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Six - Chapter 18 & Pics

Six – Chapter 18
Palm Island, Florida
After sending Rose to her room to get some rest, Carlisle gathered the rest of us into the main part of the hotel to talk more about what she had found out in Seattle. Edward had sat in one of the chairs and pulled me down onto his lap, where I was sitting sideways, taking comfort in playing with a frayed spot on the hem of his T-shirt while listening to the discussion around me.
Carlisle and Eleazar were poring over the papers Rose and Emmett had brought back, listening to Emmett as they read.

“So this kid, James… We think he’s Aro’s nephew – if Rosie read the picture in the kid’s room right. A newborn being held by a man who looks enough like Aro to be brothers, with Aro on one side of him and another man – another brother, maybe? – on the other side. On the bottom of the frame, it said Family.”

Rae frowned. “Guy holding the baby… Lighter hair than Aro?” When Emmett nodded, she said, “That would be Caius, the middle brother. In some respects, he’s even worse than Aro. I remember him being cruel in his interactions with sixxers and even the low-level Volterra employees, the way he spoke to them and treated them, especially when he thought no one was looking. I can’t imagine he’s any better of a guy now.”
“Who’s the other one?” Edward asked, a frown marring his features.
With a sigh, Rae answered, “Marcus, their younger brother and the only one of the three to have a talent.” Before anyone could ask, she explained, “He has the ability to see loyalty, to see the strength of relationships. I didn’t get to know him at all because Aro and Caius tended to keep him away from everyone, but I do remember him as a kind man, unlike either of his brothers. When I was hired at Volterra Industries, Aro explained that Marcus was why he was doing the research he was, that Marcus had felt ostracized when they were kids, so Aro was hoping to figure out a way to remove a person’s extra sense, in the hopes that Marcus could finally be happy.”
Ohh… I frowned. I knew how it felt when your talent put you on the outside. But what they were doing at VI…
Edward reached down and took my hand, squeezing gently. I knew he could hear my inner struggle, but instead of commenting, he simply held my hand and drew me further into his lap.
“The talents they’d found,” Carlisle muttered, running his finger down a list.
“Rose said the papers should give you an idea of who escaped and who didn’t,” Emmett said, wiping a hand across his face. “Someone named Seth got out. Young kid, only fourteen, has the power to manipulate time.”
Carlisle nodded, tapping the page in front of him. “They describe him as able to freeze time and people, labeled him dangerous and to be kept under twenty-four-hour sedation.”
“High risk of escape,” I muttered softly, thinking of myself.
“I assume so,” Carlisle said with a frown.
Eleazar followed along as Carlisle continued to scan the page. “X-ray vision. Night vision. Heat vision…” He sucked in a breath, and Edward stilled, obviously reading his thoughts.
“They have another seer and another mind reader,” Eleazar said to the room.
“It doesn’t mention how powerful they are,” Carlisle added almost to himself. “With how strongly they’ve gone after Alice and Edward in the past, I can’t imagine whoever they have are as talented.”
“It looks like a total of thirteen escaped and another thirty-six are still being held. Maggie wasn’t the youngest…” Carlisle checked the forms again. “That honor goes to a little girl named Bree, who is only eight. The paper says she can manipulate emotions.”
Everyone erupted in horror. A sickening feeling ate at my guts at the thought of a little girl, not even into double digits of life, being held in captivity. Had she been stolen from her parents? Were they out there, searching for her, assuming she was dead or being used for some sick purpose? Had she been sold like I had been? Did her parents even care that she was gone?
A tear leaked from my eye, and before I could reach up to wipe it away, Edward leaned in and kissed my cheek, taking care of the errant tear at the same time.
“It’ll be okay, pretty girl,” he soothed, running his hand slowly up and down my back. “We’ll get her, and we’ll find out what happened, I promise.”
He couldn’t promise that – logically, I knew that – but I took him at his word and nodded, squeezing his hand tight.
“Do we know yet what exactly they are hoping to accomplish?” Liam asked. He’d been sitting quietly, his face a mask of horror and sadness, since he’d sent Maggie to bed.
“From everything Rae was privy to before leaving Volterra and the all the paperwork Rose was able to grab, we know they’re working with the genetic properties that make sixxers different,” Carlisle began, looking around the group of us. “We – Eleazar and I – believe he has found a way to isolate that material, and now he’s trying to duplicate or manipulate it to work in anyone.”
“Remember the blue fluid in the IV bags?” When we nodded, Eleazar continued. “That’s the genetic material that is inside a sixxer’s blood that makes us different.”
“I know we bleed red, the same as anyone,” Jasper argued, raising an eyebrow.
“Yes,” Eleazar agreed. “From everything we’ve read, it isn’t something that shows up on normal blood tests or just by looking at the blood. VI was able to find a drug that, when injected into a sixxer, will help separate that…material from the blood.”
“So the machines they were all hooked up to…” I guessed.
“Yes, exactly,” Carlisle confirmed. “Once the person was injected with the drug, then one IV was used to withdraw their blood, where it was immediately fed into a…sort of like a plasma machine…that extracted the sixxer material and filtered the rest of the blood straight back into the patient.”
“So…what?” Emmett said quietly. “They want to make a sixxer army?”
“Or sell the information to the highest bidder,” Eleazar answered.
“Jesus,” Edward growled, scrubbing a hand over his face roughly. “If they’re able to get that to work and it falls into the wrong hands, the results could be disastrous. Foreign armies of deadly, supernatural soldiers…”
“They need to be stopped,” Esme said vehemently. “No matter the cost, Carlisle.”
“Yes, they do,” Carlisle agreed. “The first steps are to learn more about where they are moving to and what sixxers are left under their control, so let’s get started…”
“We’ll make some coffee,” Esme said as she and Carmen stood. “I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night.”
I woke the next morning in Edward’s arms, my back to his front, what had quickly become my favorite place in the world. The sun was low through the curtained windows, so I knew we had a while before we had to be up and around. His touch brought me fully awake, and I moaned softly, feeling my body react to his – the hand on my breast under my T-shirt, the steel of his erection pressing against my backside, the warm breath ghosting across my cheek. My nipple tightened under his palm, and when he rolled it between his fingers, I felt the tug all the way to my clit. I couldn’t help but arch into him before turning over in his arms. He slid a hand down my back, over the curve of my ass, squeezing once before using that hand behind my knee to pull my leg up over his hip, creating the perfect cradle for him.
Neither of us spoke as he began to rock his hips against mine at the same time our lips met. The kiss was gentle, unhurried, slight brushes of tenderness until his tongue traced the seam of my lips, seeking entrance. When his cock bumped my clit, it barely mattered that we were both wearing boxer shorts. I was suddenly clinging to him, my fingernails pressing into his skin through his shirt. My mind was spinning, taking all coherent thought with it.
There, I moaned in my head. Oh God… Yes, fuck…
Groaning, Edward kissed his way down my neck, nibbling gently at the skin as he rocked harder, using a hand on my lower back to press me tighter against him. When he bit down on the skin under my ear at the same time his cock pushed hard against my clit, my orgasm hit me like a freight train, and I cried out. Edward thrust a few more times, and as he pulsed against me, gritting out my name against my neck, the picture on the wall of the bedroom fell to the ground with the sound of breaking glass.
Still breathing heavily, I laughed, a breathy sound that made Edward groan as it whispered across his cheek.
“Sorry,” he said with his own chuckle as he leaned up to smile sheepishly.
Giggling, I shook my head. “I’m not. We can buy a new frame for Rae. Totally worth it.”
After lying there for several more minutes until I knew Edward had to be uncomfortable in his drying shorts, I stretched and then slid out of bed to my feet. “You want the first shower?”
Sitting up, he shook his head. “No, you go ahead. Coffee?”
“Yes, please,” I said almost on a moan.
Edward smirked. “Yes, ma’am.”
After giving him a quick kiss, I grabbed a change of clothes from the dresser and then stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. As I got undressed, I could hear Edward moving around in the bedroom. It was comforting, to know he was just on the other side of the door, that if I needed him, he’d be here in seconds.
You know I will, pretty girl. He pushed the thought into my head, making me smile, and then all was quiet as he left me to take my shower in quiet peace.
Once out of the shower and dressed, I stepped out into the room, where Edward was lounging on the bed, arms crossed behind his head. He looked me over and smiled. I’d filched one of his shirts – a Chicago Cubs jersey I’d knotted at the back to keep it from hanging to my knees – and paired it with denim shorts.
“Sexy,” he said with a slow grin, sitting up and reaching for me.
The kiss was slow, deliberate. Sweeping kisses to my top lip, bottom lip, designed to heat my blood and leave me wanting more.
“Jesus,” I muttered, feeling the sudden need to feel him everywhere.
“Mmhmm,” he agreed, but instead of pulling me down to him on the mattress, he scooted me away and got to his feet. “Unfortunately, the family is up and ready to get the day started.”
As much as I wanted to stomp my feet and complain, I knew we had things to do, so I simply pressed a quick kiss to his lips and then stepped back with a sigh.
He chuckled and thumbed over his shoulder. “Coffee’s on the table.”
“Thanks,” I said, accepting his kiss before he moved away to grab his clothes and head to the bathroom.
As soon as I heard the water turn on, I sighed again and then grabbed the coffee Edward had made and poured for me, deciding to wait for him before I went out to face the world.
“Remember,” Edward said to Rose and me a couple of hours later. “Get in, get the information we need, and get back here safely. Don’t take any chances, no matter what you see or hear.”
“If you run into any problems,” Esme added with a stern look our way, “any at all, you come back immediately. We can try again or figure something else out if we have to.”
Rose and I both nodded, and then between blinks, Rose transformed herself into a stunning bald eagle. From her head to her talons, she looked to be about three feet tall, with dark-brown – almost black – feathers, a bright-white head, and a sharp-looking, bright-yellow beak that matched her yellow talons. She was stunning and almost predatory in the way she held herself, her pale-yellow eyes glancing around at the crowd gathered on Rae’s patio. She suddenly spread her wings, and everyone gasped.
Oh my hell! She’s huge, Edward. That’s at least twice her height!
As he nodded my way with a smile, Rose took to the air, only going as high as the motel roof, circling a few times above the patio before coming to rest on the table nearest Maggie.
When Rose the bird looked at the little girl and ducked her head, Emmett smiled and said, “You can pet her if you want.”
Shyly, Maggie reached out and touched Rose’s head, smoothing the feathers with a few fingers before smiling. “Soft…”
“Okay,” Carlisle said, handing Emmett the GoPro camera Carmen and Esme had gone out to buy first thing after breakfast.
Emmett fashioned it around Rose’s neck, then stepped back and let her spread her wings and make another test flight to ensure it was secure and she was able to fly with it attached.
When she settled onto the ground beside me, I knew we were ready.
Come back to me, Bella. Remember what I told you… I’ll spend the rest of my life looking for you. The thought pushed its way into my head, Edward’s voice sounding worried but determined.
With a nod, I spoke to everyone but looked specifically at Edward. “We’ll be back.”
Then I opened a window to a secluded area in the Olympic National Forest, and Rose in her eagle form and I stepped through. I had just enough time to look back and see Edward’s worried expression before the window closed behind us.
As planned, Rose and I stood still for a moment to get our bearings and make sure we hadn’t stepped right into any problems. I didn’t hear or see anyone or anything, so after a minute, I let out a breath of air and nodded down at Rose.
“Looks like we’re good to go. I’ll wait here while you search from the air. Any problems, come right back here and I can open a window to get us back within seconds, okay?”
After a simple nod of her head, Rose took off in flight, circling once and dipping her wing before she flew out of sight.
I’d opened the window to an area my dad and I had gone hiking in many times. I didn’t think it was too close to wherever VI had set up their new building, because the trees were too dense in this area. So I wasn’t particularly worried about running into any problems – I was hoping that even if I showed up as a dot on James’s monitor that we’d jumped close enough that they would assume it was just someone from their group. But for the thirty minutes Rose was gone, I kept my eyes and ears open for any sign of trouble.
When she finally appeared, gliding in to land a few feet from me, I let out a breath and felt myself relax just a little bit. I stepped up and removed the camera, pressing the button to make it stop recording, and then suddenly she was Rose the human again.
“Fuck,” she growled. “They really have worked fast. They already have a huge metal building up – I have to figure maybe they’ve been planning this for a while, or at least had it as a backup plan, because there’s no way they built that this quickly – and the trucks are already gone. There’s security outside – I saw a few armed guards surrounding the building, but other than that, everyone is inside.”
“Did you get good video footage?”
She shrugged. “I don’t know. I hope so.”
I started the playback, and she came over to my side to watch with me. I fast-forwarded until I saw the first hint of human inhabitance. The building came into view, and I realized Rose was right. The corrugated metal building was really big, almost like an airplane hangar, and there were indeed guards. They looked small in the video, but you could clearly see they were armed.
“Sorry I couldn’t get closer,” Rose said with a frown. “An eagle can be ignored, or even if they looked up and saw me, they’d just assume I was a normal bird from this area. But I didn’t want to give them a clear view of the camera strapped to me.”
Nodding, I agreed. “Makes sense.” When the video showed Rose on her way back to me, I asked, “How far is it from here? I couldn’t tell, just that it seemed far.”
She frowned. “As best I can tell, it’s a good ten miles from here, and that’s as the crow – or eagle, I suppose – flies.”
“Shit… I’ve got to figure out a better place for us to jump to when we come for them. There’s no good way to get us from here to there.”
“We can probably get there on foot, but it’ll be faster if you ride on my back,” Rose admitted.
I snorted. “I’m not riding a bear,” I teased her, although I wasn’t really kidding. The thought of that was scary, even if, logically, I knew the bear was Rose.
Rolling her eyes, Rose grinned. “I was thinking more of a…horse.”
After taking a few steps back, she shifted again, and in her place was a gorgeous, all-white horse. I gasped and then smiled when Rose the horse snorted out a breath and knelt on her front forelegs in invitation.
“I haven’t ridden a horse in fifteen years,” I mumbled as I tried to figure out how to climb on without hurting her or myself.
Once I was finally up, I gripped tight with my knees and held on to her mane as she gracefully stood, took a few steps to let me settle my weight on her back, and then took off deeper into the forest.
It was a tight fit on quite a few occasions, and more than once did I almost fall off her back, but riding bareback on a pure-white horse’s back was exhilarating. We had to dodge branches and trees, leap over fallen logs, and we scared a herd of deer at one point, but it was worth it when we finally stopped and Rose the horse knelt down to let me slide off her back.
As soon as I was down, she shifted back to human and held a finger to her lips. “We’re probably a half mile from the building,” she whispered. “I don’t want to go any closer, but it’s close enough that once we’re all here, it’ll be easy to get to it.” She looked around at the trees. “Does this work as a place to jump to?”
I followed her glances and then smiled, nodding once. “It works,” I said just as quietly. “If you’re sure we’re close enough, then let’s go before we test our luck any further.”
She looked back toward where the new VI building was and then nodded. “I’m sure.”
Without any hesitation, I opened a window to Rae’s patio, and Rose and I stepped through, the window blinking closed behind us.
We hadn’t even been gone two hours, but Emmett and Edward were both pacing nervously beside the pool, and they rushed to us the moment we stepped through.
“Thank fuck,” Edward breathed, wrapping me up in his arms and nearly squeezing the life out of me. “Are you okay?”
I laughed softly. “We’re fine, really. It went perfectly. Rose got a lot of great video, and I found a good place for us to jump to when it’s time.”
“Okay,” he said, sighing. “Okay. Good.”
“Let’s get everyone together and show them this footage, and then we can relax for a while,” I suggested.
Edward nodded. “Works for me. They’re all in the main living area watching a movie.”
“Edward couldn’t sit still, so I told him I’d wait out here with him,” Emmett said, coming up beside us, holding Rose’s hand.
Snorting, Edward laughed. “You were just as bad, Em. You were ready to run your way to Washington if they didn’t come back in the next half hour.”
Rose and I laughed and shook our heads, grinning as the boys led us into the motel.
Late in the afternoon, most of us were hanging out by the pool. Maggie was swimming with her dad while the rest of us watched her play and talked about anything and everything not related to the upcoming trip we had to make to Washington. Edward had barely let go of my hand since Rose and I had jumped back to Florida. Me being that close to Volterra without him had really made him sick with nerves. Emmett wasn’t doing much better. After a short rest to recharge her batteries, he hadn’t let Rose more than a couple of feet from his side.
The only ones not currently at the motel were Carmen and Esme, who had gone to get groceries, and Alice and Jasper, who had decided to take a walk on the beach.
“I’m telling you,” Garrett argued. “the Seahawks are gonna kill it against the Dolphins next week.”
Benjamin scoffed. “Please. Seattle’s been terrible this season, and you know it.”
The trash talk continued, but I tuned it out and listened to the other conversations floating around, everything from politics to books and movies. I was content to simply listen and watch little Maggie doing flips into the water from her dad’s shoulders.
In the middle of Edward and Emmett’s discussion of which doctor from Doctor Who was the best when Edward froze, his face thunderous as he stood, shoving his patio chair back with a screech of metal on concrete.
A gust of wind suddenly threatened to overturn the tables on Rae’s patio, and then Jasper was there, panting, his eyes murderous.
“What’s wrong?” Carlisle looked at him sharply. “Where’s Alice?”
Jasper opened his mouth, but all that came out was a hissing breath as he stammered, “She… They… Fuck!”
When Jasper seemed unable to speak in a coherent sentence, Edward voiced aloud what he was unable to. Looking at Carlisle, he said in a chilling voice, “They took her. Volterra took Alice.”


Anonymous said...

So VI must have a teleporter too, if they just popped on the beach and took Alice and popped away. hmmmm...... I am glad that Rose and Bella's mission went OK and that they got some information. But it appears, the group didn't move fast enough. :(
On a lighter more sexy note, dry humping has never been more sensual and down right sexy. ---wink wink---

Kristi said...

I didn't anticipate Alice being taken. Is it a ploy to get back at Carlisle's group of Sixer's and the destruction of their previous establishment? So Jasper and Alice were not protected by the dome of seclusion while on the beach?
It would appear that they need to move up the plan of attack to retrieve Alice.

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