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The Student Body Chapter 6 & Pic

Chapter 6 – That’s a Wrap
It felt like a dream. Seeing my best friend, the one person I never thought I’d have not only naked but coming down from the orgasm that I’d given her. And sweet fuck, she was more perfect than I’d imagined.
I’d be a damned liar if I’d said I’d never thought about Bella like this. However, I chalked it up to being a guy, to being a guy who hadn’t gotten laid in ages, but really I’d been imagining it because she was who I truly wanted. And that thought had my brow furrowing as I gazed down at how fucking stunning she was completely bare in front of me as I licked the heady flavor of her off my lips.
“Bella, I need… You gotta help me focus,” I said with an incredulous laugh.
She nodded, sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed. She reached for the cameras and then pointed to her case.
“Grab that roll of surgical tape. We’re going to need it.”
I did as she asked, and it gave me a second to calm the hell down. I was still in my jeans, but I was harder than I think I’d ever been. But I’d promised her I’d help her with this whole thing, so I was determined to do a good job. The fact that it was Bella and not Tanya just made me all the harder. I stepped back between her legs, taking the first camera from her.
We didn’t say much, but we worked together opening and adjusting the camera that would monitor her nipple. With a small smile, I gently rubbed my thumb over and around it, causing it to peak tightly, but even better was Bella’s sharp inhale and shiver beneath my touch.
“Fuck, you’re so sensitive,” I whispered, holding the camera while she placed a strip of tape at the top of her breast and then just below her collarbone. When she draped the cable over her shoulder, I added a few more pieces to her back and shoulder blade.
“Your turn,” she stated, pointing to my jeans, but she reached for the button and tugged me closer.
I stayed completely still. I was no virgin, and I had never been ashamed of my body, but something about this whole thing – whether it was being with Bella or being on camera – had me suddenly fidgeting in front of her. I toed out of my sneakers, pushing them out of the way. When the sound of my zipper hit the quiet air around us, I stood still again. Bella pushed my jeans down, and I kicked out of them, which left me standing in dark-red boxer briefs. And I wasn’t exactly hiding what all this was doing to me.
When Bella froze, I knew her nerves were getting the better of her, so I took her hands in mine.
“Hey, it’s just me.”
I guided her fingers to the waist of my underwear, and she slowly pushed them down. My hard cock sprang free, and I stepped out of the briefs to finally stand before her completely bare. Bella froze again, and I tilted her face up to mine.
“Focus, Swan. Don’t let the dick scare you.” I grinned when she snorted a little and rolled her eyes at me as she ripped open the next camera. “Okay, so where do you want this?” I asked, and I couldn’t help but hum at the wry yet wanting look she shot my way. “Damn, baby… Okay, so let me rephrase… Where is the camera going, Bella?”
“Here,” she whispered, and my whole body practically crackled with want as she trailed a single soft finger down the shaft of my cock to the base at the pubic bone. “And we’ll have to tape the cable around your hip.”
My hands balled up into fists and a long hiss escaped me as she continued to touch, to tease. One of her hands wrapped around my dick while the other pulled me closer by my hip. I couldn’t decide which to watch – her hands or her face – because both were driving me crazy. She put the camera where she wanted it, applying a small strip of tape just below my hip, but then wrapped the cable around so it would be out of the way and down the back of my thigh.
“We’ll have to be careful when we take that off. Your leg hair…” She trailed off and grinned adorably up at me.
I shook my head. “Fuck the hair, Bella.”
I took just a moment to cup either side of her face and pull her mouth to mine. Kissing her had become addictive, like a drug. I knew we needed to get this show on the road. I knew the last camera needed to go on and positions needed to be filmed, but now that I’d allowed this out into the universe, I wasn’t sure I could stop it. And I wasn’t alone, because the way that Bella was kissing me back, pulling at me, touching me in places she’d never even seen… Fuck, I wanted her.
“Ed-Edward,” she mumbled against my lips. When I pulled away, she was breathing heavily, which did nothing to stop me from glancing down to those very pretty, very tightly peaked nipples – camera taped to her, be damned.
I inhaled deeply. “Last camera, right?” I asked, trying my damnedest to concentrate.
“No,” she replied instantly, shaking her head. “No, we’ll save that for the last position.” When I came to a stop, she grabbed my face gently. “You remember?”
“Hell, yes. I just…” I swallowed nervously. “Are you sure about the camera?”
She nodded again. “Yeah.” She quirked up an eyebrow. “Since this is me involved in the experiment, I can attest to the stimulation from the first two positions, but the missionary position needs to be on film.”
“Jesus, how can you think, Swan?” I asked but pushed away from her when she nudged me a little.
She slipped off the bed, carefully maneuvering around with the cable over her shoulder. She chuckled a little, saying, “Because if I don’t, I’m going to climb you like a jungle gym, Edward.”
“Oh, fuck,” I groaned, letting her lead me back to the bed, where she pushed at me until I was sitting. “Seriously? You’d… Have you… Is this something you’ve thought about?”
I didn’t know why I was asking; I certainly couldn’t judge her on a fucking thing. Her laugh was soft, but it was the color to her cheeks that made me pull her to me before she could turn on any recording devices.
“Tell me,” I begged in a whisper.
“God, yes, I’ve thought about it.” She looked down between us but then focused more on my mouth than my eyes. “You were right, Cullen. I haven’t been with anyone since Mike, and I…”
She didn’t need to finish; I merely nodded, bringing her in for a kiss. Though, I smiled into it when she pushed at my shoulder to lay me back on the bed. We broke away, and I reclined against the pillows, watching her completely naked form walk around the bed to turn on each camera. She checked the cables attached to our own personal scopes and then eyed the displays on her laptop. When it all seemed to be recording, I saw the shyness return.
“C’mere,” I said, holding out a hand, and she took it once she reached the side of the bed. “It’s just me and you,” I reminded her, smiling as I reached up to brush her hair off her shoulder. “It’s also just raw footage. You’ll edit it completely, Bella. I have faith that you’ll make it beautiful…and scientific.” I winked her way with a grin. “That’s what this is about – helping your career so that you can help couples in the future.”
“I know,” she whispered, her brow furrowing a little. “But…”
Sitting up, I pulled her lips to mine for a brief kiss. “But it’s not just sex, Bella. I know. Trust me, baby, I know. But no one outside of this room has to know that.” She stilled completely, and I realized just how that had sounded. “Swan, look at me,” I told her, and when those beautiful dark eyes locked with mine, I amended my statement. “No one who sees this video will know just what this meant between us. When we’re done here, I’m going to show you off, spoil you stupid, and we’ll both sit down and figure out just how we can carve out a future. This isn’t just sex for me either, Bella. I promise you that, right now. And guess what? It’s all on tape, so if I do something completely idiotic, you can throw this at me someday.”
Fuck, her smile – it could’ve lit up the entire city of Tampa. “You mean that?”
“I swear to God.”
Had this been with Tanya, I would’ve been just going through the motions – a means to justify an end. And the end would’ve been for Bella to be able to finish her thesis. No more, no less. But now, now with so much more inside that locked lab, I knew that everything had changed. I was about to sink balls-deep inside Bella, and I knew for a fact I never wanted to go back to being just friends. We hadn’t even done much, and I knew it.
I leaned in and kissed her again, slowly and deeply. My eyes were still closed as I rested my forehead to hers. “You ready? You’re kinda taking the lead on this first position.”
She nodded against me, and I opened my eyes as she pushed me gently back. It was awkward guiding her onto the bed without tangling cables or knocking over cameras on their stands. But when her back was to me, her beautiful legs straddling my waist, I couldn’t help but reach out to touch, to help lift her and guide my cock to her entrance. Her sweet ass was right in front of me, and I could barely keep my eyes on any of it, because the feel of her sinking down over me, enveloping me completely in warmth and wetness, just about caused me to explode.
“Fuck,” she groaned, and her head fell back so far that the tips of her long hair brushed across my stomach. “Gimme a second, gimme a second,” she begged in a repetitive soft chant.
I knew it had been a long time for her, so I gave her complete and utter control of the moment. I knew this position would be all on her, and I let her lead. The second she lifted and then sank back down, I was lost to her.
A string of curse words left me at the feel of it all. Just her and that warm, wet pussy and the sight of her back and ass and that long hair. All of it felt so fucking good. She continued up and down, with a swivel of her hips and an almost harsh grip to my thighs as she rode me in that reverse cowgirl position. However, I knew if I didn’t take control soon, I’d explode, and we still needed to show the doggie style before I could come.
I slowed her down just a little, sitting up behind her and dropping a long, open-mouthed kiss to her shoulder up to her neck.
“You want to come again, baby?” I asked, my hands cupping and kneading, careful of the camera taped on her. “Or you want to hold it back until we change positions.”
“Change, change…”
Nodding against her neck, I wrapped a strong arm around her waist. Carefully shifting onto my knees, I pretty much held Bella’s entire weight to me as I moved her to all fours. However, she leaned her front down, keeping that sweet ass up just a little. I winced and she whimpered when I slipped out of her, but I was guiding myself back into her from behind quickly, and that position felt amazing.
“Oh my sweet fuck,” I ground out through gritted teeth, bracing an arm by her head.
My free hand simply touched. Fingers spread and palm flat, I moved up and down her spine, across each shoulder blade, moving around to cup and squeeze her breast, and I shifted her hair out of the way so I could lean over and put my mouth on her neck, shoulder, anything. My thrusts were deep, and she was working with me, lifting at the same time I’d push.
I could feel her insides clench, but she was holding back. Maybe she was holding back for the last position; I wasn’t sure. Just to test that idea, I slipped my hand down her front, my fingers finding her clit.
“Don’t hold back, baby,” I taunted in her ear. “Stimulation comes in all forms. Touch, words, feel… You can let go, Bella.” I felt like a fucking king when I felt another orgasm hit her hard. She muffled it into the bed, but that pretty ass lifted higher as I slowed us down again.
She panted hard, her face smooshed into the bed, and I chuckled and groaned at the same time as I pulled out of her. I was aching to come, but I had to last long enough to perform one more position. I lined up beside her, face to face, brushing her hair behind her ear as she came down just a little.
“Hey, beautiful,” I sighed, feeling something deep shift inside my chest at the sight of her. There was a future there, a word I knew I’d give voice to very soon, but not in this lab and not on fucking camera.
“I’m… We need…”
“Take a second, Bella,” I told her. “Lord knows I need a minute or I’m going to come the second we change up this last position.”
She huffed a sweet laugh, nodding a little, but she pushed up on an elbow to look at me. She reached over with her free hand to rake her fingers through my hair, trail them down my face and along my jaw, and finally, she pulled me in for a kiss.
“Thank you for that,” she whispered again my lips.
“I’m not done with you,” I vowed, raising an eyebrow at her. “I could feel how neglected that pussy’s been.” I tsked dramatically, smiling when she laughed a little. “Terrible, terrible thing to let something so pretty go so long without any attention. I do believe I can make up for that, Swan.”
“God, I hope so,” she sighed back, grinning when I nodded vehemently. “Last camera…” She gestured to the camera that was still wrapped up. “Can you…”
“Yeah, I’ll help you.” I got up from the bed to get the last camera, and as I opened it, I said, “Get into the position you need, Bella.”
I was grateful for the moment to get my shit together. I tossed away the wrapping of the camera and plugged the cable in, but when I looked up to the bed, I shook my head slowly and licked my lips.
“God, you’re gorgeous,” I breathed, eyeing her from her head where her dark hair was spread out on the pillow, to her heaving chest with peaked nipples, to her legs spread open as her ass rested on a pillow to raise it up.
“You say that standing there like an air-brushed magazine model, Cullen.”
My laugh couldn’t be stopped. “Any magazine that has pics of cocks isn’t airbrushed, Swan.”
“Bullshit,” she argued with a giggle, rolling her eyes at me, but then we both sobered quickly as I knelt on the bed between her legs. She glanced over to the laptop as she reached for my hand with the camera. “I think… Yeah, just like that.”
She was seriously driving me fucking crazy – words, touch, smell. All of her. However, I glanced over to the laptop, and the doctor in me was intrigued as I saw the inside of her pussy. Suddenly, I realized that my dick was going to be on that camera looming in like an invading alien. I shook my head and turned back to her.
“No worries about lube now, huh, Bella?” I asked, touching her clit, her entrance where the cable disappeared, and the wetness all around. “No problems with stimulation either, I see. All swollen and hot and ready for me one last time. And you have to spread these pretty legs wide, baby, because we need to show it all, don’t we?”
I was totally talking to keep myself grounded, because when she reached for me, I went willingly, and I could feel the surrender to her. I’d be willing to bet that my face showed exactly what I was feeling on the cameras around us. And I didn’t give a damn.
Bracing a hand by her head, I guided myself to her entrance. I moved slowly, mindful of cameras and cables, but I could feel it all this way. The fact that there was no condom had been strange at first, but now I could feel everything. With her hips tilted up on a pillow and that scope camera inside her, I could feel it all. And I’d needed to come already – for what seemed like ages ago – but I needed to hold out a bit longer.
“Open wider, baby,” I whispered to her, my brow furrowing in concentration. It was more this way. Just simply more. I wanted to drown in kissing her, sinking deep inside her, and I wanted her wrapped around me completely, but we needed to show a bit before we lost our shit.
Squeezing my eyes closed, I held still for moment once I was fully seated inside her. Her hands roamed all over, and her touch was gentle and warm, pulling at me, urging me to move, but not impatient.
When I opened my eyes, I saw overwhelming need and feelings gazing back at me.
“Okay?” I asked her softly, brushing light kisses across her lips. She nodded, but her gaze had a touch of fear there. “You feel so good, Bella. Relax for me. Just feel me, this. Don’t worry about anything outside of you and me. Right here, right now.”
“I know.” I nodded, pulling back slowly, but I dragged my lips down to her ear, whispering, “This is just the start, Bella. Is that what you want to hear? That this won’t end when the cameras stop rolling?”
“Yes,” she replied, her face and lips in my neck as she nodded.
“You feel this?” I asked, driving slowly back into her.
“God, yes!” she moaned, her head falling back to the pillow.
“Good, because that’s not going away anytime soon.”
With that said, I dropped an open-mouthed kiss to her neck and then pushed up on my hands to truly fuck her. Because that’s what was needed for the cameras surrounding us. Pure fucking. Though, I vowed to myself that once I got her alone, I’d show her just how beautiful I thought she was, and something told me that when cameras weren’t pointed at Bella, she was going to be a force to be reckoned with in bed. She was graceful and passionate and unashamed of her body. Her shyness had stemmed from this just being new for us.
She was stunning, all spread open, working with me, shifting with me. The angle of her hips with that pillow beneath her caused my pubic bone to rub her clit just right with each thrust. And her breasts jiggled with each movement, too, though I noticed that they stayed erect and tight the whole time. These were the things we needed to show for her experiment, but there was a part of my brain that could barely see beyond her pretty face, those dark eyes that gazed up at me, and the feel of her hands all over me.
“Oh, you’re close,” I said, swiveling my hips to rock deeply into her. “Can you give me one more, Bella?”
Despite the cold air of the lab, sweat was beading on our foreheads, down my back, and along Bella’s neck. It was from holding back, but I tilted my hips just right to rub that clit with my pelvic bone one more time, and she completely shattered around me. I was so close already, with every position we’d been in, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I sped up my thrusts, the sound of skin meeting skin hitting the air around us, and finally everything started to snowball on me – my balls tightened, my spine tingled, and my breathing was ragged. I buried myself as deep as I could, losing myself completely. My sweaty forehead met hers, and I panted heavily with my eyes closed. But it was the soft kisses that made me open them back up.
Suddenly, we were kissing like we’d never stop. I was still connected to her, but my mouth met hers eagerly. Warm, wet, soft lips met mine, and tongues swirled together. Bella’s arms and legs wrapped around me, and I dropped all my weight on her as we continued to kiss each other stupid.
I finally smiled into the kiss, and I wasn’t the only one. When I pulled back just a little, I brushed her hair from her face to see a sweet, warm smile on that gorgeous face.
“I can’t go back to being just friends, Swan.”
“Me, either.”
She giggled, reaching up to rake her hands through my hair and then cup either side of my face as I leaned in for another kiss, this one softer and not as intense. My eyes drifted around the room, and I shook my head slowly at the cameras and the sight of us together on the laptop screen.
Looking back at Bella, I said, “This is…” I huffed a laugh, kissing her again. “This is the first, last, and only time we’ll do this, Swan. I don’t like to share, even on personal videos.”
Her laugh was loud and beautiful. “No kidding.” Before I could get up, she pulled my face to hers again. “Editing this will be…interesting. Not every girl gets to replay the best sex she’s ever had over and over.”
“The best!?” I gasped mockingly. “Why, Swan, you do know how to flatter a man.”
“Shut up, Cullen. Get off me.”
Grinning and holding on to her tighter, I kissed her again and whispered, “I meant what I said, Bella. I want to go back to your place or mine, spend this weekend exploring…this. This thing that seems to have always been here.”
I was serious when I said that, because holding her right there, despite the cameras that were still rolling, I’d never felt more…right.
That snarky gleam in Bella’s eyes lit up her face. “Chinese?”
“Of course.”
“I need a shower.”
“So do I.”
She smirked at my suggestively raised eyebrow, but then she sobered quickly. “We’re really doing this, Cullen?”
“We’ve already done it, beautiful.” I laughed when she rolled her eyes. “And I wanna do it again…and again.” I waggled my eyebrows, but she looked tentative. “Bella, I’ve caught myself a case of the girlfriend, remember? I’m pretty sure it’s permanent.”
Grinning, I nodded. “Fatal. And I’ll die a happy man.”
I extricated myself from her embrace but not before getting in one more deep kiss. We separated, and she began to pull the tape off and remove cameras. As I carefully fought tape and hair on my own camera, she got up to begin turning each camera off. We re-dressed and packed up the equipment, and I sat down in the chair to put my sneakers back on when Bella stepped into the bathroom. When I was done, I rested my elbows on my knees, but Bella’s feet appeared in front of me, and I sat back to look up at her. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders in a fierce hug.
Without even thinking, I pulled her to my lap, wrapping my arms all the way around her.
“Not that I’m complaining, Swan, but what’s that for?” I asked, grinning at her giggle she was burying into my neck.
“Thank you,” she whispered against my skin before pulling back to hold my face in her hands. “I could’ve lost everything I’d worked for.”
I shook my head. “Nope. I would never have allowed it.”
“I know, but you…and—”
“Bella, look at me,” I interrupted her, kissing her lips. “I would’ve done this…for you. I told you that before. I would’ve gone through the motions to get your video done. Now, what’s done is done, and I for one am really happy that it was us. Personally, I think we made it better than football boy or Tanya or anyone else for that matter could’ve made it. And it’s now given me you. I think it worked better than even you thought, am I right?”
She grinned, and it was slow and shy, but it was sexy as all hell too. “Yeah.”
“Me, too. Now, let’s get your stuff, and we’ll go home. We’ll leave my car here, I’ll just ride in with you Monday, and I’ll order Chinese on the way.”
She laughed and nodded as she gathered all her things. Before we reached the door, she stopped, turning to look at me.
“There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you, Edward.”
“What’s that?” I asked, curious as to what would be giving her that nervous look.
“You want to come with me home for spring break? I’m invited to Jacob’s wedding.” When I grimaced at the name, she laughed. “And maybe you can tell me all about what happened when he was here…”
Scowling, I shrugged a shoulder and opened the door for her. “I tried to stop him from hurting you. Not sorry he’s out of the picture, or Mike, or anyone else for that matter, Bella.”
“Or Lauren…” she countered haughtily, grinning up at me and then kissed my lips. “Home, Edward. Let’s start us.”
I grinned, taking her keys as we made our way to her car. “That’s what I’m fucking talking about.”


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