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Six - Chapter 14

Six – Chapter 14
Denali, Alaska
The living room of the main house looked like a war room. Pictures were printed, if not hand drawn, and tacked to the wall. There were fifteen minds all running at the highest peak of worry and stress. My family and Bella plus Eleazar’s family made for a lot of mental noise. Add in the pacing figure of Liam, and it meant a pounding fucking headache. And I absolutely refused to consider my poor blue balls.
Snorting softly to myself, I shook my head slowly. There wasn’t much I could do about it, and I wouldn’t change anything anyway. Bella and I had lost ourselves for a moment, but we’d needed to slow down. The reason was evident as I stood in the Denali living room. Bella wasn’t ready, it wasn’t the right time, and if I was being honest with myself, I didn’t want to be with her that way until we were truly alone – or at least not completely distracted by all this bullshit.
God, I wanted her, though. So much that I could barely keep my eyes off her.
Just watching her talk softly with my mother as she helped Rose and Alice – she fit this family. She fit me like a damned glove. She was soft and sweet but so fucking strong. She was smart as all hell and quick to laugh when my brothers or Garrett said something stupid.

“The only way to get in there and get back out is for Bella to go,” Eleazar argued, and Bella’s eyes met mine. The mere thought scared the shit out of her. “The very second they find Maggie, she can drop them through the floor. Hospital bed and all, if she has to.”
“Well, you can forget going in as security.” Rose’s voice still sounded exhausted, but she’d rested a little since Emmett had set her down in my cabin. Now she was eating like she hadn’t eaten in a week. “That shit won’t work. I’ll have to go in as a doctor or technician.” She shot a glance to Tanya. “And have I got the perfect one for you.”
Tanya grinned evilly. “Yeah? A hot lab tech?”
“Uh, no. More like…a lonely-heart geek. Ever watch Big Bang Theory?”
I barked a laugh because that was awesome. Turning to Bella, I opened my mind. See? Shit circles around. Fuckery, pretty girl. Watch.
Bella’s giggle was soft, and she buried it into the glass of milk she was drinking. The only one that noticed was Esme, who shot me an amused smirk.
Tanya glared my way when I laughed, but then she turned back to Rose, who was biting into a dinner roll. “Okay, tell me about Dr. Lonely Heart.”
Rose smiled. “He has all access. I need his identity and his employee badge. He’s OCD and awkward, and he’s so bad that most of his coworkers can’t help but tease him. Same coffee, at the same time, from the same place. Same time to work, same time out. But he’s easily flustered by women – and you can ease that shit, Tanya. And he works nights.” Her eyes looked to me. “I need his thumbprint too. The place is a normal lab and office until you reach the basement levels, and then the security is tight.”
My sister had already shown me most of her findings. She’d turned into the cat as soon as she and Emmett had stepped through Bella’s window. She’d even made her way toward VI as the cat, but as soon as she had somewhere Emmett could lay low, stay safe, and out of sight, she’d switched to a small bird. Flying over the large area, she’d watched the front doors, the bay doors at the back, and even the employee parking.
The security gate wouldn’t matter to her, and it was far enough away from the main building that it posed no issue, but she was looking for a way in. She found it in the employee parking lot. She’d landed as the bird but had hopped underneath an SUV to change. As a squirrel, not one person paid attention to her. She could climb trees, approach windows, and sniff out small holes or grates in order to slip inside the building. It was one of those grates that got her inside as a mouse.
Inside the walls, she used wires and pipes to navigate the building. She listened to employees, followed signs, and eventually made her way lower into the basement area. To actually go inside the lab, she hitched a ride as a spider on one of the techs – the very one she wanted Tanya to work. She’d hidden in the pocket of his lab coat. He really was all she described him – awkward, nervous around women, meticulous about things. And that was just observing him from his pocket. He was twitchy and sweaty, but he wasn’t an idiot, or he wouldn’t be working there. He was the stock-picture for nerds everywhere.
However, once the large space opened up around her, she’d changed again to a fly so she could get a full view of the entire space. It didn’t even look real, and if it had been anyone other than Rose, I’d question their memory. But my sister was trustworthy and couldn’t alter her view when she was something other than human. It was truly the size of an airplane hangar. Rows upon rows of beds lined the place. Every human being was attached to some sort of machine and IVs. At the foot of each bed was a chart and a collection vial full of blue liquid.
Maggie was on bed 101. She seemed small in the large room and looked to be sleeping, but really, all of those people were in medically induced comas. Dark curly hair was spread out on the pillow, and she was the picture of innocence. The sight of her relieved and incensed Rose at the same time. She’d landed on the bed as the fly but quickly changed back to her mouse form.
From there, my sister had skirted the edge of the large space, taking in as much as she could – the corner section that seemed to be testing the vials of blue liquid, the storage cooler, the pharmacy, and the few technicians down there. A hallway jutted off the far back corner, and it was room after room – breakroom, gym, offices, something labeled “quarantine,” and restrooms. There was no security; the place was completely contained.
“Oh, he’s perfect,” I sang, grinning Tanya’s way and laughing when she flipped me off. “Oh no, T, you’ll love him. He’ll believe everything you throw at him – hook, line, and sinker.”
“Right?” Rose agreed, nodding my way. “I thought so, too.”
Tanya scowled, muttering about mind-reader assholes and the inability to get away with anything, which made me laugh all the more. I was pretty sure I was beyond exhausted at this point.
It didn’t help that everyone in the room was amused, except for Liam, who was simply confused. Garrett shook his head, his mind going over how many times he’d warned Tanya about her talent and about fucking around. Kate and Irina were no different; they’d warned their sister over and over that doing what she did would hurt me, but Tanya couldn’t help herself. It was a part of her to use her talent. That was why we wouldn’t and couldn’t last. And that was also perfectly fine by me, because one look at the dark-brown eyes at the dining room table, and I knew that I felt more for Bella than I’d ever felt for any girl in my entire life. There was no stopping it; it had come over me more and more since I’d set eyes on her in the bodega in New York, and it almost felt like a part of me, just like my sixth senses. It just was.
“Edward,” Alice called softly, her brow furrowing as she yanked me out of my own musings. “Edward, we…we…we can’t save them all,” she whispered, and I came to kneel between her and Bella when her voice wavered a little. “There are too many. Not enough time. There aren’t enough of us to…” She sighed deeply, reaching out a hand to my face so she could feel my expression. “The only way… It’s the only way, big brother.”
The vision she was having was showing Bella in one of those many beds. She was being used as bait, or really, she was posing as a patient in order for Rose to get her near Maggie.
“No, Alice,” I begged, shaking my head. “No, I can’t… What if… So much shit could go wrong with that!”
I know you love her, Edward, but it’s the only way! Alice thought to me as she rubbed the wrinkle between my brows, because she just hit the nail on the head with all I’d been feeling when it came to Bella, but she didn’t let me argue. She can step into the room she escaped from, and she can drop all three of them right back here. Think it through! Kate can kill the electricity, Garrett can stop the doors and the elevators – all from the outside. But Bella is the key. Things have changed, Edward. I can’t help it. With what Rose found out, with as many of us are being held in that room, the whole outcome is different!
“Alice, I promised…” My voice was pleading. I couldn’t fucking bear to send Bella back into that place knowing how frightened she was of it all. “Then I’m going with them.”
That caused a stir in the room, but I held up my hand. I needed to see, needed to concentrate on Alice’s visions to see how that decision would affect the outcome.
Alice’s sightless, milky eyes shifted back and forth, like she was trying to see with everything she had. She kept her hand on my face. Her decision making was so fast – changing who went and who stayed, changing how we went in, using just Bella and Rose. However, when it came down to it, it worked. It was simple, using the identity of the night employee and the cover of darkness.
My sister leaned closer. “If we change it to any other way, it doesn’t work. If we go this route, not only do you make it back, but we have to move. All of us – Liam and Maggie, too.” Alice switched to thoughts. They’re well aware of where we are, Edward. They know. Whether they’re tracking us or they have some other way to find sixxers, they know we’re in Alaska. I’ve seen decisions made to come and to leave us. So far, they’ve focused on others. This… Big brother, this will truly make us all a target.
“Aren’t we already targeted?” I asked her, my voice angry but sarcastic at the same time.
“Yes, but doing this… Taking someone right out of their hands will ensure that Aro will send for us. It won’t matter where we go, because they’ll come. And they have more than we’ve seen so far,” she stated cryptically.
“Aww, c’mon! I love you both, but could you two share with the class!?” Jasper whined. “You’re killing us all with all this secretive bullshit language you’ve always used.”
Grinning at Alice’s giggle, I cupped her face and kissed the crown of her head when I stood up. “He’s just jealous,” I whispered into her hair. I faced Eleazar and Carlisle. “We have a plan, but once this is over, we’ll have to move. We all have to go. So if anyone knows a place that’ll fit sixteen people…”
“Sixteen?” Liam asked, gaping. “You’re bringing her back?”
“Yeah.” I nodded firmly. “It’ll take five of us, six with Tanya occupying the employee, but we’ll bring her back.”
“Which five?” Bella asked in a whisper, her face flushing a beautiful pink, but her mind told me she knew.
Kneeling beside her, I locked my eyes with her. “Rose, Kate, Garrett, me, and…you, pretty girl. Do you think you could open a window back inside the room?”
“Yeah, but…” She shook her head. Edward, I don’t want to go back inside that building.
“I know. That’s why I’m going.” Opening my mind to hers, I added, I can’t let anything happen to you. I’ll be with you the whole time.
“On my life,” I vowed. “We go in together, and we come out together. That’s it.”
Bella’s mind reeled, but she thought about little Maggie, she sorted through who was going, and finally she nodded. “Yeah, okay. I can get back in.”
I kissed her lips, ignoring the shocked reactions around us. “Okay, then we go back to Seattle tomorrow night.”
Seattle, Washington
Light rain misted down on us as we made our way from the stadium. I pulled up the hood on my sweatshirt at the same time Bella did the same. The sun would set soon, but it wouldn’t matter. If all this shit went the way we’d planned, we’d be back in Alaska by midnight.
Tanya and Rose were already in place at the diner that seemed make its living on all the industrial businesses in the area. They were waiting for Dr. Harold Bishop – that poor geek was doomed from birth with that name. Bella and I were coming in separately. Once Tanya had dear old Harold’s attention, I would mentally lift his ID badge, dropping it for Rose, who would take off with it as her favorite cat form. If Tanya used her talent just right, she’d make Harold forget all about work and responsibility…for hours. And that was exactly what we needed.
Kate and Garrett were already at the abandoned warehouse across from Volterra. We’d all come into Seattle at different intervals. We weren’t sure how they were hunting us, aside from Demetri’s talent, so one or two sixxers suddenly appearing on their radar at a time may go unnoticed, where a bunch of us at one time may not. We were playing it as safe as we could.
Bella’s mind started to panic. It was the same rambling thoughts she’d had when I’d first brought her home to the penthouse in New York. Worry, close proximity to the one place she’d been avoiding, too much time in public, and pushing her blurry memory for a picture of the room she’d escaped over a year ago.
Slipping my hand into hers, I threaded our fingers together.
When I looked over her way, her face was hidden by the hood partially, but I could still see the hint of a smile grace her lips. Deep down, Bella didn’t mind that I could hear her thoughts. It used to piss off Tanya something fierce, but the difference between the two was that Bella had nothing to hide. There wasn’t much I didn’t know already and there wasn’t shit I could judge her on, so my pretty girl could think what she wanted without fear of embarrassment.
I kissed the back of her hand, chuckling against her sweet skin just as we rounded the corner where the diner sat. I could see Rose’s cat form by the window, her yellow-green eyes sharp on a table under the awning. Our timing was perfect, because the man from Rose’s memory stepped out of the diner with large coffee in hand.
Squeezing Bella’s hand, I opened my mind to hers. You want to see how Tanya’s talent works? Watch what she does. She pushes a false sense of need, of intrigue at the guy, and he’ll eat it up because he wants the attention from someone who looks like her.
Tanya’s mind hit poor Harold at full force, which caused him to stumble a little, but when she dropped her phone off the table and right in front of him, he was done. There was no resistance when she thanked him for picking the phone up and handing it back, and then she offered the chair across from her. Harold hesitated for a split second, his mind considering work, but Tanya pushed harder, and he barely remembered where the fuck he was standing.
Bella’s mouth fell open when he took a seat, looking at Tanya like he’d found his soul mate. “Holy shit.”
“Yeah.” I snorted, rolling my eyes her way. “Imagine that shit with every damn date, every dinner, every trip to the movies, and hell, just stopping for gas.”
Bella scowled, looking up at me. Her first thought was that she couldn’t imagine finding someone more handsome than me, but then she considered it was Tanya’s talent – none of us could change what we could do – and it sort of made a little sense, though she didn’t like it.
“Glad you think so, pretty girl,” I chuckled against her hand, pressing another kiss there and wishing I could kiss her lips.
There wasn’t time, though, because Rose stood up, stretching languidly as her cat form, and she walked leisurely Tanya’s way. Harold had his badge clipped to his belt loop. With a quick push of my mind, it released, and I set it silently onto the concrete beneath his chair.
Thank you, big brother! Rose thought to me as she walked by, picked it up, and darted around the corner. She’d be changing into her human form in order to tuck that ID into her pocket, and then she’d navigate the VI employee parking as a mouse. No one would see her until she appeared as Dr. Harold Bishop in the hallways of the facility.
Bella and I continued our walk toward the abandoned warehouse to meet up with Kate and Garrett. Before we turned the corner, I stopped Bella, gripping both sides of her hood.
“Look at me, Bella,” I whispered, keeping my mind open for anyone watching us. When worried brown eyes locked with mine, I kissed her briefly. “You can do this. We can get it done. With Garrett and me in there with you, nothing will touch you or Rose. Okay?”
“Someone will recognize me, Edward,” she countered, and I nodded.
“Maybe, but they’ll forget it as soon as they think it. Please, please trust me on this. How do you think Bart down at the bodega smiled at you every time you went with Esme?” I asked her, tapping my temple. “I got this. He doesn’t remember your stealing, just that Esme and I knew you. These people may not remember how to tie their own fucking shoes when I’m done. I’ll use way more force.”
“Oh God, Edward,” she gasped. “Don’t give them brain damage.”
Grinning, I shrugged a shoulder and guided her into the hole in the fence of the abandoned warehouse. “I’ll do my best.”
Our steps echoed through the warehouse, crunching on dirt, debris, and glass, but we found Kate and Garrett huddled up in front of the window that faced VI. Garrett’s wry smile greeted us, and his thoughts were nervous but ready. He was nervous because the whole fucking building was metal, so one wrong push and he could bring the damn thing down…or shrivel it up like a wad of aluminum foil. Kate was fine. Her goal was the large transformer just outside on the sidewalk between the two buildings. If she hit that just right, the whole damn grid would black out.
“Okay…Tanya’s with the doc and he’s head-over-heels in love, Rose is making her way across the parking lot, and the sun is almost set,” I muttered aloud.
“We’re starting a war,” Garrett’s voice was soft and thoughtful, not accusatory, as he gazed across the street. He nodded once. “This is a hornet’s nest we’re about to piss off.”
Bella stepped back, nodding in agreement, but I wrapped my arms around her to hold her close.
“Yeah,” I concurred, “but we’ll be across the country by tomorrow. Hopefully this will make them think about their next step.”
What I didn’t say out loud was that they’d taken a kid – a little girl – right out of her father’s hands. And we were simply going to take her back. That was it. It was that simple. I had no problem with it because who the fuck knew how many sixxers they’d kidnapped, stolen, or cajoled away from family or loved ones. As much as I’d like to help them all, we didn’t have the time, space, or backup to get to every sixxer inside that building. My hope was that eventually we could help them all, but for now…Maggie was my target.
We didn’t have to wait long. The night shift of VI had significantly fewer employees on duty than the daytime shift. When the employee parking lot had slowly emptied, with calls of good-bye and have a good weekend, the sun had gone down and the rain was falling a touch harder.
I rubbed my temple, concentrating on Rose’s mind. She was in Bishop’s office in the basement, waiting for the last of the day crew to leave. If her assessment was correct, then that would leave only a few people down in that basement level – a few in the lab, a nurse to monitor the beds, and one guard on duty at the main door. The latter didn’t go beyond the door he guarded.
Rose riffled through Bishop’s files, computer, and inbox on the top of his desk. She caught words that bothered her – tests, trial-runs, and soldier. She also saw a file marked “genome manipulation,” and she snatched it up to flip through it. About halfway through it, she just decided to take it, folding it in half and tucking it into her back pocket, where it was hidden by the lab coat.
As Bishop, Rose could wander freely around the main area. She sighed deeply, shaking her head at the ranges in ages and races. The talents of the comatose sixxers were noted in their charts, and the plethora of sixth senses were intense. Talent negation, augmentation, and mimicry; weather, water, and fire control; technopathy, empathy, and kinetic absorption. And finally…healer.
Rose jumped when a nurse approached her. “Dr. Bishop, is there something you need?” the older woman asked, and Rose as the doctor shook her head no. She wouldn’t speak because my sister’s voice would give her away.
However, Rose’s eyes landed on Maggie one more time before her mind called to me. Let’s do this, Edward. There are five people down here with me – one on the other side of the main locked doors. Two are in the lab, one on the main floor, and one monitoring the quarantine area, which is where you guys come in. I’ll meet you back there when the power goes out. When you come in, do it silently.
Nodding once, I faced everyone else. “Okay, Rose is good. Kate, she’s ready for you. Garrett, you’re with me.” Facing Bella, I cupped her face. “Rose says to go in silently because there is someone down that hallway.”
“Okay,” Bella whispered, frowning a little as she concentrated on the rusty wall behind us. Before she actually opened the window, she glanced back at Kate, who was already holding a grapefruit-sized ball of energy. “On three, okay? One, two, three…”
Kate’s throw was perfect. If anyone had seen it, they would have only seen a streak of bluish light, much like a lightning bolt. With the rain, I don’t think anyone would’ve thought it strange.
The whole area went black. For blocks there were no street lights, building lights, or even headlight of cars. All was quiet and dark, except for the spatter of rain on metal roofs and asphalt.
“Go, Bella.”
The electric feel of Bella’s talent crawled over us, and Garrett grinned as he rubbed his arm.
“It’ll be a nice change to actually step through this window, instead of you using it against me,” he whispered to her, which made her chuckle softly.
Kissing the side of her head, I slipped my hand into hers. “We’ve got you, Bella.”
She nodded at the same time the window opened on the wall. With the power out, the generators kicked on, so the light was dim through the window and into what looked like a jail cell and hospital room had mated. I’d seen the damn thing before, but it only made me that much angrier to see it in person. To imagine my pretty girl strapped to a bed, comatose, and unable to move, fight, or escape…
My nostrils flared as I fought my temper. I needed to be in complete and utter control with these next few steps. I need to stay calm in order to finish this and protect Bella. She pulled me gently into the room, and Garrett followed right behind us. The window closed silently after.
The room was locked and occupied, but the person in the bed was unconscious; a young man slept on while we walked around him. The wall that faced the hallway was some sort of glass or plexiglass. The door was metal – metal bars, metal lock, metal frame.
When a shadow appeared in the hall, all three of us froze.
It wasn’t Rose in Dr. Bishop’s form. It was the other employee she’d mentioned. From her thoughts, I saw that she was about to come into the room to make sure the IVs and machines the boy in the bed behind me was hooked to were still working.
I shot Garrett a quick glance, and he nodded, readying himself. We both pulled Bella back to the wall, hiding us from the employee about to step into the room. As soon as she did, my mind hit hers hard as the metal door locked closed behind her. I forced the thoughts of every comatose victim in the main room into her head – some were dreams, some were fears, and some were slightly aware that they were trapped. All of it hit her at one time. I topped it off with how wrong it all was. Lastly, I forced the thought that she should protect herself and get out of VI while she could.
I couldn’t feel guilty about her tears, not one bit. Garrett focused on the door, and despite the electronic keypad, the lock not only slid open but disintegrated into a powder-like substance. Bella watched with awe for a brief moment as that powder swirled like a small tornado, spinning and melting into three small round balls. They circled around each other until they made their way to Garrett, and then it seemed like they’d found their true orbit. And as we stepped into the hallway, they followed him. He’d use them in defense if he had to, but I caught a brief thought of setting the lab back a decade or two. I didn’t ask.
Bella gasped as she came face to face with a lab coat. “Shit! I forgot what Rose looked like.”
Grinning, I squeezed her shoulder and turned to Rose. “How many in the lab?”
“Still just two,” Rose’s voice came through Dr. Bishop’s mouth. “I was hoping they’d take a break or something, but they’re still in there. Jesus, Edward…there’s so many kids.”
Tapping my temple, I nodded. “I saw, and I can hear them.”
“Fuck,” Garrett sighed deeply, wondering how the hell I lived with that shit.
I didn’t answer him because I didn’t have time. Several minds hit me at once, but it was two of those in particular that set me on edge.
“Motherfucker,” I hissed, turning to face Rose, Bella, and Garrett. “We have to move, and we have to do this fucking fast. Demetri and Felix are here.”
Rose didn’t even pause. She led the way down the hallway and out into the main area. Seeing all those sixxers in one place caused me to lose a brief moment of my temper. I was barely holding on to it as it was, but the power that shot out of me shook the beds, rattled the windows of the lab, and caused carts to roll to the outer walls.
Bella’s warm hands met either side of my face, and deep-brown eyes locked with mine. “Edward, no. Let’s just get Maggie and go. Save it for if we need it.”
My temples throbbed, but I nodded. However, my actions caused a problem, because the two lab workers stepped to the window that rattled.
“I got them,” Garrett said, jerking his chin toward the door. “You get the kid.”
Bella and I wound our way through the beds, following Rose. Garrett’s orbiting ball bearings split and morphed into triple the amount. Those six balls shot off away from him toward the lab, and the sound of shattering glass, equipment being destroyed, and screams from the lab workers was almost satisfying. Those six pieces of round metal went to work on the entire lab like a machine gun was firing into the small room. The lab workers were hiding underneath a table.
“What are you doing?!” the nurse who’d approached Rose before yelled our way, meeting us at Maggie’s bed. “Dr. Bishop! That’s Isabella Swan… She’s been rogue…”
That was all it took to lose the barely there hold on my temper. Turning her way, I forced my opinion into her mind. This place is a meat market, a disgusting example of human trafficking! Isabella Swan doesn’t exist to you, this place, or anyone associated with it. Take the girl off the machines. Now!
The nurse, whose nametag said Sharon Giles, froze for a moment, her eyes glazing with how hard I hit her mind. For a split second, I was afraid I really had given someone brain damage.
“Yes, sir,” she finally muttered, turning to get to work.
The lab was just about in shambles when the ball bearings and their owner joined us at the bed in the middle of the large room. Garrett had encased the lab workers in a metal cube that was once upon a time the lab tables. The two employees couldn’t move, nor could they see, but even better, they were safe from whatever else we may have to do. Especially since Demetri and Felix were in the fucking building.
“We have to go,” I urged, glancing up when the door started to open. Holding out a hand, I slammed it back and held it closed, smirking at the curses and banging coming from the other side. Turning back toward the bed, I said, “Fuck it. Bella, drop bed and all. Get ready.”
Bella nodded, but her eyes stayed on that door. “That’s more than just Felix and Demetri.”
“Yeah, Jane and Alec are with them. If I let go of that door, we’re in for a world of hurt. They’ll blind us and hit us with pain.”
“I say we give them a big fucking mess to clean up before they decide to come for us,” Garrett suggested, his smile crooked and evil.
He held a hand out, and his three pieces of metal rushed to hover and spin just above the palm of his hand. As they spun, they started to flatten until they were thin and sharp about the size of a CD. With a slight push of his mind and hand, those discs took off in a blur, whizzing around the room. I couldn’t quite tell what he was doing until the poles that held IVs started to drop to the floor. He was severing the IVs. Grinning, I realized he wanted to wake every last sixxer in the room.
“Can you get a thought to them all?” he asked me, his eyes on his metal pets that were working their way down the last row of hospital beds. “Tell them to run, fight, wake the fuck up.”
Nodding, I closed my eyes. I pushed the thoughts out into the room, giving them information, telling them to fight, telling them to use their talents. The floor started to flood with liquids that were spilling out of the bags he’d cut, and the nurse was mesmerized by the state of the room. My head, though, was pounding. I was holding the door, pushing the thoughts, and watching the nurse all at the same time.
“Bed and all, Bella,” I told her again, still holding the door against the assholes on the other side. “I have to let the door go…” I trailed off when I caught Bella’s idea, grinning a little. “Your call, beautiful.”
She smirked, nodding vehemently. “Yes, definitely. Everyone on the bed, because when I do this, I’m taking us immediately after. Ready?” That last question was for me, and once Rose had a protective arm around Maggie and Garrett and I were at the foot of the bed, I released my hold on the main door.
It burst open, causing several people to fall into the room. Felix looked victorious, but Demetri looked murderous. However, it was the two younger people with them who caused me dread.
Jane and Alec.
Bella waited, though, just long enough for everyone to take in their surroundings. Before one of them could step forward, the floor opened up beneath them, and all four dropped out of sight and into what looked like the desert in Bella’s mind at the same time that those discs of Garrett’s slammed into the wall with an eerie thunk, thunk, thunk.
“Bella, now!” I held my arms for her, and she rushed into them. Wrapping her up completely, I felt my stomach leap when the bed we were on dropped. Using the last push of power, I slowed our stop down to merely a rough bump to the floor.
Glancing around, I saw Eleazar, Carmen, and Carlisle first. But I whispered into Bella’s ear. “Bring Tanya and Kate back, pretty girl.”
Bella nodded, pulling out the phone and calling Tanya. In just a moment, another window opened and my ex and her sister stepped through it, coming in from the side of the diner where they’d met up. Rose was back to her real human form and in Emmett’s embrace. Esme immediately wrapped Bella and me up in a fierce, shaky hug.
“Son, let me see her.”
I glanced up to see Carlisle already assessing and checking on Maggie.
“Here, Dad, you’ll need these.” Rose handed over not only the file she took from Bishop’s office but Maggie’s chart from the foot of the bed. “We have to move. Soon. Though we bought some time, I think.”
Garrett grinned, nodding a little while holding Kate in his arms. “Yeah, they’ll have a mess to clean up before they can aim their attention our way.”
“Edward,” I heard behind me, and keeping Bella close, I faced Liam.
“I don’t… I can’t thank you enough for this.” He stepped to the bed to run a hand over his daughter’s curls. She was still out, but from what I could see from Carlisle’s mind, she was fine and would wake up eventually when the medicine worked out of her system.
“Don’t thank me yet. We just angered a very ugly, very big hornet’s nest. They’ll come for us. All of us. This shit will put you into hiding.”
“I don’t care. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe,” he vowed, looking to Eleazar. “I’ll fight with you.”
“Okay, well, we need to move. Bella, I’m going to ask you to push your talent, to open a window from a picture. I have a friend in Florida with an old hotel on the beach. She’s a sixxer, and she’s giving us full run of the place to lay low.”
Bella nodded, knowing this would push her talent, but she was willing to help in any way.
Smiling, I kissed her temple. “You are helping, Bella. You were amazing and brave back there, but um… Where’d you send them?”
Bella broke into a soft giggle. “Somewhere that will take them some time to get back. The Grand Canyon…and I mean…in the Grand Canyon.
My eyebrows shot up at her thoughts. She’d been there once on a trip with her parents when she was young, and my pretty girl had dropped Demetri, Felix, Jane, and Alec deep into the middle of it all.
“Nice job!” I crooned into her neck, smiling when she squeaked a little, but I held her close, enjoying the fact that my pounding head seemed to lessen with each and every inhale I took against her skin. She was the most perfect thing to settle me down.
“Okay, while Carlisle works on Maggie, I need everyone packing,” Eleazar ordered, and then he pointed to Bella. “Bella, you’re with me. Let’s test that power of yours.”


LoLo-50 said...

Now that was friggin awesome,great team work and they are coming to Florida.

trbuie said...

Exciting, tense and stressful.....hopefully some of the goons get broken bones from being dropped into the Grand Canyon. LOL

Kristi said...

What a hornets nest they popped into. The Sahara Desert may have been a better place to drop the motley group of four. Lol.
Will we learn anything about the remaining sixers and how they woke up to fight their way out of VI?
Does Edward suffer any ill effects from using all his gifts at the same time?

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