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The Student Body Chapter 4 & Pic

Chapter 4 – Dry Run
The lights of the lab room flickered on and hummed softly when I walked in. I was using one of the rooms normally used for sleep studies. The bed was already in there. I just had to set it up the way I needed it. I was going to test the camera angles today at the same time I walked the subjects through the test. The only cameras I wasn’t going to use were the ones that were going to be attached on the subjects’ person.
Shaking my head at the word, I opened my bag to pull out the files I needed. I had no choice but to refer to Edward and Tanya as that, because seeing them in the cafeteria three days ago had been shocking. They were both gorgeous, so on camera they would be perfect. They’d gotten along well, so I was hoping their chemistry would work to the experiment’s advantage. But seeing them, watching them at the table while I stood in line for coffee had been…difficult.
I hadn’t been expecting the feelings that had washed over me when he’d made her laugh, when she’d made him laugh, and when he’d moved from his chair to the one closer to hers as they chatted quietly together. I shouldn’t have been surprised that Tanya liked him, because he was all sorts of charming and funny and flirty. I shouldn’t have been surprised that he found her attractive. Hell, most of the guys in the cafeteria had been just about to fall over themselves to look at her.
I wanted to chalk the rush of jealousy, the feelings of being discarded, and the immediate sense of wrong up to the lack of sleep I’d had that day, but it had been three days, and those feelings had not dissipated. And I’d barely spoken to either of them.
We’d all had classes and jobs and clinics to attend, but I was pretty sure that Edward and Tanya had exchanged phone numbers that day in the cafeteria.
Sighing, I set up the few standup cameras, running the cables to my laptop. I wanted to make sure every angle was accounted for, along with focus and zoom. I was going to do my damnedest to make sure the faces of this experiment were blurry. Who they were wasn’t important; it was what they were doing and the resulting reactions that mattered most.
Kneeling down, I ran the cables underneath the raised hospital bed, but the sound of my phone and a knock on the door, which opened and closed, caused me to come up too quickly, bumping the shit out of my head.
“Ow, fuck,” I hissed, sitting back on my knees and rubbing the top of my head.
“Damn, Swan. You okay?” Edward asked softly, crouching down in front of me. Pulling my hands away, he sighed. “Bella, let me see.”
“I’m fine, Cullen,” I mumbled, frowning as I eyed his scrub uniform instead of his face. He had to have just left the clinic.
“I’m aware of just how…fine you are,” he said, his voice a deep tenor, and he lowered his face until I had no choice but to look into those bright, teasing green eyes. Grinning, he brought the crown of my head to his lips, and I squeezed my eyes and fists closed at the feelings that shot through me. “You may have a small bump, but I think your head is hard enough to survive, Swan.”
Snorting, I rolled my eyes. When my phone alerted again, Edward stood up and offered his hand. I took it, and he tugged me to my feet.
“That’s probably Tanya,” he muttered, raking a hand through his hair. “She’s running late. Something about a flat tire.”
“And you didn’t stop to help her?” I asked with a laugh. “Chivalry is officially dead, Cullen. You just killed it.”
“She’s all the way on the other side of town, Swan, and she’d already called someone to fix it. One of us should know what we’re doing when we film this thing. It isn’t about not wanting to help her, silly girl. She told me to go on ahead of her.” He chuckled softly, and I noted it seemed to be a nervous laugh.
With a furrowed brow, I walked to the table where my phone was, sighing deeply when I saw that he was right.
“Well, damn. I only have this room for so long today. It was only supposed to be a practice run, a walk-through, of sorts.” I dropped my phone back to the table, rubbing the spot I’d bumped on the top of my head as I gazed around the lab.
“So walk me through it.”
His voice was deeper, closer, and I could feel that he’d stepped up behind me. I froze, becoming completely still. Taking a deep breath, I debated on just rescheduling the two of them for another day before the filming, but I’d seen the lab schedule, and it was booked up. Despite the warmth of Edward’s body behind mine, I thought through what I needed for the video, and in all reality, the male subject was the driving force behind the female’s reactions.
“Bella?” Edward called softly, seemingly even closer.
I had a feeling I’d regret this completely, but I turned to face him. “Okay, I’ll walk you through it. If she doesn’t make it today, then you’ll just…have to remember everything the day of filming.”
He grinned, looking like the all-American, charming guy I knew. “I’m pretty sure I can keep up, Swan. I have the basics of what we’ll be doing under control. I just need to know…what you want.” He said that last part slowly, deliberately, and his voice was smooth, like silk and warm honey, making the need to blurt out exactly what I needed almost impossible to ignore, because what I wanted was a long, twisted list of things that I was pretty sure he was an expert at doling out.
But this wasn’t about me.
I took a step away from him, pointing to my notes on the table. “We’ll be focusing on three different sexual positions, and I’m not really particular as to what order they’re done. I also don’t need too much time spent on each position, except for missionary.”
“Okay, so missionary… What are the other two?”
“Doggie style and reverse cowgirl.”
“Christ,” he huffed through a laugh, wearing a grin as his head fell back. He shook himself just a bit, raked both hands through his hair, and then faced me. “And why is missionary so important?”
“That’s the best position for conception. Most studies have proven that, but I want to film it. We also need to focus on stimulation – yours and hers. Different positions offer different feels, so…” I shrugged a shoulder, pointing to the bed. “I need to show both the penis and the clitoris swollen and engorged. I need to see whether or not nipples stay hard throughout intercourse, so there will be a camera here,” I said, dragging my finger down my breast to show the camera would end right at the areola.
Edward’s gaze darkened as he watched the path of my finger, but his eyes snapped back up to mine. And I was thankful I was wearing a bra with padding, or he’d see exactly what I was talking about. Just his dark gaze was driving me crazy.
“Bella,” he said, walking to me, and he put a hand on my shoulder, turning me toward the bed. “Walk me through it,” he whispered in my ear.
I shook my head. I wasn’t sure I could do this.
“I need to know what you want. I need to know what I can and can’t do.”
I shot a glance over my shoulder to see his face close to mine. “What do you mean?”
He huffed another nervous laugh. “I mean…kissing, touching, dirty talk. What am I allowed to do? And just how do you want me positioned? Physically walk me through it, Bella. C’mon…”
That caused my stomach to clench into knots, but my idiot mouth only said, “The personal cameras have no sound, and the other cameras’ audio won’t be on the final video, so…say what you want.”
“Don’t tempt me, Swan,” he warned, raising an eyebrow at me. “And the kissing and touching?”
“Kissing and touching cause stimulation, too.”
He inhaled deeply, and I felt the exhale slowly against my hair. He smelled amazing, though he always did – a light touch of cologne or aftershave, whatever soap he washed with or detergent he used on his clothes, and the very faint scent of leather from the seats of his car. I wanted to drown in it. I wanted to know if every inch of his bare skin carried all of that sensory overload, too.
Before I could voice that curiosity or step away from him, he guided me closer to the bed.
“Okay, so if it were me,” he started, his voice low and raspy, “I would start here.”
He lifted me to the edge of the hospital-style bed, which was raised a little. I’d flattened it out but left it up for filming and camera placement. He was standing between my legs, holding my hips gently yet firmly, as if he knew I would run away. And I was damn close to bolting from the room with everything I felt as he loomed in front of me.
“Edward,” I breathed, gazing up at him.
“Shh, Bella,” he whispered back, his lips meeting my forehead. “So I’d start here. Maybe some kissing, some touching.”
His hands traveled up my sides and back down, never really crossing any boundaries, but I could feel his long fingers everywhere. They spread the expanse of my ribcage, never mind how close they came to cupping my ass. His forehead dropped to mine, and his lips were so damn close.
“That okay?” he asked.
I nodded stupidly. “Yup.”
He smiled and nodded, too. “Then what? Will the cameras already be on us?”
“Yeah,” I whispered back. “I may have to adjust them with each position, so whatever is easiest for you.”
“I think I’d start with reverse cowgirl, so…” He stepped out from between my legs to the side of the bed, taking a seat. He swung his long legs up onto the bed, opening his arms for me. “C’mere, Swan.”
“You’re an ass,” I said through a laugh as he grinned widely up at me. “All right, hang on. Might as well test these cameras. Don’t move there, sweet cheeks.”
As he laughed softly, I walked around the bed, turning on the handful of cameras I’d set up. I spun the laptop around to verify that everything was working and in focus. Once I was back to the side of the bed, he patted his lap playfully.
“Cop a squat, beautiful.”
Shaking my head and steeling my nerves, I climbed up on the bed, swinging a leg across his hips to plant myself on his lap, my back to him. I felt those strong hands once again on my hips.
“See, I think starting this way works best,” he stated, trailing his fingers down my spine, and my skin broke out into gooseflesh. “From here,” he continued, sitting up behind me, “I can shift us into the doggie-style position. Does that work for you?”
Before I could answer, I found myself manipulated onto my front, with my head at the foot of the bed and a warm, strong body lining up behind me. I tried to nod, but everything started to feel different. There was a tension between us that wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, but it was thick in the privacy of the room. Edward’s body started to shift closer, pressing me down into the bed, and the muscles of his arm braced by my head flexed and rolled as he held himself up. Even more was the fact that his scrubs weren’t hiding what he was feeling. My hips instinctively lifted back, and the most amazing and glorious sound escaped him, right in my ear.
“Fuck, baby, you feel good, and you’re not even naked.” His hips pushed forward against my ass just a bit. “So I take you like this, right?” he asked, and I wanted to correct him that it would be Tanya, not me, but he shifted again, grinding into me from behind. “But you want the finish to be face-to-face, yeah?”
Before I could correct him about any of it, his free arm slipped beneath me and turned me over so that I was gazing up at him. I wasn’t prepared for it. I wasn’t expecting the feelings of want and need at the sight of him looming over me. Edward’s brow wrinkled a little, and I wondered if he felt it, too, but he didn’t say anything as he lowered himself between my legs. Sweet Jesus, he was hard, and the thin fabric of his scrub pants didn’t hide that fact, nor did he seem embarrassed that he had an erection. And I felt it all, despite the jeans I was wearing.
Edward licked his lips slowly, biting down hard on his bottom lip and his gaze raking over every inch of my face. “Fuck, you’re beautiful like this. I still think you should do this, Bella,” he whispered, his hips shifting forward and beginning a rhythm I wasn’t sure he was aware he’d started. “I’ve never been so hard, baby. And I can’t fathom anyone else doing this to me.”
I closed my eyes, my breathing picked up, and I wrapped my legs around him. I couldn’t stop myself.
“Tell me this doesn’t feel amazing. Tell me you can’t see it – me and you, completely naked, just…like…this…” He trailed off, but his movement didn’t stop.
He was grinding just right, bringing me closer and closer to an edge I wasn’t sure should happen. When I opened my eyes, Edward’s face was so close. His lips were so close. We were sharing the same breaths, and I was just about to touch my mouth to his when the sound of knocking on the lab door made me just about jump off the bed, but Edward pressed me down, holding me there.
“Wait, wait, wait,” he panted, his forehead falling to my shoulder. “Gimme a second, Bella.” A nervous laugh escaped him. “Shit.” His voice came out in a hiss. “Jesus, Swan…please reconsider. Tanya’s cool and all, but I doubt she could…stimulate me as much as you.”
I closed my eyes at the sound of pure sincerity coming from him, and I was grateful he was still hiding in the crook of my shoulder.
“Why?” I asked, because I was too wound up to articulate much more.
He sighed deeply, pulling his face from my neck. His hair was a wreck, but his eyes were clear green and wary. Something completely shifted in his demeanor. His wary gaze turned warm, if not scared. He didn’t move from his spot on top of me, but he reached up to brush my hair from my face.
“I don’t know,” he stated honestly. “I have no idea when this changed or where it fucking came from, Bella.” He shrugged a shoulder as he shook his head. “It just…is. But it has to be obvious that I’m not lying.” He raised an eyebrow at me as he shifted his hips where his erection hadn’t abated at all.
He finally pushed up on his hands and sat back on the bed, grimacing as he tried to adjust himself. We both flinched when a knock on the door sounded again. Sitting up, I swung my legs off the side of the bed and glared down at the floor, and Edward stood up, his feet appearing in my vision.
“Bella, look at me,” he requested, his voice raspy and soft. When I met his gaze, he reached up to cup my face. “I’ll do this…for you.” He inhaled deeply and let it out. “But I’m telling you, it won’t be anywhere near as good as what we just did together. And we’re still fucking dressed. Imagine how amazing that would be on film, just how perfect the stimulation would present itself for your experiment.” He lowered his head so that we were eye-to-eye. “I don’t want to fuck another woman, but I know you’d lose every-fucking-thing you’ve worked so damned hard to achieve. And I can’t have that either, Bella.”
I opened my mouth to counter that, to state impartiality or biased results, but his fingers met my lips.
“Don’t. Don’t spew that ‘biased’ bullshit at me, Swan. You know as well as I do that you’re going to remove identities from these.” He pointed to the cameras. “So who would know, except for the two people in this room? Hmm?”
“Edward, I…”
He smiled, nodding a little. “No, I get it. Up until a few days ago, I would’ve balked at the idea too, but I’m going to ask you to think about something, beautiful. How long has it been since you’ve gone out with someone? How long since you’ve had sex with someone? And then ask yourself why so long? Because I know for a fact that you haven’t been out with anyone since Mike.
“I know you feel it, too,” he stated firmly. “I can see it in your eyes, feel it when you freeze up, because you get really still when you’re nervous.” He still had my face in his hands as he leaned in closer. “I won’t stop telling you this, either. Not even after this is done.” He jerked his chin toward the camera beside us that was still rolling. “But then I wonder if…” He trailed off, his eyes dropping to my lips for a moment. “I wonder if it’ll bother you to watch me with someone else as much as it’ll bother me to have you watching. Have you really thought that through?”
He studied my face. “Or maybe it’s all in my head.”
I shivered beneath his touch to my face, because I wanted to argue with him. I wanted to reassure him, but my heart wouldn’t let me. Or maybe my cowardice wouldn’t let me.
He had to have felt it, because he gauged my reactions for a split second before doing something I never thought he’d do. He kissed me. His lips met mine so softly I could barely feel them at first. It was gentle and sweet. He moved his mouth from my bottom lip to top, only to pull away before it went any further.
As quick and sweet as it was, I felt more with that kiss than any kiss in my entire life. I felt it in my chest and down in my toes, not to mention places in between that were already achy from what we’d just done. And if he could do that to me with just his lips, I couldn’t imagine what he could do with the rest of his body.
The knock at the door became impatient and loud, and Edward pulled away. Something about that action was swift and abrupt, like he’d given up, and that made a lump form in my throat when I tried to speak.
“T-Time’s up,” I whispered, my voice breaking, but I hated and needed the space all at the same time, and I couldn’t quite rectify any of it at the moment.
Edward’s back was to me as I slipped down off the bed and started switching off the cameras. When he finally faced me, he wore an easy smile, but his eyes were tight.
“I’ll be here Saturday, Swan. Just…” He tilted his head a little. “Just think about what I said, okay?”
Nodding, I whispered, “I will,” as I continued to clear up the room, not looking his way as the door clicked closed behind him. I even heard him tell whoever was waiting outside that he was sorry we ran over, that we were just about done.
Once I’d rolled up the cords, I tapped the keyboard of my laptop to replay some of the footage, simply to make sure it was clear and focused on the right places.
I tried my damnedest not to notice how Edward was looking at me, how the softest, sexiest smile graced his handsome face as he teased me from behind, then rolled me over. I tried not to revel in how turned-on he looked as he grinded against me. But more than all of that, I couldn’t deny anything that he’d said, nor could I stop staring at how I’d gazed up at him, wearing the same expression.
“Dammit!” I slammed my laptop closed, quickly packing up the rest of my stuff. I loaded it all up in my bags and left without hardly glancing at the people I’d held up.
The ringing of the phone was sharp in the darkness of my sleep, but I slapped my hand blindly around on my nightstand, finally landing on my cell. Cracking one eye open, I saw it was my dad.
“Hey, Dad,” I mumbled, sitting up in my bed that was completely covered in books, papers, computers, and notes. “Somethin’ wrong?” I yawned widely.
“No, Bells. Just checking in.” His chuckle was soft over the line, making me a touch homesick. “And they say college kids are party animals.”
“Whoever said that wasn’t in medical school.”
He laughed again. “Ah, kid, I’m sorry I woke you. Kinda early over there, though isn’t it?”
Rubbing my face, I sighed deeply and glanced over at the clock. “I must’ve crashed out while studying. And my sleep is crap these days.”
“Everything okay?”
“Yeah, Dad, just working on my thesis, and I’m pretty sure I live in the library. It’s getting down to almost time to finish it and turn it in, so…” I shrugged a shoulder. “I mean, I’m doing my lab work tomorrow.” I squeezed my eyes closed at that fact, that in a little over twelve hours, I’d be filming Edward and Tanya.
My dad was aware of my future career, but he wasn’t exactly the type of guy that was comfortable discussing sex, so he usually hummed and nodded in all the right places when I talked about it. It made me smile, but I was pretty sure my ease with the topic of sex came from my mother, who had been very open with me growing up. Moving from Phoenix to give her space with Phil my stepdad, to Forks to live with Charlie, had been culture shock, but we’d all made it work.
“What’s new with you, Dad?” I asked him, getting up from my bed to wander into the kitchen.
“Well…” he started but trailed off, and I could almost see him rubbing his mustache and then the back of his neck. He sounded nervous for some reason. “Jake’s getting married.”
I laughed. Actually, it came out as a snort into my water bottle. “Yeah? How’d that happen?”
“He and Leah Clearwater down at the rez have been dating for some time now, and she’s…expecting.”
I laughed again. “Wow…okay. Well, tell them congrats from me.”
“They asked me to invite you to the wedding. I believe it’ll be around your spring break time.”
“Um, Dad? Jake just…stopped calling me. He visited once, went home, and I never heard from him again, except for a pitiful voice mail that told me we were through. So…I can’t imagine that my presence at his wedding will be noted.”
“Edward didn’t tell you?” Dad asked with a laugh. “No, I suppose that young man wouldn’t…”
“Tell me what?”
“Jake came to me when he got home from seeing you that one time. He said you all went to some party, that he’d had too much to drink, and he’d almost done something he would’ve regretted. Edward stopped him, told him to either break it off with you or cheat back home, but he wasn’t going to do it with him around. Jake confessed this to me because he thought for sure that Edward would’ve ratted him out to you. When you never mentioned it, I just figured it was none of my business and you two had broken up.”
I huffed a laugh, but something about that caused tears to well up in my eyes. I thought back over those first few undergrad years. Edward had dated, and I’d dated, but we’d always been close. We were both pre-med, so we were together and studying all the time. Slowly, over time, relationships ended, but the two of us remained steadfast. Was that what he was getting at in the lab the other day? That we’d always been…us? And maybe my observations of just how perfect and good-looking I’d always thought he was weren’t just attraction. And fuck me, did he feel the same way?
“Dammit,” I sighed, swiping at my face. “I don’t know whether to punch his face or kiss it.”
My dad laughed hard. “I’m pretty sure every woman has said that about every man since the dawn of time.”
I laughed with him but shook my head.
“You mean to say, you haven’t kissed that boy yet?” he teased.
“Are you Mom now?”
“No, but I figured… Hell, Bells, last summer when I visited, you two were inseparable. I just assumed…”
“No,” I said, but it came out like a groan.
“Edward’s a good kid, Bella, and he’s crazy about you. I liked his parents, too. I actually thought you were in pretty good hands over there.”
“He’s amazing, actually.” I sighed to myself. “I’m in really good hands.” I closed my eyes at the memory of actually being in Edward’s hands, and I sat down hard on the kitchen stool, letting my forehead fall to the counter. I sat up when there was a beep that I had another call. “Speak of the devil.”
Dad laughed softly. “I’ll let you go, Bells. Just let me know about the wedding.”
“Yeah, okay. Love you, Dad.”
“You, too, kiddo.”
I swiped my finger over to answer it. “Dad says hello, Edward.”
Edward huffed a laugh. “I like your dad.”
“Yeah, he likes you, too.” It was on the tip of my tongue to ask him about Jacob, but when I thought about it, thought about every time Edward had called Jake an asshole, then it sort of made sense. It made even more sense that he’d have kept it from me, because Edward would’ve never wanted me hurt.
“I was gonna order Chinese on my way home from the clinic, Swan. Want some?”
“No, Edward. I’m so fucking tired. Dad woke me up when he called. All I want is to go back to bed.”
He was quiet for a moment, but I heard the familiar beeps of his car as he got in. “So… I’ll see you in the morning, then?”
I nodded, swallowing nervously. “Um, yeah. Definitely.”
“Wanna ride together?”
It was right then that I heard it. That thing we did. That ease and comfort that he’d always brought to everything. We bantered back and forth because we were completely comfortable with each other. Neither of us had dated the last couple of years because we had each other for company. Hell, we picked the same floor of the same apartment building when it came time to move out of the dorms. He’d stopped my boyfriend from cheating, and I’d stopped him from taking Lauren back after she’d cheated. Christ, we were already dating. Sort of. Kind of. Technically speaking.
I laughed to myself but had to have come across the phone as sounding crazy, because Edward questioned me.
“I didn’t think it was a funny question, Bella.”
“No, no…that’s not…” I sighed deeply, glancing up at the clock. “No, Edward. I need to run an errand in the morning before I meet you at the lab. Okay?”
“Yeah, okay.”
I could hear his disappointment, and it made me frown, but I wanted to ask him one thing.
“Edward, are you nervous about tomorrow?”
“I’d sound like an arrogant ass if I said no. I’m about to be naked on camera in front of two women. And I’m about to have sex with one I barely know. But I made you a promise, Swan.”
I smiled at his description, but I simply said, “I know you did. And it means…so much.”
“Yeah, well…like Jasper said, I’d fight tigers for you, so…I’ll see you in the morning. Night, Swan.”
“Night, Cullen.”
My night was fitful with piss-poor sleep, and it took a long, meticulous shower and an enormous cup of coffee for me to be able to function enough to drive. Thinking, on the other hand, was something I wasn’t sure I needed to do at this point.
I pulled into the driveway that the GPS commanded. I’d never actually been there before, but the house was cute. Getting out of my car, I walked up the steps and knocked lightly on the front door.
When it opened, the smirk that greeted me was shameless and slightly confused. “I didn’t know you were picking me up for this shit, Bella,” Tanya stated wryly, leaning in the doorway.
“I’m not.” I held up my hand. “This is yours.”
Tanya’s eyes narrowed on what was between my first and middle fingers, slowly reaching up to take the two hundred-dollar bills from me.
“You don’t have to do it, but I’m paying you anyway.”
“What happened? Did Edward cancel? Are you having to scrap the whole thing?!”
I shook my head no. “No, no. Nothing like that. I just…” I looked her in the eye, grimacing a little. It was the slow smile that crept up her beautiful face that made me look down. “I can’t… He’s umm…”
Tanya snorted softly. “Yeah, he said the same thing and almost as well as you just did.” When I snapped my gaze back to hers, she nodded, holding up the money. “I’ll consider this hush money, thank you very much, but I swear to God, you’re gonna spill eventually on how we got to this point.”
Grinning, I nodded and turned back to my car. Then I stopped and looked back at her when she called my name.
“Forget the cameras are there. And know that he’d rather it be you. Okay? Just focus on all that stimulation you’re supposed to experience and report.”
I groaned about the cameras, but I nodded and got into my car, starting it up and backing out. I had a feeling that after today, my life would change completely. And I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for it or not.


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