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New Story! Six by Sarge's Girls

Summary: Sixth sense: a special ability to know something that cannot be learned by using the five senses. Humans use 10% of their brain, but it's been proven that those with a sixth sense use more. Some wish to harness that power. With a target on us, sixxers are hunted as we try to stay hidden, blending in with the average world around us...when we are anything but average. AH Canon Couples ExB

Jenny: One long-ass author's note coming up... Can you believe it's been four years (& a month!) since we posted the first chapter of Coming Home? And here we are again, on our FIFTH story together. What kind of craziness is that?

Deb: Really crazy, ’cause I forgot how to do everything as a team…

Jenny: I don't think it took us long to get back in the swing of things…although you had to kick my muse a few times. She’s a sleepy bitch nowadays! LMAO

Deb: *pours coffee* LOL We found the rhythm again.

Jenny: So the idea for this one… Wasn’t it mine? I wanted one with different powers. You took that idea and ran with it, and voila! Six was born.

Deb: I couldn’t help it. I’m a sci-fi geek/action junkie! ;) So yeah…Twilight meets X-men meets my crazy mind, I guess. LOL

Jenny: When we started teasing it, someone asked if we were going to make them cry. I said maybe a little bit at the beginning. But really, this is much more action-oriented coupled with a sweet Edward/Bella relationship. There is drama, but not between our lovebirds. Right?

Deb: No, not really. This took a different spin, I think. Supernatural, action, romance, with some suspense thrown in occasionally. We won’t keep you guys. And we won’t always have a lengthy A/N. Most of them will be at the end.

Jenny: Just FYI, we start off with Edward alone this chapter, so it’s all Deb. Next chapter will be both Edward and Bella, and from there, it’s a mix. Sometimes the characters were wordy buggers. When that happens, they got a full chapter to themselves. We’ll post at least once a week, on Sundays, with a surprise chapter during the week every so often. As we finish up writing it, chapters will probably come twice a week.


Victoria said...

Looking forward to yet another great story and a love fest between you and us your loyal readers.

@Danatech said...

Amazing girls!!! So glad you are back. It can't be that long.. It feels like yesterday (I'm feeling old!)

Kelly said...

So glad you guys are back! Loved the story!

Kelly said...

So glad you guys are back! Loved the story!

erika.sho said...

It's amazing. I look forward to read, four years is a long time, but you're an excellent scribblers and I love your stories ..merci

Snoopylover said...

Love the beginning :D I love all your stories. I have read and re-read all of them :D

Southern pur-rica said...

So happy you guys are back and brought an awesome story!!

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