Monday, December 12, 2016 | By: Drotuno

New Story! Even In Death

Summary: A month after losing his wife, Edward Masen was taking it one day at a time, trying to simply survive the torrent of grief. Surrounded by memories of their life together and messages she left, he was already questioning his sanity when his phone lit up in the middle of the night... with her picture and number. EPOV/OOC/AU

This story will test your faith in me, my rules, and probably your opinion of my sanity. ;) This plot came about with a FB post – “Using only two sentences, write a scary story.” Now, this was my answer: In the middle of the night, his phone lit up with her picture and number. She'd died a month ago.

What came next was a series of conversations between Jenny, SueBee, and Bethany Tullos, which hashed out all the ways I could fuck this up. ;) Not to mention all the directions this could go. It didn’t go into a scary avenue, either, just so you know, more mystery than anything else. Honestly, I didn’t think I could write this, and I really didn’t think I could carry across the vision I had of it, but I gave it a shot.

Originally, this was going up on Halloween, but then life happened, and I wasn’t where I wanted to be plot-wise before posting this, because this was being written here and there, on the side of everything else. I will tell you that this will update once a week, on a different day as Six, which is currently taking a week break – also due to life happenings. Muses are fickle and a bit twitchy sometimes. 

I’ll let you get to it. For those that want to wait, I understand. For those that are going in on blind faith in me, my rules, and general sparkly hope? I love ya. ;)


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