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Six - Chapter 20

Chapter 20
Portland, Oregon
“Tell me again why I had to come along?” Tanya complained – and not for the first fucking time.
Bella rolled her eyes, and then she glared around me to my ex, wondering if she was truly needed in the great big picture of this coming fight. I was beginning to question that myself with every bitchy comment out of Tanya’s mouth.
I slipped my hand into Bella’s, linking our fingers together. My girl was cold, but the weather in Portland was vastly different to that in Florida. Rae’s place had been sunny and warm and beautiful when we’d left. Portland was rainy and cold.

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Six - Chapter 19

Chapter 19
Palm Island, Florida
“They took her. Volterra took Alice.”
Even as the words came out of my mouth, I didn’t want to believe them, and I saw red. I saw red through my own eyes, through Jasper’s memory and emotions, and I saw it through everyone around me. It was every fear we’d had since the beginning. It was the thing that Bella had lived with before she came to us. It was exactly what we’d been worried would happen to one of our own, but they’d picked the weakest of us. They picked the one person who couldn’t physically fight them.
And that made them fucking cowards.
My hands balled up into fists, my head throbbed, and my powers started to surge out around me. I shook my head back and forth in denial, but I couldn’t stop it. Deck furniture, garbage cans, and even the grill we’d been using started to shift and scrape along the wooden deck. Open doors slammed shut and palm trees swayed, bending with the force I couldn’t control.
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Six - Chapter 18 & Pics

Six – Chapter 18
Palm Island, Florida
After sending Rose to her room to get some rest, Carlisle gathered the rest of us into the main part of the hotel to talk more about what she had found out in Seattle. Edward had sat in one of the chairs and pulled me down onto his lap, where I was sitting sideways, taking comfort in playing with a frayed spot on the hem of his T-shirt while listening to the discussion around me.
Carlisle and Eleazar were poring over the papers Rose and Emmett had brought back, listening to Emmett as they read.

“So this kid, James… We think he’s Aro’s nephew – if Rosie read the picture in the kid’s room right. A newborn being held by a man who looks enough like Aro to be brothers, with Aro on one side of him and another man – another brother, maybe? – on the other side. On the bottom of the frame, it said Family.”