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Even In Death Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Sound of Silence
Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains within the sound of silence
“Sound of Silence” by Disturbed (orig. by Simon and Garfunkel)
“Damn, Edward,” Carlisle muttered, looking up from his desk when I stepped into his office. “Son, are you even sleeping?”
I huffed a laugh that was part amusement and part mania, and I wasn’t quite sure which would win out at the moment. Shaking my head, I shrugged. “It’s just been…” I trailed off a little, not even knowing how to answer him.
He glanced up at the clock on the wall and then pointed to his chair. “Sit. Talk to me.”
“You’ll think I’ve gone crazy,” I said through another weird laugh.
He narrowed his eyes. “Try me.”

I told him about the note left on the piano and about Bella’s lost phone, finally ending in the fact that someone was using it to call me. “I know it’s probably just kids that most likely found it, but…” I sighed deeply, wondering briefly why it felt okay to tell him these things. “When I met Bella, I could sense when she was nearby, like feel it. I could tell when she wasn’t around, too.” I tapped the center of my chest. “I knew, no matter how hard I was studying in the library, when she’d stepped into the building. I’d look up and smile at her there.” I rubbed my sternum for a moment, glaring at the top of his desk. “I…I always assumed that it would always be there. That it was just how we were, how we’d meshed so perfectly.” Meeting his warm, honey eyes, I whispered, “I still feel her, Carlisle. I know it sounds insane. I do. I get it. But there are moments – the notes, the calls, the scent she left behind – that I still feel her.”
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Even in Death Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Make This Go Away
Look at me, my depth perception must be off again
Cause this hurts deeper than I thought it did
It has not healed with time
It just shot down my spine
 You look so beautiful tonight
Remind me how you laid us down
And gently smiled before you destroyed my life
Would you find it in your heart
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
“Rest In Pieces” by Saliva
I stepped up to the counter of the UW library, my eyes raking over the form who had yet to look my way. She was busy, but she was beautiful. Long, dark hair pulled up into a high ponytail, petite but curved in all the right places, and skin that resembled creamy, smooth silk. But it was the eyes that just about caused my knees to buckle out from underneath me.
Warm, brown, and sweet – like melted chocolate. It felt like she was looking straight into my soul.
“Checking out?” she asked, smirking when all I could do is nod and push my stack of books toward her on the counter. “Okay, I’ll need your ID…”
I pulled out my wallet with shaky hands, trying to ignore the impatient people behind me.
“C’mon, beautiful, I’m gonna be late for class…” The kid behind me trailed off when those dark eyes landed on him with a withering glare.
“Then you should’ve come up here sooner. Now, you’ll wait.”
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Even In Death Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Give Me a Reason
Give me a reason to believe that you're gone
I see your shadow so I know they're all wrong
Moonlight on the soft brown earth
It leads me to where you lay
They took you away from me but now I'm taking you home
“Even In Death” by Evanescence
Music pounded out of earbuds into my ears at the same rhythm as my feet touched the sidewalk. Muscles burned, lungs ached, and my heart hurt. Though, the latter had nothing to do with the five mile run I was pushing at the moment.
Focusing on each step, I tried to get my mind back to the present, not the past. I had to keep going, pushing, reaching…for her. I couldn’t lie down and curl up into a ball. I couldn’t waste away, and I couldn’t stop living, because she never would’ve wanted that. That last thought had me gritting my teeth and pumping my legs harder. Try as I might, I couldn’t run away from it, and I couldn’t escape the fact that my time off was over. 

New Story! Even In Death

Summary: A month after losing his wife, Edward Masen was taking it one day at a time, trying to simply survive the torrent of grief. Surrounded by memories of their life together and messages she left, he was already questioning his sanity when his phone lit up in the middle of the night... with her picture and number. EPOV/OOC/AU

This story will test your faith in me, my rules, and probably your opinion of my sanity. ;) This plot came about with a FB post – “Using only two sentences, write a scary story.” Now, this was my answer: In the middle of the night, his phone lit up with her picture and number. She'd died a month ago.

What came next was a series of conversations between Jenny, SueBee, and Bethany Tullos, which hashed out all the ways I could fuck this up. ;) Not to mention all the directions this could go. It didn’t go into a scary avenue, either, just so you know, more mystery than anything else. Honestly, I didn’t think I could write this, and I really didn’t think I could carry across the vision I had of it, but I gave it a shot.

Originally, this was going up on Halloween, but then life happened, and I wasn’t where I wanted to be plot-wise before posting this, because this was being written here and there, on the side of everything else. I will tell you that this will update once a week, on a different day as Six, which is currently taking a week break – also due to life happenings. Muses are fickle and a bit twitchy sometimes. 

I’ll let you get to it. For those that want to wait, I understand. For those that are going in on blind faith in me, my rules, and general sparkly hope? I love ya. ;)
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Six - Chapter 21

Chapter 21
Olympic National Forest, Washington
Stepping through Bella’s window, I monitored every mind I could hear, from the small group currently on the other side of the VI property to the very intense group surrounding me, not to mention the few aware minds inside the building. Rae’s power descended over all of us slowly, securely, and with a dome-like shape that covered the woods, us, and the building. If anyone was watching, they wouldn’t have even seen themselves on whatever monitor they were using. No one would see us coming.

Randall came to stand beside me and then squatted down, placing a hand flat on the forest floor. There was a small rumble beneath my feet, then a soft, slithering sound, caused by the woods around us coming to life, growing in a rapid pace. Shrubs and vines thickened and grew taller, wrapping their grip around the large tree trunks to create a tight wall of greenery. Randall was giving us a small hiding spot in which to wait. He’d done the same to the space where the other group was waiting for the word to start.
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Six - Chapter 20

Chapter 20
Portland, Oregon
“Tell me again why I had to come along?” Tanya complained – and not for the first fucking time.
Bella rolled her eyes, and then she glared around me to my ex, wondering if she was truly needed in the great big picture of this coming fight. I was beginning to question that myself with every bitchy comment out of Tanya’s mouth.
I slipped my hand into Bella’s, linking our fingers together. My girl was cold, but the weather in Portland was vastly different to that in Florida. Rae’s place had been sunny and warm and beautiful when we’d left. Portland was rainy and cold.

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Six - Chapter 19

Chapter 19
Palm Island, Florida
“They took her. Volterra took Alice.”
Even as the words came out of my mouth, I didn’t want to believe them, and I saw red. I saw red through my own eyes, through Jasper’s memory and emotions, and I saw it through everyone around me. It was every fear we’d had since the beginning. It was the thing that Bella had lived with before she came to us. It was exactly what we’d been worried would happen to one of our own, but they’d picked the weakest of us. They picked the one person who couldn’t physically fight them.
And that made them fucking cowards.
My hands balled up into fists, my head throbbed, and my powers started to surge out around me. I shook my head back and forth in denial, but I couldn’t stop it. Deck furniture, garbage cans, and even the grill we’d been using started to shift and scrape along the wooden deck. Open doors slammed shut and palm trees swayed, bending with the force I couldn’t control.
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Six - Chapter 18 & Pics

Six – Chapter 18
Palm Island, Florida
After sending Rose to her room to get some rest, Carlisle gathered the rest of us into the main part of the hotel to talk more about what she had found out in Seattle. Edward had sat in one of the chairs and pulled me down onto his lap, where I was sitting sideways, taking comfort in playing with a frayed spot on the hem of his T-shirt while listening to the discussion around me.
Carlisle and Eleazar were poring over the papers Rose and Emmett had brought back, listening to Emmett as they read.

“So this kid, James… We think he’s Aro’s nephew – if Rosie read the picture in the kid’s room right. A newborn being held by a man who looks enough like Aro to be brothers, with Aro on one side of him and another man – another brother, maybe? – on the other side. On the bottom of the frame, it said Family.”
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Six - Chapter 17

Six – Chapter 17
Palm Island, Florida
“Dammit, Jasper!” I snapped, shaking the sand from my hair with one hand and punching my other hand flat and forward, which sent a tidal wave of beach sand as tall as him crashing down on his head. It fell over him, sticking to sweat and suntan lotion like glitter, yet my brother still laughed, as did everyone else out on the beach.
Rolling my eyes, I shook my head and sat down in the sand under the shade of a palm tree next to Carmen. Since that morning just after breakfast and after Emmett and Rose stepped through Bella’s window back into Seattle, those of us who were left had been working together and training. Taking advantage of Bella’s windows and his speed to dart all over the beach, Jasper was using handfuls of wet sand as his weapon of choice.
Benjamin grinned my way and, with a wave of his hand, called a wall of water from the ocean silently behind my brother. It crashed down on him with a roar, and we all laughed.
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Six - Chapter 16

Six – Chapter 16
Palm Island, Florida
Edward and I stepped out to the pool deck hand in hand, and all conversation came to a standstill. My face warmed, and I had the sudden need to disappear back into the room – I hated being the center of attention – but Edward squeezed my hand and pulled me forward, leaving me no choice but to follow.
As we made our way over to one of the small tables, Carlisle, Eleazar, Rae, and a handsome guy I didn’t know looked up at us. Carlisle smiled warmly, glancing down at our hands and then up to Edward, who nodded, as if answering a silent question.
“Rude,” Jasper teased from his position at a nearby table, where he was sitting with Alice, Kate, and Garrett. “Holding a conversation the rest of us can’t hear.”
“If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” Edward snarked, grinning his way.
The man I’d never seen before stood, and Rae’s introduction had my eyes widening in surprise.

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Six - Chapter 15

Six – Chapter 15
Denali, Alaska
“I can’t do this,” I growled, trying to keep from sounding like I was whining – which I was.
We’d been testing my power for a couple of hours, and I’d yet to open a window into anywhere I’d never been to personally. It didn’t help that I was still exhausted from our time in Seattle and stressed that when they needed me now, I wasn’t able to get a handle on my power. I felt like I was letting them down, and after everything the family – both families – had done for me, that was stressing me out more than anything.
“No,” I interrupted. “It isn’t working, Eleazar. I’m sorry.”
“C’mon, pretty girl,” Edward said gently. “Let’s take a break. Jump us to the cabin, yeah?”
I nodded wearily. “Yeah… That I can do,” I said with a frustrated laugh.

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Six - Chapter 14

Six – Chapter 14
Denali, Alaska
The living room of the main house looked like a war room. Pictures were printed, if not hand drawn, and tacked to the wall. There were fifteen minds all running at the highest peak of worry and stress. My family and Bella plus Eleazar’s family made for a lot of mental noise. Add in the pacing figure of Liam, and it meant a pounding fucking headache. And I absolutely refused to consider my poor blue balls.
Snorting softly to myself, I shook my head slowly. There wasn’t much I could do about it, and I wouldn’t change anything anyway. Bella and I had lost ourselves for a moment, but we’d needed to slow down. The reason was evident as I stood in the Denali living room. Bella wasn’t ready, it wasn’t the right time, and if I was being honest with myself, I didn’t want to be with her that way until we were truly alone – or at least not completely distracted by all this bullshit.
God, I wanted her, though. So much that I could barely keep my eyes off her.
Just watching her talk softly with my mother as she helped Rose and Alice – she fit this family. She fit me like a damned glove. She was soft and sweet but so fucking strong. She was smart as all hell and quick to laugh when my brothers or Garrett said something stupid.

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Six - Chapter 13

Six – Chapter 13
For a moment after Edward’s declaration, there was silence. Then it seemed like I was bombarded left and right with reactions. It was hard to distinguish one voice from another when they all began speaking at once. I could hear shock, support, anger, worry, and outright fear. I couldn’t imagine what Edward was hearing in his head. He winced and closed his eyes, rubbing his temple.
I reached over and touched his cheek. “You okay?”
He nodded, even as he winced again. “Everyone’s thoughts are a bit overwhelming at the moment.”
Frowning, I turned back to the room. Putting up two fingers to my mouth, I blew out a sharp, shrill whistle, bringing the noise to a standstill.
Edward released a slow breath, and I could almost feel the tension drain out of him.

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Six - Chapter 12

Six – Chapter 12
I knew my cheeks were pink when we jumped back to the field in Alaska. I’d kind of made a spectacle of our leaving, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We hadn’t been gone long – long enough to have an amazing first kiss, I thought, which made Edward grin my way – but it seemed like we hadn’t truly been missed either. Rose and Emmett were working together against Jasper on the far end of the field, while Kate stood off to the side with Garrett and Alice and watched. When they noticed our arrival, Garrett stepped our way, along with Eleazar and Carlisle.
“Bella, Ed… I’m sorry,” Garrett apologized, looking contrite. “I wasn’t going to hurt you, but Katie gave me a good smack to the head and reminded me that accidents happen.”
Squeezing Edward’s hand when he grunted, I smiled Garrett’s way. “I know you weren’t. We handled it, and it was good practice for what we might face later.”

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Six - Chapter 11 & Pics

Six – Chapter 11
Rose’s snowy owl form gave an eerie sound from high above me. The sun was just about up, and we were leaving Bella’s cabin soon, but Carlisle had wanted to let a few of us rest. We’d been at the cabin for a little over twenty-four hours, and we’d all taken turns keeping watch, but Alice had been searching visions and futures until she was falling asleep sitting up. Esme was just as exhausted.
Still clear, Edward. Rose’s view of the world was wide open. As an owl she could spot movement quite a ways away, and since I could hear her just fine from my seat on a rock a few yards from the cabin, we worked as a team as everyone else slept inside.

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Six - Chapter 10 & Pics

Six – Chapter 10
“What is this place?” Edward asked as we stepped through the window I’d opened.
I looked around, feeling some semblance of peace settle over me. I wasn’t completely relaxed, but I knew that, at least for now, we were safe. “Dad used to take me camping out here when I was young. He loved to fish and camp, and I’d bring a book or two and read while he fished in the river that’s just to the north. Other than jumping in a few times in order to rest without having to look over my shoulder, I haven’t been back since…since he died.”
Edward nodded without saying anything, and we both looked up at the reunions taking place around us.
Carlisle had Esme in his arms, just holding her close. Alice and Jasper were having a whispered conversation over on the other side of the cabin. Even Emmett was wrapped protectively around Rose, who was currently in her human skin.

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Six - Chapter 9

Six – Chapter 9
New York City
I raked a hand through my still damp hair, rolling my eyes at it in the mirror. Really there was nothing to be done with it. I’d given up long ago. No matter how long or short it was, it did what it damn well pleased. There was a tentative knock on my bedroom door as I reached for my T-shirt draped on the back of my desk chair.
“Yes, Bella,” I answered, smiling at the soft giggle from the other side before she cracked it open.
“There’s no sneaking up on you, is there?” she shot back when she stepped into the room.
“No, not really.” I chuckled, shaking my head a bit.
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Six - Chapter 8

Six – Chapter 8
New York City
It was light out when I woke up, bright enough that I knew I’d slept in later than I probably should’ve. For a moment, I couldn’t remember how I’d gotten back to bed after my nightmare. Edward had still been awake when I’d stumbled out of the bedroom, heading to the kitchen for something to drink. I’d grabbed on to the company like a lifeline, still reeling from the memories my dream had brought to the surface – my mother, ignoring me as the men from Volterra Industries dragged me from the house, where I’d been dropping off groceries.
Forcing my mind from going down that path again, I focused back on Edward. We’d talked more about his ability, and I’d told him about Jake. I’d wanted to know more about his ex – Tanya, he’d said – but it really wasn’t my business, so I’d let it go. We’d started watching a documentary on TV, and I must have fallen asleep on the couch, because I had a vague memory of being in Edward’s arms, of him soothing me as he carried me to the guest bedroom. I didn’t remember him tucking me in or leaving the room, but I’d been comfortable enough to sleep hard the rest of the night and well into the morning.

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Six - Chapter 7 & Pics

Six – Chapter 7
New York City
“Please pass the mashed potatoes,” Jasper requested, and I handed them across the table.
Dinner was usually a loud affair, both mentally and verbally, but today everyone was subdued. Esme was busy fawning over Bella, making sure she ate and asking her all about her life – at least things Bella was willing to talk about concerning her life.
Even more, it was difficult to keep my eyes off Bella. Her hair was down, flowing around her shoulders in deep-brown waves. There wasn’t the stiff posture that she usually carried – in her mind, she’d called it “fight or flight.” And despite the sadness in those warm brown eyes, she looked like she felt a hell of a lot better since she’d showered and napped for a bit.
However, her mind was anything but relaxed, even when she’d slept. She wanted to know what Rose was seeing, she wanted to run, she wanted to hide, and she wanted revenge; that last thought made me smile, but I hid it behind my glass before taking a sip. I couldn’t say that I blamed her on that one, because Volterra had taken the life of an innocent man. She blamed herself, though she shouldn’t.

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Six - Chapter 6 & Pics

Six – Chapter 6
New York City
Her mother… Her own fucking mother! That thought had me on my feet and pacing as Esme whispered calming things to Bella.
My fingers threaded into my hair and gripped hard as I fought my temper. It was one thing that my biological parents had used my talents for their gain, but to sell me out to…
“Edward!” Alice hissed from the sofa, but I couldn’t reel it in, and she saw it. She could see the outcome should my temper get away from me, and it wouldn’t have been the first time.
I shook my head, my hands falling down to my sides, but the shift in the room was my fault. The tumbling of books, the shatter of glass, the scrape of furniture – it sounded like an earthquake.
“Son,” Carlisle called, grasping both sides of my face. “Edward, stop. Control it. You know you can!”
I shook my head, my glare on his face. “Her mother…sold her?!” I ground out through gritted teeth.

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Six - Chapter 5 & Pics

Six – Chapter 5
New York City
Reading early historical accounts, travel narratives, personal memoirs, novels, poems, and plays, we see how Atlantic peoples make sense of their changing worlds and the creative tensions of encounter and come to understand the productive conflicts that ultimately gave rise to an Age of Atlantic Revolutions…
I flicked my finger, watching my pen roll up my notebook and then back down. Over and over, my eyes barely seeing it, but even worse, the drone of my class was adding to the thoughts of the students in the room, and all of it was providing a pounding fucking headache. Cultures and Contexts was normally a subject I enjoyed, but everything lately had become mundane.
Despite the endless mental chatter I could hear from everyone in the room all the way up to the professor, all my head could focus on was scared brown eyes, long brunette hair, and a blush that only seemed to make its presence known around me. I eyed my cell phone sitting silently on the edge of my desk. I’d begged it to ring for the last couple of days, but it stayed as stubbornly quiet as the girl I wanted to call.
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Six - Chapter 4 & Pics

Six – Chapter 4
New York City
I gazed up at the Natural History Museum, which would be closing soon. The building itself just didn’t seem to fit in with the city surrounding it. It wasn’t as tall, with a castle-like look to it and large pillars. It was nestled in the middle of gray concrete and stone and black asphalt. But across the street was the haven of New York City.
Central Park was big enough to get lost in on a good day, but searching for this Bella on a weekend, which just happened to be a bright sunny day, was like looking for a needle in a haystack. People were everywhere.
Carlisle and Emmett had taken the Met side of the park. Rose was with me, in her human form at the moment. She studied the people exiting the museum but looked to me.
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Six - Chapter 3 & Pics

Six – Chapter 3
New York City
Sounds from the room next door had me gripping my backpack a little tighter. I’d tidied the room as best I could. I’d been able to clean the shower with the last dredge of shampoo, but there would be no way to get around the fact that someone had slept in the bed – I couldn’t afford to do laundry, and I didn’t want to just remake the bed and let the next guest sleep on my dirty sheets. I snorted to myself. Not that most of the guests in this particular motel cared much about the room’s cleanliness. At least I hadn’t resorted to that…yet, I added to my thought with a sigh.
Another noise from the housekeeping cart next door had me readying myself to open a window to jump through. I’d been here for four nights, but I couldn’t stay a full fourth day. I knew they checked on the empty rooms every four days in this place, so the next room the housekeeper stopped at would be this one. I hadn’t had anything to eat in two nights. I’d been so hungry that first night and the next day that all the soup and peanut butter I’d taken were gone before I could stop myself. Now I was hungry again, and I wasn’t sure I had the stomach – so to speak – to steal from another shop. I hated every time I did that – it was a shame that stayed with me for a while – and tried to avoid it as much as I could.
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Six - Chapter 2 & Pics

Six – Chapter 2
New York City
My heart felt like it was beating through my chest, and I gasped a quick, shallow breath as I frantically looked around me. Hopefully the guy – whoever he was – wouldn’t follow me. I’d jumped to another alley, one of my “safe spaces,” somewhere I could appear suddenly in without running into anyone. But the guy had seen me, had somehow known what I’d planned to do, and had followed me out of the little corner store. So I needed to leave…fast. Even though he didn’t have the distinctive logo for Volterra Industries on his shirt, that didn’t mean he wasn’t part of their group, which meant he could have been calling in reinforcements.
I shifted the backpack around to my front and unzipped it with my teeth since my hands were full. After stuffing the soup in, I grabbed the plastic knife from the baggie inside and opened the peanut butter and bread. I hadn’t had anything to eat in a couple of days, and I was starving – which was why I’d resorted to taking something from the grocery. The sandwich was heavy on my stomach, but I continued to eat as I shoved the rest of the food and the knife into the backpack and swung it to my back. Looking around, I stepped out of the shadows. Using the crowd to my advantage, I immersed myself into a group of chattering teenage girls wearing prep-school uniforms, a handful of businessmen in suits, a few women pushing kids in strollers, and an obvious group of tourists as we crossed the busy city street. Once across, I turned right along with the tourists and headed into Central Park. It was a routine I’d been living for a year, and I was well-versed at how to stay hidden and how to blend in.
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Six - Chapter 1

Six – Chapter 1
Chicago – Ten years ago
Thump…thump – thump…
Thump…thump – thump…
The sound of the soft rubber ball had a rhythm I liked as it hit the concrete deck, the building’s wall, and then back to my hand. It drowned out the noise in my head. There was always noise in my head.
Dreams, curiosities, wishes, needs, wants, fears – they all echoed around in my brain, which hurt most days. Kids like me, whose parents got into trouble and we had no choice. And there were kids whose parents tucked them away like an ugly secret, like they’d just drop off a stray dog to the pound – we all had wants and needs. We wanted out of this institution. We needed a home, not a hospital. Well, a few of us didn’t need this stupid hospital… Not all of us were crazy.
With a grunt, I threw the ball harder. It hit the concrete and then the block wall, shooting way over my head. I glanced around me, tilting my head a bit before reaching out with my mind to stop the ball from going over the fence. If it went over the fence, there was no getting it back. Mrs. Cope wouldn’t let us outside the gate – ball or no ball.
I smiled when it halted midair, falling to my feet with a soft thump. I bent down to pick it up, rolling my eyes at Newton’s attempt to sneak up on me. When I stood up, I turned around to glare at him eye-to-eye.

New Story! Six by Sarge's Girls

Summary: Sixth sense: a special ability to know something that cannot be learned by using the five senses. Humans use 10% of their brain, but it's been proven that those with a sixth sense use more. Some wish to harness that power. With a target on us, sixxers are hunted as we try to stay hidden, blending in with the average world around us...when we are anything but average. AH Canon Couples ExB

Jenny: One long-ass author's note coming up... Can you believe it's been four years (& a month!) since we posted the first chapter of Coming Home? And here we are again, on our FIFTH story together. What kind of craziness is that?

Deb: Really crazy, ’cause I forgot how to do everything as a team…

Jenny: I don't think it took us long to get back in the swing of things…although you had to kick my muse a few times. She’s a sleepy bitch nowadays! LMAO

Deb: *pours coffee* LOL We found the rhythm again.

Jenny: So the idea for this one… Wasn’t it mine? I wanted one with different powers. You took that idea and ran with it, and voila! Six was born.

Deb: I couldn’t help it. I’m a sci-fi geek/action junkie! ;) So yeah…Twilight meets X-men meets my crazy mind, I guess. LOL

Jenny: When we started teasing it, someone asked if we were going to make them cry. I said maybe a little bit at the beginning. But really, this is much more action-oriented coupled with a sweet Edward/Bella relationship. There is drama, but not between our lovebirds. Right?

Deb: No, not really. This took a different spin, I think. Supernatural, action, romance, with some suspense thrown in occasionally. We won’t keep you guys. And we won’t always have a lengthy A/N. Most of them will be at the end.

Jenny: Just FYI, we start off with Edward alone this chapter, so it’s all Deb. Next chapter will be both Edward and Bella, and from there, it’s a mix. Sometimes the characters were wordy buggers. When that happens, they got a full chapter to themselves. We’ll post at least once a week, on Sundays, with a surprise chapter during the week every so often. As we finish up writing it, chapters will probably come twice a week.

Six Images

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The Student Body Chapter 8 - Epilogue & Pic

Chapter 8 – New Labels – Epilogue
“Bella?” the guy called from behind the counter, and I took my coffee with a small thank-you to him.
I found Tanya at a table outside in the shade.
“Oh, my fucking hell, if you don’t spill, Bella, I swear to God…” She narrowed eyes at me as she toyed with her own cup of coffee. “Jesus, have you even come up for air?”
My laugh couldn’t be contained as I took a seat across from her. “Yes! Shut up!”
It had been several weeks since Edward and I had filmed my thesis video. We were doing our damnedest to find some sort of balance – classes, labs, his clinic work, and my editing and writing. Editing said film was trying at best, because we looked completely lost to one another. The more I’d splice and crop and blur out faces, the more I just wanted to watch us. Hell, the first day I’d started sorting through all the footage, I’d been so turned on, I just about attacked poor Edward in his apartment.
And I was desperately and completely in love with him.
“I may shake the shit out of you right here in front of everyone,” she threatened, smiling when I laughed again. “Spill it, bitch!”
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The Student Body Chapter 7 & Pic

Chapter 7 – Focus
The water was steamy hot as I let it run over my head and face. I jumped a little when a knock sounded on the bathroom door.
“Swan… Food’s here,” Edward called from the other side.
“’Kay, I’ll be out in a second.”
My body was deliciously sore in all the right places. My skin felt like a livewire everywhere Edward had touched me a little over an hour prior. We’d driven back from the campus in my car, and we were both very quiet, but Edward’s hand had stayed firmly in mine the whole way. Despite what we’d done and said to each other, I didn’t feel the awkwardness that could’ve surrounded us. Hell, bringing sex into any relationship sometimes brought nerves and awkward feelings, but not this, not us. And as I pulled on my underwear, I cracked a smile at myself in the mirror, remembering Edward’s reaction to them in the lab. A small, quiet laugh escaped me as I pulled on a pair of his sweat pants that I’d stolen from him ages ago, along with a long T-shirt.
I stepped out into my living room to see Edward had run across the hall to his own apartment to shower and change. He was in his green athletic shorts and a USF T-shirt, his hair still damp. At least our comfort level around each other wouldn’t change. This was the usual lounging attire for Chinese delivery and couch-potato activities.
He gestured to the kitchen counter where all the delivery boxes were spread out. Raising an eyebrow at me, he asked, “What’s with the smugness, Swan?”
I laughed, shaking my head. “I’m just…” I paused, picking up a plate. “I don’t know. Ignore me, Cullen.”
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The Student Body Chapter 6 & Pic

Chapter 6 – That’s a Wrap
It felt like a dream. Seeing my best friend, the one person I never thought I’d have not only naked but coming down from the orgasm that I’d given her. And sweet fuck, she was more perfect than I’d imagined.
I’d be a damned liar if I’d said I’d never thought about Bella like this. However, I chalked it up to being a guy, to being a guy who hadn’t gotten laid in ages, but really I’d been imagining it because she was who I truly wanted. And that thought had my brow furrowing as I gazed down at how fucking stunning she was completely bare in front of me as I licked the heady flavor of her off my lips.
“Bella, I need… You gotta help me focus,” I said with an incredulous laugh.
She nodded, sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed. She reached for the cameras and then pointed to her case.
“Grab that roll of surgical tape. We’re going to need it.”
I did as she asked, and it gave me a second to calm the hell down. I was still in my jeans, but I was harder than I think I’d ever been. But I’d promised her I’d help her with this whole thing, so I was determined to do a good job. The fact that it was Bella and not Tanya just made me all the harder. I stepped back between her legs, taking the first camera from her.