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Six - Chapter 12

Six – Chapter 12
I knew my cheeks were pink when we jumped back to the field in Alaska. I’d kind of made a spectacle of our leaving, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We hadn’t been gone long – long enough to have an amazing first kiss, I thought, which made Edward grin my way – but it seemed like we hadn’t truly been missed either. Rose and Emmett were working together against Jasper on the far end of the field, while Kate stood off to the side with Garrett and Alice and watched. When they noticed our arrival, Garrett stepped our way, along with Eleazar and Carlisle.
“Bella, Ed… I’m sorry,” Garrett apologized, looking contrite. “I wasn’t going to hurt you, but Katie gave me a good smack to the head and reminded me that accidents happen.”
Squeezing Edward’s hand when he grunted, I smiled Garrett’s way. “I know you weren’t. We handled it, and it was good practice for what we might face later.”

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Six - Chapter 11 & Pics

Six – Chapter 11
Rose’s snowy owl form gave an eerie sound from high above me. The sun was just about up, and we were leaving Bella’s cabin soon, but Carlisle had wanted to let a few of us rest. We’d been at the cabin for a little over twenty-four hours, and we’d all taken turns keeping watch, but Alice had been searching visions and futures until she was falling asleep sitting up. Esme was just as exhausted.
Still clear, Edward. Rose’s view of the world was wide open. As an owl she could spot movement quite a ways away, and since I could hear her just fine from my seat on a rock a few yards from the cabin, we worked as a team as everyone else slept inside.

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Six - Chapter 10 & Pics

Six – Chapter 10
“What is this place?” Edward asked as we stepped through the window I’d opened.
I looked around, feeling some semblance of peace settle over me. I wasn’t completely relaxed, but I knew that, at least for now, we were safe. “Dad used to take me camping out here when I was young. He loved to fish and camp, and I’d bring a book or two and read while he fished in the river that’s just to the north. Other than jumping in a few times in order to rest without having to look over my shoulder, I haven’t been back since…since he died.”
Edward nodded without saying anything, and we both looked up at the reunions taking place around us.
Carlisle had Esme in his arms, just holding her close. Alice and Jasper were having a whispered conversation over on the other side of the cabin. Even Emmett was wrapped protectively around Rose, who was currently in her human skin.

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Six - Chapter 9

Six – Chapter 9
New York City
I raked a hand through my still damp hair, rolling my eyes at it in the mirror. Really there was nothing to be done with it. I’d given up long ago. No matter how long or short it was, it did what it damn well pleased. There was a tentative knock on my bedroom door as I reached for my T-shirt draped on the back of my desk chair.
“Yes, Bella,” I answered, smiling at the soft giggle from the other side before she cracked it open.
“There’s no sneaking up on you, is there?” she shot back when she stepped into the room.
“No, not really.” I chuckled, shaking my head a bit.