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A Few Tables Away Chapter 19 & Pics

Chapter 19
“Pretty girl, hang on,” Edward said softly over the line, and I frowned at the change in his tone.
We’d just been joking, laughing, and we were trying to decide on a new book to read. Suddenly, he was serious, and if I’d had to guess…tentative, maybe even scared.
“Okay,” I muttered back, but I didn’t think he heard me, because another voice came over the line. And I grimaced at the sound of Edward’s father’s voice. Jesus, could he sound more hateful and disgusting?
When I heard the words “weak loser,” I left my room quickly, practically skidding down the stairs to the living room, where my dad and Jasper were watching TV. They both looked up at me as I shut off the flat screen and put a finger to my lips for them to be quiet. Someone needed to witness this shit, because the language and the tone were so very foul. But more than that, if something happened to Edward, I needed my dad.
I put my phone on speaker just as Edward’s dad said, “God, you’re so much like your fucking mother. Emotionless and cold. Nothing ever gets to you. Not even when you let her die.”
I gasped, looking to my dad in shock and hurt, and Jasper moved to cover my mouth, touching the screen at the same time to mute our end of the line. Tears ran unchecked down my face with every foul word from Carlisle and every brave deflection from Edward. My sweet boyfriend was trying so fucking hard to maintain his temper. And he was doing a hell of a lot better than I would have.
“Daddy?” I pleaded with him, not knowing what for, but something needed to be done. I’d never felt so helpless and angry in all my life.
“Jesus,” Jasper whispered, narrowing his eyes as he shook his head slowly. “I think Ed’s reached his limit. Uncle Charlie, we need to—”
“Yeah,” Dad interrupted him. “Go get your mother and aunt.”
Jasper hesitated just as Edward completely threw every single thing he knew about his parents at his father – the divorce, the fact that Carlisle hated his own children, and finally, the trust fund.
“The fuck did you just say to me?” I heard, and a small sob erupted from me, because the voice was close to the phone, which meant Carlisle was moving closer to my Edward.
“Shh, baby girl,” Dad tried to soothe me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.
“Public records and the U.S. Postal Service are amazing and most helpful resources of information. Just what the hell are you spending it on?” Edward asked derisively, and I’d never heard him so mad, so angry, or so fucking strong.
However, it all came to a screeching halt.
“You wretched piece of fucking shit…”
There was a loud rustling sound, followed by the sound of a hard thump, and finally the beep signaling that the call had ended.
“No!” I wailed, scrambling to dial him back. “No, no, no! Pick up…pick up… Edward, please!”
The call went straight to voice mail, over and over, and I was losing my fucking mind.
“Shit,” Jasper said, standing up. “I’mma beat that motherfucker’s ass.” He faced the hallway. “Mom! Aunt Renee!”
They’d been wrapping Christmas presents in my parents’ bedroom, and both hurried into the living room. As soon as they caught sight of me, my mother was wrapping me up.
“Bella? Baby, what happened?”
Dad explained quickly but finished with, “I knew he shouldn’t have gone home alone…or fucking at all for that matter.” He shifted, adding, “Jasper, get on the phone with the airline about those tickets you have. I want to land in Seattle as soon as you can get us there. All of us, if possible.”
Next, he took my phone from me and tried Edward again, only to get voice mail once more. He looked to me. “Bella-girl, calm down. Tell me the name of that town he’s in?”
He nodded, swiping his finger over my phone and typing in a search. He found what he was looking for and called a phone number, putting the phone to his ear, murmuring that he was calling the local police. The tone my father took was the one he used in class or when he was dealing with some sort of business. He was normally so laidback that to hear his no-nonsense voice was almost scary.
“Chief Yorkie, my name is Dr. Charlie Swan, from Edgewater College in Glenhaven, Florida.” He paused, nodding once and stood up to pace. “One of my students – Edward Cullen – is from your town, and he’s home for the holidays. However, during the middle of a phone conversation, there seemed to be a scuffle of sorts in the home, an argument. And now, I’m unable to get him back on the line. Yes, sir…I heard some of it. It was pretty…ugly. He’s my daughter’s boyfriend, and we’re just a bit concerned,” he said, eyeing me as I tried my damnedest to stop crying. “I’m wondering if you could just…take a moment to send someone? I know it’s Christmas, but… Listen, I’m about to head that way. I’d had plans to travel to Seattle for New Year’s, but I’m thinking I may need to move that up a bit…”
His lie was smooth but necessary. And he hummed a few times as he listened over the line.
“I’m… I don’t have the boy’s address… Oh, you know it. Okay, then. Is there any chance you could call me back, Chief?” Dad rattled off his cell phone number, glancing up at Jasper when he gave a thumbs-up and a tap to his wrist to let us know we were now in a time-crunch. “I’m leaving for the airport shortly, sir, so just leave a voice mail. I’ll get it when I can. Thank you, sir. I really appreciate this. I’ve got a very upset daughter, and the boy, he’s…he’s like family to me, so I’m just calling as a concerned parent.”
Dad ended the call after thanking the officer again and then knelt in front of me as he gave me back my phone. Tears started anew when my eyes fell to the picture on my background. It was Edward and me, laughing and silly in a selfie we’d taken on my porch swing.
“Bella, I need you to calm down for me,” he said firmly but gently. “The police chief said he’d personally drive to the Cullens’ home himself. Apparently, his son is friends with Edward’s sister – they’re in the same class or something. Okay?” When I nodded, he turned to Jasper but didn’t leave my side. “Jasper, what’cha got, son?”
“Five seats for today in like two hours? Or four tomorrow? If we wait, not everyone can go,” he told us, his hand over the phone. “What do ya wanna do? I’m sure as shit going, and we can’t stop Bella, so…”
Dad sighed deeply, turning back to me to wipe away my tears, but before he could answer, it was my mother who piped up.
“Go…everyone pack a bag. Keep it light and pack warmly. It’s snowing in Washington. Carry-on bags only. If we need something, we’ll buy it.” She snapped her fingers to get everyone moving.
Aunt Jane was on her own phone. “Tanya, sweetie. I need you to run the café for the next couple of days…”
I started to get up, my temper flaring. “If…If he hurt him… If one fucking hair on Edward’s head is harmed, that…that…man will have no idea what hit him!” I stated, pointing a finger to the ground.
Dad smirked but nodded, giving my forehead a kiss. “You make me feel almost sorry for the man, baby girl. Almost.” He nodded again but looked around at all of us. “We pull out of here in as soon as everyone’s packed. Go.”
My boots crunched over snow as I walked down my driveway. The cut on my forehead stung in the cold air, and my hand ached. I had no idea where I was going, only that I needed to get out of that house before I did more than punch that asshole.
I glanced back at the house, my nostrils flaring. I honestly didn’t know what pissed me off the most – the vitriol that Dad had spewed my way or the fact that I’d completely lost my shit. I’d begged my brother to maintain his control, and I did exactly the fucking opposite. In all reality, Carlisle Cullen could have me arrested for assault. I snorted at the thought, because what would the narrow-minded people of Forks think of that?
Still, I should’ve been the bigger person. I’d held on and held on the whole goddamn time I’d been in that house, but knowing what I knew about my father, I couldn’t bear to see the look of hatred on his face while he’d been the one damn thing my mother was trying to escape. The fucker had wanted a fight, and I sure as hell gave him one.
Shaking my head, I groaned as I gripped my hair in my hand. My knuckles were sore, and when I looked down at them, I saw two of them were split and already turning purple. I made a fist, sneering at it. So much for Bella being proud of me.
“Shit,” I hissed, reaching into my pocket for my phone that had scattered all to hell when he threw it. “Fuck… Bella.” I scrambled to put the battery back in, but the back was cracked, and the screen was splintered in a spider web that started from the corner, which just happened to be the power button.
My one connection to Bella, to everyone outside this fucked-up situation, was completely destroyed. For a split second, I wondered if Alice’s phone had fared any better. And it being Christmas, there was no replacing it, not until stores opened the next day. I needed to find a phone, even if I called the Swan house collect, but I couldn’t even see my contacts list on my phone. The only number I had memorized was Bella’s cell.
My feet started to move, one in front of the other. I needed to think, and I needed to get away from that house. The crunch of snow was loud in the quiet streets. No one was outside, though I could imagine that most families were opening presents or still having breakfast or whatever the fuck normal families did on major holidays.
When the black iron fence appeared in front of me, I came back to my senses. Gazing around, I saw that I was at the cemetery across the street from the church. Swiping at my face, I could see that I was still bleeding just a little, but I ignored it and walked in through the gates. The snow on the graves was pristine, untouched, unsullied. I wandered slowly, noting names that had been here for decades. Dates went from the early 1900s to just last year. I saw names like Yorkie, Newton, Stanley, Mallory, and finally, Cullen. Not for the first time did I bitterly wish that the first name on that headstone read Carlisle instead of Esme. And for a few minutes as I squatted down to clear snow off the cold stone and away from my potted flower, I allowed my mind to play the “what if” game. What if the roles had been reversed? What if Mom had lived and my father had died? How different would shit be? My siblings and I would’ve been loved, cared for, nurtured. Not hated, not forgotten, not beaten down with foul words, manipulation, and indifference.
But then there would’ve been no Bella. I’d escaped my hellish existence in this stupid town to get away from it all, and I’d found the most amazing thing. I’d found my true place, my heart, my soul…my family.
I was so conflicted, but I was still very angry, and that last thought caused tears to sting my eyes. The unfairness of it all slammed into me like a Mack truck. To wish for something different would change the now, and Bella was my now. And all I wanted was her. That was it; that was all I could hope for in life. I loved her. And I couldn’t fathom anyone else owning my heart but her.
“Edward, son?” I heard behind me, and I stood up too quickly and spun, making myself a bit dizzy. “Whoa, easy, son…” Pastor Liam soothed, holding my shoulders. “You okay?”
I nodded, squeezing my eyes closed, but they opened when I felt a gentle hand on my face. He turned my head, eyeing my forehead, and then tilted my chin to look at my neck. I’d completely forgotten about Dad’s hand on my throat.
“What happened, Edward?”
I was simply going to shake my head, but something in me was still bitter. My snort of a humorless laugh sounded rough in the quiet cemetery.
“Family disagreement,” I muttered through gritted teeth.
Not for the first time did I see something akin to understanding cross his face. His eyes were as gray as the tombstones around us, but they were warmer, sadder. He sniffed once and nodded.
“C’mon,” he said, pointing toward the church. “Let’s clean you up. I’d just made a pot of coffee when I saw you through my window.”
We walked back out of the cemetery in silence; the only sound was our steps through the snow. Pastor Liam was ahead of me, and I noted he was dressed in jeans and a sweater, completely different than the usual dress pants and button-down he usually wore. Once across the street, we bypassed the church, and he pulled out his keys for the small home next door.
His house was the rectory, something provided by the church while he was employed there. It was small, but the inside was warm, tidy, smelling of coffee and some sort of cleaner. I noted there was not a single Christmas decoration.
“Have a seat, Edward,” he said, tapping the kitchen table. “Cream and sugar?”
“Yes, sir,” I answered softly.
I wrapped my hands around the mug once he set it down in front of me, but he didn’t take a seat. He stepped out of the room, coming back with a small first-aid kit in his hand, and he dragged the other kitchen chair over.
He pulled out some gauze and disinfectant, inhaling softly. “Bit early for whiskey, don’t you think?”
I laughed, shaking my head, because I hadn’t even realized that the drink Dad threw had splashed on me. It had been the least of my concerns at the moment.
“Not mine. Trust me.” I hissed at the sting as he started to clean my head.
“It’s not as deep as I thought, and it’s almost stopped bleeding. You want me to cover it?” he asked, but I shook my head no. “Fair enough. Now, let me see that hand.”
I lay my hand flat on the table, and he cleaned that up as well.
“Pastor Liam, is… Is it possible to use your phone?” I asked, wincing when there was more stinging.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. I quickly dialed Bella’s number, getting her voice mail instantly. Frowning, I dialed again, thanking Liam when he finished with my hand. The voice mail was immediate over and over, so I had no choice but to leave my girl a message.
“Pretty girl, I’m okay. Just…my phone is completely broken. I’ll get a new one tomorrow and call you back. Just…don’t panic, Bella. I promise you I’m okay, and I love you.” I shook my head slowly, pushing the phone back to Liam. “Thanks,” I whispered. I wasn’t an idiot; I knew Bella would be freaking out. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was on the phone with the damn airline.
When I looked up, Liam was studying me.
“You wanna talk about it? Anything you say to me stays in this kitchen, Edward. It’s a perk of my job,” he said, wearing a wry smile. He eyed my face, tilting his head before asking, “How long has this been going on, son?”
Something in his eyes, something in his calm, nonjudgmental expression caused something in me to crack wide open. Maybe it was because he’d known my mother, maybe because he’d been the one to speak at her funeral, or maybe something deep inside told me that this man knew more than he let on.
I didn’t say anything at first, and he let me be for a moment. I sipped my coffee, my eyes on the mug.
“This is the first time,” I mumbled, frowning at the cup in my hands, but I gestured to the cut and my neck so he knew that I’d meant physically. I kept the fight and the facts brief, but I told him everything – the thrown glass, the trust fund, the punch, not to mention how badly I’d never even wanted to come home, but I’d done it for Alice.
Liam nodded, getting up for his own cup of coffee before sitting back down. “I can’t say I’m shocked. Your father is a cold man.”
I snapped my head up to stare at him. I was completely shocked that someone else in this town outside my siblings felt this way.
“What? You think it’s a secret?” He laughed, but it wasn’t really in humor. Shaking his head, he added, “This is a small town, son. Rumors burn through the members of this community quicker than a spark sets fire to dry grass.” He sipped his coffee. “Some people see what they want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their happy, blissfully ignorant bubble. Carlisle Cullen puts on a good show, and he’s done a heckuva lot of amazing work at the hospital. But see, you know the type of personality a man has with how they treat their underlings, their children, or even animals. It’s something I’ve always noticed. Dr. Cullen can scare the nurses and assistants into quitting or at the least transferring away from him.”
I sighed deeply, shrugging a shoulder. “We didn’t exactly go see him at work.”
“And that didn’t go unnoticed either, kiddo,” he countered, raising an eyebrow at me. “Your mother was my very good friend,” he said softly, sadly, smiling a little. “We were friends in high school – the same school you and your brother and sister went to – and your mom liked this town. She always said she wanted to raise her family here. How she convinced Carlisle to settle here is a mystery, but he had her…”
“Blinded?” I offered bitterly.
“Yes.” His answer came so quickly and so firmly, that my mouth fell open. “He was…perfect in every way, Edward. He was the doting boyfriend, the caring fiancé, and the flawless husband. What do you know about your father’s family history?”
I shook my head. “Not much, just that his parents were dead. Mom said they had that in common. He’d moved here from Seattle after med school to marry her.” I swallowed thickly, my brow furrowing as I tried to remember things my mother had told me ages ago. “M-Mom said that his parents were strict, that they’d demanded perfection from him. Sh-She said that his father was the reason he was in med school in the first place.”
“All true. But add in the fact that his father would beat him to broken bones and bloody wounds before he sent him off to college.”
My eyes narrowed, and my temper flared. “Are you telling me this to make me feel sorry for him?! He…He blames me…” I tapped my chest. “He blames me personally for Mom’s death. He has since I woke up in the hospital. He’s told me and Emmett every day since then that we should have drowned with her.”
Liam grimaced, but he shook his head. “No, son. I’m not asking you to feel sorry for him. I want you to know the truth. Your mother…”
“My mother was leaving him!” I snapped, starting to stand up.
“Edward, please…” he pleaded softly. “I know, son. I know she was. And I was trying to help her.”
Those words made me freeze and then slowly sit back down. I stared at the man in front of me, my mind trying to wrap around it all. Every bit of it was rolling around in my head, and I needed someone to explain it all to me.
“Pastor Liam?”
“Just Liam, Edward… For this conversation, I am simply your mother’s friend.” His voice sounded so sad. “God, I miss her.” He shook his head slowly. “In school, she was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen. In life, she was a damn rock,” he said through a humorless laugh. “We were only friends, son. That’s it. Like siblings, really. By the end of high school, I knew where I was going in life, that I was called for something higher. Esme, though, she was brilliant. I knew she’d be a writer, and she was, but she was phenomenal teacher.”
He smiled sadly but went on. “She lost her parents toward the end of college. When she showed back up in town with Carlisle Cullen, I instantly didn’t like the man, but he catered to her, he put in to transfer to the hospital here, and they got married.” He met my gaze, shrugging a shoulder. “It’s my…job to give people the benefit of the doubt, to not judge people on their pasts or mistakes. My job. My friendship with your mom, however, made me wary of him. But I didn’t say anything. I knew if she needed me, she’d come to me, and eventually, she did.
“Your dad didn’t want children, Edward.”
That fact being confirmed made me squeeze my eyes closed.
“Knowing his own past, knowing the abuse at the hands of his parents, it was actually smart thinking, but Esme…” He sighed, wearing a small smile. “Your mother wanted you guys so badly. Emmett was an oops, not really an accident, though I think Carlisle considers that pregnancy one, but still… Esme fought for him. She was going to keep him, come hell or high water, even if it meant doing it alone. And your dad knew it.”
My gaze shot up to see the anger in Liam’s expression. “Something about your mother made your dad…possessive. And not in that protective, loving way, but like he owned her. I honestly think that due to his childhood, she was the first good thing he’d ever had in his life, which made him selfish with her. He also was up for a promotion at the hospital, and being a family man would look so very good. So…he gave her what she wanted – Emmett, then you…and then eventually, Mary Alice. It made for a picture-perfect life.” His sarcasm did not go unnoticed.
Liam sipped his coffee, his eyes on his cup. “This is where things get touchy.” He glanced up at me. “The older you got, the more you looked like your mother, which I’m sure you’ve heard.” He chuckled a bit at my eye roll. “Yeah, well, to look at you, it’s like Carlisle wasn’t involved. And he started to accuse your mother of…infidelity.”
When my eyes narrowed, Liam held up a hand.
“You’re his. Believe that, son. Your mother was faithful. Completely faithful. She didn’t like her word being questioned, though, and she started to see that the knight in shining armor was starting to tarnish.” He groaned, setting his elbows on the table and rubbing his face. “This…whole thing was a long time coming, because Esme had to set things up slowly, in order to…keep you safe.”
“She knew?!” I yelled, and he grabbed my arm before I could stand up.
“Wait,” he ordered, and his gaze was fierce. “Let me finish.” Once I was in my seat again, he went on. “Mary Alice probably doesn’t remember, or if she does, then it didn’t affect her much. She would’ve been about seven or eight at the time. You were about nine or ten. Esme had a parent/teacher thing at the high school. She’d left you kids with Carlisle, something she tried to avoid at all costs because he admittedly had no patience, but she had no choice that particular night. When he agreed to children, she agreed that she would assume responsibility for you – babysitting, schooling, nurturing…
“That night, she came home to…raised voices and Mary Alice in tears. Apparently she’d spilled something, and Carlisle was making her scrub the kitchen tile with a toothbrush. A child…with harsh chemicals and on her knees…and all the while standing over her berating her very existence. It was right then that your mother started to see what he truly was. She started to plan. And she came to me for help.”
He stood up from his chair and paced a bit, saying, “I should’ve gotten all of you to a women’s shelter in Seattle, and I’d offered it to her, but she wanted to do it all on her own. She had the money, but she had to slowly change things. She shifted small amounts of cash around, she made a will, she…she changed the beneficiary on her insurance, and she started to plan. It took time! And too much time, if you ask me, but she was being cautious, so I understood that, too. Carlisle may have been a busy doctor working his way up the ranks, but he was an observant man when it came to his wife and money.” He stopped pacing. “Two years, son. Two years of protecting you guys, planning, seeing a lawyer outside of Forks, and filing. She had everything set to go – a hidden bank account, an apartment in Port Angeles, and a job, too.”
“And then the accident,” I muttered, feeling my eyes sting. “I f-f…messed up. I… She had to drive me to the store, and…”
He sat back down. “Look at me, Edward. It’s not your fault. That whole thing was an accident. The timing was terrible but not your fault. Your mother had to play the role all the way to the end, and even though she was going to be pulling out of this town the next day, she had no choice but to play the part for another twenty-four hours.” He gripped my shoulder. “Son, I was there. I went to the scene because the chief of police called me. I saw the dog, the break in the railing of the road. I stood in the pouring rain as they rushed you and Emmett away. And I was still standing there when they pulled your mother’s car out of the water.” He squeezed my shoulder gently. “Edward, I saw the window you broke; I saw your mother’s seat belt had jammed. All of it was just a foul and awful accident.”
I shook my head, and I couldn’t find it in me to care about my tears. I didn’t care what he thought, because my grief for my mother opened up inside me like the day she’d died. It was painful, making me feel raw.
I could barely breathe in order to say, “She… Sh-She told me to get Emmett and get out.”
“I’m sure she did, Edward,” he soothed. “Her whole being was about the three of you. You need to know that. You need to accept that she loved you more than anything.” He sighed deeply, shaking his head. “I tried my damnedest to watch over all of you, but your father wouldn’t allow it. I came to see you and Emmett in the hospital, but he stopped me. I think Carlisle knew I was your mother’s ally.”
I rubbed my face, smashing the heels of my hands into my eyes to get control of my emotions. I winced at the soreness of my hand and my forehead. Suddenly, I was just completely exhausted. I was tired of Washington and fighting with Dad. I was tired of cold weather and the holidays. I just wanted to go home to Bella. My whole soul missed her. I missed everything I’d left in Florida. However, I had a sinking suspicion that this shit would only get worse before I went home.
Once I had my voice back, I looked at him. “I punched my father.”
He grinned, slapping my shoulder gently. “I’m sure he deserved it.”
“No, no, no… You don’t understand! He… He’s probably gonna…”
“Gonna what, Edward? Clearly,” he said firmly, gesturing to my face, “it was self-defense. And I have news for you, son. Chief Yorkie isn’t exactly a member of the Dr. Cullen Fan Club.”
“I should get back to Alice. I left because I didn’t trust myself. I would’ve… The things he said about my mother and then my girlfriend.” I shook my head but pushed myself up from the table. “Never mind that everything my mother had tried to leave to us is being wasted away…”
“Not everything, Edward.” He stood up from the table and walked to a small writing desk in his living room. He came back with a file. “She needed an emergency escape, but she also needed someone as a contact who wasn’t connected to your father. The account she set up for Port Angeles and her insurance are all for you, Emmett, and Alice. I just happen to be the emergency name she gave. I’ve saved everything.”
“What about the trust my dad controls?”
“There wasn’t much she could do about that one. He watched it closely. Everything was supposed to come to you guys once you each reached twenty-one. She set it up that way in order to monitor it, and I’m certain she never expected not to be able to be here for you. She wanted you guys to have a comfortable start after college or for marriage. That’s all she wanted was to give you a chance to live. Is there anything left in it? Because your dad was sued for malpractice. He lost the case. He was probably using that to pay it. Though, I have suspicions that he’s got serious issues elsewhere. Highly unethical, but it wouldn’t surprise me.”
I snorted into a nasty laugh. “I’m pretty sure unethical is the least of his concerns.”
“C’mon, I’ll take you home.” He pointed to the folder. “Keep that.” He stopped me with a hand on my shoulder. “Listen, son… I’m so sorry. Your father forbade me to see you guys, especially after the accident, stating you were traumatized enough.”
I snorted derisively and nodded. “I’m sure,” I muttered, glancing down at the folder. “Hell, had he known, we might’ve lost this, too.”
Liam nodded, his brow furrowed. “Which is why I decided to wait, and then I tried and tried to approach you once Emmett and then you had turned eighteen, but your father eventually threatened me with the removal of my position, which made me back down, because I needed to watch out for all of you. It was what your mother would’ve wanted. And I obviously did a poor job of it,” he said forlornly with a slow shake of his head as he eyed my face and neck. “All of you – you kids and Carlisle – put on a damn good front, not to mention I rarely saw any of you, especially when you and your brother went off to college. Finally, I decided to wait until the accounts shifted to Emmett. If I’d have known…”
“We…We didn’t want anyone to know. Up until today, we had no proof,” I told him.
He nodded, still looking a bit guilty, but I knew my dad well enough that he would’ve thrown his weight around to get his way.
Eventually, he said, “Emmett’s about to come of age, so…I’m sure you guys can handle it. Get yourselves a lawyer.”
I nodded, flipping through the pages in the folder he’d given me but not really seeing it. It was a blur of numbers and legal jargon.
The streets had a little more activity on them when we stepped outside and started the drive back to the house. The closer we got, the more nervous I became because I wasn’t quite sure what would be waiting. When we drove by the diner, I didn’t see my sister’s car. However, I groaned aloud when we pulled into my driveway to see the chief’s police cruiser parked behind Alice’s car.
“Edward, self-defense, son. I’ll tell him myself,” Liam assured me.
Before he’d even shut off his car, Alice was out the front door and rushing to me.
“Edward!” she called, wrapping her arms around my middle.
“You okay?” I asked her, hugging her close. “He didn’t… Did you call…”
“No, that was Bella’s dad.”
“Aw, hell…” I groaned, shaking my head.
“They’re on their way.” Alice looked up at me. “Apparently, Charlie called the chief, Jasper called Emmett, and Emmett called me.” She held up her phone, and even though it had a crack in the screen, at least it was still functioning. “They’re all coming. All of them.”
The front door slammed open, and my father burst out, yelling, “There he is. Arrest him!”
The chief was right behind him, narrowing his eyes at me and who was with me. “Liam,” he greeted with a single nod, but when he reached me, he shook his head. “Jesus, Edward. You all right?”
I nodded, stepping back when my father rushed at us.
“Doc,” Chief Yorkie sighed impatiently, placing a hand on his chest. “I saw the video, Dr. Cullen. Hell, I’d have punched you, too, and Esme would be ashamed of you, sir.” Spinning my dad around, he took out his cuffs, and my mouth fell open at his next words.
“Dr. Carlisle Cullen, you’re under arrest for assault. You have the right to remain silent…”


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