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Six - Chapter 25

Chapter 25
New York City
Fuck me, he’s hot.
Calculus homework, Lit homework, Civics homework. Sweet Jesus, I’ll never see the light of day this weekend.
I need coffee. STAT.
He goes away and comes back with a damned girlfriend. Fuckin’ shame.
Snorting at that last thought that wafted my way as I walked toward the NYU cafeteria, I glanced over to the girl who was staring my way. Jessica. I hadn’t seen her since I’d left class in the spring and didn’t come back.
Smirking a little, I shook my head because the “damned girlfriend” was waiting for me in the corner of the large, filled lunchroom, sipping a cup of coffee as she scrolled through her phone.

More thoughts, louder thoughts hit me in the packed space, and I ignored most of them. A few freshmen were eyeing Bella silently and shyly. A group at a table behind her was discussing the latest blockbuster movie they all were planning to see. I could feel eyes on me, on Bella, and on Jasper, who was coming in the other door.
But it was the deep-brown eyes I needed to see. Actually, I needed more than just her eyes. I needed to hear her voice, her mind, her laughter. I wanted things I needed to wait for, because we had homework and dinner and responsibilities when we got back to the penthouse.
It had been a few weeks since we’d pulled Renee from that disgusting house and moved her to Florida with Rae. She was thriving in the sun and sand, loving the three little girls who surrounded her. She and Bella chatted and texted almost daily on two phones that couldn’t be traced should Aro start to look for them.
A weight had been lifted from my pretty girl. She had her mother back. She had the mother she’d had before her father died, and it was like a gift from heaven, because I was pretty damn certain that Bella had given up hope of ever having a relationship with her mom again.
I slid into the seat next to hers, giving her temple a kiss for many reasons – most of which was to shut up the drooling freshmen. “How’s Renee?” I whispered against her hair, trying my damnedest to control my thoughts of how amazing she smelled.
“She’s good,” Bella replied, glancing up at me with the sweetest smile. “She’s considering substitute teaching again, but she’s not sure. She’s enjoying Bree, Maggie, and Makenna, since they’re homeschooling right now, so she’s assumed the role as their tutor.”
Smiling, I nodded. “Good.”
Jasper plopped loudly down in front of us, tossing his own phone to the table. “Can we skip the afternoon classes?”
I started to laugh, until I saw why he wanted to go home.
Something had changed with my sister since VI; she was almost obsessed with finding Aro. She had zero patience when it came to finding him and his final few followers. She’d sit for hours at a time, forcing decisions and the visions that would come with them, and she’d started to skip meals, ignore her online classwork, not to mention the mood swings were downright frightening. But it was her melancholy attitude when Jasper would leave for school – hell, when any of us would leave for anything – that was the most heartbreaking.
Bella, who heard just as much in the house as I did, stopped his phone from dropping to the tile floor of the cafeteria. She gently set it next to his lunch tray, her nose wrinkling a little at the situation.
“She’s so stubborn,” Bella muttered aloud, shaking her head. “She’s been offered a chance to see again, and she continuously says no because she thinks she’ll lose her sixth sense.”
“So in turn, she’s forcing herself to finish this shit with Aro,” I added. “She’s determined to find him, but she feels she’s missing out on…” I waved a hand around me at the college life that was loud and boisterous. “Funny thing? I don’t think – from what I can see from her vision – that she’ll lose her talent.” I whispered that last thing. “Every time she checks, it’s uncertain, but I can’t see where it just goes away. She had talent before the vision that blinded her, but I’m not so sure that one had anything to do with the other. We all got stronger as we got older, and I – and this is just my opinion – I think the vision she saw of losing her parents in that wreck was overload, but I think it was her talent manifesting into what it was going to be. Carlisle says fear can physically harm a person, and it’s quite possible the fear of losing her parents was what caused Alice’s eyes to stop working.”
Jasper nodded, poking at his slice of pizza, and I sighed at his internal worry. He worried about her because he loved her; he had always loved her. He wanted her happy, something I completely understood and agreed, but his true worry was that if his Alice could see again, would she still love him once she set eyes on him.
“Oh,” Bella said, tears welling up in her eyes when she heard that thought through my mind.
“Don’t judge me!” Jasper grumped.
“I’m not. I get it,” she defended, but she glanced to me and then back to Jasper. “Umm, this is just a girl’s opinion, but…if I were in Alice’s position, I’d just want to set eyes on the person I loved.” She shrugged her shoulders when he glanced up at her. “I’m not sure… I mean, I don’t know, but I can’t imagine she’d be disappointed. I don’t think real love works that way.”
I leaned over, kissing the side of her head and telling her I loved her silently as I inhaled deeply the scent of her hair. I never needed her more than I did right then, and I knew she could hear it.
She gave me a warning glare, but her cheeks were pink. She turned back to Jasper. “Stop worrying. Alice will make the right decision when she’s ready.”
“Jasper,” I said, forcing myself to stay in the conversation and not beg Bella to drop us somewhere alone, which made my girl snort. “I’ve known Alice since we were kids, and I know this much… She can pinpoint a vision about anything down to the time, place, and person, but she’s always misjudged visions about herself. She simply won’t – or can’t – see herself clearly. Even when we were kids, the vision was on me not her. The details were about me, and if she was involved, then she would go with it, but to solely focus on herself… Nope. Not happening.”
Thanks, guys, he thought to both of us, and Bella went back to her phone and coffee.
Jasper picked up his pizza and took a bite, mumbling with his mouth full, “Does that mean we can’t skip afternoon class?”
Grinning, I sighed and glanced Bella’s way. Thoughts of spare time and getting away and being alone started to grow and build into an idea that I couldn’t stop, and she saw it all. And it didn’t take much to have her thinking of places she wanted to go.
“Yeah, fuck it. Let’s go,” I finally relented, standing up from the table.
I grinned into the crook of Bella’s neck, loving when I could get that sound out of her. Pressing her into the door of my bedroom, I slipped my hands down her sides, around to her ass, and picked her up. My eyes rolled back at the feel of legs wrapping around my waist and fingers tugging my hair.
However, the sounds on the other side of the door, not to mention the thoughts coming from the full damn penthouse were leaking into the situation, and I couldn’t concentrate.
“Edward,” Bella said softly, pulling at me and placing her hands on either side of my face. “Let’s go.”
My brow furrowed, but she jerked her chin toward something behind me, and when I glanced over my shoulder, I chuckled at the window she’d opened against my bookcase.
“Oh, hell yeah,” I whispered, not even bothering to put her down. I merely turned us around and walked us through.
The scent of Bella’s father’s cabin was musty but familiar. The silence, though, was deafening. The first time we’d set foot in that cabin, the whole family had needed a safe place temporarily. The last time had been the baseball game we’d played with new friends and old. But alone? We’d never been inside that cabin alone.
“Nope,” she whispered against my lips as I set that sweet ass down onto the kitchen counter. I was just about to kiss the ever-loving shit out of her…and more, but she started to laugh, pushing at me just a little. “Edward, baby…wait. We need to… We should…”
Shaking with the need to just devour her, I nodded, stepping back a little, as far as her legs would let me. “Okay, okay, okay… I’ll check. Don’t you fucking move that sexy ass from that spot,” I ordered, pointing a finger at her and raising my eyebrow at her for emphasis.
Her giggle was adorable and sweet, and I pressed a kiss to her lips before removing myself from her embrace. I stepped out the door of the cabin, inhaling deeply the crisp air of Montana with fall approaching. The usual green grass was a faded brown, and there were no wildflowers this time. I couldn’t hear a thing – no minds, no wind, no nothing. The long, winding dirt road was growing over because not a soul used it. Mountains guarded us in the distance, and the only movement anywhere was a couple of vultures circling high above as they seemed to search for their next meal.
We were blissfully fucking alone.
That thought made Bella laugh again from inside the cabin, and I smiled at the beautiful sound. When I closed the door and locked it, I turned around to see she’d moved from her spot.
“Hey, I told you—”
“Shut up, Edward,” she interrupted with a laugh, reaching over to light a small fire in the small furnace in the corner of the room to warm up the place.
As I gazed around, I noted she’d rearranged things in order to keep them from falling or breaking should things between us get a bit out of hand, which still happened occasionally but wasn’t as bad as the beginning. She also had pulled down some more blankets for one of the beds. Personally, I was pretty damn sure we wouldn’t need them.
Bella sighed, glancing my way. “You are something else today.”
Grinning, I shrugged a shoulder and sat down on the side of the bed. “Do you ever get tired of hearing my mind?” I asked, simply out of curiosity.
“You get tired of hearing mine?” she countered, walking to me and cupping my face.
“No, but you have the option. I don’t.” I pulled her between my legs, gazing up at her. “Sadly, my mind comes with everyone else’s, so… I don’t know, pretty girl. I was just curious.”
Bella’s warm, brown eyes were soft and loving as she raked her fingers slowly and deliciously through my hair. “It does get rather loud in here,” she stated, tapping the middle of my forehead with one light touch. When I nodded, she smiled and pressed a kiss right where she’d just tapped. “Remember what I said at the beginning, that somehow we’d just know, that we’d skip all the bullshit of new relationships.”
“Yeah, but—”
She cut me off with a kiss to the lips. “No buts, Edward. I love that you can hear my mind. Oh my God, I was so messed up when we first met, that you being able to see what I needed when I didn’t was the best thing. And I think you kinda like sharing yourself and the burden of your talent a little. So if you help me, and I’m helping you, then we’re pretty damned even. Don’t you think?”
“I know, Bella, and I love that, too. But I’m a guy and I think stupid shit sometimes.”
Her smile was patient and amused all at the same time. “Right, because the mental debate over my clothes choices for school is Mensa-level shit.”
“Ah, but the fact that I know there’s some sort of pink, lacy situation going on underneath these jeans and sweater…” Grinning salaciously, I let my tongue drag across my bottom lip. “That can keep a man in check all fucking day.”
Her laugh was beautiful and paired with her blush just made her gorgeous and perfect, and some days, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting her.
“And that thought, Mr. Cullen, is why love hearing your mind, no matter who else’s comes with it,” she whispered against my lips, finally just leveling me with a knee-buckling kiss.
I love you, Edward.
With that thought from her, I surrendered to the need that had been building all damn day. Slipping my hand deep into her dark hair, I held her where I wanted her, and our tongues tasted and swirled together as Bella stepped closer. My hands roamed everywhere on her – over jeans, along her back, down to her sweet ass, and underneath that sweater. I moaned into our kiss at the feel of the lacy thing I’d seen her choose that morning. I knew it was a deep pink. And in all honesty, I couldn’t wait to see her standing in front of me wearing just that lace.
Bella smiled against my lips, pulling back and reaching for the bottom of her sweater. She tugged it off over her head, dropping it over the chair, and my eyes betrayed me as they raked over pink lace and what was filling it, down to where her fingers were unbuttoning her jeans. As she lowered her zipper, I couldn’t stop from reaching out to touch the soft skin along her sides, across her stomach, and up her back. She pushed those sinful jeans down, kicking out of them and her boots.
“Fuck,” I breathed, shaking my head at even more pink and lace and skin. The underwear were just deadly fuckers, hugging her hips and letting the cheeks of her ass peek out just a bit in the back, and I started to reach for her again, but she stopped me just long enough to pull at my sweatshirt.
That bastard was off before she could voice the words, and I pulled her to my lap because I needed more and closer. When I could barely take the pressure from Bella’s needy grinding against me, I rolled us, placing her on the bed beneath me.
Gazing down at her, I drank in every inch of her beauty. I wanted to tease, to make her come before I slipped inside her, because I wasn’t sure how long I’d last after my day-long need. Cupping her breast, I slid fingers inside her bra to toy with nipples that were hard and tight. With my hand flat, I slipped down her torso, across the edge of the lace just below her navel. Hooking a finger inside that lace, I teased her between her legs, pressing enough just to elicit a sexy as hell moan and a roll of her hips. Pulling my finger away, I cupped her fully over that lace, rubbing a touch harder.
“I can’t wait to make you come, pretty girl,” I whispered, bracing a hand by her head so I could kiss her at the same time my hand slipped beneath that lacy underwear to touch her the way I’d imagined all fucking day. “You know why I love to hear your mind?” I asked against her lips, not expecting an answer, so I told her why. “Because I can hear exactly what I’m doing to you, exactly where you need me, and exactly what you want me to do to you.”
God yes, right there…
Smiling, I slipped another finger inside her, pressing the heel of my hand where she needed me. And I couldn’t keep my gaze from roaming over her beautiful face, down her heaving chest to where my hand was inside her underwear, becoming soaked with every tease, touch, and push.
Burying my face into the crook of her neck, I kissed, tasted, nipped at the skin just below her ear as I brought her closer and closer to the edge. My mind was consumed by her – the sounds, the heat, the wetness, and finally, the spiral of her orgasm that constricted around my fingers.
“Yes, pretty girl, let go,” I urged her, because I needed her to lose her shit all over my touch, never mind what I wanted her to do with my cock.
As she writhed beneath me, I soothed her with a flat hand on her stomach. When brown, sated eyes gazed up at me, I smiled, pressing a kiss to her lips. I was so hard for her, it was practically painful.
Then we need to take care of that, Edward.
“Please,” I begged, my eyes rolling back as she reached for my jeans.
When I couldn’t take it anymore, I stood up, kicking out of sneakers and jeans, mentally telling Bella to take off everything. She did, a shiver racking her frame as the chill in the air met her slightly sweaty skin.
“C’mon, baby,” I said, shifting the blankets and burying us both underneath them.
Bella welcomed me with open arms and legs, and finally, I slid deep inside her, feeling like I’d come home.
The cabin was quiet as I trailed my fingers up and down Bella’s arm. She was draped across me with an arm around my waist. There was something completely and totally relaxing with only the two of us in the room. I loved when it was only her mind, her thoughts. At the penthouse, I had to hear every member of my family, the neighbors below us, and even occasionally some a few floors away. At school, it was trying because I could every loud thought of each student in class, the professors, and several people out on the streets and in surrounding buildings.
I’d heard it all my whole life – broken hearts and dreams, cheating, hatred, love, sadness, despair – and there was a time when it was too much, too loud, too disturbing to deal with on a minute-to-minute basis.
Bella shifted a little to gaze up at me. “I can’t imagine hearing all that as a little kid.”
I smiled, huffing a small laugh as I brushed her hair from her face. “I did. And some of it was right in my very home, never mind the neighborhood around me. I knew when the couple down the street ran out of drugs, when the old man next door debated putting a bullet in his head, and when the little girl across the street was hungry. I also knew when my grandparents decided I was evil, that my sixth senses were from the devil.” I rolled my eyes at that but shrugged a shoulder when Bella’s mind went to a very angry place.
Pulling her closer and a bit on top of me, I kissed her lips softly. “I heard good things, too, pretty girl,” I whispered against her lips. “Teachers who thought the best of kids in my class, despite the neighborhood. The little old lady two streets over who didn’t have much but baked cookies once a week for a handful of us kids. The cop who arrested my parents that last bank job; she was really nice. She didn’t treat me like a freak or a criminal, no matter how hard I tried to tell her that I caused all the damage that day. She simply smiled and made sure I had something to eat before they toted me off to the mental hospital. And then there’s Alice, who knew what I was and who I’d be to her before we’d even spoken a word.”
Bella smiled down at me, tracing my eyebrow. “Not to mention all the girls you hear… I heard that one today, Mr. Cullen.”
Laughing, I shook my head. “What’d you hear, pretty girl? That she’s disappointed I have a girlfriend now? Pfft…” I rolled my eyes. “I paid attention when it suited me. That’s not exactly noble, but I’m pretty damned picky.” I kissed her lips softly. “But fuck me,” I whispered, bringing her forehead to mine, “when I heard your mind, I was so done, Bella. I couldn’t think, see straight, or focus. I couldn’t do anything but figure out how to find you, and when I did, I knew I needed you. I needed you safe and off the streets, I needed to know you, and I needed to protect you. And I couldn’t stop any of it. But most of all, I needed you to know me, hear my thoughts, my mind. I’d never wanted that until you, baby.”
Bella shifted until she was lying on top of me completely, and my hands glided up and down her back to her ass over and over. Her thoughts were filled with love, happiness, and a touch of humor that this was as close to the deserted island we joked about as she could get us, at least temporarily. We were probably due back soon, since we didn’t exactly tell anyone we were leaving, though I was sure Alice had seen it.
Bella snorted a little but leaned in to kiss my lips. As if the thought of my sister popped our little bubble, our phones started to ring from somewhere in the pile of our discarded clothes.
“Shit,” I sighed and groaned at the same time. My head fell back to the pillow, but my hands gripped Bella just a little bit tighter, as if I’d lose her, this quiet place, this perfect moment.
“Edward,” she said through a laugh. “My windows work anywhere, anytime.”
“I know, but fuck…”
I didn’t let her go but reached down to the floor for my jeans, fumbling for my phone that was blowing the fuck up. Swiping my thumb across the screen, I answered, “Yes, Alice?”
“You two need to get back here…now!” Before I could ask her why, she said the one name that made chills creep down my spine. “Jane’s in the building.”
“Jesus… Okay, we’ll be there in a minute.” I hung up as Bella slipped quickly off me, and I sat up, tossing my phone onto the bed. “I’ll kill her if she’s there to start trouble.”
Bella nodded, but her mind was conjuring up places in the most remote locations that she’d send Jane to if this was going to be a fight.
“Why else would she be there if not to start some shit, Bella?” I countered her silent musing, but Bella shrugged a shoulder, thinking Jane may be in trouble.
“I can’t seem to care,” I muttered, frowning as I tied my sneakers. I stood up, pulled my sweatshirt back on, and raked my fingers through my hair.
Once Bella was dressed and the cabin closed up, I pulled her to me and kissed her lips. “Ready when you are, pretty girl.”
She nodded, gazing just behind me and opening a window. I smiled that it was my bedroom just as we’d left it, but the impending visitor was weighing heavily, especially when it was Emmett who greeted us.
“Alice sees her sneaking into the building, which I don’t get, but maybe you can figure that shit out when you see her mind, Edward,” he rattled off immediately, though mentally, he was sorry to pull us from our privacy. If anyone understood the need for peace and quiet, it was my biggest brother; he and Rosalie escaped all the time, just to get away.
Bella and I followed him down the hall to the living room, where my whole family sat worriedly around Alice. The vision that she immediately started to show me wasn’t what I expected. While Jane was definitely using her sixth sense to work her way through the lobby of our building, she seemed to be doing it carefully, subtly. From the front desk workers, to the security people, to the stairs, she pushed enough pain at them in order to sneak through all the check points.
“Yeah, she’s coming,” I agreed, looking around at my family.
Rose was sitting passively as the white German Shepherd by Esme, her teeth flashing long and dangerous. Her amber eyes glanced to me as her thoughts begged me to “break the bitch.” Memories of Caius being folded into broken bones came to mind, but she wanted blood.
Bella smirked my way but didn’t say anything when she saw that through me. However, I tensed when I caught Jane’s mind just outside in the stairwell. Just when I expected to see revenge, malice, or anger, I caught nerves, anxiety, and trepidation.
Tilting my head, I held up my hand when both Jasper and Emmett stepped forward. “Wait.”
I waited until she was about to step to the door before I yanked it open. My sixth sense kicked in before she could move, and I had her pinned to the wall across the corridor. She could’ve kicked my ass with pain, but it didn’t come, and a window opened up beneath her where the hallway floor used to be. Angry, stormy seas chopped and shifted and crashed underneath where her feet dangled, and Bella came to my right side with Rose on my other as a low, deep growl rumbled through the white dog.
“Please,” was all Jane grunted out, and I pushed her harder against the wall, wondering why she wasn’t annihilating us all with her power. “Carlisle… I need to see Carlisle. I swear, I’m… I…”
Bella, take away the window, I thought to her.
She looked to me like I was crazy, but she, too, could see that Jane was purposefully not using her powers against us.
And then Jane thought the one thing that brought us up short.
I know where Aro is, and I can give him to you.
Bella’s window evaporated, and I set the girl down onto the floor.
“One wrong move, and I’ll drop you on those rocks in the ocean just to watch you rip apart,” Bella warned her, pointing a finger to the floor. “If anyone in my family so much as flinches with a headache, you’re out.”
Jane nodded vehemently, looking contrite. “No, please. I need your help.”
“Let her in,” Carlisle stated softly but firmly, and we all backed away from the door to let the young girl into the penthouse.
Esme offered the girl a seat in the living room, and the rest of us took a place around her. I could hear her mind, as could Bella through me, and while the rest of the family looked at Jane like a disgusting bug, we saw why she was really there.
“She lost her brother, Alec,” I stated, and Jane nodded sadly, tears welling up in her eyes. “You lost him during the fight in Washington – to the wolves.”
“I’m sorry for your loss, but why are you here?” Carlisle asked her gently.
“I really do need your help. Aro… He’s… I know where he is. At first, I went with him because I didn’t know where else to go,” she explained weakly, fidgeting on the sofa. “Alec and I didn’t want to do the things he made us, but it was either do what he asked or be hooked up to the machines like everyone like us.”
Bella snorted, shaking her head. Alice shifted nervously because she couldn’t quite tell how this meeting would end. There were too many variables, too many of us making all sorts of blind decisions. Rose was still in her dog form, sitting silently next to Esme, preparing to sacrifice herself for our parents, who wouldn’t be able to defend themselves. Jasper gripped Alice’s hand, calculating exactly how he could get her to someplace safe, though he was counting on Bella and me to see something before it came to fruition.
“Aro’s lost it,” she said suddenly, looking to Carlisle. “When the fight broke out at the Olympic building, he took what vials of talents were collected, and he and Riley jumped from the lab to someplace safe, and when we tried to follow, Alec was attacked. His sixth sense didn’t work on animals. Mine did, but I was barely able to get away. Demetri and Felix, they knew where to meet him, but he just left Alec and me!” She was barely controlling her emotions, but she looked to Carlisle again. “He’s using the vials on himself, and he’s going to run out. Which means…he’s looking for more of us.” She shook her head, and her mind landed on someone’s secret, someone she was protecting – another sibling.
“Oh,” I said, my eyebrows raising up. “How were you able to keep her from him?”
“Alec and I never talked about her. When he came for us, she wasn’t there, and we got messages to her to stay hidden. She’s older, was away at college, and she’s been in hiding since Alec and I were taken. She’s extremely talented. Victoria can escape anything, which is why she’s stayed under Aro’s radar. But he’s looking for more now. He’s waiting for you guys…all of you.”
Emmett started to stand. “Let’s give him what he wants, then. Yeah?” He cracked his knuckles but stopped short when Rose growled low his way.
“She said sit your ass down,” I told him with a grin, but the humor died quickly in the room.
“What do you want from us?” Bella asked before anyone else could.
“He needs to be stopped. He needs to pay for what he did to Alec, to all of us. And he can’t have my sister,” she replied, and it was honest. “He’s scared of his brother, Marcus, finding him. He’s terrified of Edward’s power, but without Riley, he’s nothing. He can’t control the talents he’s injecting, and they don’t last long enough for him to learn. Riley can take him anywhere.” She pointed to Bella. “He’s like you, only he has to be touching someone to teleport them.” She sighed deeply. “This was the first chance I could get away, but I’m not going back. I’ll tell you where he’ll be in a few days, but I’m going to find my sister in California.”
Everyone looked to me, and I nodded. “She’s telling the truth. She’s walking away from him. And he’s…hiding in Washington. Just outside Seattle.”
Jane nodded, starting to stand up. “He’s going to attempt to take the last of the vials in storage at the Seattle facility, even though it’s shut down. He’ll use Demetri, Felix, and Riley to do it.”
“Where’s your sister?” Bella asked, standing up when she did. “I’ll open a window.”
I immediately took out my phone, searching for a safe place for Bella to open a window. I found a small park and a dense patch of trees, and Bella nodded, looking toward the back wall of the living room.
For a split second, Jane considered hugging Bella for getting her closer to the last bit of family she had left on earth. Instead, she looked to me, a sneer on her face. “Break him.”
Grinning, I nodded once. “I’ll try,” I vowed to her, and once she’d stepped through Bella’s window, it closed behind her. I faced my family, specifically Alice, whose visions were rapidly changing, shifting, and molding into something firm and solid.
“Well, that’s helpful. It was Jane who was messing up my visions on Aro,” Alice complained. “She was trying to get away, and Aro hadn’t made any tangible plan until recently. We need to let Marcus know…and Benjamin.”
Carlisle nodded and stood up, taking out his phone. “I’ll make some calls. It’s time we end this. No more hiding, running, or looking over our shoulder. If Aro won’t stop, then we’ll make him.”


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loved the sexy time as usual, loved a worried Jasper, shocked at Jane giving up Aro and his remaining goons. Can't wait till the showdown......

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Jane's loss of her brother finally pushed her to act against Aro. Interesting that Victoria is their older sister.
After Aro is defeated, maybe Alice will allow her eyes to be healed?

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