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Six - Chapter 8

Six – Chapter 8
New York City
It was light out when I woke up, bright enough that I knew I’d slept in later than I probably should’ve. For a moment, I couldn’t remember how I’d gotten back to bed after my nightmare. Edward had still been awake when I’d stumbled out of the bedroom, heading to the kitchen for something to drink. I’d grabbed on to the company like a lifeline, still reeling from the memories my dream had brought to the surface – my mother, ignoring me as the men from Volterra Industries dragged me from the house, where I’d been dropping off groceries.
Forcing my mind from going down that path again, I focused back on Edward. We’d talked more about his ability, and I’d told him about Jake. I’d wanted to know more about his ex – Tanya, he’d said – but it really wasn’t my business, so I’d let it go. We’d started watching a documentary on TV, and I must have fallen asleep on the couch, because I had a vague memory of being in Edward’s arms, of him soothing me as he carried me to the guest bedroom. I didn’t remember him tucking me in or leaving the room, but I’d been comfortable enough to sleep hard the rest of the night and well into the morning.

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Six - Chapter 7 & Pics

Six – Chapter 7
New York City
“Please pass the mashed potatoes,” Jasper requested, and I handed them across the table.
Dinner was usually a loud affair, both mentally and verbally, but today everyone was subdued. Esme was busy fawning over Bella, making sure she ate and asking her all about her life – at least things Bella was willing to talk about concerning her life.
Even more, it was difficult to keep my eyes off Bella. Her hair was down, flowing around her shoulders in deep-brown waves. There wasn’t the stiff posture that she usually carried – in her mind, she’d called it “fight or flight.” And despite the sadness in those warm brown eyes, she looked like she felt a hell of a lot better since she’d showered and napped for a bit.
However, her mind was anything but relaxed, even when she’d slept. She wanted to know what Rose was seeing, she wanted to run, she wanted to hide, and she wanted revenge; that last thought made me smile, but I hid it behind my glass before taking a sip. I couldn’t say that I blamed her on that one, because Volterra had taken the life of an innocent man. She blamed herself, though she shouldn’t.

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Six - Chapter 6 & Pics

Six – Chapter 6
New York City
Her mother… Her own fucking mother! That thought had me on my feet and pacing as Esme whispered calming things to Bella.
My fingers threaded into my hair and gripped hard as I fought my temper. It was one thing that my biological parents had used my talents for their gain, but to sell me out to…
“Edward!” Alice hissed from the sofa, but I couldn’t reel it in, and she saw it. She could see the outcome should my temper get away from me, and it wouldn’t have been the first time.
I shook my head, my hands falling down to my sides, but the shift in the room was my fault. The tumbling of books, the shatter of glass, the scrape of furniture – it sounded like an earthquake.
“Son,” Carlisle called, grasping both sides of my face. “Edward, stop. Control it. You know you can!”
I shook my head, my glare on his face. “Her mother…sold her?!” I ground out through gritted teeth.

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Six - Chapter 5 & Pics

Six – Chapter 5
New York City
Reading early historical accounts, travel narratives, personal memoirs, novels, poems, and plays, we see how Atlantic peoples make sense of their changing worlds and the creative tensions of encounter and come to understand the productive conflicts that ultimately gave rise to an Age of Atlantic Revolutions…
I flicked my finger, watching my pen roll up my notebook and then back down. Over and over, my eyes barely seeing it, but even worse, the drone of my class was adding to the thoughts of the students in the room, and all of it was providing a pounding fucking headache. Cultures and Contexts was normally a subject I enjoyed, but everything lately had become mundane.
Despite the endless mental chatter I could hear from everyone in the room all the way up to the professor, all my head could focus on was scared brown eyes, long brunette hair, and a blush that only seemed to make its presence known around me. I eyed my cell phone sitting silently on the edge of my desk. I’d begged it to ring for the last couple of days, but it stayed as stubbornly quiet as the girl I wanted to call.