Tuesday, June 25, 2019 | By: Jenny

Heaven & Earth Chapter 26 & Pictures

Chapter 26
“Hello, boys.” I smiled up at Goliath and Samson, who were currently being saddled by Tom and Obie. Mary, Ruth, and Noah, the newest addition, were next to them. “You’ve gotten big and handsome, Noah.”
He was tall and dark like his father, Goliath, but his temperament was more like Mary – calm, easygoing. He nuzzled my cheek a little, giving a snort or two when I patted his neck. All five horses were being put to work today. And with Goliath out of his stall, the bunker was getting aired out, stocked up, and kittens were moved in – Mom included, who I found out was named Delilah. Aunt Kate’s biblical names never ended, which I found humorous because she wasn’t exactly religious.
Edward and Carlisle would be on Goliath and Samson. Goliath only let a few people ride him, and Edward was one of them. Austin and Junior would be on Mary and Ruth, which left Noah, who was being ridden by Jasper. Emmett, Mickey, Ned, and Harry would be either on foot or the ATV. Emmett wasn’t a fan of horseback riding. He’d claimed that something that big had a mind of its own and that mind could decide to buck his ass off the side of a mountain. Jasper had been unable to stop laughing.