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Heaven & Earth Chapter 6 & Pics

Chapter 6
“Roger that, sweetness. I’m on my way ba—”
There was so much noise coming through my earpiece that I could barely hear Carlisle asking me what was wrong. It was then that I felt it – a barely there rumble beneath me. The glass rattled in the windows, the chandelier above Carlisle’s desk clinked, and the lights flickered and went out, but immediately they came back on.
“Edward? Edward, check in!” I practically yelled over the radio.
Mickey and Dean rushed to the window, looking down. When I joined them, the sidewalk couldn’t even be seen due to smoke and fire down below. For a heartbeat or two, my breathing stopped and I couldn’t speak because my husband was down there.
“Pretty boy, do you copy?!” Mickey urged, but the radio was silent for a brief moment.
“Bella, I’ve got fire alarms in the lobby. What the hell?” Alice asked in my ear.
“Edward, please come in,” I begged this time, but I only received radio silence, and that sent Alice into a frenzy.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 5 & Pics

Chapter 5
The morning after the zoo, I walked out of the bedroom of the penthouse to find poor Dean under the most intense interrogation ever. The Gravity kids were relentless with new people, and this was no different. Even funnier was the absolutely adorable look of amusement on Edward’s face as he leaned on the kitchen counter, sipping a cup of coffee. He was dressed in his basketball shorts, sneakers, and a white T-shirt, like he was about to go for a run.
Dean, however, was taking it all in stride, another reason I liked the guy. He was smart, but he seemed to be laid-back and calm, too, a lot like Jasper.
Sammy’s drone whirred around him as question after question was thrown his way.
“Where you from?”
“You married?”
“I was. Not anymore.”
“Got kids?” Caleb asked, shoving an entire sausage link into his mouth.
“I do. A son. Marcus.”
“How old is he?” Bethy asked, picking up her glass of orange juice.
“He’s eleven. He’ll be twelve in December.”
“My dad says you’re a Marine?” Abby asked in her usual soft tone. And I loved that she called Alec Dad now. Hell, he’d been her dad since she was three years old.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 4 & Pics

Chapter 4
“He’s getting damned good with that thing,” Jasper muttered with an amused tone, coming to stand next to me at the window of the office.
Cracking a smile at that, I let my gaze drift back to my son following his dad around with the drone Alice had rigged for him. Even better was the expression on my husband’s face as he tried to ready the chopper – pure patience and humor. Occasionally, he’d stop, ask Sammy questions on it, and then go back to work.
We were leaving first thing in the morning for Seattle to stay with Carlisle and Esme at the penthouse for at least a week, not that we couldn’t come home if we needed to, but it was easier to simply stay there if the job was there. And Bethy and Sammy wanted to spend time with their grandparents, which meant poor Edward had to load up the chopper for family and a job.
“Well, that would’ve been the thing I’d have taken away if he’d gotten into trouble today.”
Jasper laughed. “Cruel, Mom.”
“Mmm…indeed.” Smirking at him, I turned away from the window. “But somehow they made it through the last day of school without opening a can of whoop-ass on someone.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 3 & Pic

Chapter 3
School wasn’t quite out yet when we pulled into the parking lot. Both men with me were quiet, and just knowing the two of them like I did, I was pretty sure neither were upset about being called to the school.
I wasn’t mad, really, but I was a bit disappointed, considering I’d asked all the kids to let it go, to walk away from whatever this little troll decided to do. However, Bethy was the kind of kid who would only allow so much before snapping, a trait she received by pure, unadulterated genetics. It was years of playing games with her dad and uncles, years of being a big sister to a shy boy, and simply being her parents’ daughter, because Edward and I had raised a strong, smart girl who saw through bullshit from a mile away. I should’ve expected this call way before now. I should’ve seen it coming when my daughter pointed out that her brother couldn’t defend himself against this girl at school, simply because he was the wrong gender. It wasn’t that he couldn’t, it was that he shouldn’t do anything, but Bethy was a lot like me, so I should’ve known she would take this into her own hands.
Edward opened the school’s office door and held it open for me.
The woman behind the counter smiled our way, saying, “Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Mr. Moretti. Come on back. Everyone’s in Mrs. Perry’s office.”