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The Student Body Chapter 6 & Pic

Chapter 6 – That’s a Wrap
It felt like a dream. Seeing my best friend, the one person I never thought I’d have not only naked but coming down from the orgasm that I’d given her. And sweet fuck, she was more perfect than I’d imagined.
I’d be a damned liar if I’d said I’d never thought about Bella like this. However, I chalked it up to being a guy, to being a guy who hadn’t gotten laid in ages, but really I’d been imagining it because she was who I truly wanted. And that thought had my brow furrowing as I gazed down at how fucking stunning she was completely bare in front of me as I licked the heady flavor of her off my lips.
“Bella, I need… You gotta help me focus,” I said with an incredulous laugh.
She nodded, sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed. She reached for the cameras and then pointed to her case.
“Grab that roll of surgical tape. We’re going to need it.”
I did as she asked, and it gave me a second to calm the hell down. I was still in my jeans, but I was harder than I think I’d ever been. But I’d promised her I’d help her with this whole thing, so I was determined to do a good job. The fact that it was Bella and not Tanya just made me all the harder. I stepped back between her legs, taking the first camera from her.
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The Student Body Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Action
The light rumble of the wheels on the rolling case was the only sound in the corridor of the lab as I wound my way to the room. My hands were shaking and sweaty, and I was hoping to use the first few minutes setting up the cameras to prepare myself for what I was about to do.
However, all that was blown out of the water when I stepped into the room.
I fought my smile as I took in Edward leaning at the window at the back of the room. He looked wrecked and tired, worried and stressed out as he gazed out into the overcast morning light. Jesus, he was handsome. Sharp jaw, heavy brow, and broad shoulders gave him a masculine attractiveness, but his long eyelashes and beautiful smile softened that into something altogether different, just pretty. He was in jeans and a T-shirt, looking freshly showered and shaved.
When he looked up, he smiled nervously. “Swan.”
“Hey,” I greeted, opening my case. “You’re early.”
He pushed off the window, helping me lift the case to the table. “I’ve been up most of the night. And I ran this morning, so…” He shrugged a shoulder.
I nodded. It was understandable. My sleep had been pretty bad, too, but I couldn’t look him in the eye. I knew as soon as I told him that Tanya wasn’t coming, that it was going to be just the two of us, then things would change. And that scared me and made me very happy.
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The Student Body Chapter 4 & Pic

Chapter 4 – Dry Run
The lights of the lab room flickered on and hummed softly when I walked in. I was using one of the rooms normally used for sleep studies. The bed was already in there. I just had to set it up the way I needed it. I was going to test the camera angles today at the same time I walked the subjects through the test. The only cameras I wasn’t going to use were the ones that were going to be attached on the subjects’ person.
Shaking my head at the word, I opened my bag to pull out the files I needed. I had no choice but to refer to Edward and Tanya as that, because seeing them in the cafeteria three days ago had been shocking. They were both gorgeous, so on camera they would be perfect. They’d gotten along well, so I was hoping their chemistry would work to the experiment’s advantage. But seeing them, watching them at the table while I stood in line for coffee had been…difficult.
I hadn’t been expecting the feelings that had washed over me when he’d made her laugh, when she’d made him laugh, and when he’d moved from his chair to the one closer to hers as they chatted quietly together. I shouldn’t have been surprised that Tanya liked him, because he was all sorts of charming and funny and flirty. I shouldn’t have been surprised that he found her attractive. Hell, most of the guys in the cafeteria had been just about to fall over themselves to look at her.
I wanted to chalk the rush of jealousy, the feelings of being discarded, and the immediate sense of wrong up to the lack of sleep I’d had that day, but it had been three days, and those feelings had not dissipated. And I’d barely spoken to either of them.
We’d all had classes and jobs and clinics to attend, but I was pretty sure that Edward and Tanya had exchanged phone numbers that day in the cafeteria.
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The Student Body Chapter 3 & Pic

Chapter 3 – Decisions
“Let’s do this, Bella,” I told her softly. “You won’t lose all your work.”
“I told you if you got the results quickly enough, we’d talk about it, Cullen.”
I gestured to her sofa, wearing a smirk. “So let’s talk, Swan.”
Edward plopped down onto my couch, kicking his feet up on the ottoman like he lived there. Rolling my eyes, I sighed. He was in my place more than his own. He was there so much, he had his own coffee mug in the kitchen and favorite shows saved on my DVR, which reminded me that I’d set the timer for the coffee maker.
I glared at Edward, who seemed unfazed by this whole damn thing, saying, “I need caffeine for this conversation, Cullen.”
“Share the love, Swan,” he said with a grin.
I narrowed my eyes at him. Wearing just a pair of red athletic shorts and his running shoes, he looked to be way more awake than I did. His body was ridiculously fit for someone who didn’t play sports anymore, though I knew he still went running with Jasper once or twice a week.
Dropping his test results to the couch, I headed into the kitchen and poured us both a cup of coffee. We drank it the same – cream and sugar – and once I handed his cup to him, I stepped over to my desk to grab my stack of folders.
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The Student Body Chapter 2 & Pic

Chapter 2 – Sacrifices
“Hey, you handsome thing,” Mrs. Cope greeted when she looked up from her desk.
“Mrs. Cope,” I said back with a grin, but she was up and out of her chair to hug me. “My dad hasn’t driven you off yet?”
“Oh, pooh, Edward. He’s a perfect gentleman, that father of yours. And he’s just finishing up with a consultation. Have a seat,” she told me, taking her place back behind her desk. “Did he know you were coming?”
“No, probably not,” I sighed, setting my backpack down and gazing out the window.
Tampa General Hospital was big, sitting right off Bayshore on Davis Island. The view was beautiful – the glittering water from the bay, the extraordinarily expensive waterfront homes, and the bright-blue sky with the warm Florida sun. All of it was so different from home. Chicago would’ve been freezing and snowy this time of year. And despite the cooler weather, I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt to class most days. In the far distance, at the opposite end of the bay, the planes from MacDill Air Force Base could be seen taking off and landing.
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The Student Body Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Labels
Checklist upon checklist, I thought to myself as I shifted notebooks and pages around. There were outlines for my thesis, plans for the room I needed to use for the experiment, and the schedule for the lab. Med school was a never-ending pile of books and paper and labs. It was endless studying and assignments.
Rubbing my eyes, I sat back in my chair and took a deep breath. A glance around the USF library showed various examples of humanity. My focus was Human Sexuality, so it was very interesting to watch the give and take of conversations, the shy smiles, the stolen glances, and the nonchalant touches.
Fellow students I saw just about every day could be easily summed up with general labels if someone didn’t observe them as much as I did. There was the introvert who sat in the corner; she had a crush on the football player who wasn’t studying because he was too busy laughing it up with his buddies. The extrovert who sat in the middle of the room in order to be the center of attention. The feminist, always wearing a scowl and Doc Martens. The bad boy who reeked of weed and beer. The genius who graduated high school at fifteen. The whole library was the picture of societal hierarchy…or The Breakfast Club of the new millennium.

New Story! The Student Body

SUMMARY: When Bella’s subject drops out of her experiment with less than two months left before her thesis is due, she panics. In walks Edward Cullen, best friend and fellow med student. Staying clinical may prove difficult when things get personal. Rated M ExB

I’m back. ;) I figured that Valentine’s Day was a perfect day to start this little romance. So here’s my gift to you guys.
I need to explain a thing or two with this fic. First, it’s going to be short, approximately 7-8 chapters. Second, it was inspired by a video I saw online – plot bunnies are a beast, honestly – I’d posted it in my FB group, but it’s since disappeared from the original website. Third – and the most important – this fic is about sex. It will discuss casual sex, body parts, and sexual reactions to stimulation. If this isn’t something you’re comfortable with, then maybe this isn’t for you. However, all my rules still apply. ;)
This is also the result of attempting to write for a contest, which seems to be an impossible feat for me, because I’m way too damn wordy. LOL
This will update twice a week – Sundays and Wednesdays. This will probably be the longest A/Ns I’ll put on here, too, unless there’s a question that needs answering.
On a side note… Jenny and I (aka Sarge’s Girls) have a book available on Amazon. You can find it by searching the site for Deb Rotuno or Jenny Rarden. Either name will bring the book High Heels & Hard Drives up. It’s a short novella, so check it out if you’re interested. I want to thank those of you that have already bought it. Thank you so much! :D
I will see you guys again on Wednesday for the update for The Student Body. Until then… Mooches, Deb ;)

Last thing… I don’t own the characters. SM does. I didn’t come up with the video idea; I saw it online…it’s theirs. Everything else is mine – plot, original places and people, and whatever mistakes you find.