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Heaven & Earth Chapter 11 & Pics

Chapter 11
Somewhere beyond the ringing in my ears, I could hear yelling and arguing. Edward’s voice soothing me over the guard I’d killed had only lasted a minute. The second his voice disappeared, I’d started to shake.
The guard from the door was losing it. He was in Kim’s face, gesturing with his weapon, but the only thing I could focus on was Carlisle’s voice.
“Easy, sweetheart. You didn’t do anything wrong. Listen to my voice. Focus on me.”
My face was in his hands, his lips at my forehead. He couldn’t give a damn about the fighting or the upset guard. He was intent on keeping me grounded.
“You’re stronger than all of us put together, so don’t let them get to you. This is nothing, Bella.”
My breathing started to even out, the spots in my vision clearing a little. When I could see beyond Carlisle, my eyes widened. Dean was nose-to-nose with the upset guard, speaking threateningly in Korean, wearing a menacing smile.
Dean caught my gaze, smirking a little. “Apparently the guy you just sent down seventy stories was this guy’s baby brother. I told him he should’ve taught his brother better manners…or better fighting skills.”
Mickey barked a laugh. “Oh, my damn… Well, that must suck. Now just what you gonna tell Mom?”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 10 & Pics

Chapter 10
“Where does this lead, love?” Edward asked with a salacious grin on his face.
“I think the conference room on the fifteenth floor. Hang on,” I said through a laugh, batting away his touchy hands as I peeked through the doorway.
“Mmm, so…big, sturdy table?” he verified in my ear softly, pressing kisses to my neck.
“Why, yes. Yes, it is,” I sang, stepping through the supply closet and into the large room.
I caught sight of the camera in the top corner of the room and dragged a chair over to cover it temporarily with a piece of paper and some tape.
“We’ve had this discussion before, sweetness. You don’t want to record us?” he asked, leaning back against the edge of the table as he folded his arms across his chest.
I shook my head as I laughed softly. “No, Edward.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 9 & Pics

Chapter 9
“Not everyone follows the fucking rules.”
The cold, unforgiving metal of the rifle pressed harder into my temple, but I still held his gaze. If he thought I’d expose my crew, my husband, he could go fuck himself. I could hear the shift of things over the earpiece along with chopper blades, explosions, and rapid gunfire.
Eleazar was now involved, which I’d predicted from the beginning. Eleazar meant the CIA, Homeland Security, military, and that would completely put a spin on everything outside the room in which we were standing.
“Put the gun down, Kim,” Carlisle stated as he stood up at my side. “That’s enough. We know nothing outside of this goddamn room. Threatening her won’t change that shit.”
Carlisle was fucking done. He was every bit my godfather at the moment. Even more he was the mercenary he’d been for decades, the no-nonsense man who had helped Edward remove me from Miller’s basement. It was that Carlisle I was looking at right then, the Carlisle who called in a hit for every life that had any part of my kidnapping.
His usual kind blue eyes were now dark and hate-filled. His hands, despite being bound in front of him, were twitching into claws as if it was taking all he had not to rip this guy’s throat out.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 8 & Pics

Chapter 8
“Okay, Daddy. I love you. Be safe.”
I shook with the need to see my kids, to speak to Edward. My hands balled up into fists, my brow broke out into a sweat, and tears stung my eyes, not because I was upset but because I was pissed at this asshole in front of me and I couldn’t do a thing about it.
Mickey nudged my shoe with her own. “Easy, Bells.”
I was shaking my head before she even spoke. Glancing around the room, I checked on everyone. Jake was in pain – I could see it in his bruised jaw and the way his eyes squinted. Angela was calmer but looked a bit pale. Dean was listening to the radio on Kim’s hip. Carlisle was eerily still next to me, watching and waiting for what it meant now that the power was off. Cho and his daughter were speaking so softly, I couldn’t even hear them. However, Seong looked shaky.
I hadn’t given it much thought, but it was now the middle of the afternoon, and we’d been trapped in this sitting area for a couple of hours. I tried not to worry about what another hour going by meant as far as the employees downstairs.
What I did know was that we needed food and water…and trips to the bathroom, if I were to be honest.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 7 & Pics

Chapter 7
The explosion just outside the window of Carlisle’s office made everyone in the room jump, our captors included. Glancing up, I bit back a sob at the sight of a police chopper going down in flames. The engine blew just below our floor, and though two windows gave eerie cracks, they held together.
The unmistakable crash could be heard all the way up from the street. My heart ached at the fact that my husband was down there somewhere. It took all the discipline I possessed to keep from demanding Edward check in, but Alice did it for me.
“Edward! Come in!”
“I’m here.” Edward sounded winded but otherwise okay as Alice asked him what happened. “You were right, pixie. They have air support.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 6 & Pics

Chapter 6
“Roger that, sweetness. I’m on my way ba—”
There was so much noise coming through my earpiece that I could barely hear Carlisle asking me what was wrong. It was then that I felt it – a barely there rumble beneath me. The glass rattled in the windows, the chandelier above Carlisle’s desk clinked, and the lights flickered and went out, but immediately they came back on.
“Edward? Edward, check in!” I practically yelled over the radio.
Mickey and Dean rushed to the window, looking down. When I joined them, the sidewalk couldn’t even be seen due to smoke and fire down below. For a heartbeat or two, my breathing stopped and I couldn’t speak because my husband was down there.
“Pretty boy, do you copy?!” Mickey urged, but the radio was silent for a brief moment.
“Bella, I’ve got fire alarms in the lobby. What the hell?” Alice asked in my ear.
“Edward, please come in,” I begged this time, but I only received radio silence, and that sent Alice into a frenzy.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 5 & Pics

Chapter 5
The morning after the zoo, I walked out of the bedroom of the penthouse to find poor Dean under the most intense interrogation ever. The Gravity kids were relentless with new people, and this was no different. Even funnier was the absolutely adorable look of amusement on Edward’s face as he leaned on the kitchen counter, sipping a cup of coffee. He was dressed in his basketball shorts, sneakers, and a white T-shirt, like he was about to go for a run.
Dean, however, was taking it all in stride, another reason I liked the guy. He was smart, but he seemed to be laid-back and calm, too, a lot like Jasper.
Sammy’s drone whirred around him as question after question was thrown his way.
“Where you from?”
“You married?”
“I was. Not anymore.”
“Got kids?” Caleb asked, shoving an entire sausage link into his mouth.
“I do. A son. Marcus.”
“How old is he?” Bethy asked, picking up her glass of orange juice.
“He’s eleven. He’ll be twelve in December.”
“My dad says you’re a Marine?” Abby asked in her usual soft tone. And I loved that she called Alec Dad now. Hell, he’d been her dad since she was three years old.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 4 & Pics

Chapter 4
“He’s getting damned good with that thing,” Jasper muttered with an amused tone, coming to stand next to me at the window of the office.
Cracking a smile at that, I let my gaze drift back to my son following his dad around with the drone Alice had rigged for him. Even better was the expression on my husband’s face as he tried to ready the chopper – pure patience and humor. Occasionally, he’d stop, ask Sammy questions on it, and then go back to work.
We were leaving first thing in the morning for Seattle to stay with Carlisle and Esme at the penthouse for at least a week, not that we couldn’t come home if we needed to, but it was easier to simply stay there if the job was there. And Bethy and Sammy wanted to spend time with their grandparents, which meant poor Edward had to load up the chopper for family and a job.
“Well, that would’ve been the thing I’d have taken away if he’d gotten into trouble today.”
Jasper laughed. “Cruel, Mom.”
“Mmm…indeed.” Smirking at him, I turned away from the window. “But somehow they made it through the last day of school without opening a can of whoop-ass on someone.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 3 & Pic

Chapter 3
School wasn’t quite out yet when we pulled into the parking lot. Both men with me were quiet, and just knowing the two of them like I did, I was pretty sure neither were upset about being called to the school.
I wasn’t mad, really, but I was a bit disappointed, considering I’d asked all the kids to let it go, to walk away from whatever this little troll decided to do. However, Bethy was the kind of kid who would only allow so much before snapping, a trait she received by pure, unadulterated genetics. It was years of playing games with her dad and uncles, years of being a big sister to a shy boy, and simply being her parents’ daughter, because Edward and I had raised a strong, smart girl who saw through bullshit from a mile away. I should’ve expected this call way before now. I should’ve seen it coming when my daughter pointed out that her brother couldn’t defend himself against this girl at school, simply because he was the wrong gender. It wasn’t that he couldn’t, it was that he shouldn’t do anything, but Bethy was a lot like me, so I should’ve known she would take this into her own hands.
Edward opened the school’s office door and held it open for me.
The woman behind the counter smiled our way, saying, “Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Mr. Moretti. Come on back. Everyone’s in Mrs. Perry’s office.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 2 & Pics

Chapter 2
Sammy may have had my more bookish personality, but he was truly a physical clone of his father. It was so obvious when he walked with Edward across the street to the little barber shop we used in Forks. The two of them walked the same, held their shoulders the same, and pushed their hair from their foreheads the same. Hell, they even smiled at the barber the damn same – all crooked, with a slight tilt to their heads.
Bethy and I sat down at a table in the little park across from them, sharing an ice cream sundae. Abby was with us, sitting down next to Bethy with her own small bowl. The two girls had grown so much. Abby was still the quieter of the two, but they were becoming beautiful girls. They were still very similar like they’d been when they’d met at Mrs. Cope’s Pre-K, with their petite figures, big smiles, and long, dark-brown hair. The biggest difference between the two was that Abby had dark-brown, almost black eyes, and Bethy’s were green like Edward’s.
“So, we’re all going to Aunt Kate’s?” Abby asked excitedly.
“Yeah, that’s what Dad said,” Bethy told her, licking her spoon. “Sammy and I are supposed to stay with Gamma and Poppy for a few days first.”
Abby grinned. “I love Poppy. He takes us to the best places.”
“Do you want to go, Abby?” I asked her with a chuckle. “I think Caleb is going, too. The only one who won’t be there is Kaitlyn. She’s already with Aunt Kate and Obie in Alaska. They went early.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 1

Chapter 1
“Mom! Where’s my sweater?” I heard through my bedroom door.
“Closet, Bethy.”
“No, it’s not… Oh, yeah it is.”
Grinning, I shook my head as I dressed for the day. The older my daughter became, the more she was Edward made over. She was almost eleven, going on twenty-one, but still every bit our little girl. She had a touch of his temper, although she maintained hers better than he usually did.
I stepped out the bedroom into the hall, reveling at how she was almost to my shoulder in height. And some things didn’t change. Bethy clung to her colors just like she had as a little girl. Everything had to match. It seemed today’s color was blue. Blue Chucks, blue sweater, and blue fingernail polish. The latter was chipped, because despite how she’d grown so much, my baby girl was still a bit of a tomboy. She was my sports-playing, roughhousing, pilot-wannabe strong girl.
She rushed out of her room and down the hall, telling her brother to hurry up.

New Story! Gravity Series 5: Heaven & Earth

Summary: Gravity Investigations, busy as always, takes a protection detail that results in more than just a paycheck. Edward and Bella, separated by 70 floors of Twi Tech Tower, must fight to stop what could be an act of war. 5th in the Gravity Series. Canon Couples, AH.

So I said I’d never add to this series, but yet…here we are. Plot bunnies are evil and pushy. LOL This will be the longest of the opening chapter A/Ns, so bear with me for just this one time, okay?
When I realized this would actually happen, I wanted a few things to happen…or really, I needed to push myself to make shit happen. I didn’t want to lose the chemistry, and I didn’t want to simply put another in the series if it was not going to be worthy of Mercward. I most definitely didn’t want to lose any continuity from the other stories or character traits/flaws in this series, so this is a test for me, truly.
WARNINGS: This will be a part of a long line of a series, so yes, you absolutely should read the first four in the series before attempting this one. There will be violence, possible character deaths (read my rules before panicking), and foul language, because Mercward is a mouthy fucker. :) Actually, I think he gets it from me, but he just uses it better.
Last thing, there was a long thread in my FB group about the possibilities of how this would start, and you’re all kinda wrong. LOL This one will build a little slower than you’re used to, but you’ll want a seatbelt and an airbag for this story.
I’ll let you get to it. Let’s go see Mercward after 3 years (2 years their time)…

Heaven & Earth Pictures

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Six - Chapter 29 - Epilogue

Chapter 29 – Epilogue
Unknown Island off Florida Keys
Bella’s window slipped closed, leaving the cheers and noise of the reception behind us. I shook my head, taking a long, slow gaze around me. Her soft laugh met my ears, and I turned to face her.
You wanted a deserted island,” she pointed out with a teasing lilt to her tone. She glanced around. “Although, technically…this isn’t deserted. It’s a private rental.”
Grinning, I shook my head again. “I did. Did Dad help you with this?”
She laughed, walking to me to cup my face. “Let’s just say I had all sorts of help.”
Her mind had been an amazing place to be all damn day. Our wedding day. She was nerves and love, hope and awe. All day she’d been reminiscing about her life, her past, how she’d gotten to this point. More than one time her father had crossed her mind, giving her the hope that he was seeing her marry, seeing her so very happy. From the loss of him, to her mother’s downward spiral, to living on the streets – zooming forward to this moment, I’d viewed Bella’s life through her eyes as she dressed, walked down the aisle, and recited her vows to me. I’d watched my pretty girl fall in love with me all over again.

Six - Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Salem, Massachusetts
A black cat streaked ahead of us, and Bella chuckled. “Fitting, Rose.”
Grinning, I shook my head. “You look like the cat from Hocus Pocus.”
Rosalie’s amused mind met my own, but she hopped up on the low, brick wall running down the sidewalk. Are you sure this is where we need to be, Edward? she thought to me, her sharp, yellow eyes on me.
“Yeah, Benjamin said it was this cemetery,” I sighed, grimacing at that fact. He had been monitoring the activity in this area for some time now.
I gave our surroundings a slow gaze, trying to find a safe spot for Bella to open a window for my dad, Eleazar, and Benjamin to join us. It was nearly nightfall, and the cemetery’s wall had dark corners, especially near the far back.
“Yeah, that’ll work,” Bella murmured, giving me a small smile for the help.
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Even In Death Chapter 22 - Epilogue

Chapter 22 – Epilogue – Halfway to Anywhere
We're leaving here tonight
There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down
So by the mornings light
We'll be half way to anywhere
Where no one needs a reason

Forget this life 
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you
“Anywhere” by Evanescence
“Thanks for your help today, Dr. Masen,” Dr. Whitewater called to me from across the parking lot.
“See you in a few weeks,” I told her. I smiled, giving a wave her way before getting into my car.
Volunteering at the Crescent City Health Clinic was rewarding most days. Though, today I was ready to go home; I had plans. It was an hour drive from Crescent City, California, to Gold Beach, Oregon, but I only went a few times a month to help them out, and it was getting me acclimated to practicing medicine again. Colds, skin rashes, and the occasional broken arm at the family medicine clinic was easier than the intensity of a hospital ER or children’s ward.
I pulled onto the 101 heading north toward home. Home. Alaska had been home until a little over a month ago. We’d stayed on the Denali property for almost two years after my change. There had been close calls with my diet, which was why we’d stayed longer than anticipated. A hiking couple had almost ruined me not long after Charlie’s wedding. A scraped arm combined with adrenaline had pulled at me so hard during a hunt that it took Bella’s shield, Emmett’s strength, and Jasper’s calming to get me to stop. Up until that point, I thought I’d been ready to handle a more populated area, but no.
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Even In Death Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – We Can Live Forever
When doubt returns
May it be
That faith shall permeate our scars

When we're seduced
Then may it be
That we not deviate our cause

All sinners, a future
All saints, a past
Beginning, the ending
Return to ash

Now that we're dead, my dear
We can be together
Now that we're dead, my dear
We can live forever
“Now That We’re Dead” by Metallica
Carlisle and I got out of the car just as Charlie’s patience ran out, and he met us at the door. This was the first time I’d get to hear his thoughts, and I found that his mind was not exactly muddled but not truly clear either. He eyed me from head to toe. He noted some changes, but he rationalized some of them with the knowledge that it had been several months since he’d last set eyes on me. As Carlisle and I stepped closer, the one thing that stood out was my eyes, but he pushed it away as being an “unobservant old man.”
“Hey, Charlie,” I said with a smile.
“It’s so good to see you, kiddo,” he greeted, his mustache twitching into a smile. “Dr. Cullen, always a pleasure.”
“Call me Carlisle, please.”
“C’mon in,” Charlie said, standing aside to let us walk through the door. “Edward, son… You know where to go with that beer. Jake’s already stashed his in there.”
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Even In Death Chapter 20 & Pics

Chapter 20 – We’ll Carry On
Though the sea will be strong
I know we'll carry on
Cos if there's somebody calling me on
She's the one
If there's somebody calling me on
She's the one

When you get to where you wanna go
And you know the things you wanna know
You're smiling
“She’s the One” by Robbie Williams
I sat down on some rocks by the small lake, waiting for the others to finish their hunt. The water was still, the mountain in the distance loomed over its surroundings, and there wasn’t a sound of civilization to be heard. No planes, no cars, no noise. Nothing. Just a slight breeze that stirred the tall grasses around me and a few small creatures off in the distance.
However, it was the sight above that was breathtaking. Without street lights and car headlights and buildings to get in the way, to dull it all, every star in the sky glowed brightly overhead. It was truly magnificent. I wasn’t sure if it was my enhanced sight or if the stars just were better over Alaska, but I took them all in.
He picked a nice spot.
I smiled over my shoulder at Esme, who was taking in the view like I had. “I thought you’d be used to it,” I said softly.
Her smile was warm and sweet as she shook her head slowly. “No. No, that’s something I never want to get used to,” she stated, sitting down next to me and gesturing to the sky. “Once that no longer holds an awe-inspiring beauty, then I’m way too distracted. It’s time to reassess myself, reorganize my priorities.”
Smiling, I nodded.
“This is stunning every time I see it. It makes me see just how small I am in the great big picture.”
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Even In Death Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Darkness Can Show You the Light
An unforgivable tragedy
The answer isn't where you think you'd find it
Prepare yourself for the reckoning
For when your world seems to crumble again
Don't be afraid, don't turn away
You're the one who can redefine it
Don't let hope become a memory
Let the shadow permeate your mind and
Reveal the thoughts that were tucked away
So that the door can be opened again
Within your darkest memories
Lies the answer if you dare to find it
Don't let hope become a memory

When you think all is forsaken,
Listen to me now
You need never feel broken again
Sometimes darkness can show you the light
“The Light” by Disturbed
“C’mon, Steve,” I called to him, and he hopped down from the steps of the small cabin Bella and I shared on the Denali property.
I set the backpack down onto the ground, and his stubborn ass crawled into the open bag. Leaving it unzipped, I pulled the thing onto my back, immediately feeling Steve shift so that he was holding on to my shoulder. Shaking my head and rolling my eyes, I glanced over at him. His purr was loud, his eyes bright with thin, slivered pupils, even though the day was cloudy. He rubbed his face against my jaw, pushing that purr against my skin.
Bella’s giggle made me smile. “He might just be the most spoiled cat on the damn planet.”
“Hmm?” he hummed her way, clearly affronted at the insult.
“Spoiled, Steve. I’m not sure there’s a cat anywhere that gets to explore all of Alaska’s wilderness.”
Grinning, I shrugged a shoulder, which raised Steve up and down. “Because most cats would get themselves killed. This guy has the best bodyguards to protect him from bears and really big birds of prey.”
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Even In Death Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Summon Every Nerve
Eyes huge, so little left if something
Cracks and clues, he’s crazy as a straw
Why denied, does no one care or nothing
How, you ask, I ever last so long

Cause I, I went blind, a blinding riot
He’s regretting every word
Those empty lies
One more tonight, a blinding riot
As I summon every nerve

“Take Out the Gunman” by Chevelle
“You’re trying to destroy us! Kill them all!”
The cacophony of mental noise that hit me was almost debilitating. No one wanted a fight, except maybe the wolf pack against the red-eyed bloodsuckers and Caius. The Volturi gaped at the sheer size and number of the pack, second guessing the orders they’d just been given. Caius stepped forward in anticipation, rubbing his hands together.
Emmett and Rosalie came from the back of the pack, standing beside Bella and me. They’d been afraid this would happen, and they weren’t alone in that thinking. Carlisle and Esme had been expecting this as well.
Jake directed his pack, which started to move into a formation of sorts, flanking us as well as stepping toward the front. There were ten of them – ten enormous, pissed-off, growling, snarling, drooling wolves the size of grizzly bears.
Alice, however, pushed by them, calling to Aro. “You saw what you wanted, not the outcome, Aro!”
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Even In Death Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Fooled the Devil
Sold my soul and signed my name in blood
Stole it back now praying in the dark
Fooled the devil
Begging for a fight
Count the dollars make your bet tonight

Feel strong like an oiled machine
All the anger boils within
Move it
Give it
The high rollers are in
“Seal the Deal” by Volbeat
“Christ!” I snarled, both fists collided with a large tree trunk. My shock at it completely shattering and splintering into a multitude of directions brought me up short, not to mention the snow raining down all around me. “Oops,” I muttered in amusement, but it was short-lived, because my frustration level was high.
Bella chuckled behind me, but her thoughts sank slowly down over me. I won’t let you mess up, Edward. Destroy all the trees you want, but I won’t let you hurt a human. You’d never forgive yourself, baby. Hippocratic oath or not. It’s not you.
Her mental voice was just as soothing as her real one, and with that shield of hers, the scent of the human that had driven me into a frenzy just mere seconds prior evaporated. I sat down hard on a small boulder, brushing leaves and snow from my hair.
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Six - Chapter 27

Chapter 27
New York City
It had been a few weeks since the big fight with Aro in Seattle. Things had quickly settled back into routine, like we’d had before Jane turned up on the Cullens’ doorstep, only this time, there was a lightness to it, a carefree feeling that seemed to have wrapped itself around each of us like a warm hug. With Aro gone and Caius in prison, Marcus was working on getting VI back up and running – the good parts of it, anyway. The legal parts. They were still doing genetic research, still working on some things for the military, but all of it, he’d assured us, was on the up and up. The things they started the company for in the first place, before Aro turned it into his personal playground for research into sixxers.
Benjamin hadn’t been kidding when he said it was time to think about a government-type group for sixxers. Between him, Carlisle, and Eleazar, they’d accomplished it in just a couple of weeks. The three of them, plus Rae, Marcus, and Randall – who’d evidently been a marine when he was younger – were now the unofficial sixxer government. The rest of us had agreed to help when we were needed, but the six of them were “in charge,” although none of us truly knew yet exactly what that would entail…except Benjamin had already texted to let us know we might have our first assignment, which was why Edward and I were sitting on the living room sofa with Carlisle, the rest of the family gathered behind us, as we waited for Benjamin’s call.
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Six - Chapter 26

Chapter 26
New York City
As soon as the window closed behind Jane, we went into planning mode. Carlisle first called Alaska, putting the phone on speaker.
“Hello, Carlisle,” Carmen said sweetly when she answered the phone. “How are things in your side of the country?”
“Just fine, Carmen. And you?” No matter how urgent the situation, Carlisle was unfailingly polite and friendly.
“Good. Things here are good as well.” Then, showing just how perceptive she was, she continued, “I have a feeling you’re calling to speak to El, not just to catch up on how things are here. Did you get a lead on Aro?”
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Even in Death Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – We Fear Nothing
We fear nothing
We fear nothing
Now that we've come so far
Do you still remember our dreams
The need to have it all?
Don't give up
I feel we are almost there

Life long
Road blocks
High walls
Nothing stands in our way
“Nothing Stands in Our Way” by Lacuna Coil
The buzzing in my head grew louder the longer the stress in the house increased. I sat on the edge of the ottoman by the fireplace, my fingers gripping my hair as thoughts assaulted me.
Jasper was no better off than I was with so many of us now taking seats around the living room. Fear and anger and frustration pulsed through him, coming from various sources. Alice’s visions kept changing; some didn’t even finish before it took a different path. The presence of the wolves were not helping her whatsoever.
Emmett’s mind took a volatile position. He was willing to stand up for the sake of his family, his mate, and his honor. To have taken care of a threat and now face possible punishment for it did not sit well with him.
The Denali women shared the same fear. They despised Aro. They hated him for some past altercation concerning an immortal they loved like a mother. I could only catch glimpses of a beautiful woman and a small child with red eyes. Kate and Irina wanted to go home immediately. Tanya wanted to set the Volturi on fire and then go home.
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Even in Death Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Come What May
Through the fire
To the limit, to the wall
For a chance to be with you
I'd gladly risk it all
Through the fire
Through whatever, come what may
For a chance at loving you
I'd take it all the way
Right down to the wire
Even through the fire

I know you're afraid of what you feel
You still need time to heal
And I can help if you'll only let me try
You touch me and something in me knew
What I could have with you
Well I'm not ready to kiss that dream goodbye

When it's this sweet, there's no saying no
I need you so, I'm ready to go
“Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan
“Sorry about that,” I mumbled against Bella’s skin while tracing a bite mark I’d left on her inner thigh with my finger.
“I’m not,” she said through a chuckle, her head falling back to my shoulder as I held her between my legs. She skimmed her hand flat down my arm and showed her wrist, where a small nip in her skin glowed in the moonlight. “Apparently, the only thing that can leave a scar on our skin is a bite from another vampire.”
I pulled her wrist to my lips, pressing a kiss there, and then turned to kiss the mark on her neck from James. I was drunk on my love for her at the moment. We’d been in that cave for almost twenty-four hours. We’d only left once so Bella and I could hunt, but we’d raced right back to stay hidden, to stay in the bubble we’d created since I’d woken up from my change.
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Even In Death Chapter 14 & Pics

Chapter 14 – Her Beauty and the Moonlight
Well your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya
She tied you to her kitchen chair
She broke your throne and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah...

Baby, I've been here before
I've seen this room and I've walked this floor (you know)
I used to live alone before I knew ya
And I've seen your flag on the marble arch
And love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah…
“Hallelujah” by Pentatonix (orig. by Leonard Cohen)
Focusing on Bella’s fingers linked with mine, I let her guide me to wherever she wanted to go. I inhaled deeply, finding that her scent was the most prominent around me, which made me wonder if that was because she was so close or because, despite how all over the place my mind was, she could bring me back to something clear and sharp.
Sounds, smells, sights – they were overwhelming, but I found that I could sift through most of it and ignore the insignificant parts. My train of thought, while mainly on Bella, was everywhere, nowhere, and way out there.
I shook my head, feeling the effects of the blood I’d consumed. Bella and Carlisle had both been right; my thinking was clearer, my emotions not so on-the-surface.
Monday, May 1, 2017 | By: Drotuno

Even In Death Chapter 13 & Pic

Chapter 13 – Springtime of My Life
Hang on to your hopes, my friend
That's an easy thing to say, but if your hopes should pass away
Simply pretend
That you can build them again
Look around, the grass is high
The fields are ripe, it's the springtime of my life

Ahhh, seasons change with the scenery
Weaving time in a tapestry
Won't you stop and remember me

But look around, leaves are brown now
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter

Look around, leaves are brown
There's a patch of snow on the ground...
“Hazy Shade of Winter” by The Bangles (originally by Simon & Garfunkel)
“Yeah, Edward… I’ll see you ’round.”
Bella’s promise repeated over and over in my mind when my body felt like it was giving out on me. I felt weak and physically achy until everything that was hurting paled in comparison to the fiery hell that started in my wrist and hand, traveling quickly up my arm.
The flu, the pain in my ribs, the bump on the back of my head, my back – nothing came close to the molten lava that was now spreading throughout my entire body. Logically, I knew it was Carlisle’s venom, along with Bella’s as she tried to help him. I knew how the change worked. Jasper had explained it. Carlisle had explained it. And my Bella had explained it. I was educated on exactly how the venom pushed through the circulatory system, eradicating everything human in its path, while at the same time healing, strengthening, hardening, and killing.
The illogical part of me wanted to beg for death, beg for an end to all the pain. But I didn’t.
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 | By: Drotuno

Even in Death Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Fade to Black
I'll miss the winter
A world of fragile things
Look for me in the white forest
Hiding in a hollow tree (come find me)
I know you hear me
I can taste it in your tears
(Say goodnight) Holding my last breath
(Don't be afraid) Safe inside myself
(Calling me, calling me) Are all my thoughts of you?
Sweet raptured light, it ends here tonight

Closing your eyes to disappear,
You pray your dreams will leave you here;
But still you wake and know the truth,
No one's there...

Say goodnight,
Don't be afraid,
Calling me, calling me as you fade to black.
“Holding My Last Breath” by Evanescence
Jimmy Stewart rambled on about the apartment dwellers around him to his stunning girlfriend, Grace Kelly. The theater room glowed with the bright colors of the old movie as the snowstorm outside pushed against the Cullens’ home.
Turning to my side, I took in the way more interesting view in the room. A smile curled my lips as my handsome husband slowly succumbed to the cold he was dealing with at the same time the medicine started to work. Long, dark eyelashes rested against pale, feverish cheeks, and deep breathing caused his chest to rise and fall slowly, but I could hear his lungs, the congestion. He was better than twenty-four hours ago, but he wasn’t completely over this flu.