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Six - Chapter 4 & Pics

Six – Chapter 4
New York City
I gazed up at the Natural History Museum, which would be closing soon. The building itself just didn’t seem to fit in with the city surrounding it. It wasn’t as tall, with a castle-like look to it and large pillars. It was nestled in the middle of gray concrete and stone and black asphalt. But across the street was the haven of New York City.
Central Park was big enough to get lost in on a good day, but searching for this Bella on a weekend, which just happened to be a bright sunny day, was like looking for a needle in a haystack. People were everywhere.
Carlisle and Emmett had taken the Met side of the park. Rose was with me, in her human form at the moment. She studied the people exiting the museum but looked to me.
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Six - Chapter 3 & Pics

Six – Chapter 3
New York City
Sounds from the room next door had me gripping my backpack a little tighter. I’d tidied the room as best I could. I’d been able to clean the shower with the last dredge of shampoo, but there would be no way to get around the fact that someone had slept in the bed – I couldn’t afford to do laundry, and I didn’t want to just remake the bed and let the next guest sleep on my dirty sheets. I snorted to myself. Not that most of the guests in this particular motel cared much about the room’s cleanliness. At least I hadn’t resorted to that…yet, I added to my thought with a sigh.
Another noise from the housekeeping cart next door had me readying myself to open a window to jump through. I’d been here for four nights, but I couldn’t stay a full fourth day. I knew they checked on the empty rooms every four days in this place, so the next room the housekeeper stopped at would be this one. I hadn’t had anything to eat in two nights. I’d been so hungry that first night and the next day that all the soup and peanut butter I’d taken were gone before I could stop myself. Now I was hungry again, and I wasn’t sure I had the stomach – so to speak – to steal from another shop. I hated every time I did that – it was a shame that stayed with me for a while – and tried to avoid it as much as I could.
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Six - Chapter 2 & Pics

Six – Chapter 2
New York City
My heart felt like it was beating through my chest, and I gasped a quick, shallow breath as I frantically looked around me. Hopefully the guy – whoever he was – wouldn’t follow me. I’d jumped to another alley, one of my “safe spaces,” somewhere I could appear suddenly in without running into anyone. But the guy had seen me, had somehow known what I’d planned to do, and had followed me out of the little corner store. So I needed to leave…fast. Even though he didn’t have the distinctive logo for Volterra Industries on his shirt, that didn’t mean he wasn’t part of their group, which meant he could have been calling in reinforcements.
I shifted the backpack around to my front and unzipped it with my teeth since my hands were full. After stuffing the soup in, I grabbed the plastic knife from the baggie inside and opened the peanut butter and bread. I hadn’t had anything to eat in a couple of days, and I was starving – which was why I’d resorted to taking something from the grocery. The sandwich was heavy on my stomach, but I continued to eat as I shoved the rest of the food and the knife into the backpack and swung it to my back. Looking around, I stepped out of the shadows. Using the crowd to my advantage, I immersed myself into a group of chattering teenage girls wearing prep-school uniforms, a handful of businessmen in suits, a few women pushing kids in strollers, and an obvious group of tourists as we crossed the busy city street. Once across, I turned right along with the tourists and headed into Central Park. It was a routine I’d been living for a year, and I was well-versed at how to stay hidden and how to blend in.
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Six - Chapter 1

Six – Chapter 1
Chicago – Ten years ago
Thump…thump – thump…
Thump…thump – thump…
The sound of the soft rubber ball had a rhythm I liked as it hit the concrete deck, the building’s wall, and then back to my hand. It drowned out the noise in my head. There was always noise in my head.
Dreams, curiosities, wishes, needs, wants, fears – they all echoed around in my brain, which hurt most days. Kids like me, whose parents got into trouble and we had no choice. And there were kids whose parents tucked them away like an ugly secret, like they’d just drop off a stray dog to the pound – we all had wants and needs. We wanted out of this institution. We needed a home, not a hospital. Well, a few of us didn’t need this stupid hospital… Not all of us were crazy.
With a grunt, I threw the ball harder. It hit the concrete and then the block wall, shooting way over my head. I glanced around me, tilting my head a bit before reaching out with my mind to stop the ball from going over the fence. If it went over the fence, there was no getting it back. Mrs. Cope wouldn’t let us outside the gate – ball or no ball.
I smiled when it halted midair, falling to my feet with a soft thump. I bent down to pick it up, rolling my eyes at Newton’s attempt to sneak up on me. When I stood up, I turned around to glare at him eye-to-eye.

New Story! Six by Sarge's Girls

Summary: Sixth sense: a special ability to know something that cannot be learned by using the five senses. Humans use 10% of their brain, but it's been proven that those with a sixth sense use more. Some wish to harness that power. With a target on us, sixxers are hunted as we try to stay hidden, blending in with the average world around us...when we are anything but average. AH Canon Couples ExB

Jenny: One long-ass author's note coming up... Can you believe it's been four years (& a month!) since we posted the first chapter of Coming Home? And here we are again, on our FIFTH story together. What kind of craziness is that?

Deb: Really crazy, ’cause I forgot how to do everything as a team…

Jenny: I don't think it took us long to get back in the swing of things…although you had to kick my muse a few times. She’s a sleepy bitch nowadays! LMAO

Deb: *pours coffee* LOL We found the rhythm again.

Jenny: So the idea for this one… Wasn’t it mine? I wanted one with different powers. You took that idea and ran with it, and voila! Six was born.

Deb: I couldn’t help it. I’m a sci-fi geek/action junkie! ;) So yeah…Twilight meets X-men meets my crazy mind, I guess. LOL

Jenny: When we started teasing it, someone asked if we were going to make them cry. I said maybe a little bit at the beginning. But really, this is much more action-oriented coupled with a sweet Edward/Bella relationship. There is drama, but not between our lovebirds. Right?

Deb: No, not really. This took a different spin, I think. Supernatural, action, romance, with some suspense thrown in occasionally. We won’t keep you guys. And we won’t always have a lengthy A/N. Most of them will be at the end.

Jenny: Just FYI, we start off with Edward alone this chapter, so it’s all Deb. Next chapter will be both Edward and Bella, and from there, it’s a mix. Sometimes the characters were wordy buggers. When that happens, they got a full chapter to themselves. We’ll post at least once a week, on Sundays, with a surprise chapter during the week every so often. As we finish up writing it, chapters will probably come twice a week.

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