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Six - Chapter 23

Chapter 23
New York City
“I can’t believe today makes six months since we took down VI,” I told Edward as I slid my arm through his and stepped around a group of students on the NYU campus.
“I know,” he agreed. “It seems to have flown by, but part of that is just not having to worry about them.”
It had been a busy six months…but in a good way. Once home, we’d cleaned up the mess, gotten new cell phones since we couldn’t be sure VI hadn’t come back and tampered with our old ones, and tried to focus on the future, rather than the past. Because we’d had to run from VI, Edward and Jasper couldn’t finish out their classes that semester, which meant they’d had to start the classes over again. Rose and Emmett, who were attending a smaller school, had been able to test out of their classes, so they weren’t behind. Neither was Alice, who was taking classes from home. They’d all convinced me to apply over the summer for NYU, and now I was going to school alongside Edward and Jasper most days. I loved the freedom I had now, and school was just the start of it.

“Being able to be out and about without having to look over my shoulder has been great, that’s for sure,” I told him, even though I knew he’d already heard my thoughts.
Before he could say anything, his phone rang. He pulled it from his pocket and looked at the screen. “Alice,” he said and then tapped Accept. “What’s up?” He listened for a moment and then looked to me. “Wanna meet Alice and Jasper for lunch at Bleecker’s? She’s craving their Arizona Wrap.”
“Sure,” I agreed. “Does she want me to open a window?”
He answered without even consulting the phone. “Nope. They’re already there.”
Laughing, I said, “She knew we’d say yes. Fine. Tell her we’ll be there in a few.”
“Rae called,” Alice said after swallowing a bite of her wrap. “Mom was gone to see a client about some work they want done on their living room, so I spoke to her. She said Kebi decided to do some traveling. With the money Marcus gave her, she can afford to. She said she’d always wanted to visit Europe, so now that she could, she was going to do it. Everyone else is doing well. The girls are thick as thieves. They’re all so close in age that they may as well be triplets. Even Bree, who is a couple of years younger at nine. Rae said they’re a lot of fun to watch. Liam let Maggie and Makenna adopt a couple of bunnies finally, so the three of them spend hours with them, talking to them through Makenna. They named them Buttons and Ginger – apparently Buttons has three patches of darker fur down the center of his chest and Ginger is reddish-orange.”
I sighed at the thought of the three little girls playing with their new pets. “I love that they’re able to be regular kids finally,” I said, adding in a laughing whisper, “if you take away the ability to talk with them, of course.”
Jasper nodded. “The fact that their time with Volterra didn’t change them is a miracle. Those three little girls had their worlds torn apart but emerged stronger because of it.”
Edward bumped my shoulder gently with his and looked around the table before replying. “I think we all did.”
“You’re going to open windows for Benjamin and Irina too, right?” Rose asked as we all gathered in the living room of the penthouse.
“I am,” I answered, smiling at her. “They both said to call when we were there and ready.”
“Okay. It’ll be good to see them.”
“It will,” Esme agreed. “Are we ready?” Once everyone nodded, she looked to me. “You’re up, sweetheart.”
It didn’t require much thought or concentration to open a window to the cabin in Montana. As previously agreed upon, no one moved as Edward put his mind reading to the test. When he smiled, I knew we were clear.
“No one around as far as I can hear,” he said and then stepped through, giving the all-clear there as well.
The family followed quickly behind him. Emmett waited till everyone had gone and then motioned for me to go on ahead. Once I’d stepped through, he joined us, and then I let the window close.
The interior of the cabin looked undisturbed from the last time we were there. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like anyone had been there – friend or foe.
As I pulled out my phone to call Benjamin and Irina, the others scattered. Alice, Jasper, Rose, and Emmett went outside, while Edward, Esme, and Carlisle stayed with me.
“Hey, Bella,” Irina said sweetly when she answered the phone. “I’m ready when you are. I’m in the living room of the main house.”
“Great. Opening window now,” I told her, and then I waved and giggled when almost the whole family was there to greet us.
Carmen, Eleazar, Kate, and Garrett called out hellos and good-byes as Irina stepped through the window. When the rest of those on my side had all called out their greetings as well, I allowed the window to close and then accepted Irina’s hug.
“It’s good to see you guys,” she said, greeting the others as well. “That’s from Mom, who said to have fun today.”
“We’re sorry the others couldn’t come,” Esme said. “But I know your mom and Kate have been looking forward to going down to Anchorage.”
Irina smiled. “Yeah, it’s the last weekend of the Anchorage Market and Festival. We go every year. Mom and Kate love to buy the local meats and produce, and Dad and Garrett enjoy the performers that come from all over. Tanya and I usually go too, but I wanted to come play with you guys this year, and Tanya’s off…” She shrugged, rolling her eyes. “I dunno. She met some guy and is off with him for the weekend.”
“Well, should we get Benjamin here so we can get this game started?” Carlisle asked, looking my way.
I smiled. “Wanna call him?” I teased Irina, who blushed but pulled out her phone.
After a moment, she smiled. “Hey. Bella’s ready if you are.” She nodded. “Outside deck. Gotcha.”
I opened a window to the pool deck of Rae’s place in Florida, where Benjamin was spending part of his vacation.
Benjamin stepped through immediately, sliding his phone into his pocket. He said a quick hello to everyone and then moved to stand beside Irina, smiling down at her. “Hi, Rina.”
“Hi,” she echoed, her eyes lighting up as she smiled.
The two of them had visited each other several times over the past six months, and they kept in contact daily via e-mail and phone – and even video chat, she’d told us during one conversation we’d had. Since the VI mess, she’d grown close to Rose, Alice, and me. Kate had as well, although Tanya kept her distance, thankfully.
Edward and I led the way out of the cabin, and once everyone had greeted the two newcomers, he and Jasper stepped up to the front of the group.
“Who’s sitting out?” Jasper asked. When Esme, Alice, and Irina raised their hands, he grinned and turned to the rest of us. “Then game on.”
Who knew a baseball game could be so cutthroat, I thought to Edward, laughing when he nodded my way.
No one was holding back. Jasper could run to get the hard-hit balls, as long as I didn’t get to it first with a window or Rose didn’t get it first with her claws and beak. As a bald eagle, she was crazy good at diving and swooping in to grab the high fly balls. Even Edward was using his talent against me. As soon as I’d hit the ball, I’d open a window to get to what we’d designated as first base. Edward would try to beat me and move the base before I could get there. We’d played several games of cat-and-mouse, me trying to touch the base and him moving it, to see if they could tag me out with the ball before I could get to the bag. I’d even tried to help Rose out when she hit it once over Emmett’s head into the “outfield.” I opened windows for her to get to first base and then second, but Edward saw it in my head and called for Jasper, who was able to beat Rose to second base with the ball and tag her out. Even Benjamin was getting in on the fun. Whoever was running the bases would suddenly find themselves tripping on a rise in the earth that hadn’t been there moments before.
Emmett had been controlling his strength the entire game, but he was finally looking a bit disgruntled at Jasper’s and Edward’s teasing.
“C’mon, Em,” Jasper yelled from the outfield. “Surely you can hit farther than you have been.”
Edward grinned. “Did you lose all your strength, bro?” He shook his head from his place as pitcher. “Such a shame…”
Stamping his foot a few times, Emmett lined up, ready to hit as soon as Edward threw the ball, and when it connected, every one of us slammed our hands to our ears. The sound of the ball on the metal bat rang loudly through the field, and if the ball could have screamed, it would have as it flew into the air.
I snorted into a laugh when I looked at Emmett, who was staring down at the bat in his hand, cringing. From my position as catcher, I could see just what had captured his attention. He’d hit the ball with such force that it had left a gaping, jagged hole in the metal bat and split it partway down the side.
My attention was drawn toward the sky when Rose’s eagle call sounded and then she came swooping in, something hanging from her beak. Everyone gathered around as she landed near home plate and shifted into her human form, the remains of the baseball in her hand.
“Em,” she said with a laugh. “You killed it…”
He sheepishly raised the bat and said, “I guess that means I win?”
Everyone laughed and agreed.
Once we’d said our good-byes, I opened a window for Irina and Benjamin to Alaska, where Benjamin would be spending a few days before flying back to work in Jacksonville, and then the rest of us went back home to New York, tired, sweaty, but relaxed after a great day just having fun.
Once back in the penthouse, Edward followed me to my room.
“Ugh. I don’t know about you, but I need a shower.”
Without looking back, I began stripping off my T-shirt and thought to Edward, Join me? Then I tossed the shirt to the side and reached for the waistband of the jeans I was wearing. He was off the bed and to my back before I could tug them down.
Edward started the shower and then went out to grab towels while I did what I needed to do first. By the time he knocked on the door, I was already under the warm spray.
Come in, Edward. It feels so good, I teased him.
Almost before I could finish thinking the thought to him, he was in, undressed, and stepping into the shower with a purr as he looked me up and down appreciatively.
“Mmm, looks good too,” he murmured before stepping under the water beside me.
I laughed as I pushed my now wet hair back out of my face. “The water or me?”
“You…in the water or out of it,” he said firmly with a grin. “Now turn, pretty girl, and let me wash your hair.”
I was just short enough that I didn’t need to stoop for him to reach. Leaning my head back, I relaxed as he poured some of my strawberry-scented shampoo into his hands and worked it a bit before rubbing it into my hair. He was gentle as he massaged the bubbling soap into my scalp, taking care not to pull too hard when he ran the soap through the rest of my hair. After turning me, he guided me back until I was under the spray, and I quickly rinsed before handing him my conditioner. Once he’d massaged it into my hair, I wanted to let it sit while I took my turn.
Turn around, I thought to him before grabbing his shampoo. He complied, dropping his chin to his chest so I could reach him easier. The refreshing and energizing scent of mint filled the enclosed shower as I began massaging it into his scalp, and he sighed.
“Feels so good,” he barely muttered aloud.
“Magic fingers, baby,” I teased, scratching at his scalp gently.
He laughed quietly. Don’t I know it, he pushed at me suggestively.
Once I’d worked the shampoo thoroughly, I let him rinse and then rinsed the conditioner from my own hair before grabbing the loofah and body wash. He took them from me and began lathering up the soft material of the loofah before setting the body wash back on the shelf. As he started on my shoulders, he said in a low voice, “I love your skin. It’s so soft.”
I shivered and felt my nipples harden into stiff peaks from his super-sexy tone.
He moved down to continue washing my torso, paying special attention to my breasts.
I couldn’t help but laugh as the loofah tickled my nipples, but that laugh cut off quick when he skimmed my mound to reach my legs. “Edward,” I moaned softly.
He quickly and efficiently finished off my legs, feet, and then back up to land between my legs, but after a few swipes with the loofah that had me squirming, he dropped it and gently guided me back under the spray until I was clear of soapy bubbles. I started to reach for the soap but instead found myself with my back against the cool tiles. When Edward guided one leg over his shoulder, I squeaked and pressed my hands to the wall to balance myself, but a long lick of my pussy had me reaching out and clutching at his shoulder and hair, moaning as he hummed against my skin.
Taste so good, he pushed to me in his thoughts. Fuck, Bella… Sweet like honey, a little tart like the most delicious green apples, and the taste that is simply you. I’m gonna eat you up, baby.
“Yes,” I growled, squeezing my eyes closed and gripping his hair tighter as he lapped at me and then thrust his tongue as deep inside me as he could get.
When he wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked as he slid two fingers deep inside me, I cried out and came, hard. I was nearly vibrating out of my skin as he withdrew his fingers and eased his mouth away from my clit.
After a moment, he gave one last kiss to the top of my mound and then slipped my leg off his shoulder and stood, wrapping me in his arms and keeping me from sliding to the shower floor.
When I kissed him, Edward tasted of me. It wasn’t something I was particularly turned on by – other than the fact that it made my clit pulse at the reminder of exactly why he tasted that way – but suddenly I wanted nothing more than to taste him on my lips instead of myself.
Holding out my hand, I waited until Edward took it and then used it for leverage as I carefully dropped to my knees.
He made a noise of protest and said, “You’ll hurt your knees…”
I wrapped my fingers around him and looked up under lowered lashes, unable to resist teasing him. “Planning on taking a long time?”
His cock jerked in my hand when I leaned in and gave an experimental lick to the tip, and he grunted out, “Hell no.”
“Then just enjoy and let me worry about my knees…”
I took a minute to admire him. Edward was larger than average – certainly larger than anyone I’d ever been with – but he wasn’t porn-sized, thank fucking hell. Leaning in, I ran my tongue flat against him from base to tip, eyes on his face the whole time. With one hand braced on the wall beside him and the other in a tight fist at his side, he was watching with rapt attention, the heat in his gaze nearly a sizzling entity. Under my tongue, the head of his cock was soft and spongy, but that was the only thing. His dick was like a warm steel rod, and when I reached up to roll his balls in my other palm, they were already drawn up tight in the sac.
Unable to wait, I slid my mouth down over him, using my other hand to stroke what I couldn’t fit in my mouth. “Mmm,” I hummed around him as I began bobbing up and down on his cock – slow, then fast, then slow again until he was thrusting gently into my mouth. He moved his hand from his side to my head, not forcing me down on him but guiding my movements. I went with it, loving the feel of him making sure he got what he wanted.
When his balls drew up even tighter, I tightened my fist, began to stroke harder, and flicked my tongue against the head, light and fast like a hummingbird. When I reached out with a finger and pressed it behind his balls, his thrusts faltered and he came with a long, loud groan.
He slumped over against the wall with an almost winded chuckle, slipping out of my mouth. I discretely spit out his cum into the stream of the shower before standing and stretching up to kiss his cheek as I wrapped my arms around him.
“Jesus, pretty girl,” he groaned. “Where’d you learn that trick there at the end?”
Laughing, I said, “Cosmo.”
“I’m gonna buy you a damn subscription tomorrow.”
I just grinned and moved to shut off the water.
“You ready?” Edward asked gently.
I nodded but waited one last moment to take a deep, calming breath. It was the first time I was going to visit my dad’s grave since I’d taken Edward to see it. It wasn’t that I was nervous about that, but the last few times I went, I’d been hiding from VI. So it was a little bit of a different feeling now.
Once I was ready, I opened a window to my hidden spot at the cemetery in Forks. Edward listened and then nodded, and we stepped through before I closed the window behind us. Carefully, we picked our way through the trees and then made our way to the spot my father was buried.
Swiping my hand across the simple headstone, I brushed away the dirt and leaves that had accumulated before sitting. I waited until Edward had settled beside me before speaking.
“Hi, Dad,” I said simply.
I was quiet for several minutes, letting memories of my childhood float through my mind. I knew Edward was getting it all, as the arm he had around my waist tightened and he placed a kiss to my temple when I finally allowed myself to think of my dad’s funeral.
“He’d have hated it,” I said with kind of a sniffle-laugh. “Being the center of attention, the tears – he hated when my mom or I cried; he never knew what to do, other than to pass us a tissue. And oh, the music. I wanted to play some Beatles, his favorite band of all time, or even AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell,’ which he loved. But she insisted on regular, boring funeral music.”
Edward chuckled. “I would have liked your dad.” He’d said something similar the last time we’d visited, but I knew he truly meant it.
Nodding, I couldn’t but smile. “He’d have loved you. Your whole family, really.” When he opened his mouth to interrupt, I added, “Our whole family.”
His mouth quirked into an adorable half smirk, half grin.
With the peace of the cemetery around us, I quietly filled my dad in on everything that had happened with VI, catching him up on my life. I knew he was up in heaven, looking down at me and able to see everything, but it felt…right to sit and tell it all to him anyway.
After a few minutes, Edward glanced at his watch. “We’d better go, Bella. It’s almost time to meet Sam and Emily.”
I nodded, taking a deep breath and then standing. “Love you, Dad,” I murmured, kissing my fingers and then reaching out to trace my dad’s name.
The cemetery was only a few minutes’ walk from the diner where we’d agreed to meet the couple from La Push. We were quiet, our hands swinging gently between us, as we made our way there. It gave me time to get into a different headspace, from the past to the present. Emily and Sam were two of the sixxers we’d freed from VI. We’d been in contact via e-mail regularly since the rescue, so I knew in the six months since we last saw them, they’d gotten married, and they were still living on the reservation in La Push, wanting to be near his sister, Claire, a little sixxer herself.
When we walked in, Emily waved from the corner, where she and Sam had claimed a booth. Between them, I could see a raven-haired little girl who looked a lot like a younger, feminine version of Sam. They’d brought Claire.
“Hi,” Emily said as we approached. “I hope this was okay…” Her gaze cut to Claire, who was watching us quietly.
I grinned, nodding. “It’s fine. Hi, Sam.”
“Hi, Bella. Edward. Good to see you both.”
“You, too,” Edward said, allowing me to scoot into the booth first. Once he’d sat beside me, he looked at Claire. “And you must be Claire.”
She nodded shyly, but I could see her eyes light up. “Is it true you can read minds?” she asked in barely a whisper.
He laughed softly. “It’s true – and okay, I’ll get the cheeseburger, if you think that’s what’s best here.”
The little girl giggled.
“I hear you had a birthday recently,” I said with a grin and then reached into my pocket when she nodded. “Emily said you have a charm bracelet your mom and dad gave you.” I oohed and aahed appropriately when she held out her wrist to show us the silver bracelet. “Edward and I wanted to bring you something to add to it.”
I slid the small, wrapped gift across the table to her. We watched as she tore at the polka-dotted paper with enthusiasm, grinning when she squealed.
“Look, Em! It’s the Statue of Liberty and an apple!” She held it up for Emily and then turned to show Sam.
“Pretty,” he told her. “What do you tell Bella and Edward?”
“Thank you!” She grinned and picked them up, holding them out to Emily. “Put them on, please!”
The waitress stopped by the table as Emily was adding the charms to the bracelet. We all placed our orders – cheeseburgers all the way around, much to Claire’s delight – and then admired the bracelet once she was gone.
As Claire drew on the paper placemat in front of her using a pen Emily pulled out of her purse, Sam asked quietly, “Have you heard anything about Aro lately?”
The diner was nearly empty, and I knew Edward was listening to the minds around us, so I wasn’t worried about talking about sixxer-related things. “Nothing lately. Marcus keeps us updated. He and Benjamin have heard rumblings a few times, but nothing concrete’s come out of it yet.”
Sam nodded thoughtfully.
“What about others who were rescued?” Emily asked, glancing down to make sure Claire was still occupied.
I smiled then. “Angela, the girl who can breathe underwater? She’s engaged to her boyfriend, Ben. They’re getting married in a few months. They’re still in Santa Monica, living together near her parents.”
“That’s great,” Emily said, smiling over at Sam. “They must have realized like we did that life is too short to wait.”
Nodding, I continued. “Peter and Charlotte, a couple who was with the group that escaped when we set some free in Seattle, went back home to Texas. We’ve only heard from them once, shortly after they moved, but they seemed happy to be home.”
“As were we all,” Sam said with a smile and a wink at his sister when she looked up at him.
I told them about a few others we’d heard from and then said, “Do you remember Seth, Paul, and Randall?”
Emily thought a minute. “Seth is the time manipulator, right? And Paul…controls fire? They’re both teenagers. And Randall is the older gentleman who controls plants?”
“Right,” I agreed. “They were part of the same group as Peter and Charlotte. Because of Randall’s talent, Benjamin helped him get a job in Jacksonville at a plant nursery. He’s thriving there. And because both Seth and Paul ran away from home because of their families’ lack of support, they’re living with Randall in Florida and both are back in school and doing well so far. It took a bit of fudging on the paperwork, but they’re making it work.”
“That’s great,” Emily said, and Sam nodded his agreement.
The waitress stepped up with our food, and all talk of sixxers, VI, and Aro was put on the back burner as we ate. Instead, Claire talked about school and her friends, and we told her all about New York City, which she begged Sam and Emily to take her to soon.
Just as we all finished eating, a shadow fell across the table just as Edward stiffened beside me.
“Well, look who we have here,” a familiar voice said.
I raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Jacob Black…”
“Hi, Bella. I didn’t know you knew Sam and Emily. Who’s your new friend?”
Edward stuck his hand out for Jacob to shake. “Edward Cullen.”
Jake ignored his hand and smirked. “You a freak too?”
I tried to see Edward’s thoughts and what he was getting from Jake, but he was closed off tight.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Edward said, a slight challenge in his voice.
“Mmhmm,” Jacob said slowly, glancing around the table. “I’m guessing so or you wouldn’t be hanging out with…all of them. What? Can you open windows like Bella here? Walk through walls or stand on your head?”
“He can read your mind,” Claire growled. “So be nice or else.”
Sam hushed Claire, glaring at Jacob when he opened his mouth. “Say one word to her, and I’ll—”
Edward interrupted quickly. “Everyone calm down,” he said, nodding once to Sam before looking back at Jacob. “Look, we don’t want trouble. Just let me pay our bill and we’ll get out of your way.”
Jacob looked like he was going to continue to challenge us, but instead, he turned away and hissed under his breath, “Fucking freaks. Just not natural.”
“Sam, take everyone outside,” Edward instructed. “I’ll be out in a minute.”
He squeezed my hand and then ushered me out of the booth, waiting until Sam had guided us to the door before he slid out of the booth and went to pay.
I watched as he smiled at the waitress, who took the bill and the cash he held out at the register. The waitress looked down and then tried to hand him back some of the money, so I knew he’d tipped her well, but he shook his head and gently pushed her hand back to her before turning and moving toward the door, never once glancing Jacob’s way.
Once Edward had joined us outside, Sam asked, “Are you headed back to New York now?”
We both nodded, and I added, “We’ll find someplace hidden to jump from.”
Emily smiled. “We promised Claire some time at the park. There are trees around it that would give you the privacy you need, and it’s just a couple of blocks from here.”
I remembered the park she was talking about. It had been built just a couple of years before my mom and I moved away, so I’d been a bit too old to enjoy it, but it would work well as a place from which to open a window. “Sounds good.”
Claire walked a bit ahead of us, and Sam and Emily kept a close eye on her even as we all talked. The little girl was a bit like a gymnast circus performer. Her enhanced dexterity meant she could move her body in ways that weren’t quite natural. She cartwheeled and danced her way along the side of the road like she hadn’t a care in the world. When she turned to say something to us, her body twisted like her spine was made of rubber, not bones. It was like her lower half was still walking forward while her entire upper body was facing behind her.
So weirdly awesome, I thought to Edward, who grinned.
“Claire, public,” Sam admonished, and Claire gave a sheepish grin and turned back to face forward. Once she was no longer paying attention to the adults, Sam shook his head and sighed, saying quietly, “It’s hard to let her be a kid and feel like she isn’t being punished by not being able to do what comes naturally to her, yet keep her safe from prying eyes.”
We nodded in sympathy, and I said, “You should bring her down to Florida sometime. Let her hang out with Maggie, Makenna, and Bree. She can be free to let her ‘freak flag fly,’ so to speak.”
Emily smiled sadly. “That would be good, but it’s a bit expensive to fly the three of us, so maybe if we save up some money, we could do it in a few months.”
Putting my hand on her arm, I shook my head. “Just let me know when, and I can open windows for you. Anytime, okay?”
Her smile grew and tears filled her eyes. “That would be great. Thank you.”
Sam nodded, wrapping an arm around Emily’s shoulders and squeezing her close for a moment. “Yes, thank you. We’ll certainly let you know.”
“Edward, Bella, watch,” Claire called.
We’d arrived at the park, and since no one was around, Claire had taken off her shoes and was up on top of the monkey bars. We were close enough that I could see her feet and toes were somehow curled around the bars, keeping her balanced as she raced to one end and then back. She then proceeded to slide like a snake through the bars – under one, then over the next, only to repeat that through the entire thing. Again, it was like her spine didn’t even exist.
We clapped and laughed until Sam called for her to be careful.
She simply laughed and went back to twisting and turning her body into impossible positions to play.
After a few minutes, I said, “We’d better go. We’re going to the movies tonight with Edward’s family. But remember, call or e-mail anytime you want to visit Florida or us in New York. You’re always welcome anytime.”
Sam called for Claire, and we spent several minutes saying good-bye, accepting hugs from the little girl and from Emily, before I opened a window back into my bedroom in the penthouse.
Once it had closed behind us and Edward started for the bedroom door to let the family know we were back, I stopped him with a hand on his arm.
When he looked at me with a raised eyebrow, I said, “I know I’ve been putting it off, that I wasn’t ready, but I am now. If you want to set it up with Benjamin for us to visit my mom, I’m ready.”
Talking again to my dad, seeing Claire be so joyous and free with her talent… All of it had prompted me to make the decision to be in charge of my life, not to fear it. And if facing my mother again was what it took, then that’s what I would do.


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I sure am worried about Jacob and the unheard from bad guys. I'm really nervous. Is it wrong that I hope her mother has OD'd?

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Renee will never change, so this visit will either put Bella and Edward in harm's way or end in Renee's demise.
Jacob is so hateful that he would seek out anyone who wants to end the "Freaks", as he calls them. Let's hope he doesn't know anyone from VI.

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