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Heaven & Earth Chapter 11 & Pics

Chapter 11
Somewhere beyond the ringing in my ears, I could hear yelling and arguing. Edward’s voice soothing me over the guard I’d killed had only lasted a minute. The second his voice disappeared, I’d started to shake.
The guard from the door was losing it. He was in Kim’s face, gesturing with his weapon, but the only thing I could focus on was Carlisle’s voice.
“Easy, sweetheart. You didn’t do anything wrong. Listen to my voice. Focus on me.”
My face was in his hands, his lips at my forehead. He couldn’t give a damn about the fighting or the upset guard. He was intent on keeping me grounded.
“You’re stronger than all of us put together, so don’t let them get to you. This is nothing, Bella.”
My breathing started to even out, the spots in my vision clearing a little. When I could see beyond Carlisle, my eyes widened. Dean was nose-to-nose with the upset guard, speaking threateningly in Korean, wearing a menacing smile.
Dean caught my gaze, smirking a little. “Apparently the guy you just sent down seventy stories was this guy’s baby brother. I told him he should’ve taught his brother better manners…or better fighting skills.”
Mickey barked a laugh. “Oh, my damn… Well, that must suck. Now just what you gonna tell Mom?”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 10 & Pics

Chapter 10
“Where does this lead, love?” Edward asked with a salacious grin on his face.
“I think the conference room on the fifteenth floor. Hang on,” I said through a laugh, batting away his touchy hands as I peeked through the doorway.
“Mmm, so…big, sturdy table?” he verified in my ear softly, pressing kisses to my neck.
“Why, yes. Yes, it is,” I sang, stepping through the supply closet and into the large room.
I caught sight of the camera in the top corner of the room and dragged a chair over to cover it temporarily with a piece of paper and some tape.
“We’ve had this discussion before, sweetness. You don’t want to record us?” he asked, leaning back against the edge of the table as he folded his arms across his chest.
I shook my head as I laughed softly. “No, Edward.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 9 & Pics

Chapter 9
“Not everyone follows the fucking rules.”
The cold, unforgiving metal of the rifle pressed harder into my temple, but I still held his gaze. If he thought I’d expose my crew, my husband, he could go fuck himself. I could hear the shift of things over the earpiece along with chopper blades, explosions, and rapid gunfire.
Eleazar was now involved, which I’d predicted from the beginning. Eleazar meant the CIA, Homeland Security, military, and that would completely put a spin on everything outside the room in which we were standing.
“Put the gun down, Kim,” Carlisle stated as he stood up at my side. “That’s enough. We know nothing outside of this goddamn room. Threatening her won’t change that shit.”
Carlisle was fucking done. He was every bit my godfather at the moment. Even more he was the mercenary he’d been for decades, the no-nonsense man who had helped Edward remove me from Miller’s basement. It was that Carlisle I was looking at right then, the Carlisle who called in a hit for every life that had any part of my kidnapping.
His usual kind blue eyes were now dark and hate-filled. His hands, despite being bound in front of him, were twitching into claws as if it was taking all he had not to rip this guy’s throat out.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 8 & Pics

Chapter 8
“Okay, Daddy. I love you. Be safe.”
I shook with the need to see my kids, to speak to Edward. My hands balled up into fists, my brow broke out into a sweat, and tears stung my eyes, not because I was upset but because I was pissed at this asshole in front of me and I couldn’t do a thing about it.
Mickey nudged my shoe with her own. “Easy, Bells.”
I was shaking my head before she even spoke. Glancing around the room, I checked on everyone. Jake was in pain – I could see it in his bruised jaw and the way his eyes squinted. Angela was calmer but looked a bit pale. Dean was listening to the radio on Kim’s hip. Carlisle was eerily still next to me, watching and waiting for what it meant now that the power was off. Cho and his daughter were speaking so softly, I couldn’t even hear them. However, Seong looked shaky.
I hadn’t given it much thought, but it was now the middle of the afternoon, and we’d been trapped in this sitting area for a couple of hours. I tried not to worry about what another hour going by meant as far as the employees downstairs.
What I did know was that we needed food and water…and trips to the bathroom, if I were to be honest.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 7 & Pics

Chapter 7
The explosion just outside the window of Carlisle’s office made everyone in the room jump, our captors included. Glancing up, I bit back a sob at the sight of a police chopper going down in flames. The engine blew just below our floor, and though two windows gave eerie cracks, they held together.
The unmistakable crash could be heard all the way up from the street. My heart ached at the fact that my husband was down there somewhere. It took all the discipline I possessed to keep from demanding Edward check in, but Alice did it for me.
“Edward! Come in!”
“I’m here.” Edward sounded winded but otherwise okay as Alice asked him what happened. “You were right, pixie. They have air support.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 6 & Pics

Chapter 6
“Roger that, sweetness. I’m on my way ba—”
There was so much noise coming through my earpiece that I could barely hear Carlisle asking me what was wrong. It was then that I felt it – a barely there rumble beneath me. The glass rattled in the windows, the chandelier above Carlisle’s desk clinked, and the lights flickered and went out, but immediately they came back on.
“Edward? Edward, check in!” I practically yelled over the radio.
Mickey and Dean rushed to the window, looking down. When I joined them, the sidewalk couldn’t even be seen due to smoke and fire down below. For a heartbeat or two, my breathing stopped and I couldn’t speak because my husband was down there.
“Pretty boy, do you copy?!” Mickey urged, but the radio was silent for a brief moment.
“Bella, I’ve got fire alarms in the lobby. What the hell?” Alice asked in my ear.
“Edward, please come in,” I begged this time, but I only received radio silence, and that sent Alice into a frenzy.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 5 & Pics

Chapter 5
The morning after the zoo, I walked out of the bedroom of the penthouse to find poor Dean under the most intense interrogation ever. The Gravity kids were relentless with new people, and this was no different. Even funnier was the absolutely adorable look of amusement on Edward’s face as he leaned on the kitchen counter, sipping a cup of coffee. He was dressed in his basketball shorts, sneakers, and a white T-shirt, like he was about to go for a run.
Dean, however, was taking it all in stride, another reason I liked the guy. He was smart, but he seemed to be laid-back and calm, too, a lot like Jasper.
Sammy’s drone whirred around him as question after question was thrown his way.
“Where you from?”
“You married?”
“I was. Not anymore.”
“Got kids?” Caleb asked, shoving an entire sausage link into his mouth.
“I do. A son. Marcus.”
“How old is he?” Bethy asked, picking up her glass of orange juice.
“He’s eleven. He’ll be twelve in December.”
“My dad says you’re a Marine?” Abby asked in her usual soft tone. And I loved that she called Alec Dad now. Hell, he’d been her dad since she was three years old.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 4 & Pics

Chapter 4
“He’s getting damned good with that thing,” Jasper muttered with an amused tone, coming to stand next to me at the window of the office.
Cracking a smile at that, I let my gaze drift back to my son following his dad around with the drone Alice had rigged for him. Even better was the expression on my husband’s face as he tried to ready the chopper – pure patience and humor. Occasionally, he’d stop, ask Sammy questions on it, and then go back to work.
We were leaving first thing in the morning for Seattle to stay with Carlisle and Esme at the penthouse for at least a week, not that we couldn’t come home if we needed to, but it was easier to simply stay there if the job was there. And Bethy and Sammy wanted to spend time with their grandparents, which meant poor Edward had to load up the chopper for family and a job.
“Well, that would’ve been the thing I’d have taken away if he’d gotten into trouble today.”
Jasper laughed. “Cruel, Mom.”
“Mmm…indeed.” Smirking at him, I turned away from the window. “But somehow they made it through the last day of school without opening a can of whoop-ass on someone.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 3 & Pic

Chapter 3
School wasn’t quite out yet when we pulled into the parking lot. Both men with me were quiet, and just knowing the two of them like I did, I was pretty sure neither were upset about being called to the school.
I wasn’t mad, really, but I was a bit disappointed, considering I’d asked all the kids to let it go, to walk away from whatever this little troll decided to do. However, Bethy was the kind of kid who would only allow so much before snapping, a trait she received by pure, unadulterated genetics. It was years of playing games with her dad and uncles, years of being a big sister to a shy boy, and simply being her parents’ daughter, because Edward and I had raised a strong, smart girl who saw through bullshit from a mile away. I should’ve expected this call way before now. I should’ve seen it coming when my daughter pointed out that her brother couldn’t defend himself against this girl at school, simply because he was the wrong gender. It wasn’t that he couldn’t, it was that he shouldn’t do anything, but Bethy was a lot like me, so I should’ve known she would take this into her own hands.
Edward opened the school’s office door and held it open for me.
The woman behind the counter smiled our way, saying, “Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Mr. Moretti. Come on back. Everyone’s in Mrs. Perry’s office.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 2 & Pics

Chapter 2
Sammy may have had my more bookish personality, but he was truly a physical clone of his father. It was so obvious when he walked with Edward across the street to the little barber shop we used in Forks. The two of them walked the same, held their shoulders the same, and pushed their hair from their foreheads the same. Hell, they even smiled at the barber the damn same – all crooked, with a slight tilt to their heads.
Bethy and I sat down at a table in the little park across from them, sharing an ice cream sundae. Abby was with us, sitting down next to Bethy with her own small bowl. The two girls had grown so much. Abby was still the quieter of the two, but they were becoming beautiful girls. They were still very similar like they’d been when they’d met at Mrs. Cope’s Pre-K, with their petite figures, big smiles, and long, dark-brown hair. The biggest difference between the two was that Abby had dark-brown, almost black eyes, and Bethy’s were green like Edward’s.
“So, we’re all going to Aunt Kate’s?” Abby asked excitedly.
“Yeah, that’s what Dad said,” Bethy told her, licking her spoon. “Sammy and I are supposed to stay with Gamma and Poppy for a few days first.”
Abby grinned. “I love Poppy. He takes us to the best places.”
“Do you want to go, Abby?” I asked her with a chuckle. “I think Caleb is going, too. The only one who won’t be there is Kaitlyn. She’s already with Aunt Kate and Obie in Alaska. They went early.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 1

Chapter 1
“Mom! Where’s my sweater?” I heard through my bedroom door.
“Closet, Bethy.”
“No, it’s not… Oh, yeah it is.”
Grinning, I shook my head as I dressed for the day. The older my daughter became, the more she was Edward made over. She was almost eleven, going on twenty-one, but still every bit our little girl. She had a touch of his temper, although she maintained hers better than he usually did.
I stepped out the bedroom into the hall, reveling at how she was almost to my shoulder in height. And some things didn’t change. Bethy clung to her colors just like she had as a little girl. Everything had to match. It seemed today’s color was blue. Blue Chucks, blue sweater, and blue fingernail polish. The latter was chipped, because despite how she’d grown so much, my baby girl was still a bit of a tomboy. She was my sports-playing, roughhousing, pilot-wannabe strong girl.
She rushed out of her room and down the hall, telling her brother to hurry up.

New Story! Gravity Series 5: Heaven & Earth

Summary: Gravity Investigations, busy as always, takes a protection detail that results in more than just a paycheck. Edward and Bella, separated by 70 floors of Twi Tech Tower, must fight to stop what could be an act of war. 5th in the Gravity Series. Canon Couples, AH.

So I said I’d never add to this series, but yet…here we are. Plot bunnies are evil and pushy. LOL This will be the longest of the opening chapter A/Ns, so bear with me for just this one time, okay?
When I realized this would actually happen, I wanted a few things to happen…or really, I needed to push myself to make shit happen. I didn’t want to lose the chemistry, and I didn’t want to simply put another in the series if it was not going to be worthy of Mercward. I most definitely didn’t want to lose any continuity from the other stories or character traits/flaws in this series, so this is a test for me, truly.
WARNINGS: This will be a part of a long line of a series, so yes, you absolutely should read the first four in the series before attempting this one. There will be violence, possible character deaths (read my rules before panicking), and foul language, because Mercward is a mouthy fucker. :) Actually, I think he gets it from me, but he just uses it better.
Last thing, there was a long thread in my FB group about the possibilities of how this would start, and you’re all kinda wrong. LOL This one will build a little slower than you’re used to, but you’ll want a seatbelt and an airbag for this story.
I’ll let you get to it. Let’s go see Mercward after 3 years (2 years their time)…

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