them. “I just… I wanna go back to school and classes and my job. I want out of Washington. I just… I just wanna go home to Bella. I…I’m… That place… No, she’s my home now. I’ve finally found where I need to be, where I’m accepted, and where I haven’t been this happy since before Mom died. Happier, actually.” I shook my head slowly. “But I can’t leave here knowing that in like three weeks, he may completely unravel by your birthday, Emmett, because he thinks he’s gotten away with something all these years. It’s not fair to let Alice deal with it. Not alone. That’s for damn sure.”
“Shit, Ed… What’d you wanna do, then?” my brother asked.
“I dunno.” I sighed, gripping my hair, but shrugged. “What I do know is that the balance on that trust is significantly less than the last statement up in the attic. I know that there is no way in hell it’s due to yours and my college or any residual medical bills or whatever from the wreck. It doesn’t add up. I don’t know what he’s done with it, and I don’t care. But if he keeps going, then by the time Alice is twenty-one, there won’t be a damn dime left.”
“See…that’s not cool for me. At all,” Emmett countered.
“Me either.”
“It’s not about the money,” Alice said softly, and she seemed uncomfortable with the conversation. “It’s about what Mom wanted.”
“Definitely,” Emmett and I said at the same time.
“I think…” I grimaced at what I was about to say. “Shit, Emmett, I really think we need to consider getting a lawyer, though I don’t know how we’d cover something like that. Technically, we’re all broke students.”
Alice and Emmett chuckled a bit, but it was the latter who spoke up. “That’s the point of a lawyer, to fight so they can get paid, too.” He laughed a little. “My Rosie, she’s gonna make a kick-ass lawyer someday.”
Grinning, I countered, “I can’t see Bella being a lawyer. She’d tell every-damn-body to go to hell and how fast they could get there. Not exactly conducive to making deals.”
We all laughed, though everyone went quiet for a moment, and eventually my brother spoke softly. “We can’t do much over the next few days. I mean, it’s Christmas, so…not much can take place. I’ll talk to Rose and her dad. And Edward, you might wanna go grab that other statement – the one in the attic. Do it now while the asshole is out of the house.”
“I’ll go.” Alice got up and bolted for the attic. She wasn’t gone a minute before she was back with the whole folder. “Emmett,” she called, pulling out her phone. “I’m sending you pictures of these so you’ll have them. She snapped the two pictures, including the recent one, and then handed me the last statement my mother had filed away. She left to put the folder back and close up the attic.
Once Alice was seated back on my bed, I said, “We’ll have to tread lightly around him the next few days…or at least until I leave, but…” I shot a look to Alice. “I’m really worried for Ali when I go home.”
“Yeah, me, too,” Emmett muttered over the line. “I dunno, but we’ll figure something out. Shit, Ed…she’s eighteen, free to go if she truly wanted to. Alice, you’re the one who’ll be dealing with him. What do you think? Can you handle it? Or does Edward take you with him and you finish out high school in Florida?”
She huffed a laugh and locked gazes with me. “I have to finish here, don’t I? I missed the cutoff for graduating early. I’d thought about it, and I’d had good enough grades, but… It’s just until May.”
“Five months,” I reiterated. “That’s a long time to be stuck in this house, Mary Alice.”
“You guys figure it out and let me know,” Emmett stated firmly over the line. “Rose and I will be back in Washington by the end of the week. I have no shame in coming to the house and packing up her shit.”
Alice laughed softly. “Love you, Em.”
“Love you guys, too. Merry Christmas,” he sang gruffly, ending the call.
I looked to Alice, tilting my head her way when I could see the wheels turning in her head. “What are you thinking?” I asked her with a slight laugh.
Her brow furrowed as she toyed with her phone. “I’m thinking we need to maybe…watch our asses the next few days. I’m thinking we need some sort of…insurance or…or leverage against Daddy Dearest.”
Grinning, I asked, “What do you mean?”
“I dunno, but I do know that he’s carefully crafted this bullshit façade around himself in this stupid tiny town,” she said angrily. “I think if he thought that could come tumbling down around his ankles, he’d shut the fuck up for once.”
“Maybe.” I barked a laugh at her evil grin and nodded, picking up The Count of Monte Cristo. Bella and I were just about finished with it. In fact, we’d have to pick a new book soon. It was her choice next. “I need to call Bella back. She’s gonna want to know all this stuff,” I said softly, picking my phone back up.
“Tell her hello,” Alice said and then left my room.
As soon as Bella’s sweet voice greeted me on the line, everything in me came spilling out, including a few tears at just how brave my mother was. As I stayed on the phone with Bella while she read to me, all I wanted was her there. I needed her more than I needed anything. I craved her arms around me, her strengthening words that never stopped coming from her, and I needed her touch. I never understood how in books I’d read couples could ravish each other in the most stressful times, but as I read along with her, I truly just…got it. If Bella were in my room, in my bed, I’d have lost myself in her, if only to drown in something completely and utterly good.
“Bella?” I interrupted her reading.
“Yeah, baby?” she asked, a yawn escaping her.
It made me chuckle. “Before I let you go to sleep, I just… I need to tell you… I love you. And I miss you. So much that it’s painful today.”
“Oh, God… Me too, Edward. I miss your hugs.”
“Yeah,” I said slowly with a grin. “Me, too. Night, pretty girl.”
“Night, Edward.”
Christmas Eve day was a quiet one. Dad shut himself up in his room to sleep, and Alice and I spent our time in either the living room watching Christmas movies or I read to Bella over the phone in my mother’s library, finishing The Count of Monte Cristo. The best part was listening to Bella go on and on about how Edmund Dantes was probably the most patient character she’d ever read, that he’d waited until just the right moment to let loose his plan. Laughingly, she told me I should do the same to my dad. She told me that I should let karma kick his ass.
She was saying it again on Christmas morning. I’d gotten up to make French toast for Alice. We weren’t exchanging gifts, and we were supposed to go to the diner later for their holiday special just the two of us.
My dad’s car was in the driveway, and I assumed he was sleeping after having worked overnight again, which was a schedule I was pretty damn sure he’d picked on purpose just to avoid us.
I stepped into my mother’s library and turned on the light, grinning at Bella’s adorable yet endless chatter on my phone. God, I loved that sound. She’d blurt out anything and everything she was feeling or thinking. It was pure and honest, not to mention so very missed, never mind that we talked every damn day.
“Hey, baby! You know what would be awesome?!” she gushed over the line.
Chuckling, I shook my head. “What’s that, pretty girl?”
“If…If…If one day, you’re like this famous writer, then you could totally rub it in your dad’s face!”
Cracking up, I fell even more in love with her. She had way more faith in me than I did. “You think so, Bella?” I teased her a little as I walked to my mother’s shelves. “Okay, so…what are we reading next? My sources are limited, but are we re-reading something? Or are you doing what I did with Dumas?”
“I think,” she sang, and I heard her get up from her bed. “I think we should read…The Secret Garden.”
I immediately found my mother’s copy, pulling it off the shelf. “Mom had it,” I murmured softly. “But isn’t this a girl’s book?”
“Sort of,” she hedged adorably, “but it’s filled with a pretty interesting cast of characters, not to mention a touch of mystery. You picked the last one, even though you’d already read it. This one’s on me.”
“Okay,” I conceded, flipping through the book in question. It wasn’t a long book, but it would probably get us through until I got home. I set the book aside, gazing up at the bookshelf. “I need to grab a few of these before I come home,” I said softly, and really, it was more to myself than to Bella, who was listening to me. “In fact, a few of these will come in handy for school.”
“Do it,” Bella said lightly.
There was a thump, a rattle of glass, and footsteps coming from the living room.
“Bella, let me…” I whispered and then paused, thinking I should end the call and then call her back once I was back upstairs. But something in my mind told me to simply pull the phone away from my ear. “Pretty girl, hang on.”
I turned when the door opened. My phone was in my hand, along with the book Bella wanted to read. My dad leaned in the doorway, looking ragged, tired, or maybe even drunk. Either way, he was looking for a fight. I could see it all over his face as he gazed at me in pure hatred.
“Sweet Jesus, Edward… Can’t you stay out of this room? Or are you always going to be this…this…weak loser?”
I shook my head and sighed deeply. “Merry Christmas to you, too, Dad,” I stated calmly, but sarcasm came shining through my words and tone. “I was simply looking to see if Mom had books I could use at school.” My lie was smooth, and I supposed it wasn’t technically a lie, but it was just enough to make him narrow his eyes at me.
He snorted. “God, you’re so much like your fucking mother. Emotionless and cold. Nothing ever gets to you. Not even when you let her die.”
I barely heard Bella’s gasp on the phone in my hand, so I knew he hadn’t. Leaning against the shelf beside me, I truly looked at him, and I wasn’t sure if it was because my girl was listening or if I finally…finally understood what Bella was trying to tell me from the beginning. I was twelve years old when my mother wrecked the car, when she’d accidentally taken herself out of our lives, but knowing what I knew now… I wasn’t sure my mouth could be stopped if I tried.
“Is that what you tell yourself? Is that what you force yourself to believe in order to maintain this…this level of hate?” I asked him, setting the book down onto my mother’s desk but keeping my phone in my hand. “You truly have convinced yourself that I was completely responsible for it all, haven’t you?”
He stepped into the room, the ice in his glass clinking. “Aren’t you, you little piece of shit? She wouldn’t have been out in the rain…she wouldn’t have—”
“I was twelve, Dad. Twelve. My fucking voice hadn’t even changed yet, you asshole. I didn’t drive the car; she did. You want to place blame, then let’s start there. And I couldn’t control the motherfucking weather! I also didn’t push the goddamn dog in the road either.”
“You let her drown!” he yelled, stepping closer.
“She told me to go!” I finally yelled back. “What more could I do!? What?! Tell me, because I guarantee you it’s nothing I haven’t told myself, so please, enlighten me as to what else I could’ve done. Because, trust me, I’ve already come up with everything you could possibly spew at me now.” My nostrils flared in anger as he stepped a little closer. “What I can’t figure out is what pisses you off more,” I mused, glaring his way. “You know it wasn’t my fault or Emmett’s fault, but you can’t blame her either. Tell me, Dad, what’s worse? The fact that she’s gone? Or the fact that even if she’d survived the wreck, she was still leaving you?”
He froze for a moment, his eyes widening a little.
I huffed a humorless laugh. “It must be pure fucking hell to have to raise three kids you never even wanted. But, oh my God…” I gasped mockingly. “Heaven forbid the citizens of Forks find out that tidbit of information. Especially, considering without those kids you detest so much, there would be no trust fund for you to bleed dry.”
“The fuck did you just say to me?” he hissed, and I held up my phone unthinkingly.
“Public records and the U.S. Postal Service are amazing and most helpful resources of information,” I stated, but I’d pushed too far. “Just what the hell are you spending it on?” I asked, not even caring about the answer.
The glass in his hand flew, shattering against the bookshelf by my head, but a heavier piece caught my face.
“You wretched piece of fucking shit…”
When I flinched, my phone was suddenly ripped from my hand, and I heard the telltale sound of plastic and electronics coming to an end on another wall, which made me panic because I know Bella would be freaking out. A firm hand was at my throat, and he was in my face, shoving me into the bookcase behind me. He smelled like sweat and the hospital and the liquor he’d been drinking. Several books, not to mention a picture or two, tumbled to the floor.
“You should’ve drowned with her!” he snarled in my face. “Fuck, just looking at you… Your face…your fucking face. It’s the same repulsion she had for me.”
“Let me go,” I wheezed, pushing him back. “Let me go, or I’ll let the whole world know just what you are.”
He shoved me hard before pushing away from me. “And what’s that, you little shit?”
“An opportunistic, abusive thief,” I panted, rubbing my throat, only to touch the stinging place on my forehead. My fingers came away with blood on them. “Jesus, Dad, did you even love her? Or did you just set sights on her inheritance? Or did you fool her like you’ve fooled everyone else in this godforsaken town?”
His half smile was my answer. “Good luck proving it.”
Alice stepped into the doorway, her phone in hand and fingers moving rapidly over the screen. “He doesn’t have to, Dad. I just recorded the whole thing…and I’ve already sent it to Emmett.”
He was in front her in just a step or two, and I tried to stop him, but he didn’t touch her other than to snatch her phone as well. In a blur, it was thrown, and the sound of breaking glass as it went out the window met my ears. The damn thing landed in the snow in the backyard.
“Get away from me, both of you. Get out of my house.”
Alice smiled, shaking her head. “No, see… I don’t think so. I think we can work out some sort of deal. We’ll tell Emmett to hold on to that video, and you will leave us – and what Mom left us – alone. No more threats, no more foul words from you. Otherwise, lawyers will be called, and I’m thinking the board of directors at the hospital may just get an e-mail. Oh! Not to mention Chief Yorkie. You know…his son’s in my class…” she mused dramatically. “Eric…he’s a really nice boy, works with the audio/video department at school.”
Dad was livid, but now he knew he was screwed.
“Blackmail,” he muttered, shaking his head.
“Probably,” I said, shrugging my shoulder. “Prove it,” I echoed his repetitive threat and walked over to pick up the remnants of my cell phone, sighing deeply. “By the way, I was on a call when you so rudely interrupted.”
“No one gives a shit about what your college whore may or—”
I cut him off with a square punch to the face. “Call her that again, and everyone within a five-hundred-mile radius will know everything!” I turned to Alice as he slipped to the floor. “I’ve got to get out of here. I need some air.” I pointed to our father. “If he tries anything, just…get in your car and head to the diner or something.”
Alice nodded, wide-eyed and shocked, but she rushed to me. “Edward, your head…”
“I’m fine. I’ve…” I waved her off and walked to the front door, grabbing my jacket off the coatrack. Stepping out into the cold, snowy weather, I slammed the door behind me.


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