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The Student Body Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Action
The light rumble of the wheels on the rolling case was the only sound in the corridor of the lab as I wound my way to the room. My hands were shaking and sweaty, and I was hoping to use the first few minutes setting up the cameras to prepare myself for what I was about to do.
However, all that was blown out of the water when I stepped into the room.
I fought my smile as I took in Edward leaning at the window at the back of the room. He looked wrecked and tired, worried and stressed out as he gazed out into the overcast morning light. Jesus, he was handsome. Sharp jaw, heavy brow, and broad shoulders gave him a masculine attractiveness, but his long eyelashes and beautiful smile softened that into something altogether different, just pretty. He was in jeans and a T-shirt, looking freshly showered and shaved.
When he looked up, he smiled nervously. “Swan.”
“Hey,” I greeted, opening my case. “You’re early.”
He pushed off the window, helping me lift the case to the table. “I’ve been up most of the night. And I ran this morning, so…” He shrugged a shoulder.
I nodded. It was understandable. My sleep had been pretty bad, too, but I couldn’t look him in the eye. I knew as soon as I told him that Tanya wasn’t coming, that it was going to be just the two of us, then things would change. And that scared me and made me very happy.
We worked quietly together, and Edward ran cables as I set up the cameras. When I took out the three personal cameras that were specially wrapped up to remain sterile, along with a bottle of lubricant, he came to look over my shoulder.
“Expensive buggers,” I said with a soft laugh. “These took up most of my funding.”
“Yeah?” he asked, smiling crookedly as he picked up and studied each one. “Pretty high-tech stuff.”
“Yeah.” I nodded, glancing up at the clock. “They’re the same concept as what they use for scoping.” He nodded, but I could feel his gaze on me when I walked to the door to turn the lock.
“Bella? What about…” He looked at the clock, his brow furrowing. “Where’s Tanya?”
“She’s not coming,” I whispered, shaking my head and leaning back against the door.
His eyes narrowed dangerously for a split second, and then his eyebrow quirked up. “Why?” he asked slowly, his voice deep yet soft.
“I told her not to.”
Everything in him looked like it was boiling just beneath the surface. He froze, tense and nervous. His eyes darkened, but they were filling with curiosity and what I wanted to say was hope. When he started for me, I held up a hand.
“Edward, wait,” I pleaded softly.
He stopped a step or two away from me.
“Before we…” I sighed, glancing down at the floor for a moment. “Before we do this, I want to talk. Personal talk. And then… Edward, I need the doctor, the friend who made me a promise to help me finish this. Okay?”
His chest seemed to swell with every breath he took, and he nodded, but he jerked a thumb behind him toward the bed surrounded by cameras. “You’re doing this? With me?”
“Yes, but…” I giggled when I was suddenly trapped in the cage of his arms on either side of me up against that door.
“Tell me why, Swan. I want to hear it.”
Instead of answering him, I countered with my own questions. “When did you know? And why now?”
He grinned, shaking his head. “I don’t know. My dad thought I was crazy when I went for the blood tests, and then Jasper told me that I’d been lying to myself for years. But it all became…real when I realized I didn’t want to have sex with someone else. And I damn well didn’t want to do it in front of you.”
“I don’t want to lose us, Cullen.”
“We won’t.”
“I also don’t want us to lose focus on what we’re striving for, either. There are internships and jobs and—”
“We have time to figure it out, Bella.”
He was practically pressing me into the door when I finally met his gaze. They were piercing and green and comforting.
“I didn’t want you with her,” I finally admitted, my voice sounding vulnerable, but it was the truth.
“I didn’t want to be with her. Bella, I haven’t wanted to be with anyone in a long damn time. And it took this madness in order for me to come to my senses.”
Laughing, my head fell back to the door. “You know, despite our high GPAs, we’re kinda stupid.”
“Or lazy.” He chuckled, pressing his forehead to mine. “What we have is comfortable, Bella. That’s not a bad thing. We just…are.” He brushed his lips across mine, leaving fire in their wake. “Hey, even without this thing we’re about to do, I’d still want you. I’ve always cared about you, I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful girl on campus, and I never wanted to fuck up what we had, because at the end of the day, I still wanted to be with you – studying, ordering pizza or Chinese delivery, and hanging out on your couch.”
“Oh God, me too. And I really don’t want to lose that.”
“Me, either.” He snorted, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. “Bella, that’s dating. We just haven’t had sex.”
“I know!” I cracked up, and my head fell back to the door again, only this time I felt his smiling lips against my neck. “I kinda hate that this will be our first time, though.”
Edward barked a laugh and pushed away from me and the door to study the room, the bed, the cameras. He raked a hand through his hair, and when he faced me again, his eyes were heated and determined.
“We’ll do this now, here.” He pointed to the floor of the lab room. “I’ll fuck you hard in front of these cameras in every position you want. I’ll show you…stimulation, Bella, but when we’re done here, you’re coming home with me…or back to your place, I don’t fucking care. But I want to wrap you up in bed for the remainder of the weekend. Do you understand what that means, Swan?”
Grinning, I said, “That you’ve officially caught yourself a case of the girlfriend?”
Laughing, he stepped closer. “Fuck yes, I did.” He braced one hand on the door by my head while the other cupped my face. “I told you that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. But once we’re done here, we will start. Us. This thing we were too comfortable to see. Okay?”
“I want that.”
“Me, too. So much,” he replied softly, gently pinching my chin with his thumb and finger.
“But I’m serious, Edward. I need my friend, the doctor in you, for this. There’s a part of this that I know isn’t just sex. This will mean something at the same time that…” I sighed in frustration. “I can’t fuck this up and lose myself in whatever we’re about to do. Part of us needs to stay…clinical. This could make or break me.”
“I won’t let you fail, Swan.”
“I know,” I agreed, and my eyes stung with the truth of that statement, when I realized what he’d been willing to do for me just to help me. “I’m nervous.”
“Me, too.” He laughed a little. “For a lot of reasons, but mostly, I can’t wait to see you.” His gaze raked down my body in a shameless and salacious way. It was dark and heated. But when he met my eyes again as he licked his lips, he said, “You’re the director here, Swan, so tell me what and where. I already know what the end result will be. I just need you to tell me what to do.”
“Okay.” I sniffed a little but stayed still for a second. I knew what I needed to do, and Edward already was aware of the positions that we needed to approach, but sweet mother of God, I wanted one thing. “First things first, Edward.”
“What’s that?” he asked with a slight laugh and a half smile.
“Kiss me.”
The arm he had braced by my head bent at the elbow, his forearm now flat on the door, which allowed him to completely lean into me. He’d teased light kisses now since he’d volunteered for this experiment, but now, I wanted it all.
Edward’s mouth met mine, soft and pliant, warm and wet. I was kind of glad I never knew that he could kiss so sweetly, because we probably would’ve messed this up a long time ago. Top lip, bottom lip, right in the middle – he thoroughly teased over and over, increasing pressure and intensity, until finally, he threaded his long fingers into my hair at the base of my neck to hold me right where he wanted me. With the most amazing, masculine, needy-sounding moan, he claimed my mouth with his tongue. The taste, the flavor, and the feelings that flooded me were almost overwhelming.
It made me grip his jeans at the waist and pull him in closer, and my other hand slipped up his chest and around his neck to rake through his hair. Breaths pushed out against cheeks, and hands started to roam. Something in us snapped or came unhinged, because I was suddenly lifted and pressed almost roughly into the door. We were grinding and grunting, and I placed my hands flat on either side of Edward’s face to get his attention.
He pulled back with a gasp, licking his lips. “Jesus Christ,” he breathed, gaping up at me.
“No shit,” I concurred, just as breathless. I made no move to unwrap myself from around him, but I held him still for just a moment. My head fell back to the door, but I kept my eyes on his face. “We need…” I swallowed to catch my breath. “We need to be undressed.”
“That’s what I’m fucking talking about,” he muttered, which made me laugh when he pulled me away from the door.
He sat me on the end of the lifted hospital bed, and he smiled when I couldn’t stop the anxious giggles for a second. Edward’s soft touches to my face and even softer kisses to my lips settled me down. He knew I was nervous, and he was trying to ease me into it all.
“You remember what I told you?” he asked, leaning in to kiss my cheek, but he dragged his lips softly down to my neck in order to press long, open-mouthed kisses along the sensitive skin. “I said that I’d start right here, with kissing and touching.”
I nodded, toying with the hem of his shirt, but my eyes betrayed me as I glanced over at the sterile cameras and the ones we’d just set up.
“Hold that thought, beautiful.” He tapped his temple. “I fucking want you to the point of madness, but I got this. We’ll get what you need, but hold off on those cameras for just a second.”
There it was. There was the feeling of complete and utter trust that he’d been telling me since the start. We were comfortable together. And he was much more at ease now than he was when I’d walked into the lab just moments before. For a brief second, I wondered if he’d have been this at ease with Tanya. Something told me no. Something also told me that he was going to bring out the absolute best experience for this video, and not because it was for my career but because I was already needy and achy for him.
Edward’s hands never stopped moving – up my thighs and sides, down my back, pulling me closer by cupping my ass. Over and over, he moved. His face, however, was pensive, tentative, like he was trying to decide when and where to begin. When his fingers started seeking out skin, my own started to push at his shirt. Keeping a hand on my waist, he reached back, gripped a fistful of T-shirt, and tugged it off over his head. He stepped away just enough to drop it across the chair out of the way.
His eyes were warm and dark, but they were sharp, too, which meant he was assessing and thinking. I didn’t want to stop him, but I also couldn’t stop myself from reaching out to touch. He was lean, with smooth, warm skin. He’d never been a gym-rat kind of guy, but he was toned. What was even better was that all those muscles clenched up when I trailed my fingers over them, and it made me grin.
“How did I never know you were ticklish, Cullen?” I asked, which made him huff out a laugh.
“Shut up, Swan. You’re next,” he countered playfully, and his fingers gathered up my own shirt and lifted it up and off me, dropping it down on top of his in the chair. “Fuck,” he whispered, sobering up quicker than I’d expected. “Damn, baby…” He shook his head slowly but grinned a little too. “It’s hard not to just…take you. I want to help you with this, get this so fucking perfect, but you’re killing me, Bella.” He reached up to glide a finger across the lace of my black bra.
Leaning in, he kissed me deeply, slowly, trying to slow us down, but the very second his whole hand cupped my breast, I let out an almost embarrassing sound of want.
“Bend back, beautiful,” he whispered against my lips as he guided my shoulders farther and farther back until they touched the sheets of the bed. He kissed me stupid, looming over me, but pulled away too soon. With a flat hand, he pushed me gently to indicate that I was to stay right where I was. “Talk to me, Swan. Tell me the goal of this video. Keep me focused. Please.”
His smile was sweet, if not slightly evil, but his eyes told me he needed us to keep each other aiming toward the same goal.
Swallowing nervously, I nodded, my eyes unable not to keep from watching him as he reached for my sneakers. He dropped those to the floor and then slipped his hands up my legs to my stomach, where his fingers spread wide to touch everywhere at once.
“Goals, Bella,” he reminded me, teasing a single finger in my belly button.
“S-Stim-Stimulation,” I ground out through gritted teeth as he cupped my breasts over my bra and squeezed gently. “Th-The b-b-best p-position for…oh fuck…” I trailed off when his lips replaced those ridiculously talented fingers on the skin of my chest and stomach. “C-Conception,” I finally blurted out.
I wanted to curse him the fuck out when I felt his smile on the sensitive skin just above my hip, but he asked a question I wasn’t expecting.
“You want kids, Swan?” he asked, pulling back a little in order to reach for the button of my jeans. He tugged it until it popped open, and his gaze shot up to meet mine. “Do you?” he asked again, and I nodded.
“Eventually,” I whispered, lifting up my butt so he could take my jeans completely off.
“Good,” he mumbled back, but his eyes left my face as he dropped my jeans onto the chair that was slowly collecting all the clothes. “Jesus, did you… Have you always… Fuck, Bella, have you always worn this shit under your clothes?! Like this whole fucking time?”
I couldn’t help my giggle; it erupted out of me as I covered my face, but he was way too cute all flustered.
“Um, no. Not always,” I answered.
“But sometimes?” he verified, and I opened my eyes when I felt the bed shift, only to see him looming over me.
“Yeah, Edward. Sometimes I did.”
“Fuck, I wish I’d known.” He grinned when I laughed again, bracing an arm by my head. “Like the whole time we were eating Chinese or drinking beers or studying, I could’ve been eye-fucking this shit all over your apartment.”
“Yeah, you could’ve,” I agreed just to hear him groan.
“Oh, we’re doing that when we’re done here,” he vowed aloud but more to himself than me. He settled between my legs for just a moment. “I know we need to get the cameras on, Bella. Tell me what you need.”
Nodding, I pointed to the still-wrapped personal cameras. “Those go on us. That middle one goes inside me. The one on the end goes here,” I said, following the strap of my bra, indicating my nipple. “That last one goes on you.”
He nodded, pushing up and away from me. He stood up off the bed and grabbed all three, eyeing the small bottle of lube. “And this?”
“To help with the internal camera.”
He scoffed, shaking his head as he threw the bottle into the garbage can. “Oh, I don’t think so, Swan. I think…” he started slowly, walking to me. “I think we can come up with a way to…stimulate you enough not to need that shit.”
“Arrogant, aren’t we?” I teased him, sitting up a little on my elbows.
“No, just fairly certain I know a way to get you ready.” He reached for me, and I sat up again. He cupped my face, kissing me to the point of distraction, and I felt my bra fall loose. When he pulled back, he whispered, “Lie back again, beautiful.” His eyes were dark as he gazed at my breasts for the first time.
He set the cameras down beside me, leaning down to drop long, open-mouthed kisses to my stomach as his eyes watched my face. His fingers slowly gripped the sides of my black underwear, and I lifted up for him to be able to pull them completely off me.
Edward said nothing for a minute as he gazed down at me. His hands soothed my thighs, slowly slipping between them to force them open. He licked his lips, leaning over to ghost them along the same trail as his fingers.
“I’m going to taste you, Bella, make you come with my mouth.” He pressed a kiss to my clit, and my hips shot up off the bed. “I’ll do this first to relax you, make you wet enough to handle that camera and then my cock. Then…and only then…will we start this video. Okay?”
He didn’t give me a chance to answer; instead, his tongue swiped through my folds, and a string of curses left my mouth.
“Mmm, and you’re already swollen and wet, baby,” he murmured against my pussy. “I think we can do so much better.”
He was done talking. His mouth met my center with a purpose and a talent I wasn’t expecting. My back arched up and my hips practically rode his face as his tongue caused my brain to completely stop working. He’d suck on my clit, rolling his tongue over it until I was so close to coming I was practically shaking, and then he’d fuck my center, tasting me, teasing me, only to start all over again.
“Edward, please, please, please…”
He hummed against me, sucking my clit into his mouth again at the same time two fingers slipped deep inside me, working me, stretching me. My eyes rolled back into my head, my fists gripped the sheets and his hair, and my ass lifted up off the bed as I completely unraveled. He let me grind against his face and ride his fingers, humming encouragingly and soothing a hand over my stomach.
When Edward finally pulled away from me, he kissed my mound, gazing down at me with a touch of pride but some nerves, too.
“Now, Swan. I think we’re ready.”


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