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The Student Body Chapter 8 - Epilogue & Pic

Chapter 8 – New Labels – Epilogue
“Bella?” the guy called from behind the counter, and I took my coffee with a small thank-you to him.
I found Tanya at a table outside in the shade.
“Oh, my fucking hell, if you don’t spill, Bella, I swear to God…” She narrowed eyes at me as she toyed with her own cup of coffee. “Jesus, have you even come up for air?”
My laugh couldn’t be contained as I took a seat across from her. “Yes! Shut up!”
It had been several weeks since Edward and I had filmed my thesis video. We were doing our damnedest to find some sort of balance – classes, labs, his clinic work, and my editing and writing. Editing said film was trying at best, because we looked completely lost to one another. The more I’d splice and crop and blur out faces, the more I just wanted to watch us. Hell, the first day I’d started sorting through all the footage, I’d been so turned on, I just about attacked poor Edward in his apartment.
And I was desperately and completely in love with him.
“I may shake the shit out of you right here in front of everyone,” she threatened, smiling when I laughed again. “Spill it, bitch!”
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The Student Body Chapter 7 & Pic

Chapter 7 – Focus
The water was steamy hot as I let it run over my head and face. I jumped a little when a knock sounded on the bathroom door.
“Swan… Food’s here,” Edward called from the other side.
“’Kay, I’ll be out in a second.”
My body was deliciously sore in all the right places. My skin felt like a livewire everywhere Edward had touched me a little over an hour prior. We’d driven back from the campus in my car, and we were both very quiet, but Edward’s hand had stayed firmly in mine the whole way. Despite what we’d done and said to each other, I didn’t feel the awkwardness that could’ve surrounded us. Hell, bringing sex into any relationship sometimes brought nerves and awkward feelings, but not this, not us. And as I pulled on my underwear, I cracked a smile at myself in the mirror, remembering Edward’s reaction to them in the lab. A small, quiet laugh escaped me as I pulled on a pair of his sweat pants that I’d stolen from him ages ago, along with a long T-shirt.
I stepped out into my living room to see Edward had run across the hall to his own apartment to shower and change. He was in his green athletic shorts and a USF T-shirt, his hair still damp. At least our comfort level around each other wouldn’t change. This was the usual lounging attire for Chinese delivery and couch-potato activities.
He gestured to the kitchen counter where all the delivery boxes were spread out. Raising an eyebrow at me, he asked, “What’s with the smugness, Swan?”
I laughed, shaking my head. “I’m just…” I paused, picking up a plate. “I don’t know. Ignore me, Cullen.”