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A Few Tables Away Chapter 8 & Pics

Chapter 8
“Ed, you okay?” I heard behind me as I put away the mop and bucket.
I nodded but didn’t say anything, reaching for my backpack. When I stood up straight, he was still eyeing me, his arms crossed over his chest.
“Did my cousin say something crazy?”
I broke into a laugh, shaking my head. “No, not at all.”
“Well, there’s a first,” he said with a teasing grin.
“No, she’s… We need to talk. I’m just…nervous, I guess.”
He sobered quickly, walking to me. “Sounds serious…” he started but then trailed off. “Is that why she asked to close up?”
Wrinkling my nose, I nodded. “Yeah, probably. Privacy.”
He nodded again. “Try not to hurt my cousin, Ed. Mm’kay?”
I snorted at the ridiculousness of that statement. “Of all the people in this equation, Jasper…it’s not Bella who’ll get hurt. Okay?”
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A Few Tables Away Chapter 7

Chapter 7
“There you are,” Alice said through a laugh over the phone, and I couldn’t help but grin. “He gets a girlfriend and suddenly dumps the rest of us.”
I laughed, shaking my head as I walked across campus. “She’s not my girlfriend.”
“Ah, hell, don’t tell me she’s friend-zoned you already,” she groaned.
“No, no… I don’t think so. I mean, it’s not… Ali, I’ve only been talking to her for a few weeks! Really talking to her, not just…stalking her in the library,” I mumbled.
“But you’ve had dinner at her house…what? Two times now? She calls you, texts you, calls you ‘sweetie,’ not to mention she sits with you in class and at your table in said library,” Alice summed up, like she was calculating what that meant.
What the hell did that mean?
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A Few Tables Away Chapter 6 & Pics

Chapter 6
The sound of birds chirping in the late afternoon echoed all around us as we walked up to Bella’s house, though one sound overrode them all. It was eerie and loud, and it sounded like it came from another time and place.
I glanced over to my right to see what it was, and Bella laughed softly. “Sandhill Cranes. See?”
She pointed toward the far edge of the yard, where three very tall birds were calling to each other. They were pale gray, with red feathers along the top of their heads. Everything about them was long and skinny – legs, necks, beaks.
“Damn, they’re as tall as you!”
Bella grinned and nodded. “Yeah, they mate for life and raise one baby to adulthood. The shorter guy is their most recent. My mother’s painted pictures of them. I’ll show you inside.”
They called out again.
She smiled again, her lips close to my ear as she whispered, “I love that sound. It’s what I imagine pterodactyls sounded like.”
I huffed a light laugh, because she was right; it was otherworldly. The sound of the front door opening made me jump, but I smiled at Jasper’s lazy half grin.
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A Few Tables Away Chapter 5 & Pics

Chapter 5
The feel of Bella’s hand in mine was surreal. I wanted it to last longer, but then again, I didn’t, because I could feel my nerves kicking into overdrive. My palm started to sweat just about the time we rounded the corner for the front of the library.
Pulling my hand from hers, I reached for the door to hold it open and then wiped it down my jeans once she was inside. Suddenly, I was a bit self-conscious. Where would we sit? And would it be together? Or were we going to take our normal spots?
Deciding to follow Bella’s lead, my mouth fell open when she set her things down in the opposite chair from my usual spot. I slid my backpack onto the table, slowly sinking down into my chair.
My surprise had to have been written all over my face, because Bella grinned, tapping the table. “You don’t mind, do you?” she asked, and I shook my head no.
“It is your library,” I whispered back, grinning when she broke into a quiet giggle.
“Hush, you,” she stated teasingly.

A Few Tables Away Chapter 4 & Pics

Chapter 4
My heart was pounding in my chest as I slammed my car door. Unable to stop myself, my eyes immediately found Edward’s tall form walking away from the boardwalk back toward the school. I’d just spent the most amazing yet tiring afternoon with him.
If I thought he was gorgeous sitting in the library, nothing prepared me for actually having a conversation with him. I’d been prepared for smart – if only because my handsome Library Guy studied endlessly – and I was right about that. I’d been prepared for aloof, because guys with faces that pretty usually knew it, but he wasn’t. He wasn’t conceited or cocky or anything most guys were. He was shy – painfully so, actually. He’d been nervous, self-deprecating, and holy shit, the smile on that face could light up the entire state of Florida with its power.
Watching his form finally disappear around the corner, I reached for the car’s ignition, only to yank the keys out at the last second. I got out of the car and locked it, storming back into the coffee shop.
“Oh, hell,” Tanya muttered with wide eyes as she watched me cross the sitting area. “What’d your cousin do now?”
She grinned evilly. “Not buying it, but if you’re gonna kick his ass, he’s in his office.”
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A Few Tables Away Chapter 3 & Pics

Chapter 3
My head was swimming by the time Jasper and I had finished locking up. I took my time walking back to the dorms. The night was muggy, warm, but the sky was clear. The stars were pretty visible and beautiful on my walk.
Just as I rounded the corner of my building, heading for the front door, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Thinking it was Alice back from her date, I pulled my phone out, only to frown when I saw who it was.
“Hello?” I answered, sitting down on a bench in the courtyard in front of my building.
“Where’s your sister?” Dad immediately began.
“How am I supposed to know that? I’m across the country,” I replied indifferently, which was much easier to do over the phone than in person.
“Because you two tell each other every-damn-thing, son!” he snapped, making me flinch, despite the three thousand miles that separated us. “You think I don’t read the goddamn cell phone bill before I pay it?”
I shook my head because I knew this wasn’t about Alice. He didn’t care what she did, as long as she brought home decent grades and stayed out of his hair. His problem wasn’t with Alice, and it wasn’t really with Emmett, either. It was with me. However, I’d learned a long time ago that if you gave him something, even something little, he’d back off just a bit.
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A Few Tables Away Chapter 2 & Pics

Chapter 2
“Here you go.”
Glancing up from packing up my things in the library, I met Angela’s gaze that seemed bigger behind her glasses, and for a split second, my attention span drifted away. I wondered if my own eyes looked like that when I had my glasses on. I’d never really thought about it.
“Thank you,” she said softly, snapping my attention out of the daze.
“Oh,” I said with a polite smile as I took the notebook from her and stuffed it into my bag. “No problem.”
“Um…listen,” she started nervously, still keeping her voice low, but she fidgeted, adjusted her glasses, and then twisted her fingers together in front of her. “I know we have that project in Physics coming up. We’re supposed to…get with a partner or group, and I was wondering… Well, if you don’t have one already. Though I’m sure you do, but I just thought… Forget it.”
Her ramble was familiar, and I had sympathy, because in all reality, I wouldn’t even begin to know how to ask someone to be my partner.
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A Few Tables Away Chapter 1

Chapter 1
“That asshole’s tryin’ to kill us with homework,” I heard the male voice from behind me. “I’ll never get all this reading done.”
“Stop goin’ out every damn night,” the girl with him countered.
He cursed under his breath, because she was either right or he liked her enough to shut up. I turned just enough to see it was a guy from my Lit class who spent more time on his phone than taking notes.
The dining hall was loud, filled with chatter, phones ringing, and TVs blaring in the top corners of the large space. The entire room made me sweat more than the humidity outside. Before the true panic of being surrounded by so many people I didn’t know, didn’t want to know, set in, I was called up to the counter to order my food.
Despite the blaring sun and the thick, muggy air, I made my way back outside to the tables in the shade. I could breathe better outside. Outside, there was less chance of someone talking to me. Talking led to conversation, and conversation led to someone finding out just how awkward I was. Alone was better. Alone there was less of a chance I could make a fool out of myself.

New Story! A Few Tables Away

Summary: Edward spent most of his life trying to be invisible until he got to college. All alone, 3000 miles from home, there’s only one person he wishes would see him. His Library Girl, just a few tables away. AH/Rated M/Canon couples.

I’m back! ;) This might be the longest break between fics that I’ve ever had. It was needed, and with that time came some rough RL stuff. I actually took longer than I had intended, but nevertheless, I’m here.
I won’t keep you long, but I thought I’d tell you a few things about A Few Tables Away. This started as a post on FB. I couldn’t get the letter out of my head, so this story is a result of that. A few things you should know before going in… The college and beach town I use in Florida are completely fictional, though I’m sure there’s a Glenhaven somewhere in the world. This story took a darker turn than I had originally planned, but sometimes, I can’t help that. So…usual warnings…rated M simply because it’s me and there’s no telling what trouble I’ll cause. ;)
Last thing… I don’t own the characters. SM does. I didn’t write the letter in this first chapter; someone somewhere created a meme…it’s theirs. Don’t know who, but it isn’t me, no matter how badly I wish it was. Everything else is mine – plot, original places and people, and whatever mistakes you find.