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Six - Chapter 19

Chapter 19
Palm Island, Florida
“They took her. Volterra took Alice.”
Even as the words came out of my mouth, I didn’t want to believe them, and I saw red. I saw red through my own eyes, through Jasper’s memory and emotions, and I saw it through everyone around me. It was every fear we’d had since the beginning. It was the thing that Bella had lived with before she came to us. It was exactly what we’d been worried would happen to one of our own, but they’d picked the weakest of us. They picked the one person who couldn’t physically fight them.
And that made them fucking cowards.
My hands balled up into fists, my head throbbed, and my powers started to surge out around me. I shook my head back and forth in denial, but I couldn’t stop it. Deck furniture, garbage cans, and even the grill we’d been using started to shift and scrape along the wooden deck. Open doors slammed shut and palm trees swayed, bending with the force I couldn’t control.

I heard Carlisle’s call, but it was the warm hands on my face that caught me by surprise, making me gasp.
“Edward, look at me,” Bella commanded softly. Focus on my mind, Edward. Hear me?
I nodded vehemently.
Good, then listen to me. You have got to calm down. You’re scaring Rae and Maggie…and me a little. You’ve got to control it. We need to know what happened.
I never, ever wanted to scare Bella, not with my temper or my extra ability, and Maggie and Rae hadn’t really seen me lose my shit. I squeezed my eyes closed, opening them to deep brown and concerned.
“I’m sorry,” I barely uttered aloud.
I know you’re pissed. I know it’s Alice – the one you’ve protected above all of us – but—
“I know, I know, I know,” I chanted, nodding a little. “I’m okay.”
My gaze stayed on Bella for a heartbeat or two. When her mind swirled around thoughts of love and vows of helping, I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. My temples throbbed along with my heartbeat, making my vision darken a bit, but when I could finally see clearly, I took a step back from her and raked my hands through my hair.
Jasper, who’d been wrapped up by Emmett to keep him calm, glared at me when I finally got my shit together.
“Show me again,” I told him.
Ignoring everyone around me who had stood up when I’d snapped, I focused on what Jasper was remembering. My sister had wanted to feel the water and sand between her toes. She’d wanted to walk on the beach. She’d followed every decision Rose and Bella had made when they’d left to scout VI’s new facility. She wanted a small brief respite in the visions – at least, that’s what she’d told Jasper.
My eyes narrowed on her expression through his memory, and he nodded.
“She lied.” We’d said it at the same time.
Confusion came at me from everyone, but no one interrupted.
“Why? What was she fucking thinking?” I asked him, and he shook his head and shrugged.
Their walk was quiet, and he held her hand, guiding her through the shallow waves that raced up the sand. Alice’s smile, her giggle seemed to be worth it all as she wriggled her toes in the shifting sand, shells, and foamy water, but it did seem like she was waiting for something.
They came from the direction of the house next door, which was at least a football field or more away. Pain hit Jasper like nothing I’d ever seen or felt. He crumpled to the sand, gritting his teeth to stop the screams that wanted to escape. It was blinding and white, like someone had set him on fire from the inside out.
“You don’t need to do that,” I heard my sister’s calm voice. “I’ll go. He’ll let me. Just…stop hurting him.”
The internal fire stopped as quickly as it started, and Jasper was on his feet in the blink of an eye.
“Jazz, stop.”
He did as she commanded, but he could see who had her. Demetri, Felix, Jane, and Alec were flanking Alice. Felix had his large hand on her shoulder, Demetri had a gun pointed to her head, and Jane was smiling.
“Jasper, it has to be me,” she told him. Her voice and her face were calm, accepting. “It’s the only way.”
My brother was an easygoing, normally mellow guy, and I rarely saw him lose his shit, but this was different. This was him on the verge of tears but also fucking murderous. His thoughts, whether they were from the moment or from his current state, I wasn’t sure, but they were violent and threatening. My brother wanted blood. But at the same time, Jasper trusted Alice and her visions. We all did.
“You know, we’ll come for her,” he threatened Demetri, who pulled down the hammer of his gun and smiled. “And when we do… You’ll never touch anyone else again. I fucking promise you.”
“Make sure when you come to bring Isabella Swan with you. You can tell her that her contract isn’t up,” Jane stated, and her voice was creepy and childlike, high-pitched and annoying.
“Why don’t you come tell them yourself. See what happens,” Jasper taunted, but his eyes betrayed him as he glanced at the four people surrounding the only person who truly meant anything to him. “C’mon up… It’s obvious you found us.”
“If you hadn’t gotten cocky and come out from behind the shield, maybe you’d still be hidden,” Demetri drawled.
“That’s enough,” Jane replied, shoving Alice forward a little, which made Jasper step toward them, but he stopped when Alice said no. “Eventually, we’ll have everyone we need.”
“Jasper!” Alice called. “You have to let them take me. It’s the only way. Do you understand?”
“Yeah, I get it, but I don’t have to like it, darlin’.”
His answer to her was falsely calm and through gritted teeth, because inside he was raging. He was walking toward them as they stepped back the way they’d come. He continued to follow them until they reached the beach access between the house next door and Rae’s motel, where an SUV sat parked. Again, he was hit with the blinding, searing pain, and he dropped again to his knees with the agony. Jane continued to keep him immobile until they’d loaded up in the SUV, started the engine, and pulled away. Once they were barreling down the street, the pain evaporated.
I quickly explained how it had gone down, what was said, and the threats toward everyone, Bella especially.
I turned his way completely. “How did she know and not alert me to it, Jasper?” I asked, almost yelling as I tapped my temple.
He shook his head. “I dunno! I wish I knew. I know that once Rose and Bella got back, she was hit with a few different visions, but she kept them quiet. She muttered one time that it couldn’t be anyone else. Not Bella, not Rose, and not you, because death follows.” He shrugged again. “I don’t know what she meant, but she’s always working through shit! I didn’t know she’d walk right into their hands!”
“Death follows,” Rose whispered, walking to us and looking to me. “What would that even mean?”
Emmett, who’d been standing beside Jasper just in case he decided to make another run for it, piped up with his deep, soft voice. “Because I’d die getting to you, Rosie. And I can’t even imagine the destruction Edward would cause at the mere idea that they had their hands on Bella again, so Alice took this shit into her own hands to save us. Not to mention, you and Bella would fight them. Alice won’t, not if it means an end to this.” He gazed around at all of us. “You know I’m right. She’s always done it. She’s always allowed things to play out if it meant something good would come of it. Only if there was danger would she speak up. She may not fight, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She knew what our plans were.”
I spun my frantic gaze to Bella, trying to picture it, and the idea of it wrecked me. Tears welled up in her eyes, and I reached for her. I needed to feel her, touch her, make sure I could wrap my arms around her. And I was in such a state that I’d pushed those thoughts to her. She let me hold her tightly.
“So we have to trust her, but we have to get her,” Jasper stated, smacking Emmett’s chest as they started to head toward their bungalows.
“Not right now you don’t.” Esme’s voice was scared but firm. “You have time to plan. They have to travel; we don’t,” she stated, pointing toward Bella. “You run off half-cocked and too early, they’ll put my little girl somewhere we can’t get her. Right now, they don’t know what we know.”
“Okay, everyone calm down. She’s right,” Carlisle stated, stepping forward and setting a hand on my shoulder. He gave it a squeeze before continuing. “She’s right. We need to plan.”
Benjamin’s thoughts turned another way, a direction that I wasn’t expecting, and I found myself answering him before he could voice it aloud.
“Bella’s mother signed her over to VI. That contract,” I stated with venom in my voice. “No, Bella wasn’t privy to it until she showed up and she was fucking ambushed. They essentially sold her for drug money.”
Bella groaned, burying her face in my chest, but I held her closer.
“Wait, wait, wait,” he said, standing up from his chair at the deck table. “Say that again to me. Actually, Bella…you tell me how that happened.”
Bella turned to face him. “My mother – who knows what I am – is an addict, and so is my stepfather. I wouldn’t give them money, so they…” She trailed off a little, swallowing thickly. “VI had to have approached them, made them an offer. And to two people who needed a fix desperately, it sounded like a good idea. Not to mention, it meant my stepfather got rid of me – the one person who kept pushing my mother into getting help.”
Benjamin locked gazes with me. “Well, isn’t that interesting…and highly illegal.”
His next thought was to wonder just how many contracts were signed under such unethical circumstances. How many were coerced into giving up family members to VI? How many were not of sound mind when they signed themselves over?
“Too bad we can’t get messages to sixxers out there who escaped,” he muttered, more to himself than anyone else. “Both the ones who’d escaped thanks to you guys and the ones who’ve been hiding from VI for years. Those of us who stay low and under their radar.”
“That would take months,” Eleazar pointed out. “We’d be looking for them everywhere.” He held up the papers Rose had brought back. “I mean, we have their info, but I’d be willing to bet no one just…went home. Even with Bella’s windows and Carlisle’s ability, we’d be chasing shadows.”
“There might be a way,” Irina piped up nervously, and she shifted uneasily when we all spun in her direction. “Umm, there’s a website…a blog. It’s set up to look like a cheesy tabloid site, but it’s not. Not really.”
My brow furrowed as I read her mind. She’d been on the site many times, researching, reading, and fact checking. “I know that site,” I whispered, nodding a little. “It’s umm… It sort of looks like a site where those conspiracy-theory people can go to tell their UFO abduction stories, but it’s aimed more toward people with extra senses – ‘I can move objects, I can see dead people, I can talk to animals.’ That sort of shit. But I haven’t been on in ages.”
“Well, they’ve changed it a bit,” Irina countered, running off to Rae’s bungalow to grab Eleazar’s laptop. She was back in seconds, opening it up. “Now, you can start conversations…um threads on different subjects. Sixxers seem to use it to meet others like themselves or to sort out issues. And some of them are obviously crap, but some of them… You can tell they’re telling the truth. You can tell they’re living with something extra. I mean, almost everyone in my family has a sixth sense, so I can tell when someone is being for real.”
When she looked up and around at us, her cheeks blushed pink. She shrugged a shoulder, now wondering if her info was worth a damn or not, but it was Benjamin to sooth her.
“That’s…at least a place to start, Irina. Thank you,” he stated sincerely, nodding once, but he looked back to me. “I’ve got a few ideas of how to get us some help, but I can’t do it all.”
“What’cha need?” I asked, but my eyebrows shot up at the first part. “Oh. Okay.” I faced Emmett and Jasper. “We need to set up a thread…or conversation on this site asking for information on anyone who’s been taken against their will due to what they can do. You have to word it right. Don’t mention VI, don’t mention medical facilities or even Seattle. Just keep it free of any trigger words. You never know who the hell is watching this.” I looked up to Benjamin. “You, come with me.”
I took Bella’s hand, linking our fingers together.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Benjamin needs some info from you,” I said gently, bringing her fingers up to my lips to kiss them as I led them both inside the bungalow Bella and I were sharing. “He wants to… Baby, he needs to talk to your mom. Or at least send a Fed over to talk to her.”
She yanked her hand from my grasp and rounded on Benjamin. “You’re arresting my mother?!”
“No, Bella. I need to know how she was approached, how that contract came to be. I want to see if she has a copy of it. I don’t want to arrest her. Her addiction – even if she has something on her person – is not my jurisdiction.” He smiled ruefully at her. “I simply want information from her…and your stepfather.”
Bella’s mind reeled, and she looked to me.
Taking her by the shoulders, I bent my knees so I could look her in the eye. “He’s not lying to you. Do I think he should scare the shit out of them? Abso-fucking-lutely. What they did was wrong and low, Bella. It was done out of vengeance when you wouldn’t help them. What he wants to know is if that contract your mom signed is as worthless as we all think it is. If it exists at all.” I raised an eyebrow at her, and she nodded as she relaxed a bit. “He needs an address, pretty girl,” I whispered to her, leaning in to kiss her lips. “I would not allow it if I didn’t think he was on to something. If, for one second, I thought he meant her harm, despite what she did to you, I wouldn’t let him go. Understand me?” When she nodded again, I pushed my mind into hers. I know she hurt you, but I also understand that she’s your mom. Your mother. I couldn’t allow someone to hurt you any more than you already are over her. I know what that would do to you. You’ve lost your father, and I know it would kill you to lose her, too.
Big, fat tears welled up in her eyes as she just gazed up at me. When they spilled over, I tried my best to wipe them gently away.
“I love you,” she whispered, shaking her head as she lost the ability to speak. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. It’s been so long since anyone has made me feel this protected, cherished, and…and…
I grinned, bringing her in to wrap my arms around her. “Enough. I get it. I love you, too. We need all the ammunition we can get against Aro and VI, Bella, and I think Benjamin is thinking long-term, something that he can take them down, even if we level that building in Washington.”
“Exactly,” Benjamin agreed behind us, but he was curious as to our whole interaction.
“Sorry about that,” I told him, kissing the top of Bella’s head as she got her emotions under control. “We have a habit of communicating silently.”
“Whatever works.”
Bella let out a sniffly laugh and pushed away from me to look over at him. “I’ll get you her address. Even better, I could open a window right into her backyard.”
Benjamin grinned a bit evilly. “I like that idea.” He pointed to her but looked to me. “If that’s the case, then we can wait a bit. I want to see what answers we get from that website Irina gave us.”
“When you go to talk to her mother, I want to go with you,” I stated, nodding once. “I want to see her mind.”
“Okay, I’ll let you know when.”
“Okay, so we’ve heard from four sixxers on that thread Emmett and Irina started,” Eleazar stated as we all sat around the deck. “The most vocal, or rather the most pissed-off, is the time manipulator. According to the file, his name is Seth, but he signed his reply as Timex.” El chuckled a bit. He tapped the screen in front of him. “There’s another one who can see the past through the touch of objects, a girl with x-ray vision, and another girl who has the ability to communicate with animals.” He paused for a moment. “That might be helpful…” He trailed off because he was merely thinking aloud, though Liam was listening.
Carlisle was poring over the VI files, with Rae looking over his shoulder. They spoke quietly to each other about procedures and medical jargon that made no sense but to the two of them. Benjamin had been on the phone off and on for the last few hours. Rose and Emmett had gone to their room. Maggie had gone to bed, as had Tanya, Kate, and Garrett.
Esme, however, was keeping a highly distraught Jasper under control in the bungalow he shared with Alice. Both of them were worried about her. I was still pissed off that not only had they taken my sister, but she’d known it was coming and not said a word. She and I would be discussing that shit when I saw her again, and I would be getting her out of that fucking building if I had to rip the damn thing to shreds. But I wasn’t sure anyone was feeling the guilt Bella was at the moment.
My gaze drifted across the pool to the quiet girl with her feet in the water. Her mind was soft and sad and on a continuous loop of emotions and thoughts. It was a rollercoaster. She was worried about Alice, who she’d come to love and considered her closest friend – aside from me. She kept thinking about the words Jasper had uttered – death follows. That scared her to no end, so she had to trust Alice’s decisions, but she didn’t like it. And her mind approached the subject of revenge – something she hadn’t truly wanted since the death of her friend, Mr. Jackson. The more she thought about him, about Alice, about all the running she’d done for a damn year, the more she wished her talent was strong enough to open up a window the size of the building and drop all of it straight into the fiery depths of hell.
My brow furrowed at that, but then she realized that there were innocent victims inside that building who still needed to be removed and awakened, which caused another round of guilt.
When her thoughts landed on me, I sat up, resting my elbows on my knees and gripping my hair. Nothing could happen to me. She wouldn’t allow it. She’d drop me on an island if she thought she could get away with it. I grinned down at the deck, but it fell when her mind took a different turn. As much as I wished I could give her privacy, I couldn’t, so I simply listened. My gaze shot up to look at her, but her own was focused on the water, where she was splashing lightly with her feet.
I saw myself through Bella’s eyes, from the moment I spoke to her at the bodega in New York to now. She saw me so differently than I saw myself. She saw me as calm, easygoing, and so very sweet. She wasn’t sure what she’d done in her life to deserve someone stepping out of nowhere in order to pull her off the streets, someone to love and protect her – truly love and protect her like her own father used to do. She remembered our first real conversation in Central Park, where I’d revealed what I was, what I’d known her to be. She remembered the night I tucked her into bed when she’d fallen asleep on my shoulder in the penthouse. She remembered every time I called her “pretty girl.” She remembered every kiss, every touch, and every single “I love you.”
Every flirty exchange between us, every smile, every laugh, and even the time she dropped my ass on a beach in Washington to keep me from exploding – all of it was there, and all of it meant something to her. My patience with her was never-ending, she assumed, and I grinned again down to the deck floor, but I couldn’t take it anymore, so I stood up from the chair and walked around the pool, offering her my hand.
“C’mon, Bella,” I said softly, and her hand slipped into mine as she allowed me to help her up from the edge of the pool.
You heard all that. I know.
“Yeah, I did,” I agreed in a whisper. I led her inside our bungalow, sitting down on the edge of the bed and pulling her to stand between my legs.
“I’m sorry,” she murmured, and I tilted my head up her way.
“For what?”
“For Alice. For causing all this. For the inability to keep my mind quiet.”
I chuckled at that last thing. “You know, normal people don’t have to worry about what they’re thinking. You shouldn’t either.”
“We aren’t normal, Edward.”
Grinning, I nodded a bit. “Well, that’s true, but I can’t help but hear, so I’m asking you not to worry about it. You seem okay with it normally.” When she nodded, I pulled her closer. “As for those other things… My sister…” I trailed off, shaking my head slowly. “She seemed to have made a decision without us, and I’m kinda pissed off at her, but I trust her. Does that make sense?”
Bella nodded. “Yeah, me too.”
Smiling up at her, I went on. “But I need you to know something. This…all of this isn’t your fault. You didn’t cause it. You didn’t bring anything down on us. I told you shit circles around, and I really believe that, Bella. Not one person out there blames you. We’ve all been where you were. Were. You aren’t homeless anymore. You aren’t alone anymore. You don’t have to run or hide by yourself. You are a part of this family, this team, this fight for what’s right. You’re a part of me now.” I sighed deeply. “You were out there worrying about what could happen to me, but you need to know I feel the same way. And please don’t drop me on some deserted island.”
Her grin was wicked and silly. “I can’t help it.”
“Yeah, I know. I get it.” I chuckled lightly. “But I’d rather fight with you. We make a fuck-awesome team.”
“Yeah…” Her voice was a little dreamy and soft, but her brow furrowed. “I’m scared, Edward. For Alice, for us, for whatever we’re about to do, and I… I can’t… All I want…”
I listened to what she wasn’t saying out loud. In her mind, she felt like she was fighting with herself over what was right and what she wanted. She felt time was ticking away, that we may or may not make it through this fight, and she knew damn well we were all going after Alice, even if we didn’t have the numbers or plan that we wanted. She knew all of that, but she also felt like she needed me to just…know.
“You don’t want to wait anymore.” I confirmed that statement with my gaze locked on to hers.
Her cheeks blushed pink, but she shook her head. Is that wrong?
I studied her face as I thought about it. I’d wanted her since I first saw her pilfering peanut butter in the bodega in New York. I’d wanted her the first time she smiled my way, the first time she blushed at something silly I’d said, and the first time she’d laid a kiss on me that made my knees weak. And I let her see it all in my mind. She needed to know that she’d become everything to me.
I stood up in front of her, and she gazed up at me worriedly when I stepped away and started toward the door. I turned the lock and then walked around the room. I took down every damn picture hanging on the wall, every vase was set down on its side onto the floor, and every little fucking thing that could topple over was set someplace safe. Glasses, bottles, floor lamps – all of it was now lying on its side or in a garbage can.
“What are you…”
Grinning her way, I said, “I’m tired of breaking shit, so if we do this…I don’t need a single thing to take away from showing you how I feel. Not a single fucking thing. Hopefully, the bed frame survives.”
Bella’s laugh was gorgeous as she shook her head back and forth. “Edward…”
When I felt that everything my powers could destroy had been put somewhere safe, I stepped back in front of her. “I’m serious. And you’re not wrong, Bella. This… These feelings can’t be wrong. Fuck the timing. Fuck VI and Aro and this fight coming up. Fuck holding back because it isn’t the right time. It’s the right fucking time when we say it’s the right fucking time. And if all this ends tomorrow, then at least I’ll know…at least you’ll know…that for one moment, no one could touch us. That we love each other and anything outside of that is bullshit.”
“Shouldn’t we be—” Her argument was halfhearted at best as she jerked a thumb over her shoulder toward the door.
“We should be doing a lot of things, but then we’ll be waiting too. Right now, out there, it’s the waiting game. In here, right now…it’s just us.”
I walked over to my bag, pulled out a couple of condoms, and set them on the nightstand. Then I sat back down in front of her on the edge of the bed. Bella was nervous as she walked back to me, and her mind went in a direction I wasn’t expecting, and I tilted my head up at her making sure she was looking me in the eye when I spoke.
“I’ve already seen you, you know,” I told her honestly. I tapped my temple. “I’ve seen you through your own eyes. You have nothing to worry about; you’re beautiful.”
Her laugh was so very soft through her nose, and she shook her head a bit. “That seems unfair, but then again…it seems kind of comforting that you just know.”
Nodding a little, I reached out to pull her closer, and I trailed my fingers up her bare arms to the tie of her bikini. Toying with it, I looked up into those amazing warm eyes as her thoughts centered around kissing me.
Dragging my tongue along my bottom lip, I decided words and voices were over. I wanted us even, on a level playing field, so I opened my mind to hers and left it open.
Bella reached for my face when she heard my mind telling her to do whatever felt good and right to her. Wrapping my arms around her, I held her close as I just let her kiss the ever-loving shit out of me. With one arm around her waist, I shifted her enough to set her astride my lap. I threaded my other hand into her hair, tilting her head just enough that I could completely lose myself in her.
Tongues slipped together, swirling, tasting. Hips shifted and rubbed slowly with no particular goal in mind because we were aware of the ending. We knew exactly where this would go, and for once, we weren’t rushing to get there. Bella’s lips were warm, soft, pliant against mine, and when she pulled back, breathing heavily, I brushed light kisses over her top lip, bottom lip, and her chin, nuzzling her a bit. Her forehead pressed to mine as my hands touched her everywhere – over the bare skin of her back and across her bikini tie, up her thighs and around to her sweet ass, and then up to her face.
I followed every flicker of an idea that went through her mind – touch, kiss, movement. It felt a bit like cheating, and when I thought that, she smiled against my mouth.
Pulling back, she reached for the bottom of my T-shirt, and I let her lift it up and off me. She dropped it unceremoniously behind her to the floor, spinning her head back my way as she felt the tie of her bathing suit come undone.
Easy, pretty girl, I soothed her mentally, keeping my gaze on hers, not what I was revealing.
It’s been so long.
“I know,” I whispered against her neck as I reached up to pull the blue material away from her and drop it somewhere near my shirt.
When I felt her start to curl in a bit, both physically and mentally, I wrapped my arm around her waist and shifted us to the middle of the bed. Looming over, I still kept my gaze trained on her face as I settled between her legs.
Don’t hide from me, please, Bella. I’m so in love with you; no imperfections, scars, or whatever imagined flaws will change that. Look me in the eye and tell me you can’t see that in my mind.
“Yes,” she barely whispered aloud, nodding a little.
Leaning in, I kissed her slow and deliberate, wanting to relax her, but really, I was reveling in the feel of my bare chest against hers. Her nipples peaked high and tight against my skin. Hands raked softly down my back and back up to my shoulders, and her legs locked around my waist as I braced a hand by her head. When I pushed up a bit, I brushed her hair from her face, raising my eyebrows in the silent question, Can I touch you?
She nodded vehemently. “Please.”
I’d felt her before, when we were clothed. I’d reveled in the feel of her, but to see her bare, chest heaving, with hard nipples… I shook my head in awe as I caressed her. I swirled a thumb around one of those peaks, smiling when her breathing changed. Even better was the sound that escaped her when my mouth copied what my thumb had done.
Bella’s head fell back, her neck arced beautifully, and the incoherent grunt was just about the sexiest thing I’d ever witnessed. When I did the same to the other nipple, her mind shot out of control a little. A window opened on the wall, and the smell of wildflowers and rain met my nose.
I loomed over her face. “Easy, Bella. I thought it would be me who lost control.” I huffed a laugh, shaking my head. “Although, we haven’t even started…”
“Sorry.” The window evaporated just as quickly as it had flickered open.
“Don’t be. How many things have I broken?” I asked rhetorically with a half smile when she grinned. “I want you to feel good, and I want you focus on me,” I told her, slipping down her torso and dropping long, languid kisses along the way. When I got to the waist of her small shorts, I paused, looking to her for the okay.
Do you want this, Bella?
Oh, God…yes.
I pulled the button on her shorts, unzipped them, and dragged them down her legs. Beneath were the blue bottoms of her bikini. Gazing from bright blue all the way up smooth, now lightly tanned skin, to wary eyes, I moaned aloud. It was impossible not to see just how much she’d changed since coming into my life. Where she was once too thin, with ribs showing and sharp hip bones, she was now filled out in all the right places – curves and roundness and smooth skin. Slipping farther down, I dropped a long, open-mouthed kiss to the inside of each thigh, loving the scent and taste of her. Closing my eyes, I inhaled to the crease of her thigh, along her mound, and over the soft swimsuit material. A thought from her caught my attention.
You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this…
I did know, but I smiled against the soft, sensitive part of her lower stomach. I’d seen it when I kissed the knee Maggie had healed. She’d wanted my mouth on her everywhere. She’d imagined how I’d feel, how I’d kiss her, how I’d tease her, but at that moment, she didn’t want teasing.
I slipped my fingers around to the sides of her bikini bottoms and slowly pulled them down and off her. Like the rest, they fell somewhere off the bed with everything else that had been discarded.
I want you wet for me, Bella. I want you relaxed and ready, I thought to her as I gently pushed her legs apart a bit more. I know it’s been a long time for you, and I don’t ever want to hurt you. Not like this. Not when we’re together like this. Plus, I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one with this particular fantasy…
With that last admission, I leaned it and gave her clit a tentative kiss, leaving my lips there when her whole body rose up a bit. I went with every lift of her hips as I began to feast on her. I reveled in her flavor, every sound and reaction, and just how close I was getting her. Tongue, lips, teeth nipping ever so lightly, I hummed against her when the soft skin of her thighs clamped down on the side of my head, but I held the other leg still and wide open.
Her orgasm crawled through her slowly at first but then gripped her hard. Her toes, legs, and stomach all clenched and curled and shook as I sucked on her clit hard, rolling my tongue over and around it, riding out her climax until she shivered with the aftershocks. The very best part was the small, stunned silence of her mind for those brief seconds. She thought nothing, only felt the bliss that coursed through her. And I felt like a fucking king.
I felt another window open and slam closed again, and I kissed her mound once more before pushing myself back up and over her.
“Where do you keep wanting to send us, pretty girl?” I asked in a whisper.
Her laugh was breathy and incredulous. “I have no fucking idea.”
Grinning, I kissed her lips, humming when she kissed me back with fire and want and need. I groaned aloud when her fingers started to wander, tugging open the fly of my board shorts with a soft rip of velcro. With a few frustrated grunts, she helped me kick out of them, which left us both naked in our bed.
Bracing a hand by her head, I pushed up a little and dropped my forehead to hers when her warm hand found out just what she was doing to me. It was my turn to lose a bit of control. The bed shook a bit, vibrating its way from its place against the wall.
“Hey,” Bella called to me in a whisper against my lips. “What did you say? Just feel. Just focus on me,” she said firmly, but her voice was husky from her climax. When I opened my mouth to apologize, she kissed me before I could utter a sound. “No. Just feel. Focus on me,” she repeated.
I love you.
I love you, too, Edward. Let me show you. Her thoughts were comforting and a turn-on all at one time. But as she worked my cock with one hand, she reached for one of the condoms I’d set on the nightstand.
Sit back.
I did as she commanded and sat back on my knees between her legs. Bella sat up, ripping open the condom, and met my gaze to make sure I was ready for her touch. I nodded fervently, every muscle I had coiling as I fought to control my powers, my mind, my need to just fucking take. Her smile up at me told me she’d heard that, but I was glad she could. I needed her to know just what she did to me.
I wanted to laugh as she eyed my cock like it was something to eat, that it was “perfect” in her mind as she rolled the condom down, but I couldn’t. I was way beyond finding humor in any of it. I just wanted to love her.
That thought got her attention, and she pulled me down with her when she settled back onto the pillows. “Then love me, Edward.”
Lining myself up at her entrance, I paused, knowing she’d gone well over a year without any sex, but also because I wasn’t quite sure if I had my powers under control. In fact, I was pretty sure they weren’t. I could feel the push, the energy pulsing out from the center of my chest, and my breathing started to get heavier. Bella sat up in front of me, pressing her lips to mine.
You’re making my hair prickle, Edward. Calm down, and lie back.
I did as she said, my eyes watching every move she made as she straddled me. Finally, everything came into sharp focus. Bella slowly slid down over me, eventually taking all of me inside her, and the bed shifted again. The headboard gave an eerie creak when I felt heat, wetness, muscles clenching around me. What helped me gain my control was when Bella loomed over me, enveloping me in a curtain of dark-brown hair. All I could see was her face, hear her mind, and feel her body, her touch, her love.
Despite the impending fight, the worry about all of us staying safe, and the iffy future, right then was all that mattered. We’d waited, we’d wanted, and we’d pushed each other to be better, faster, stronger, but this… This was different and seemed more important than anything in the world, because at that moment, I could feel her sixth sense blend with mine. And she felt it too, because the room felt full of electricity and power, but not out of control, just thick.
Bella’s body moved slowly at first, getting used to the feel of me, the tenseness of it all, but we started moving together and the build-up shifted from our sixth senses to just how amazing it felt. When her rhythm began to falter, I sat up, kissing her lips and holding her with one arm as I rolled us. The overwhelming sensation of it all faded as the emotions took over, as we learned what felt good, what felt fucking amazing, and what just about caused me to explode.
And it wasn’t long before I knew coming was inevitable. It was barreling down my spine like a freight train as I pushed and pulled and rolled my hips, slipping my hand between us to touch her. I wanted her to come with me, and from her mind she was damned close but not quite there. And I needed her there soon.
As soon as I felt her let go, my own control unraveled. I gripped the sheets by her head, nuzzling my face into her neck, as I buried myself as deep as I could before losing everything, including my sight for just a second. The inevitable loss of control of my power burst out of me, and the room rattled a little, but what got my attention was that the headboard cracked. My head shot up as I pulled back my ability, but Bella set warm, gentle hands flat on either side of my face.
It’s okay. You’re okay.
Nodding, I dropped down into her embrace and stayed there for a moment, hoping to hell I wasn’t smothering her.
“No,” she said, and I heard the smile in her voice as she pressed kisses to my shoulder, my neck, and my cheek. “Did you feel…”
“Yeah,” I murmured into her neck. “And we’ll discuss it, but not now. I just… I feel boneless.”
She huffed a laugh but wrapped everything around me. “I love you, Edward. And if—”
Pushing up, I cut her off with a kiss. “Nothing will happen to us, pretty girl. I won’t allow it. What did I tell you would happen if you left?”
Her eyes were dark and full of emotion as she reached up to trace my facial features with her fingertips. “That you’ll spend the rest of your life looking for me.”
“We have to fight, Bella, but we’ll do it together. They won’t win. They don’t get to fuck with this.” I gestured between us. “And that goes for all of us.”
Bella nodded, glancing up at the headboard where the wood had split from one side to the other. When she looked back at me, her smile was adorably proud.
“It could’ve been a helluva lot worse, you know.”
Her giggle shook us both, but it faded when I turned my head toward the door to hear what was going on with the rest of the group. Eleazar was shutting the computer down, telling everyone to get some rest, that they had a few hours before Alice would even arrive in Washington. Benjamin was still on the phone working with a few different FBI offices in the Pacific Northwest. Esme had gotten Jasper to eat something. We were still in a holding pattern.
I gazed back to Bella, dropping soft kisses to her lips. “Get some sleep. We’re okay for now.”
“Stay with me?” she asked, flinching when I slipped out of her and tossed the condom into the garbage.
Curling myself around her and pulling her close, I whispered in her ear, “There’s nowhere on earth I’d rather be, Bella.”


Anonymous said...

Well I hope Alice made the right decision. That is some scary shit. But I am Bella and Edward finally got together physically. They needed to have some things said between them and they might have learned something new?? hmmmm.....

Kristi said...

Let's hope Benjamin is able to send in a force of military proportion against VI for human trafficking and or illegal business practices. This should keep Aro and his minions busy long enough for Bella to get the group in to set their plan of action in motion.
How many Sixer's, that are hiding, come to assist in the destruction of VI?
Has the melding of Edward's and Bella's gifts made them an unstoppable duo?

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